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You know how I said I wasn't going to start antiquing? YEAAAAAAAAAAAH. I am.
Though to be fair, one of the things I bought was a toy, so I'm not going to relegate myself to the old-person side just yet.

Things have been odd recently. Socially I seem to be climbing. I'm getting along better with my coworkers, which is majorly good. Physically I'm failing. I take antibiotics for my skin, and recently they upped the dosage. This is making me violently ill. Add in the fact that I seem to be fighting off some sort of illness for the past two weeks, and it's just blah.

~Other things~

- I am supportive of the Occupy Wall Street protests. I think it's amazing. Trying to change the government for the better is an amazing thing. I hope we will see a second American revolution, one focused on giving the power back to the public instead of the big corporations.

- I feel divided on the whole GD pot scandal. On one hand, it's a relatively minor offense (from an American perspective - obviously it is different in Asia) that will not be made a huge deal of. On the other hand, REALLY GD? Unlike most people in my generation, I don't agree with the decriminalization of marijuana. It's a drug. It should be treated like a drug. Aside from my own personal opinion, IT'S THE LAW. You get caught with pot, you get in trouble, simple as that. ESPECIALLY IN ASIA. So what the fuck was he thinking? Did he learn nothing from the Joo Ji Hoon scandal? And I don't believe for a second he didn't know it wasn't a normal cigarette. The first time I smelled pot I was 12 years old, and even hugely naive me knew that I wasn't dealing with regular cigarette smoke. PLUS wtf is with him just taking a drag off a random fan's smoke? Like, who does that?! IT COULD HAVE BEEN POISON, GD! I don't buy that shit for a minute. He smoked some doob, and got caught. Which is dumb in and of itself, but then to make up THAT shitty ass story? Really? I do love GD, but that was a really stupid move. I have no tolerance for shit like that.

- I've recently become interested in radical holistic nutrition. I'm of the mind that what you put in your body affects every part of your health. I attribute my general good health and strong immune system to having been a vegetarian for 16 years (as well as proper supplementation). A lot of holistic nutritionists recommend a mostly raw vegan diet with no refined sugars. That is the ultimate goal. I don''t think I can do raw - I'm not a huge fan of food that's not warm, and I'm not sure vegan is right for me (I LOVE CHEESE), but I want to cut out refined sugars as much as possible. The problem? I'm a baker.

- Speaking of baking... I've recently become obsessed with cooking French pastries. Apparently there's a cooking school in Cambridge that offers one off courses with a French pastry master. I NEED THESE CLASSES. Bad part? They're only on Monday nights. I work Monday nights. I plan on trying to make some petit fours glace this week. I need some poured fondant..

- I also want to take a glassblowing class. There's a glass school nearby me, and I've been rather fascinated with glassblowing ever since I read a romance novel where one of the characters was a glass sculpture artist. YEAH.

Okay, that's it for now. Oh, and in case you're wondering why you're getting random really late comment responses from me, it's because I'm trying to not procrastinate on them any more...
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