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As it is every year, the prelude to autumn initiates a sort of renaissance in me. I get weird nostalgic, and I want desperately to change myself.

Normally it's small stuff - two years ago I dyed my hair blonde, last year I revisited old childhood haunts. But this year it's different. I feel like I've regressed to the person I was at 15. I'm in love with all things gothic and witchy. Creepy/beautiful is my new theme in life.

My hair is dark dark brown (my natural color), teal, and hot pink. My eyes are smudged with black liner. I'm looking online for Victorian style boots (I was/am a Victorian goth). I'm starting to understand steampunk (which weirds me out, to be honest). Next thing you know I'll be pulling out my tarot cards and healing crystals... (Yes, I have tarot cards and healing crystals. Though let it be know that the tarot cards were passed down to me by my dad)

Guess who still might have her spellbooks! THIS BITCH.

This was a random entry of randomness.

Sooooo.... have some links!

OBSESSED WITH THESE PERFUMES. So very, very obsessed. The scents are sort of gothic, literary, and historically inspired. I bought a ton of them, including Ouija (which smells like dark wood and incense), Arkham (BEST FLOWER SMELL EVER), and Languor (dreamy opium and narcissus). Plus, how can I NOT love a perfumery that sells scents inspired by Bluebeard, Titus Andronicus, and John Keats? INCONCEIVABLE.

Melancholia is such a beautiful, insanely lovely and heartbreaking movie. I've been obsessing over seeing it for a few weeks now, and finally got to see it the other day. It's slow, beautifully shot, and filled with subtext and meaning. Basically it's my ideal movie.

Neil/Amanda. As someone who grew up in the Boston area, I've known about The Dresden Dolls since they came out. One of my best friends in high school loved Amanda, and I often heard about them through her. I wish I had been in that scene growing up, because now I admire her so much. Same with Neil, who consistently amazes me with his utter coolness. I'm going to donate to this (only 4 days left!), though I will not be able to go to their shows (damn you, west coast).

Uh, that's it for now :)
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