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So... Things.

Sometimes I forget LJ exists at all. Which is cool, actually, considering my huge ass internet addiction.

Work and stuff has been the focus of my life recently. Work is occasionally satisfying, and I like the people I work with. It's mostly good. I'm very close to being finished with my application for school in London this fall. I'm excited about that. So very very excited.

Fandom-ly, I've fallen into my weirdest fandom ever - The Big Bang Theory. Idk why people. It's not my type of show. I'm sooooooo not a half hour comedy person. I just really like the nerdification of culture, okay? Plus, SCIENCE!!!!! And if I am only one thing inline, I am a science nerd. Though not physics. There is a reason I'm a biologist and not a physicist. (BTW, biologists are the cool scientists, just to make that clear) I've also recently become obsessed with podcast. I listen to them driving to and from work (a 40 minute drive each way). Favorites - Nerdist (!!!!), WTF, The Moth, Doug Loves Movies, etc.

Otherwise, life is weird. I'm not unhappy, but I seem to be filling up some sort of emotional void with pretty things. In the past few weeks I've accumulated more jewelry than is necessary for a lifetime. I've also ended up with lots of plants, art, and electronics. Indeed, I am writing this on my brand new iPad that I'm insanely obsessed with. INSANELY. I carry it everywhere with me... My most annoying recent habit is buying art posters, but not ever framing them. So they sit in my spare room in their tubes, just hanging out.

What else? I really wish Big Bang would announce their concert dates already. I need to know, since I might be in London by then...

My friend at work had a baby recently, which makes me happy. I looooooooooove babies. Not so excited about older kids (3+) but babies are the best. THE. BEST. Still don't want one of my own though! (On an interesting note, I've found people are a ton more receptive to the idea of not wanting kids than I would have assumed. Not one person is like "oh, you'll want kids eventually", which makes me happy)

This is a really random entry... Please excuse random typing mistakes, I'm still getting used to the iPad keyboard :)
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