Jun. 28th, 2012

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I've been looking at housing in London. It's not going well. Every time I think I find a place I like, it's not available, or I find out it's in a less-than-awesome place, or SOMETHING. I'm also kinda pissy about the cost of living there. I'm looking at nothing less than £250/week, which is batshit - and yes, I know I could technically get a cheaper place, but a) I'd rather just deal with student accommodation, considering I know very little of the real estate, and b) I'm super super super picky about where I live. Housing isn't even that expensive in Boston (second most expensive housing market in the USA). I have very specific design tastes, and I utterly refuse to live in a place that doesn't measure up to my standards. I'm old enough now that I really don't want to live in a hovel.

Add in all the stuff that comes with this - student loans, what to bring, storage, logistics, etc. It's a nightmare. I'm sure it'll be fun when I'm there, but until then it's hell. With my grip on sanity already tenuous, this is going to get interesting really fast.

I'm so going to miss my coworkers as well. I've already invited half of them to visit me in London. Who knew that I'd end up working with such great people?

In other news, the other day I tried watching the Taiwanese Absolute Boyfriend and... oh dear God. Were twdramas always this bad, or is it this specific drama? I seriously cannot handle that shit. Surely Love Contract wasn't that bad?

Oh! Almost forgot! I will be going to see 2NE1 in August!!! I didn't buy a VIP ticket. Nor did I buy one of the expensive floor tickets either. Come on guys, I'm old. I bought a seated ticket. I'm excited. I'm a little annoyed that I'll have to drive/train/bus all the way to New Jersey (like 4-ish hours), but what can you do? STILL WAITING for Big Bang to announce their tour dates in Europe (I won't be in the US when they have their concert here... hoping for London!)


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