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I want to post about dramas again :( I haven't even watched one in AGES.

Maybe when I'm in school, and procrastinating. I seem to do best at getting drama reviews done when procrastinating or hating my life. Either/or.

Anyway, I leave in, oh... 2 weeks. I'm terrified. It will be okay, I think. Maybe. I'll be back home in three months for winter break. Three months is cool. I've done that before. Not alone, but definitely in a more difficult place than London (where they actually speak the same language as I do - imagine that!!)

Two small things!!
<3 2NE1 concert!! It was fabulous, and annoying to get to, but whatever. Who doesn't love driving for nine hours alone to New Jersey and back?! I had decent seats, but while they did serve alcohol, I didn't have any because I had to be sober and awake driving back. Bom was pretty, Minji was super awesome and an amazing dancer, and holy shit CL is amazing live. I have very few feelings on Dara.

Second, I'm going to be opening another blog soon-ish, one that will encompass other portions of my life. One that people I know personally can follow to see how my life in London is going. I'll post it up here when it's done.

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I'm... for lack of a better portmanteau... pissxcited.

I'm kinda pissed because I had planned to go to Korea in January to see the Big Show. AND NOW YG is like "YG FAMILY CONCERT IN DECEMBER YAY!", and I'm all like "fuuuuuuuuck". Going to Korea in December is not terribly convenient. In fact, it's damn near impossible. Because I'll still be working then. And since they were all shitty over me taking off time for work this past week, I can only imagine they'd do it again.

On the other hand, I'm excited! This huge concert featuring Big Bang, 2NE1, Se7en, AND Gummy?! It's amazing. I wish so so so so badly they were doing another YG world tour, and came to the USA. I mean, 2NE1 is supposed to debut here anyways...

So yeah, pissxcited.

(I'm also sad there's no 1TYM or Jinusean...)
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I'm on vacation right now - nothing huge, since I have to go back to work on Saturday. I'm in Cape Cod. Despite living only an hour or two away, I haven't been here in like, twenty years. Anyways... I'm currently awake at 1am unable to sleep. You see, I kinda have a phobia of people breaking into my house and attacking me. It's super exacerbated by staying in motels. I'm constantly terrified people are going to come kill me. It's annoying.

Vacation, while super awesome, also means I do not get to watch / listen to 2ne1's new stuff right away. Sadface. I'm sure it's amazing.

I hope to do one huge meta post on their MV's, along with BB's and YB's.

I should probably try to sleep... Typing on an iPod with long nails is not pleasant anyway.

Edit: I just watched the "Clap Your Hands" MV care of my iPod. It was pretty badass. But again, as with all their songs, there was FAR too little Park Bom. I have no idea why she is regulated to the chorus constantly, but she needs bigger parts. I mean, I like Dara, but her voice is not nearly as good as Bom's.
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2NE1 is going to be debuting in the US. I'm excited. I think they'll do well. The type of music they produce is far more conducive to American audiences. I mean, no offense to the Wonder Girls, but saccharine girl group pop hasn't been popular here since the early 00's. 2NE1's more edgy/sexy style and music is better suited to an American audience. Dara will REALLY have to cut down on all the aegyo though. America does not like cutesy that much. To the extent that even I (who haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaates aegyo and overly cute things - looking at you, Hello Kitty) have tastes that run far more in the cute range than most people.

YG is really pushing the international sell recently. YB's twitter and facebook pages, the international album, and now 2NE1's American debut... It makes me happy that the international fans are being recognized. And it's one step closer to a Big Bang, or YG family tour in the US. Because I SO need one. As you might imagine, it gets expensive flying to Korea to see BB.

There are so many releases coming out soon. Big Show 2010 DVD (I'm going to see if I'm in it somewhere...), YB's international album, Beautiful Hangover (I'm still going to buy it, despite not liking the song), and 2NE1's full album.

In other news... well, there is no other news, honestly. Which is why I've been MIA recently. I've been restless and depressed, which has manifested itself in me watching lots of (American) TV, and buying makeup. I buy makeup when I'm depressed. So yeah...

And because I'm bored; One Word Meme )
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One more 2NE1 "Try to Copy Me" eyeshadow look, and one freestyle!

This one is for Dara's really pretty multi-colored eyeshadow look she has here:

(Sorry in advance for the shitty pictures. It's night here, and I don't have the best lighting in my bedroom)
Eyeshadow look, modified for me! )

Freestyle eyeshadow look )

In other news, I'm trying to teach myself to dance via youtube videos. It's not going well. I'm not coordinated. Seriously, they tell me to go one way, I go the other way. And my reflexes are so bad it hurts. And I'm all stiff. It's unpleasant.

Oddly enough I CAN ballroom dance, and I'm pretty okay at it too. And I used to be able to swing dance (I've forgotten over the years). So why in the hell am I having such a hard time with this?! *cries* I feel like Baby in the beginning of Dirty Dancing. Except without Patrick Swayze.
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I went to Boston today to find the Adidas store, and goddamn thing is gone. Like, they're turning the building into a bank. Would have been nice if they'd updated their website so I would have known, and not driven an hour and a half (and gotten lost) for no reason. The next closest store is in NYC... four hours away.

On the plus side, I went to Lush, and replenished my stash of Flying Fox shower gel (undoubtedly the best smelling stuff in the world... Jasmine to the nth degree). I do think it's made differently here, because my bottle from Taiwan has a totally different consistency. We'll see how I like it (btw, Lush is EVERYWHERE in Taiwan... weird). I also bought Retread conditioner, which the saleslady recommended for my hair. My hair is an enigma, it's dry and fine (which makes it hard to find a conditioner, because heavy duty ones usually weight my hair down). I've been using an AWESOME conditioner I bought in Taiwan, but it's almost gone. Seriously, that stuff is amazing. Apparently my hair likes products made for Asian hair (I think it's because my hair is a lot finer than typical Caucasian hair).

I'm thinking of doing more 2NE1 eyelooks. I've been looking over the videos, and a lot of them look do-able. Since I can't afford/find a lot of the fashions they wear, makeup is the next best thing :D

Also, I'm pretty sure I found the silver accent lashes CL is wearing in the "Try to Copy Me" video. You know, these ones:


I wish I were a Kpop star just so I could wear some of the awesome makeup looks they rock IRL. I would wear these every single day if I could.
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I did one more "Try to Copy Me"-inspired eye look.

Makeup pictures! )

Second, I got my GD Shine a Light photobook today! The book is huge! Like, a lot thicker than the "Bye 2009, Hello 2010" photobook. The pictures are gorgeous, but I wish it was in English (I know that's a stupid wish, but usually in BB photobooks they have the text in English, for some reason). The GD poster is beautiful, and the small BB poster I ordered in similarly gorgeous.

Shine a Light photobook )
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Okay, I tried a few eyemakeup imitations from the "Try to Copy Me" MV.

The basics were simple, it was just getting to fit my eye that was hard. My eyes are round, deep set, and heavily double lidded. Basically as non-Asian as you can get. Incidentally this means that I cannot possibly make the makeup look exactly the same as it does on the 2NE1 girls. So I altered it for my eyes. (They look better in person, since the light sucks here... it IS 4am...)

I also didn't have nearly the same amount of false eyelashes that they used, so I compromised.

Two looks )
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2NE1 released their "Try to Copy Me" MV today, and the thing is gorgeous. I'm planning on capping it, because I love everything they're wearing, and plan to find some of it. (The question mark/exclamation point earrings that Dara is wearing during her first close up were also worn by GD during "Heartbreaker", though in a different color. Incidentally I have them!) CL had the best clothes in this, and I love love loved where she had the crystals all over her face. I also loved her polka dot wig. Their makeup is amazing, and I plan on trying to copy some of the eye looks (it will be hard, since I'll have to adapt it to my eyes). Also, Star Wars?! Kpop loves me.

Lastly, there's a rumor that the Lollipop 2 MV will be released tomorrow. Here's hoping!
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Late Breaking News for VIPs!

YG released a statement that is awesome, and made me love them 8 million times more, because holy shit people, this is exciting!

(Initially seen on [livejournal.com profile] yg_bigbang, taken from Alla@soompi, who got the translation from beau@bbvipz... whew! What I have here is directly taken, with my notes added in color)

YG contacted Flo Rida and Flo Rida is featuring in G-Dragon's 'Heartbreaker'. This featured version of the song will be released somewhere around the end of March in G-Dragon's concert live album. Also, the money will be donated to charity.
(I am dying! Flo Rida doing a collab with GD?! I mean, everyone and their mom accused GD of plagiarizing Flo Rida, and here they are now doing a collab. EAT THAT SHIT, HATERS! (wow, did I suddenly turn into a teenager there for a second?) But other than that, GD's concert album is being released at the end of March! SQUEEEEEE!!!!!)

G-Dragon's concert 'SHINE A LIGHT' DVD will be released in April in two versions. No-edit version and the 19 and younger version.
(I honestly never thought this would happen, that YGE is releasing an unedited version of the concert! That makes me want to cry with happiness. Because I love it so very much, but also so that people who weren't at the concert can see just how great the show really was, free of editing. I can barely wait!)

In the first half of the year Se7en, Taeyang, Gummy and 2NE1 are planning to release albums and in the last half Bigbang, 2NE1, TOP, Daesung and Seungri will be active. Perry's back from the States. They have also recruited five more producers.
(Finally news on Young Bae's album! I'm so excited for it. And 2NE1 and Se7en's comebacks are super exciting as well (I'm still a little bitter than Se7en didn't release an album in the US). I wish TOP's solo stuff was happening sooner, but beggars can't be choosers! Even Baby's got some solo stuff lined up! I wonder what it'll be... Lastly, PERRY'S BACK! I love me some Perry. I can't wait to hear all the hot new stuff)

(Yay for YG! Eun Joo is gorgeous. Seriously. Not bad, YG, not bad at all ;P)
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Flail! Oh it's so cute! They chose Young Bae to speak, and he did REALLY well! I loved their self intros, because they used their Japanese names, which was amusing. Baby seems to have a good accent, which is too cute. And OMG TOP I love you! GD surprised me by introducing himself as "GD", not "G-Dragon". Baby had something in his hand (flashlight?!). GD killed me at the end with his little wave and "bye bye".

[Oh! Random "bye bye" story! In Mandarin, to say goodbye, you normally say "再見" (zài jiàn), however due to what I assume in English influence, they've developed another way to say goodbye: "拜拜" (bài bài). So when I was in Taiwan, people would say "拜拜" (bài bài) to me, and I'd ALWAYS answer with "bye!" followed closely by "shit!", because in Mandarin, a single "拜" (bài) means "to worship", not goodbye (not counting the multiple other meanings "bài" could have)... Incidentally I was always making that mistake.]

2NE1 did one as well which is awesome, because everyone but Minji speaks fluent English. It's such a contrast to the BB video, where only YB and GD know English. I LOVED Park Bom in this video! She's toooo cute! I wish she would come back to Boston sometime so I can stalk fangirl her massively.

Interesting point of note -> Last night I had a 30 Rock / Big Bang crossover dream. It was weird. VERY weird. And then I had a dream where I got to see GD's concert again, except Dream-me bought a VIP ticket, and got to sit next to Meryl Streep. Also Dream-me met Young Bae, and he was like, child-sized short. Dream-me was very disappointed. (Young Bae is either 2cm shorter than me, or 2cm taller than me... there's conflicting reports. Either way, it's not a big deal)
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I am never more of a fangirl than I am when it comes to GD. I seriously fawn all over him (believe me, ask [livejournal.com profile] sn0tcat... she was present when I watched the "Heartbreaker" video for the first time, and I swear I kinda drooled), it's a bit embarrassing. Just a bit.

Anyway, today on Inkigayo he performed his first solo stage(s), and they were AMAZING. The bit with the apple in "Heartbreaker" was amazing, and just... yeah. Wow. That boy is perfect.

I should probably cut this, shouldn't I? CLICK HERE FOR GD's AMAZING PERFORMANCE )

I desperately wish Taiwan was more into the Kpop scene. The only groups I've seen on MTV or in the store are Super Junior, SS501, and SNSD. I've seen Big Bang stuff, but ONLY their recent Japanese releases. At one of the music stores I visited they had a HUGE selection of western (AMERICAN) music, a relatively small section of Mandopop, and a tiny section of "Other Asian" which was 99.9% Japanese. *sigh*

I cleaned my room today, so I might at least post pictures of that. BUT we want to clean the place before we take pictures of the rest because while it's not BAD, it's still not clean. We plan on getting cleaning stuff tomorrow.

ALSO! Still watching Bali, which I am desperately in love with. Or rather, I am in love with Jae Min. He's so ridiculous and dorky, but at the same time intense and intimidating. I can't wait for Soo Jung to fall for him. I like In Wook a lot better too, now that he has emotions! Still adore Soo Jung, still hate Young Joo...
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I know I just posted, but I'm feeling productive today. Plus this had to be shared.

FIRST OFF! GD posted a small bit of one of the songs off his solo album!!! *freaks out because it's amazing as per usual* SO CAN'T WAIT!

Last night/this morning (time difference, you know) on SBS Inkigayo, they had a girl group special. It ended up being different than what I expected, but no matter. You guys remember this video where members of SHINee, SuJu, 2AM, and 2PM sung Gee? Well, SBS Inkigayo wasn't going to let Music Bank have all the fun, so they did their own.

So here's a bunch of guys singing SNSD's "Tell Me Your Wish". Key and Tae Min from SHINee (I admit, I don't know either of them), Taec Yeon and Woo Young from 2PM, and MC Mong (surprise guest!!!). The best part, THEY KEPT THE CHOREOGRAPHY. With the leg tricks and everything.

Sometimes I wonder about the SHINee boys. They're so small and delicate, and apparently really good at imitating SNSD... Are they Jpop idols in disguise?! Taec Yeon was hilarious to watch, because he's REALLY tall and just big. Poor thing was probably like "... wtf have I gotten myself into?!". I did like his sailor hat with the pink ribbons on it. Mc Mong was great too, because it's so random and odd, and just COOL.

They also had a special stage where 2NE1 sang "Last Farewell", which is a Big Bang song. I was a little iffy on this one, because while I adore 2NE1, they can't compare to BB in my mind. But I'm glad it turned out REALLY well. I attribute that to Park Bom singing a lot on the song (her voice fits electronica really well) and CL's perfect rendition of GD's rap. I love the attitude the girls were giving (THANK YOU for bringing back the cool ass Park Bom!), and it just came out really well.

And 2NE1 won this week, which means they got a Mutizen Triple Crown!! Yay for them!!
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I finally got around to posting my latest yesasia purchases.

2NE1 1st Mini Album )

Tae Yang's 1st Mini Album - Hot )

SNSD (Girls' Generation) 2nd Mini Album - Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) )

I also bought Boku wa Imoto ni Koi o Suru )

My recent foray into Kpop girl groups has come with an interesting lesson. Girl-group fanwars are HUGE. It seems like 2NE1 fans attack SNSD, and SNSD fans attack 2NE1, and that's not even including the fans of 4Minute, KARA, Wonder Girls, Brown Eyed Girls, or even T-ara. I like 2NE1 the most, BUT I also really like SNSD. So whatever. They make totally different music, so they're really not even comparable to me.
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I'm so weird. I'm perfectly oblivious to some things (usually important things), but I catch details ALL THE TIME.

Like I was looking at Dramabeans, and say that the dress that Choi Ji Woo wore for her Vidi Vici photoshoot is the same one that CL wore for the Numero photoshoot.

It's a pretty dress, but I'd never wear it. Too much fringe/fluff. And I can't tell where it's from, because the text is too tiny. I CAN tell her makeup is from Shu Uemura though!
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I'm late for work (WOKE UP LATE AGAIN), so I'll not going to say much.

Like the concept, girls looked pretty, Bom got a better part, Dara's hilarious, CL's hair looks pretty down, Minji is adorable.

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So 2NE1's album. I've listened to all the track now (though quickly, I'm at work), and as expected, I love them all. It's a nice balance of dancey songs, and the softer songs.

I think Pretty Boy and Stay Together are my favorites. Pretty Boy has a fun dance beat, and is very my type. Stay Together is really pretty, and it's in this song that Park Bom really shines.

The other two songs are amazing too. In the Club is very good. I love the beat. Lets Go Party is the kinda of song I'd listen to at the gym, it has a lot of restrained energy. The other three songs; Fire, I Don't Care, and Lollipop have already been released.

The packaging is also REALLY cute! (Image from soompi)

I can't wait to get my copy in the mail! I love Korean album packing (in particular YG album packaging)!

I also can't wait for the MVs.
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This article irritated me.
2NE1 Behind the Makeup

Irritation first, because they look perfectly normal, and netizens are being unnecessarily cruel. People expect stars to be flawless gods, and they're not. It seems Asia, Korea in particular, is obsessed with looks. Not that America isn't, of course, but I think cosmetic surgery is more popular in Asia. Not that there's anything wrong with plastic surgery, but it's unfortunate when you have to get cosmetic surgery to obtain professional respect.
But that's a rant for another day...

Personally, I think they all look fine, but REALLY tired. I admit, CL's picture surprised me, but I think it's just a bad picture of her. I personally think Park Bom is the prettiest, but I obviously have a bias.

ALSO! Apparently GD's album is going to be released on 18Aug09, his 21st birthday (22nd in Korea)! That is ALSO the day I leave for Taiwan (it's weird though... my flight leaves at 2am, and arrives in Taiwan at 6am THE NEXT DAY. Time travel). So overall it will be a good day! I'll be able to buy GD's album almost right away when I get to Asia. Maybe he'll even come over to Taiwan for some promotion (unlikely, but I can always hope), and I can fangirl him UNTO ETERNITY.

Lastly, earlier this week YG announced a series of YG TV, which will be kinda like behind the scenes, web diaries (I think...) of several YG artists (BB, 2NE1, Gummy, Se7en, and Teddy seem to be featured). I THINK BB's and 2NE1's episodes have aired, but I haven't seen them yet (I was messed up with the schedule).

Oh, and I found this gif care of GDCL on soompi, and loved it! GD = awesome.
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2NE1's new song, "I Don't Care" was released early to prevent further leakage.

It's VERY different from "Fire", and I love it! It does have a reggae feel to it. BOM'S VOICE IS SO GOOD on it! Like, crazy good. That girl is talented, and her voice is just perfect for this song. I hope the MV gets released soon!

Btw, the "preview" that was leaked... yeah, I knew that shit wasn't true. It was too cutesy.

The song I'm looking forward to is "Let's Go Party" due to it being Produced by not only Teddy but ALSO Masta Wu. Man, I love the YG Family.

BTW, Lisa: Preorders for the album came out on my other venues of getting Korean stuff. The only extra is a poster, and it basically makes the price double. And the shipping is more than YesAsia. If you're not interested in the poster, I'd just go through YesAsia. I think that's what I'll do.

This has been a good day! 2NE1's song, AND Big Bang's song being releases one after the other!
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2NE1 did a cover of Rihanna's Umbrella on a radio show a few weeks back. Well on Music Bank, they did a full out concert version, which was AMAZING. I love their all black clothes! And the second half, with the Rihanna vocals was really cool.

Poor Park Bom is still nervous and awkward on stage, but she's gotten about a thousand times better from their debut. Funny, in the Big Bang concerts she did, she always seemed to be pretty good on stage. Regardless, she's still my favorite, and I adore her (I think it's because I think I'd be much the same if I were famous). She doesn't have the natural leader charisma that CL does, but her voice more than makes up for it. Also, I'm SO jealous of her hair. My hair is long, but not that long.

When they did their next stage, CL did a little Michael Jackson shout out, which kinda made me weepy. (They also wore pictures of him pinned to their clothes in the Umbrella performance) Also, I totally just noticed, but are the backups wearing gas masks?!

I've been keeping relatively on top of comment replies recently, but yesterday I worked until 10:30pm, and I'm dead tired tonight (I almost fell asleep during Kurosagi, which is hard, considering how damn entrancing Yamapi's prettiness is). So I'll get back to everyone tomorrow!

AND I got my camcorder (so cute and RED), so now I'm trying to decide exactly what to film first. Any ideas? All I can think of to film are my cats. Which would be boring for most people, and just a tad crazy.


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