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Aug. 30th, 2010 11:06 pm
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Again, literally nothing to do at work (I'm a fast worker, sue me). Soooo... meme time!

This is actually a kpop meme, but I'm making it a cpop meme. Because recently, I've been feeling the cpop love more.

Cpop meme... with pictures! )
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A couple things!

FIRST -> I'm trying to keep track of what exactly I'm actively watching. Because it's a lot.
Tatta Hitotsu no Koi
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
18 vs 29
True Love 18
Easy Fortune Happy Life
Gokusen 2 (I started it the other day for no apparent reason)

Plus I just started downloading Triple (thanks to [livejournal.com profile] darkeyedwolf), and One Pound Gospel (thanks to [livejournal.com profile] princess_dexter). So yeah. Lots to watch :D

SECOND -> Meme from [livejournal.com profile] mamarocker_83
You will be given a letter and have to write a list of 10 things you love that start with that letter. If you want a letter, comment with letter me! and I'll give you a letter.
She gave me 'S'! )

THIRD -> I bought a Japanese Junon magazine back in April. Back then I didn't recognize a lot of the people. But since I've recently been watching a lot more Japanese stuff, I went through it again. Anyway, I came across some pictures... [livejournal.com profile] princess_dexter, [livejournal.com profile] seven_trees, [livejournal.com profile] wildwesternwind, and others who I can't think of off the top of my head right now; I do think you're going to love me for this... Yusuke and his amazing, glorious abs...(click them for a bigger image)

Also, random Seto Koji!

FOURTH -> Random promo picture from Easy Fortune Happy Life, that is GORGEOUS.

LASTLY -> I heard Ariel Lin is looking to break into the Korean music market. Congrats to her, I hope it will be successful! She's beautiful, talented, and speaks Korean, so it should work ;D

And that's it for right now!
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20 Minutes into Easy Fortune Happy Life, and I know I'm going to love it. It's typical Chen Qiao En fare; rich asshole falls for adorably quirky, righteous poor girl. It's a good formula though, and Qiao En is great at being the spunky heroine. I always enjoy Qiao En's dramas, but if you didn't like Prince Turns to Frog, or Ying Ye 3+1, you're probably not going to like this.

The opening credits are really pretty. Very obviously metaphorical, but pretty none-the-less.

Cheng Long in black (he looks a TON like Ming Dao in this shot!!)

Qiao En in white (looking super pretty! The long hair is good on her)

Also, I was watching, and was like "is that Xiu Jie Kai?!", and it turns out, yes, Jie Kai is in this too! I'm glad he's been having a comeback recently, he's a good actor, and deserves it. Now if only Megan Lai would get a comeback... Still waiting on Qinlin House of Love...

Dorky smile!! (I think I will either die of happy or die of angst if they make a love triangle with Qiao En, Cheng Long, and Jie Kai... I'm still not sure as to the specifics on that...)
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I'm not good at keeping track of people's birthdays, so I almost missed it! (Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] prettierdanpink for reminding me!!)

Zai Zai turns 28 today!

Naturally, I will prepare a picspam later on tonight to celebrate this most joyous occasion. God knows I already have around 15 pictures of him sitting on my computer.

Anyway, I was catching up on some news, and decided to post some of the stories I found interesting.
What's going on in recent Asian Entertainment news )

Ah! I'm so behind in entertainment news! I've been so preoccupied with Atashinchi no Danshi (and other jdramas), that I've lost touch with my Taiwanese entertainment roots. I haven't even gotten a chance to finish watching My Queen! I blame the fact that it's streaming, and I hate streaming. I'll get around to it when I finish Sekachu. And once Sekachu is finished (probably today or tomorrow) I'm starting Easy Fortune Happy Life.

And oh! AnD 8 finished airing around two hours ago. I'm anxiously awaiting screencaps!

Some more random stuff relating to upcoming twdramas...
Upcoming Taiwanese dramas 2009 news! )

And one more thing; Joo Ji-hoon seeks 1 year in prison - Basically the prosecuters are seeking to sentance Joo Ji Hoon to a year in prision for taking drugs on one occasion while drunk. Hmmmmmm... something doesn't seem quite right. You know, I love Korea, I really do, but I sometimes wonder about their justice system. A system where a person can be convicted for a year in prision for taking drugs once, or a deceased actress can successfully be sued for being abused by her husband, is probably not a good system.
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Seriously, how did I not know this was happening?!
Qiao En and Ming Dao have a new drama together. One that has started (and I think ended) filming.

I had heard rumblings about a possible mainland MingEn drama, but I thought that they were just rumors. I was totally and completely wrong. Oh wow, I was wrong. And I'm SO GLAD I was!

Oh my, you have no idea just how excited I am now right now! I watched the preview all slack-jawed. Ming Dao and Qiao En are going to hit this one out of the goddamn park, I can feel it.

I can't believe I'm going to have not only a new Qiao En drama and a new Ming Dao drama, but ANOTHER drama that stars both of them!

Ming Dao and Chen Qiao En are my favorite onscreen couple. Anyone who has watched Prince Turns to Frog can deny their awesomeness. Side note: Prince Turns to Frog is one of my favorite dramas ever. I should make a list of my favorite dramas at some point...

Anyway, the plot of the drama is a bit confusing. What with; abandoned children, mistaken identities, dancing competitions, illnesses and blindness, childhood sweethearts, fraud?, jealousy, car accidents, ETC. But it doesn't matter because; A. MingEn are awesome, and I have no doubt in them, and B. it's a cdrama, which means plenty of awesome angst.

Course since it IS a cdrama, that means subs will be delayed in getting to me. If twdramas are neglected, cdramas are basically ignored.
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So a few things;

1. Calling Big Star looks to be airing in July. It's been postponed, but it DOES look like it's still going to air.

2. I've heard positive things about the future of Extravagent Challenge, so yay! At least Ariel looks to still be in it, but who knows about Jerry. Seeing as how he's so sought after and busy, I think he probably won't be available. Maybe Joe will come back into it. Or maybe they'll pull Rui Jia in (which would make me SO happy).

3. Paper Rose has TOTALLY switched casts. Completely. It will now star newcomer Rachel Liang (Liang Wen Ying), Tender Huang, and Danny Huang. Apparently Tiffany Xu is also in it somewhere. I might watch it eventually, but it's no longer on my must see list. I could deal with Ariel opting out, but now that Rui Jia isn't in it anymore, I find no valid reason to watch (both Tender Huang and Danny Huang have only been in a few things, most of which I haven't seen. And as much as I like Tiffany Xu, I'm not going to watch an entire drama for a side character).

4. Depite the disappointing (for me at least) Paper Rose developments, there is a VERY GOOD bit of news in the twdrama world! Ella and Jerry's drama Just Want to Depend on You is not only confirmed, but it's filming! That means the chances of it getting canceled or delayed are VERY LOW. I've seen some shots from filming, and OMG SO CUTE! I mean, just look at this picture from a press conferance!

That little boy is one of the most adorable little kids I've ever seen! You can't see it in this shot, but his shirt totally has a tiny little Snoopy on it! *dies of cuteness*

Also joining the cast; Gu Bao Ming (Pan bà bà!), and Michael Zhang (!!!!!!!!!)... so now I KNOW I'm going to watch it.

5. Brief mention, but Good Health and Fortune has changed it's name to Easy Fortune Happy Life, which is a definitely clunkier translation of the characters, but it's not super stupid, and it still makes sense with the Mandarin name. It starts on the 31st of May! SUPER excited! Yay Chen Qiao En! I think this is going to be one of her last idol dramas.

The trio

May. 12th, 2009 02:57 pm
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They have this behind the scenes thing for My Queen, and in it Cheryl talks about meeting with Chen Qiao En, and THAT DID IT. Cheryl Yang is now, FIRMLY, one of my favorites.

I now have a trio of my most favorite, amazing, talented, awesome drama girls.

The Innocent - Ariel Lin Yi Chen

The Sexy - Chen Qiao En

The Awesome - Cheryl Yang Jin Hua

They are all goddesses and I simultaneously want to be them and be their best friends.

Also, Cheryl did a LOT of underwear modeling (as I found out when I did a photo search)... *is jealous of Cheryl Yang and her fabulous looks*
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Seriously, sorry about all the posts today, BUT it's official. Good Health & Fortune, the twdrama starring the lovely Chen Qiao En is going to be airing starting on 31May09! SO EXCITED FOR IT! Thank you, Taiwan, for not flaking out of me with this drama.

I'm working my way through all of Qiao En's dramas. I might have to bump 100% Senorita or MVP Valentine (heightened quite a bit because OMG Tony Sun, you're hot!) up my list.

Speaking of which, I'm working on my list right now, trying to get an order to what I'm going to be watching in the near future.

Tonight I'm going to try to finish Dal Ja's Spring, and the rest of the latest episode of My Queen.
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Thanks so much for all the good wishes re work! I'll try to get back to everyone tonight (unless I manage to fall asleep, which is looking more and more probable by the minute). It's been a long day, and I won't go into it more, but it's left me exhausted.

So yesterday I mentioned awesome (to me) drama news, but then put off writing about it, because Big Bang got in the way...

Anyway, I've heard rumors for awhile, but now, not only does it look to be happening very soon, but it's ALREADY IN PRODUCTION!

The drama I'm talking about; Good Health & Fortune (福氣安康, Fu Qi An Kang), starring my most beloved Chen Qiao En! The male lead? Why none other than Lan Cheng Long (Blue Lan)! He was in The Outsiders, but probably is best known for playing Yamen (the dude was was supposedly Ah Si's cousin, but was actually hired by Dao Ming Feng to seduce Shan Cai) in Meteor Garden. He also dated Barbie Xu awhile back.

Anyway, the plot of this drama is pretty interesting; Cheng Long plays a rich guy with a genial facade, but is really kinda evil. He is forced by his grandfather (somehow...) to marry Qiao En's character (an ordinary girl [with a heart of gold, of course!] who studies herbalism). Because he doesn't want to marry her, he decides to hire assassins to kill her. Up until the killing part, it's typical drama fare. But man, they had me at the assassins.

Of course, Qiao En will melt his heart, and everyone will be happy. BUT FIRST THERE WILL BE ATTEMPTED ASSASSINATIONS!

I'm actually kinda glad Jerry didn't sign on to do this drama. I love him, but the role just doesn't seem right for him. I've only seen Cheng Long in MG, but his character was kinda evil and manipulative, so hey, it fits in my mind! It's supposed to air post My Queen, which is GREAT! I'll be losing the amazingness that is My Queen, but gaining a new Qiao En drama. Pretty even trade.

I also heard rumors that Extravagant Challenge was back on. Tenative of course, but still super exciting!

Also; How off the presses. A potential new drama starring Sam Wang; Mo Nu 18 Hao (魔女18號, Witch 18). I know NOTHING about it, other than it possibly also starring June and Dou Zhi Kong. Which makes me think it's somehow connected to Your Home Is My Home. Or maybe not... maybe they just wanted to throw the actors together again. They ARE both on CTS...

Calling Big Star is supposed to start airing this month, but I haven't heard a specific date.

I hate whenever I go to look something up about a upcoming twdrama, my blog is always one of the first listings. Seriously, am I the only one writing about them?! That's kinda sad...
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Meme from [livejournal.com profile] phrenk

1. Reply to this post, and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

my five )
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When you search google for "upcoming taiwanese dramas 2009", my site is the first one listed. Weird.

I was trolling the interwebs looking for news about upcoming twdramas, I came across a bit of news that made me SO HAPPY... until it didn't.

Ariel Lin is supposedly involved in a drama called Paper Rose. It costars ZHANG RUI JIA! And not in a side role either, I think he's the male lead! I proceeded to get super excited for around 5 minutes, until I read that production has been delayed and it probably won't be seeing the light of day for awhile. Ariel might have even dropped it. (Not terribly exciting to me, but will be to others; Baron Chen, of Fated to Love You fame, is also slated to be in it)

This makes me super sad, because Ariel is my favorite serious tw-actress (Qiao En is my favorite tw-idol-actress. I love Qiao En to pieces, but she's really not as good an actress as Ariel is). She's got a great range, and I enjoy all of her work. Rui Jia is, of course, one of my favorite tw-actors. He's really really fabulous (seriously, WATCH ETERNAL SUMMER), and it saddens me that he's always delegated to "best friend" roles. If this drama happens I will watch it and love it solely because I love those two actors.

But anyway, this brings me back to the one thing I hate the most about the Taiwanese entertainment industry; they cannot freaking STICK TO PRODUCTION. Compare to Japan; everyone knows about upcoming jdramas. They have planned casts, they go into production as planned, and they're generally set. Twdramas are a mess. They announce dramas, but then don't do them. Casts change frequently. Production halts all the time. It's so chaotic!

As of right now, the ONLY twdramas I know will be airing soon are Black & White, and Calling Big Star (maybe Quietly Falling in love With You, as well). And of those, only Black & White has an actual air date scheduled. Good Health & Fortune is another one that looks like it could be definite (I hope! Squee! Qiao En!), but honestly, I can't tell. Even Momo Love, one I thought was happening for sure, has been postponed.

Seriously, what the hell are they going to be airing in Taiwan next season is all the damn dramas are postponed?! (Yes, I know they have other shows... Dramas aren't everything)

*sigh* This whole rollercoaster over Paper Rose has made me upset. Angry beyond reason. Way to ruin what could have been an AMAZING drama, CTV.
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Fresh off my icon contest joy, I decided to post some icons I've had hanging around for awhile.

There's only 14 this time (I'm telling you, I'm REALLY slow). Mostly Taiwanese. Two Korean.

Icon Batch 1 Here

I think I've gotten better!


Icons! )

After viewing [livejournal.com profile] darkeyedwolf's Yoon Eun Hye picspam, I felt the incredibly urge to icon her. So I did, and now will share! I only made a few this time, but I have a ton more ideas. Also, since I was making pretty girl icons, I of course needed to make one of Qiao En!


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So suddenly, while watching Green Forest, I felt the urge to do a picspam.

This is actually a mini picspam. I'm working on a huge one, but I'm PRETTY sure I'm getting sick (which never happens, I have a ninja immune system), so it's a mini picspam for now.

This is Chen Qiao En. The best, most awesome, sweetest, prettiest girl in the world. I have a major girlcrush on her. If I were a guy (or gay) I'd be so totally in love and want to marry her. As it is, I want to be her best friend. She's just so amazing. Thing about Qiao En is, she knows sex sells. And does she sell it. She did a shoot for GQ, and those pictures were quite risque (for Taiwan).

But I think the most amazing thing about Qiao En is that she isn't afraid to talk about her inadequacies. She discusses how she became depressed and an alcoholic. She talks about her disappointment in the industry. She's strong that way. She also has a blog (that I visit often, actually) where she posts lots of pictures of her adorable scottish fold cat that she takes everywhere.

So; her personality is great, she's gorgeous, she loves animals, is a good actress, has a lovely voice, writes books, and is modest about her success. Did I mention she's nearly 30? And she looks like a teenager... I would hate her if I didn't love her so much.

click for more Qiao En goodness! )

Also, wanna see the cutest thing ever? I was browsing Qiao En's blog, as I haven't been there in a few weeks, and saw the most adorable photo ever (second to last picture). Yes, it's Ming Dao holding a baaaaby!! I'm almost positive this is Zax Wang's wedding. (Oh, and warning; don't repost any of Qiao En's pictures. She'll close down her blog)
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Since my last post on current taiwanese tv got a good response, I figured I'd post a continuation. Out of all asian entertainment, I know the most about Taiwan. Taiwanese entertainment is my passion. Overall, people generally tend to prefer Korea or Japan, so I thought I'd give some love to my favoritest place in the whole world; Taiwan.

Upcoming Taiwanese Dramas )

I'm sure I missed a lot (including Momo love, Aaron Yan's upcoming drama), but whatever.

By the way, I totally did something similar to this in December. I've posted it below. (Notice the lack of fangirling on Boys Before Flowers? I thought it was going to suck)
Upcoming 2009 dramas! (Dated from 18Dec08 )
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It's good to see that the Edison Chen scandal didn't totally ruin Cecilia Cheung's life!
Deborah Lai confirmed Cecilia's second baby; Patrick Tse wants twins

*Dies!!* My dream of cross agency co-operation is coming true!! Mike, Joe, AND Qiao En in a commercial! So excited to see it when it comes out on youtube! (Article also totally mentions Mike's birthday! I meant to do a picspam celebration (mostly as a present for me...), but didn't get around to it.)
Mike He and Joe Cheng both appear like strangers

I'm now EVEN MORE excited for Starlit. Previously, the print ad was enough to make me want to see it, but these trailers make it so much better!! Jerry Yan + piano + tragic car accident involving broken hands + Terri Kwan without the ridiculous extensions they made her wear in WtSYA + angst = DRAMA GOLD.
4 New Trailers for Jerry Yan's "Starlit"; "Starlit" OST

I like the title of this story (it totally make Qiao En sound like a prostitute!) Plus, I ♥ Qiao En! She has a western boyfriend! How adorable! I'm still MingEn all the way though...(I know I'm being redundant in my news, but I thought this one was interesting because I never knew that Mike and Joe had issues with their friendship.... ohhh now I see why. (Hehehehe! Brokeback relationship! Even if Joe was in love with Mike, which I very much doubt he is, it'd be adorable! Joe is rather androgynous, and Mike is so pretty. So it works out...)
Chen Qiao En wanders between two men, passionately hugs Joe Zheng to earn money, rushes towards foreigner boyfriend

Um, crazy fans much?! Poor Alan! Apparently he can never get any action from his female costars, or else his fans will rebel and freak out... I know it's Asia, and things are different there, but COME ON?! It's ACTING.
Show Luo french Kisses with Alice Ceng, Wife fans accuse him of having an affair.

Stupid Taiwanese press, trying to make Ella look bad! I'm sure S.H.E can easily win awards with or without the presence of Twins.
S.H.E rely on Twins' absence to win awards? Ella gets angry

Qiao En and Ming Dao are doing a new drama!? MEEEEHHH! How did I not know about this?! Maybe it's just a rumor though, since I can't find any evidence... (Also, MingEn loves!!)
Chen Qiao En has Ming Dao; almost forgets about boyfriend

Awww the cuteness! I know Wu Zun is Ella's rumored boyfriend, but I had no idea Jay Chou and Alan Luo were rumored to be Selina and Hebe's boyfriends...
S.H.E holds Christmas party; fans imitate their rumoured boyfriends

Awesome Joe Cheng quote;
"Cosmo: So to you, what you like to do most for the environmental issues?
Joe: People around the world will wear nothing and will only eat vegetables! (Laughed)"
Joe Cheng’s sincere Q&A session

Oh wu Zun! You kill me your your adorableness! Wearing skirts, and joking around with Alan Luo (... about wearing skirts)! Adorable! It's kinda too bad that Taiwan doesn't have the crazy obsession with cross dressing that Japan does....
Wu Zun wears short skirt; invites Show Luo to compare femininity

I adore Ariel and Joe so much (I'm definitely an Arjoe fan), and they're so cute in this article. They also randomly talk about the US. And how Joe wants Christmas wishes from the leader of Mars....
Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng's Merry Christmas

Yay Extravagant Challenge!! And they're just WANTING us to suffer now, with the teasing that the second male lead is ALMOST confirmed! I'm dying to see who will play Shou!
Jerry Yan's new drama 'Extravagant Challenge' ; Director Niu says filming will begin soon

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See! I didn't lie about getting the summary up! But I might wait another day before I do the next one... that damn thing took FOREVER to write!

I am currently OD'ing on the cuteness that is MingEn! As much as I adore Sam in A Game About Love, he just can't match with with Ming Dao (at least when partnered with Qiao En)!

I found the cutest clip from the TenCent Star Awards in 2007, when Ming Dao and Qiao En won the most popular actor and actress awards! I love them so much! They're so freaking cute!

I only recognized one of the other female nominees (Ariel Lin... it's possible I knew more, but the sames were all in Chinese (makes sense of course, but for a lot of female idols I only really know them by their english names... except, apparently Ariel), and the pictures were tiny, and hard to make out...

BUT I did recognize three of the five male noms! Beside Ming Dao, Wu Chun (from taiwaneses Hana Kimi, and Fahrenheit), AND Zai Zai (I recognized HIS chinese name (Zhou Yu Min!), because I'm a stalker super fan)!! Yays!

I love Ming Dao, but I love Zai Zai more, so I'm on the fence of who should have won. I'm glad Qiao En and Ming Dao won together though! Qiao En and Zai Zai have never been in anything together though, so it would have been kinda weird for me to see them together.

Oh! It would be awesome if they WERE in something together though! It seems in twdramas, dramas stick within agencies. Like, a drama will only have actors from one agency in it, so you see a lot of combos of the same people (J-star does this a TON, but so do others... like whenever there's a Zai Zai drama, Megan Lai will be in it... and the guys from Fahrenheit often act with the girls from S.H.E.). It would be nice to see some crossing between agencies!

I have some stuff to post on my Taiwan crisis (i.e. me overthinking EVERYTHING), but I'll post it later. I'm too tired right now!

EDITS!! - Dude, like EVERYONE is in Hot Shot! How did I not know that George Hu was in it! He's in Love at First Fight!! And Wu Chun too! I was just going to watch it because of Jerry, but man, all that extra hotness... I might have to push it up my list! Almost done with A Game About Love...
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Several things;

- I've been MIA for awhile due to my recent obsession with A Game About Love. I ADORE it (but then, don't I adore everything?!). It's so sweet, and lovely, and friendship-ey! Qiao En is really good in this role. Her character, Duo Li, is sweet and sincere. More like Xin Yi from Fated to Love You, than her characters in Prince Turns to Frog, or Ying Ye 3+1. Sam and Xun Jie are great too! Their friendship is portrayed so well. And both are fantastically adorable and hot in the drama. Yu Qiao, who plays Qiao En's sister in the drama, kinda annoys me though. I think it's her voice.

- Randomly speaking of Fated to Love You, I read somewhere that there is probably going to be a sequel! Sequels are rare (the only ones I know of are the Meteor Garden sequels, and They Kiss Again (sequel to ISWAK)), but it's not terribly surprising, considering FtLY is the #1 twdrama ever. I guess they originally were going to do a period piece, but then decided against it. That would have been awesome though!

- Haven't started my Love Contract project yet, but I will soon (maybe even tonight!). I've actually been taking notes to start my NEXT project... but that one is still a bit away.

- I just read about a kdrama called Love Story in Harvard that I so want to watch now! How could I NOT... I mean, it takes place in HARVARD. It's be so freaking awesome to watch an asian drama where the setting is a place I see EVERY DAY (yes, I see Harvard everyday... it's on my way to work, and very hard to miss).

- I've become more sure that my plan to study Mandarin in Taiwan is the right thing for me. It's still a ways away, so I have plenty of time to reconsider. Plus, one of the community colleges near me offers Chinese... so I might sign up for a beginners class. And apparently they don't teach hanzi in the class, which is good, since they'd probably teach simplified anyway. So this way, I can learn some basics, and then I'll be slightly prepared for Taiwan. Also, I want to learn in Taiwan specifically because they teach traditional hanzi. Right now, more than anything, I want to do Chinese studies (in particular, Taiwanese studies).

- It's also really annoying learning mandarin in simplified, and then having to translate it into traditional via my trust dictionary. Stupid simplified!

- Lastly, found a car today! Very possible that I will buy it. It's cheap, and looks nice. So yeah!

Drama/Anime/Manga List update 11Oct08 )
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Soooo after some thinking, I've decided that my first project will be.... Love Contract! Despite it's obvious flaws, Love Contract is one of my favorite dramas. I'll be posting episode summaries and a full scale review first. I should start sometime this week, but it's all dependant on how much time I have. Also, if my comuter decides to work...

(Yesterday, accidentally (and quite stupidly, I might add) got ANOTHER virus on my computer. BUT I did manage to get rid of the new one, plus the old adware that I couldn't get rid of. Turns out Spybot is not self-updating, so I updated the software, and it got rid of the adware and viruses easily enough. Yay! Now my only problem is, IE isn't working well, so I downloaded firefox (because safari annoys me), and right now I'm just trying to figure out how to work it...)

In other news, I've recently become a fan of Jolin Tsai. I think the comparisons between her and Britney Spears are terribly unfair (or maybe they were made when Britney was still popular (and not crazy)?)... I like her songs, her videos are really good, and she can act! Plus, according to wiki, she's pretty damn smart too. Her MV for 特務J is phenomenal! The dancing in it is really good (the pole dancing amused me, but she was wicked good at it! And the ariel silk dancing was really beautiful)! I've only seen part of the music movie for 特務J (which was subbed by Intangible! I'm going to have to download it!), but it was also really good! And SAD. And is it just me, or does Kim Jae Won look a ton like Hiraoka Yuta in the MV/movie?! For a minute I thought it was Hiraoka-san (even though I knew it wasn't)... Hiraoka-san is super cute! He was so good in First Kiss

I recently read an interview (english version here) with Chen Qiao En. She spoke about the hardships she faced early in her career (her alcoholism, not leaving the house, not getting any work, etc), and I thought it was very interesting. She seems like a relatively down to earth, kick-ass girl. I really do like her a lot.

I'm trying to download A Game About Love, but the torrents are NEVER seeded, which means it's really really slow. But I'm excited about this drama! I got a small taste of Sam/Qiao En in Prince Turns to Frog, so seeing them pair up in this drama will be fun! I COULD youtube it, but meh. I probably won't. I'll be too busy rewatching Love Contract anyways...

Oh! And I KNOW there is a subbed version of Seventh Grade out there somewhere... I just need to find out where exactly. I think it would be nice to see Seventh Grade after I finish Love Contract (again), since like, all of the cast of Love Contract is in Seventh Grade as well.
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Updating my list of Twdrama themes/etc.

1. Drinking/getting drunk (almost always the female lead)
2. Motorcycles
3. The setting is Taipei
4. Bad boy/good girl
5. Rich boy/poor girl
6. Set in College (a lot of dramas are based on Japanese mangas, which are usually set in high school. The Taiwanese always set them in college instead)
7. Girls passing out all the time
8. Token shot of the 101
9. The same scene being filmed from about 5 different angles...

I really kinda hate J-star! I mean, what's with the no dating within agency thing?! Maybe Qiao En and Ming Dao really are just friends, and don't want to be together, but it sucks that they can't have a chance to decide that! Yeah.... I'm a total MingEn shipper. It's kinda sad...

OMG How much did I love Ying Ye 3+1!! I just finished it, and it was so adorable! Ah Jiang was an asshole towards the end (a well intentioned on, but an asshole none-the-less), but then it all turned out happy! Yay!! I want Ming Dao and Qiao En to do more dramas together! (Kinda random, but Qiao En did another drama with Sam Wang (besides MVP Valentine)!! Awesomely, it's already been subbed by a subbing group who's main focus is subbing only things with Sam in them! Hmmmm I totally might have to watch that next! I adore Qiao En, and loved Sam in PTtF)

I totally need to make myself a Qiao En icon!

Drama/Anime/Manga List update 05Oct08 )
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Ying Ye 3 Jia 1, episode 2 )

Ying Ye 3 Jia 1, episode 3 )

I'm still REALLY digging Ying Ye 3+1 (did I just date myself? Does anyone say they dig stuff anymore? It was big in the 90's, I swear!). It's so utterly adorable. Xia Tian and Ah Jiang's relationship is so cute! It's very like Tian Yu and Jun Hao's relationship in PTtF... except without a lot of the saddness and angst. And Jun Hao was more of a dick than Ah Jiang is.

And Ying Ye 3 Jia 1 is set in high school, which is kinda bizarre. Twdramas are NEVER set in high school (from my experience)! ISWAK was, kinda... well it was for a short time. Then they went to college... And Goku Dou High School is obviously set in high school... but that's not a romance. Speaking of, I totally want to watch that drama! It's sci-fi!! Plus, Chuan Yi is in it, and we all know how much I love him.


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