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I have a few minutes before a meeting, so I thought I'd go ahead and post a list of the dramas I want to watch, but haven't started yet.

It's MASSIVE. Seriously. It has around 110 items, and I still have more to add but haven't gotten around to it yet. Also, I count SP's separately.
Huge To-Watch list )

I think it's important to note that I do not ever expect to watch all of these shows (in fact, a good deal of the older Taiwanese ones aren't even subbed, and the Singaporean ones are not available AT ALL). I keep this list for reference. If I find a show that sounds good, I stick it on there so I don't forget it.

And the lack of Hkdramas? It's because I don't really want to be listening to Cantonese, as it screws with my brain which is trying to learn Mandarin.
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I was recently looking at my drama list, and realized, that despite everything, I need to get my ass in gear and finish watching stuff. Especially my twdramas, I'm in the process of watching 15 of them (8 for jdramas, and 2 for kdramas).

Quick list update;
Dramas I've watched, and dramas I'm in the process of watching )

I also have unfinished anime to watch...
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Everyone else is doing it :D

Currently Watching )

Right now I'm focusing on My Queen, which is the only drama I find compelling enough to keep up with currently (only two four episodes left! I'll be SO SAD when it ends). I'm also mostly keeping up with Atashinchi no Danshi as well.

Plus, the 8 million movies I've been watching recently...
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I pulled another one of my "go for a nap, but end up sleeping for 12+ hours and waking up late for work" things.

So the dilemma; I'm almost finished with Dal Ja's Spring. My Queen is more than halfway done. So while things are winding down, I decided to make a list of stuff I've been thinking of starting/re-starting in the coming days.

My current actively watching list includes: Dal Ja's Spring, My Queen, and Black & White.

Dramas I'm thinking of starting/finishing soon )

Anyone have any other recs? The only spring drama I'm REALLY looking forward to (meaning I am willing to watch as it airs) is Good Health & Fortune. The others I'll wait on.
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So you know how I have 8 million things I'm currently watching...

Well, not exactly, 8 million, more like 20... )

Well, I just added a bunch more. I've started downloading Utahime, Tiger & Dragon, and Dal Ja's Spring. Plus thanks to [livejournal.com profile] dangermousie's recent post, I'm now in the middle of downloading the Peach Girl anime (I seriously cannot resist pimp posts. They pull me in EVERY TIME, which is good, since I discover some really good stuff via pimp posts!)... Because apparently I didn't have enough to watch already. (NOT including all the stuff I have on my computer/hard drives waiting to be watched)

And yeah, I have about 13 more things I haven't even started yet )

I have two external hard drives, and I'm making the most of both ;P

I was totally going to start either Utahime or Tiger & Dragon tonight, but nope. Not tonight. I COULD still watch one, it's only 12:45am (which is, actually, still pretty early for me. I seriously usually only sleep around 4 hours a night), but nah. Too much work (the work being opening the file, sitting her, and not falling asleep).

God I'm lazy.
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For my reference.

Asian dramas / movies / anime I physically own )
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I love the macabre as much as the next person (well, probably quite a bit more than the next person), but this is a bit too creepy for me.

That store has a bunch of other stuff; some I love (I kinda really want this, depite it being a dead animal), some I'm weirded out by (rings made of human teeth with sapphires). Either way, the craftsmanship is pretty amazing. As an amateur jeweler, I approve!

Though honestly, I like their message. Better to use the parts than to let it go to waste. I don't believe in killing animals at all, but if you're going to do it anyways, at least use as much as possible from the animal...
</ political message of the day>

Oh, I also updated my Drama list to include a worksheet for movies. I haven't done it yet, but I'm also going to include animes and mangas that I've watched/read.


Jan. 25th, 2009 12:40 am
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So quick entry, because I'm exhausted from a long day of plane flights.

I'm officially back from my hiatus. In the next week or so I'll try to get to the backlog of my flist, so don't be surprised if I randomly comment on something you wrote a week or so ago.

I also have a lot of posts planned; during my hiatus I finished My Girl, watched the Anmitsu Hime SP 1, and Gokusen 1 SP. I also started Innocent Love, and re-started watching Goong. Plus, the newest episodes of Boys Before Flowers... So I have a lot of stuff to talk about, and a lot of screencaps to post (seriously, a lot... 224 to be exact. 67 of them are from the first episode of Innocent Love, which is the most beautifully shot drama I've ever seen)

I've also updated my drama list. It's like, crazy organized now. I have columns for; english name, regional name (in characters), regional name (romanized), region, episodes total, episodes watched, minutes per episode, and total time. I also have them color coded depending on region, and also depending on if I've finished them, am currently watching them, or haven't watched them yet. It's CRAZY.

Here it is, in all it's insane glory. The damn thing took me many many hours. I'm planning on adding tabs for Asian movies, anime, and mangas... but not today.
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I just finished Hello My Teacher. LOVED it. Seriously. I adored it beyond words. (No, it hasn't taken over the top spot on my drama list, but still)

It was like Gokusen, except BETTER (sacrilege, I know, but the reason it was better was simple; canon romance (yes, I know in the manga Shinkumi is canon, but whatever)).

My thoughts on the series! )

So yes. Loved it. Love Love Loved it. I wish I could find fanfic for it. Maybe I should look around. Maybe later. I'm dead tired now.

Next I'm going to finish My Girl. And maybe another kdrama after that. I really like them! Oh, and I keep thinking the kdramas are actually twdramas. I have no idea why, they have different styles/cliches/LANGUAGES, but whatever.

Drama/Anime/Manga List update 13Jan09 )

BTW, I'm meticulous about this list, therefore I update it a lot. I also have a spreadsheet that tracks the dramas I've watched, and estimates the time I've spent watching them. I'm up to 15.927 full days spent watching dramas. I like to keep track of things...
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I didn't liveblog my thoughts on it, BUT so far, I'm really liking Hello My Teacher. I've only seen episode 1 so far, but it's quite enjoyable!

I really like Bo Ri, she's an awesome heroine. I like how she's tough, yet girly. I like how she has a bunch of female friends, and I like that they go out and drink beer and sing karaoke as a celebration. I like how she made something of her life, despite being expelled from school. I like how she managed to break my heart when she was crying after they kicked her out of the school. I just like her. Gong Hyo Jin is lovely, and it seems like she can act pretty well.

Gong Yoo is fabulous too. He's SO GOOD at playing that playboy with the devil-may-care attitude. Tae In's kinda an ass, but an enjoyable one. I LOVED when he jumped over the bar thing at the airport, and managed to fall on his ass, and was like "... that was embarrassing". I like how he's all troubled (omg, his family really does suck), but instead of being beat down, he fights against them. And hello, the dancing in the "rain" (... sprinklers) scene... fanservice anyone?

I'm already half in love with Hyun Woo (the requisite 'other guy'), because he's so sweet, and he's actually nice towards Tae In (which can't be said about anyone else in the family). The sensible part of me is kinda creeped out that he's drawing pictures of his former student though (the non sensible, totally romantic part of me finds it's ridiculously amazing and adorable). Kim Da Hyun reminds me a TON of Hiraoka Yuta. I think it's their eyes... or maybe because Da Hyun's character in Hello My Teacher is a lot like Yuta's in First Kiss.

And actually, I do not hate Jem Ma... at least not yet. She seems pretty awesome, actually, what with the breaking the law and taking a picture with the traffic camera, and the amusing scene where she thought Tae In was getting her a dress, when in fact he totally wasn't... I don't hate her because she's that girl who one sidedly loves the guy she'll never really have.

I'm excited to see how this show progresses! I'm going to watch it simultaneously with My Girl. I also might start watching Hot Shot (because, duh, lots of hot guys!)

Drama/Anime/Manga List update 10Jan09 )

I added a couple more kdramas to see, and edited the ones I've started watching.
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I mentioned how much I liked Boys Before Flowers... well I just read a recap of episode 2 (care of dramabeans), and it looks so awesome! The descriptions make me love Jun Pyo (Domyoji) sooo much. He's so stupid it's adorable!

Koizora )

I do plan on writing my thoughts on HYD Final tonight, but see, the notes I take are fairly interesting. I had the same issue when I did the Love Contract summaries. Trying to decipher them is always fun.

Some examples (verbatim);
"Akira = awesome, guns, & things blowing up!"
"in nevada, big ass trucker"
"hotel guy is hot"
"Hotel owner K is takano?"
" 'Bang!' "
"OMG D in hotel room...."
"Rui is adorable & tall"
"auctioneer sucks!"

Drama/Anime/Manga List update 07Jan09 )
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Just finished Full House! It was super good and cute, and OMG I loved it to death.

From about episodes 11-14 I was terribly anxious over the whole thing. The misunderstandings, the miscommunications, the whole thing was stressful. But the ending was worth it.

Also, on episode 13, Hye Won redeemed herself, and I totally don't hate her anymore. I do still feel bad for Min Hyuk (the scene where he goes back to his empty apartment after Ji Eun tells him she can't marry him... I was so sad for him then, but he knew it was inevitable, really), but I'm glad at the end there was a hint of him and Hye Won getting together, because they'd make a good couple. Plus, happy ending for everyone!

My biggest issue with it was the kiss scene. Rain and Song Hye Kyo had such great chemistry through the whole series, so to see the climax of their cinematic relationship as a relatively cold kiss (Japanese drama style, ne?!) was pretty disappointing. Still, it's a minor thing. The part of the ending where they walk around, eating food, taling, and stuff (alas what Ji Eun told Young Jae she liked to do) was far more satisfying, and showed their fantastic chemistry better.

So yeah, it was a great show. I totally marathon-ed the last 5 episodes too, because I couldn't imagine going to sleep and not knowing what happened with these characters.

I rarely watch kdramas, but when I do, I seem to have this visceral reaction to them. I watched Coffee Prince NONSTOP. Seriously, while I was at work and everything. I managed to watch Full House in the space of three days (technically four, but I finished the last episode at 1am, so I'm not going to count that extra hour), which is pretty impressive for me. I tend to get distracted by other things, so I usually don't watch stuff THAT fast. I think I watched Coffee Prince like that... and definitely HYD too.

ANYWAY, what to watch next... I have no clue. I want/need to finish watching The Rose and Tokyo Juliet at some point.

Oh, and I also started reading a new manga; La Corda d'Oro (Kin'iro no Corda). I don't know why I keep starting new mangas, but then totally don't finish any of them (I'm seriously STILL reading Love Com). But I like it so far. The art is pretty, and the manga boys are definitely teh hotness. Plus, there's a fairy, and it's totally based on a dating sim, which makes it awesome because it's SO geeky.

AND yeah. It's really late, and I still have to do push ups (damn you push ups! DAMN YOU TO HEEEEEELLLLLLL). Soooo okay!

Drama/Anime/Manga List update 05Jan09 )

Didn't add much (only manga/anime), but I changed formats again

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hana Yori Dango Final has been subbed!!!!! Why do I always discover these things in the middle of the night?! (Granted, it JUST came out at 9:30pm (2130) this evening while I was marathoning Full House, so it's not like I could have helped it) Gah! I'll have to take it with me to work. Also, Boys Over Flowers starts airing today. I'm going to be watching it real time (and by real time, I mean I'm not going to wait until all subs are out, I'm going to watch each episode as soon as the sub comes out), because I'm just THAT excited by it.

Just watched the first ten minutes of the HYD movie, and I so love it already. It's FABULOUS!

So Links!
Hana Yori Dango Final (On Sars Fansubs; torrent, irc, and direct download available)
Boys Over Flowers (On the Soompi forum. I don't know if you have to be signed in to view... I think the DDL's will be on there when available)
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dramas I've seen... randomly simplified )

Trend = Once I start watching jdramas, I'm likely to finish them quickly (because they're all short!). Not so much with twdramas (becuase they're LONG), but I watch far more of them on the whole. Considering I only started watching dramas 6 months ago, it's obvious that I have no life whatsoever. According to my spreadsheet, I've spent over 15 straight days watching dramas (it was something like 22000 minutes). Yeah. No life. Or rather, my life IS entertainment. Seriously, I should make a living out of it somehow.

Now that I know about the existence of a live action Sailor Moon, I'm going to be all up on that shit. I still have a ton to watch though. They're literally sitting on my computer, waiting for me to watch them. *sigh* Too much of a good thing? I've actually recently been watching more anime than dramas. That and freaking out over boybands/girl groups (*cough*Fahrenheit and S.H.E*cough*).
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Wish to See You Again ep 15 )

So yeah. This was a pretty depressing episode! But since it's the second to last one, that's to be expected. Plus, I know it ends happily, so yeah.

Wish to See You Again ep 16 (final) )

And it's done. And I'm sad. I really REALLY love this series. SO MUCH. It's definitely one of my all time favorites. I know I tend to say everything is my favorite, but this one really is (along with Hachimitsu to Clover, Coffee Prince, and Love Contract). I wish the drama would have explored Xiao Ma and Lu Yi's relationship, post leg amputation. I also wish Ah Hao and Xiao Zhen would have met again, and tried to have their relationship work. But overall I'm quite satisfied. It was a great, grown up sort of drama. And I loved all the actors in it (it was an F4 drama, how could I NOT?!). So yeah. Happiness!

Drama/Anime/Manga List update 29Dec08 )

I've been waiting for MONTHS to cross off WtSYA... finally!
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We currently have AT LEAST two feet of snow on the ground, and last I checked, it was still snowing. *sigh*

I finished Gokusen 1, and holy crap did I love it! Seriously, I love it sooo much. The whole Shin x Yankumi thing was totally awesome. I mean, it is SO OBVIOUS he's in love with her, and it's all canon in the manga, so yeah. And at the end of episode 12 when he tells Shinohara, Tetsu, and Kashiwagi that he's competing with them for Yankumi!! SO CUTE!

But yeah, Other than squeeing over ships, I really did enjoy this series quite a bit. Kumiko is a really good female character. She's smart, capable, and totally kicks ass. But she's also silly, girly, and oblivious. She's just a real awesome, flawed character. The show itself is kinda ridiculous, but in a good way. A very good way.

more on Gokusen )

I'm only about 20 minutes into the first episode of Green Forest, My Home, and I can already tell the love triangle is going to break my heart. The same thing, like in Bull Fighting, with the loyal friend who is in love with the girl, but she's in love with someone else... I might end up liking Leon Jay Williams more than Ethan Ruan, but that's unlikely.

Some other "fun" facts about Green Forest, My Home;
- Esther Liu oddly looks like Qiao En in this drama...
- Leon Jay William's character apparently speaks mostly english in the drama. That should be fun!
- All the characters have chinese adopted english names (Su Fei = Sophie, Su Shan = Susan, Wei Lian = William, Ou Wen = Owen, etc)... like Da Wei (David) from Prince Turns to Frog!!
- Leon Jay Williams randomly reminds me of Gong Yoo...
- It's kinda hilarious seeing Ethan and Esther together, since Esther reminds me a great deal of Qiao En, so I'm naturally getting flashbacks to Fated to Love You... hmm... I should rewatch that sometime.
- Ethan is speaking in english and it's hilarious! Actually, he's pretty damn good!
- Esther is good with english too!
- Hehehe, there really IS a lot of english in this drama! Everyone is speaking it!
- And holy crap! Ethan is "playing" violin! Mmmmm violin....

So far the drama is good, but it's confusing me. I understand the basics, but the details are confusing.... Oh well. I'll figure it out soon enough!

Almost forgot!

Drama/Anime/Manga List update 21Dec08 )

Crossed off; Gokusen 1.
Added; Gokusen 1 SP, Gokusen 2
Started watching; Tokyo Juliet, Green Forest My Home, Love or Bread, Goku Dou High School
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I'm totally going to download a drama staring Golf and Mike (when it gets uploaded, of course!)... yeah.

I think I'm overdoing the dramas right now... Seriously, I have a ton of dramas I've started downloading, but haven't watched yet;

Calling Love
Green Forest, My Home
Tokyo Juliet
Love or Bread
Rolling Love
Goku Dou High School
The Seventh Day

And I'm totally in the process of downloading Hot Shot. And yeah, they're all Taiwanese.

Not to mention I'm currently watching The Rose, and Gokusen 1. Not to mention I still have 9 other dramas that are unfinished. AND the two animes, and 6 mangas. I used to only watch one drama at a time, but those days are past. And I REALLY want to see Summer X Summer soon. And I have to finish Bull Fighting (and the rest of them...) at some point.

In other news, I'm really excited for a few upcoming dramas.

Upcoming 2009 dramas! )

Drama/Anime/Manga List update 16Dec08 )
(In case anyone pays attention to these things, I change the meaning of the italics again...)
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Yesterday I went into Cambridge to meet up with one of my friends. At one point we went to possibly the only anime/manga store currently left in the area. I used to go there a lot when I was in high school. Anyway, I found the volume of Love Com I was missing. So yay!

(I honestly have no idea why I don't go to Harvard Square more, where I work is only 5 or 10 minutes from Kendall, which is only two subway stops from Harvard Sqaure. Plus, the shopping there is fantastic!)

I also bought the first volume of High School Debut (Koukou Debut), which looks highly promising. Like Skip Beat, it's free online, so I doubt I'll buy more of it. But so far I like it! I adore the main character, Haruna. She's so adorably clueless. I know she ends up with Yoh, but right now in the story she has a crush on Fumi, which is really cute.

So I have like, a ton of manga/anime series going on right now. For anime I have Skip Beat, and Vampire Knight. For manga I have Love Com, Skip Beat, Vampire Knight, and High School Debut.

In drama related news, I'm downloading a ton of series currently to try out; The Rose, Calling Love, Tokyo Juliet, and Green Forest My Home. They're all Taiwanese. I also am going to start/finish several of the ones Lisa gave me (Gokusen and Golden Bowl are on the top of the list), Corner with Love, Bull Fighting, and Love Scar. BUT I think I'll start with The Rose.

I'm currently trying to burn some things onto disks, since I'm downloading four series right now. I just attempted to put Cat Street on one disk... and it said I didn't have enough space on the disk. I was like "wtf?!", because Cat Street is only 6 episodes. Turns out three of the six eps are well over 1GB each. Yeah.

I'm going to burn that, Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu, A Game About Love, Hotaru no Hikari, and Love Com. That should free up some space! And I should totally get rid of Hana Yori Dango. It's not like I haven't burned it to disk, I just, apparently, like keeping it on my hard drive.

Drama/Anime/Manga List update 07Dec08 )
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episodes 8 and 9 )

So I liked the ending far FAR better than I thought I would!!
spoilery for Hotaru no Hikari final episodes )

I really really enjoyed this series. It was a a nice, lighthearted show, and it made me happy. So yay! It reminded me a good deal of First Kiss, with the girl falling in love for the first time... except Mio was bitchier, and Hotaru didn't have some sort of disease. First Kiss was a really good show too! I should rewatch some of it...

Drama/Anime/Manga List update 30Nov08 )

I really REALLY want to watch Marmalade Boy (twdrama, not the anime, which I've already seen), but the quality of the video is so horrible (I'm talking HORRIBLE, not fit to watch, the sound is screechy, and the picture is tiny and grainy)... I either have to find another version, or deal with it... it's sad for me because I ADORE the anime/manga so SO much. It was the third anime I ever watched, and the second manga I ever read... so it's special. Plus, the drama has Ken in it! He plays Yuu!

ANNNNDD I just totally accidentally downloaded volume one of the Marmalade Boy manga... I'm pretty sure I already have it somewhere too. I have a large stack of manga in my attic... mostly Sailor Moon, but I have Marmalade Boy, and I'm pretty sure I have some Ah My Goddess! too... Kinda random huh?
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OMG I'm so dying. I'm exhausted, bored, and anxious about my freaking final exam that is due TODAY. Stupid class and it's tests.

Not that I don't have work to do. I have plenty. I just totally don't want to do it because I'm so damn tired.

In other news, Mandarin learning is coming along. I'm doing the Pimsleur stuff. I can ask people if they speak english or mandarin (I know the mainland word for mandarin... but I'm sure taiwanese would understand), tell people I'm an american, and stuff like that. Yay!

I'm still watching Hotaru no Hikari. I haven't had much time lately to really see a ton of it, but oh wells. Weekend.

I also updated this thing awhile ago, but forgot to post.

Drama/Anime/Manga List update 21Nov08 )

I added like, 10 new twdramas. As if I need more to watch. At this point, it's kinda like a reference for me, a list of things I'd eventually like to watch.

Oh! Hilariousness!!
Lu Yi is making the EXACT SAME face in both these pictures. It's weird. Maybe they took the stock photo of him to make the drama poster?


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