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Why, oh dear God why, did I ever wait to watch episode 11 of Atadan! I mean, yes, I did watch it raw when it first came out, and yes, I didn't know it was subbed until Friday, but STILL! TWO DAYS where I was oblivious to the whole part of the show where... spoilers )
GLEEEEE!!! Pure, unadulterated glee!

I still don't get the ending (though I have a sneaking suspicion that it was just pure fanservice... definitely not complaining). And man, I love Masaru so much. He is definitely my second favorite Okura boy, after Sho of course. I very much want to hug him, and paint his nails pretty colors.

But wow, I need there to be a special like burning.

Also more spoilers )

It's kinda weird that I've read Maki/Osamu fic, isn't it? Granted I don't believe I knew it was RP fic when I started it, but still...
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Awhile ago I kinda promised/hinted at my top drama lists. I have a top ten for jdramas, a top 5 for twdramas, and a top 3 for kdramas. I kinda wanted to make it fancy, and I might still one day, but as for now, I'm content with just posting it.

I'm doing 10 jdramas, 5 twdramas, and 3 kdramas because of my viewing habits. I've watched way more jdramas than anything else. Or at least, I've finished more jdramas than anything else (I start twdramas a lot, but don't finish them a lot), and I haven't watched many kdramas at all. So yeah. I also want to do a top asian movie list sometime too, but I'll stick with this for now.

So here is my top 10 jdramas. The other lists will come shortly (I have them written already, so there shouldn't be that much delay).

Top 10 Jdramas )
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To all my Atashinchi no Danshi peeps!

You have GOT to read [livejournal.com profile] calledinvain's fic Some kind of happily ever after.

It's amazing, and perfect, and the characters are great, and JUST READ
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I nearly died laughing!!!! Thanks for the Hana Kimi throwback there, Atadan! I miss this show already (I also weirdly miss Hana Kimi right now).

Also; Big Bang's new Japanese song;

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I answered 20 more comments, so yay, entry!

My "reward for replying to comments" entries are going to be rather random, since I have to get everything I've been thinking out in only one entry. So I'll divide it up by cuts.

As I've alluded to, I'm not really able to use the internet at work anymore. I only got to today because my boss was gone, and I did it on the sly. It's okay though... only one more month.

Studying in Taiwan stuff )

I’m not a stalker, I swear! )

Kurosagi, THnK, and Atashinchi no Danshi )

Random Big Bang ramblings )

I think that’s it for now. I have a bunch of caps, but I can’t upload them now because of the internet-at-work thing. As it is I’m writing this is Microsoft outlook pretending it’s an email. *sigh*
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So I "watched" Anadan episode 9, and was confused out of my mind. WHY CAN'T I UNDERSTAND JAPANESE ALREADY?! WHHHHHHYYY?! I mean, I studied it for a couple weeks, and have watched a bunch of jdramas. That should be more than enough, right?

*sigh* I'm going to go watch Sekachu and eat some carrots. The gym sucked, but not so much that I immediately need to sleep and miss out on a deliciously angsty jdrama (... and carrots).
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Everyone go read [livejournal.com profile] princess_dexter's Mei-chan fic NOW, because it is AWESOME and made of win. WIN!

I also recently discovered [livejournal.com profile] calledinvain's Atashinchi no Danshi fic which is also AMAZING (also the first fic I've seen for Atadan!), so read that now too!!

And OMG! More! Read [livejournal.com profile] seven_trees's Atashinchi no Danshi drabble, which is also AMAZING AND WONDERFUL!

Today has been an amazing day for fic *grins like a madman on crack*!!

If you can't tell, I'm simultaneous high from Mei-chan, AtaDan, and fanfic! The world is happy and full of ponies and rainbows right now. All I need is a good Gokusen fic (which I haven't read), and I'd be so gleeful I think I'd explode.
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Osamu is apparently releasing a photobook, which I will, of course, buy. That boy is made of win. I wonder if I could stalk him while I'm in Japan (of course, I'll be pretty busy stalking Big Bang, so it might not work out that well)...

Honestly though, I'm totally in love with him. I mean, God, look at him.

Episode 9 of Atashinchi no Danshi comes out tomorrow, and I am positively gleeful waiting for it! No shippy indications from the previews, but I know something will happen. Maybe some more patented Sho / Chisato eye sex...

Otherwise, I'm making my way through Sekachu. I'm about halfway done, and the shit has basically hit the fan, so to speak. The previous episodes focused on Aki and Saku's burgeoning relationship, which was mostly sweet and fluffy. But now that she's sick, all the tragedy is going to start. I haven't cried yet (I did get a little misty when Saku's grandfather died though), but maybe soon.
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So I'm watching AnD, and I'm drinking my soda.

And then Satoru says to Masaru; "He suddenly quit wearing eyeshadow, and now he's trying to be popular!", and the brothers all stare at Masaru, and I nearly had soda up my nose because it was SO FUNNY.

Oh, AnD, I miss you when I don't get to watch you for several days...

I'm also finally burning stuff onto discs again (two of my hard dr5ives are getting full), and I've forgotten how damn long it takes.
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I am utterly insanely exhausted from last night's squee-fest. After watching AnD episode 8, I was all hyper and didn't go to sleep until 2am. And then I woke up late this morning, and blaah. I'm dead to the world.

I also "finished" the Special A anime (I use quotations as I skimmed the last two episodes because I was dead tired. I'll watch them properly tonight). It ends a LOT differently than the manga. Not bad different, but different none-the-less. I love how Hikari almost confessed though, and how she couldn't say Kei's name! So cute!

And now I'm in an obvious dilemma. What. To. Watch.

I think I want another jdrama, preferably something awesome and ridiculous, and just GOOD. Then again, due to my high on AnD, I doubt many things could measure up right now. Maybe I should go with a tragedy or serious drama next.

So in the serious category;
Sekai no Chuushin de, Ai wo Sakebu
Ryusei no Kizuna
Kou Kou Kyoushi (1993)
A Love to Kill
All In

Course I could drop the list altogether, and do something different. But right now, I want something to make me cry. The last one I seriously cried during was Summer Snow. So yes, I want something Summer Snow-esque. In that case, maybe Sekai no Chuushin de, Ai wo Sakebu...

I'm just rambling now...
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I'm so spazzy right now! I am filled with inordinate amounts of glee from Atashinchi no Danshi, which is ruling my life. I love jdramas, I really do. I like twdrama plots better, but nothing beats jdramas in sheer glee-making.

I've had such a good day today! Squee! ♥♥♥flist♥♥♥!

To be honest I don't know if I'll be able to answer comments tonight because I am literally WIRED right now. I fear any comments I make will be full of flail and won't make sense. But I HAVE been slowly trying to get through them during the day at work. Today I had a bunch of meetings, so I didn't get around to many, but it's a process ;D

Also, because my torrent had downloaded enough for me to get them, 2 HQ caps!

(I'm overlooking the fact that their eyes are open... It IS a jdrama, I've got to expect some awkwardness)
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I'm watching the raw for Atashinchi no Danshi episode 8 streaming since I can't possibly wait until the torrent is finished (only at 70% and it's been going for 5 or so hours).

They're crappy, but I SO have a few caps from the beginning that made me jump up and down like the rabid fangirl that I am...

EDIT: And like, right after I posted this, there was another scene I had to cap, because OMG SQUEE.

SECOND EDIT: OMG Probably the best jdrama kiss I've ever seen. Seriously. He like, grabs her, swings her around, and kisses her! God, this show... killing me!

Cut because, suddenly, it all got a LOT better... )
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Holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit!!!!!! (note, that is literally what I said, outloud, to myself, when I saw this)

I am going to go home tonight, and immediately download this episode, and OMG I cannot wait.

Sho / Chisato FTW!!!!!!

(btw, I totally stole these caps from [livejournal.com profile] nomanymore)

I should also mention that I totally didn't get to comments yesterday because I went home, and almost immediately fell asleep. For a long time. I didn't wake up late for work though, so that's good.

It's funny, I use my phone as an alarm (it's the only thing that workds, regular alarm clocks don't wake me up anymore), and I'm beginning to associate one of Jolin's songs with waking up, since I use it was one of my alarms.
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The subs for Atashinchi no Danshi episode 7 came out a lot earlier than I expected! I just finished watching it, and seriously, this show never gets old to me. I took a lot of caps too. 120 of them to be exact. The OTP stuff is palpable now. And while I love the OTP insanely, I think even if there wasn't an OTP, or if it were different I'd still love this show intensely. I adore every single character.

I can't wait until Tuesday! Next episode is a Sho episode!

Anyway, smallish picspam (it occurred to me that I still haven't posted the picspam for episode 6)... ALSO; COMMENTS -> the most recent ones I'll reply to tomorrow. I meant to do it today, but then I lost power for awhile, which screwed up my plans. Stupid electricity...

I ended up with tons of group caps, because I LOVE THEM ALL!
episode 7 picspam )

The previews for the next episode look really promising OTP wise too, what with the talk about dating, and Sho draping his arms over Chisato's shoulders. And stuff...

I wonder why I never get good caps of Takeru. I adore him, but I either don't cap him, or can't find a good one. I don't cap Fuu much either, but that's because he doesn't show up as much. Plus, he's not one of my favorites. Obvs my favorites are Sho, Masaru, and Satoru...

And now to go clean catboxes. What an amazingly glamorous life I live...
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As predicted, episode 7 of Atashinchi no Danshi made me squeal incoherently with glee. I didn't understand it (watched it raw, as per usual), but I loved it!

I love that Sho and Chisato are OTP!

Otherwise I watched AnD episode 6 with subs (yay for understanding!), and took a bunch of caps that I will post later. Because, you know, it's 4am. I took a nap earlier, so that's why I'm up now.

The episode was adorable, and to me, at least, the OTP vibes were super strong. But I think the best part of the episode was the interaction between Masaru and Satoru. I adore every single one of the characters, but Sho, Masaru, and Satoru are my favorites. I'm practically in love with Yamamoto Yusuke and Seto Koji now, which is amusing to me

Ah, what the hell, a few caps!


*snort* Oh Masaru and Satoru. I ADORE you!

I freaking love Japan! Golden poo on a stick?! Priceless.

Random gratuitous Osamu, because we all know I need my random gratuitous Osamu fix at least twice a week.

I need more AnD icons...
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I'm more than halfway done with Zettai Kareshi now, and I'm dealing with that dilemma; do I want to watch it all RIGHT NOW, or do I want to savor it and draw the viewing out a little.

I love the show so much. I especially adore Night, he's just too adorable. I ship he and Riiko massively. I haven't finished the manga, but I've read enough of it to know that the drama isn't following the manga that closely. Course that all could change later in the drama.

That's another thing; I'm caught between wanting to watch the drama, and wanting to read the manga. It's a difficult choice; on one hand we've got the drama with Moco and Hiro (Hiro is the icing on the amazing cake that is Moco), and the other hand I like the storyline of the manga a little better.

Also, the next episode of Atashinchi no Danshi comes out tomorrow! Major squee!! I just cannot wait to see what they're going to do with Chisato and Sho's relationship. I am highly anticipating it!

Oh, and this has to be one of the best caps I've ever taken.

Hiro's hair started out pretty normal (for him), but it's progressively gotten crazier. It's not Mei-chan crazy, but it's getting there :D
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Yes, I know this is my third post in a row. But it'll most likely be my last tonight. I have to pack stuff for my trip to NYC in the morning. (I found a couple Asian music stories in Chinatown I'm going to try to check out!)

But yeah, I was "watching" episode 6 of AnD, and got to the previews. And unless I'm gravely misreading the situation (which I've admittedly done before), Sho / Chisato OTP FTW!!!!!!!!

Lets just say the caps are self explanatory )

While watching this, I literally yelled "Holy shit!", and rewound several times to make sure I wasn't seeing things! I am terribly gleeful, and sooo can't wait until next Tuesday!

Also, episode 7 is apparently Akira's episode, which makes me happy, because I love Akira! He's just too cute! And Masaru and Satoru continue to be adorable, and perfect, and God I love this show!
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Oh, Eita's brother, no...

I love how the look on his face captures my feelings for his hair exactly

What is it with those brothers and the crazy hair?!

In other news, I'm watching AnD episode 6, and totally not understanding a thing. But I'm STILL getting OTP vibes from Sho and Chisato. Also, I think I might actually end up liking Fuu...
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I just finished watching episode 5 (with subs!) of Atashinchi no Danshi. I can't really explain why I love this drama so much, but, man, I really love it. I'm sure some of it is the hot guys.

AnD is unabashedly shoujo. It's a poor female character with a heart of gold who is thrown into a situation where she's around a bunch of rich bishonen. And they're all in love with her.

I love shoujo on a whole, but sometimes I get irritated with it, especially how the girls are portrayed. AnD doesn't irritate me in the least. And even weirder, as much as I am convinced Sho / Chisato is OTP, if it isn't I won't be totally torn up. I love ALL the male characters (well, I'm not a huge fan of Fuu, but only because right now he's just so stereotypical... if I get more backstory I might change my mind). And I like Chisato a lot too! I can't wait until tomorrow when I'll be able to get the raw of episode 6. I'll have to wait a bit for the subs though, because of the upcoming holiday weekend.

Anyway, some caps!

I love how Yutaka wanted to do a homeless person photobook of Chisato, and made her bite cardboard!
More caps from episode 5! )

My favorite jdramas are the more serious ones, but I always love the crazy ridiculous ones (Hana Kimi, Mei-chan, My Boss My Hero, Anmitsu Hime, etc). They're just SO much fun!
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I'm STILL getting OTP vibes between Sho and Chisato. I spend the entirety of episode 4 resigned to the fact that Sho and his ex were getting back together. And at the end they don't, and Fuu shows up, and when he tells everyone that Chisato is doing it for money, the FIRST SHOT is of Sho's reaction. And he glances at her sidelong!

You cannot convince me that this isn't OTP. MEANINGFUL GLANCES!

And even if it isn't, I love all the other guys so much, it doesn't matter nearly as much to me anymore.

I'm SO ADDICTED to this show. I can't wait to understand episode 5! (I've watched bits of it unsubbed, but I just end up getting confused, so I should stop...)

I like the serious dramas plenty, but I'm also so in love with this type too!


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