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So recently I've been in a fandom I never thought I would ever be in - Supernatural.

I was a huge fan of Gilmore Girls for the first few seasons, and I was VERY much on-board with Rory/Tristan. So I hated Dean. HATED HIM. And as a result, Jared Padalecki. Which made me avoid Supernatural for a long fucking time.

But then I was in Vietnam, and one thing I've learned about myself is that if I'm in a situation where I am stressed (and boy was I stressed there...), I tend to escape into media. I had netflix because I had used a proxy (way to beat the socialist media, Mer!!!), and had already finished a rewatch of Futurama and Buffy, watched House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Hemlock Grove, and the latest season of Arrested Development... And Supernatural was there, so why the fuck not? Famous last words.

I was never into slash. I have nothing against it, I just found it difficult to really get in to. I suppose I needed a girl to empathize with. THIS IS NOT THE CASE WITH THIS FANDOM. Turns out I'm a HUGE Dean/Cas shipper. Like, insanely huge. This is my first real slash pairing (as in shipping two guys that do not already have an established romantic/sexual relationship in canon), and it's beautiful.

Come on now, they're soooooo gay. I love it

Guys, I'm even thinking of starting a tumblr for this insanity! This is not normal. Tumblr annoys and confuses me.

IN OTHER NEWS, I'm trying to clean out my bedroom because I have WAY too much stuff from living abroad (I came home with four suitcases... FOUR). Plus, I have ANOTHER FOUR boxes coming here on the 11th, which is 9 days from now. I'm not sure I can fit everything.

I'm a packrat (a nice term for hoarder). I have issues getting rid of things because I assign weird personal attachments to inanimate objects. I'm also a collector. Which means I have an entire bureau of makeup I barely use, at least 35 different teas I barely drink, and all the kitchenware (we won't even go into that shit, because it's too much crazy for most people). Basically I'm a neurotic mess who fills my emptiness inside (EMO ALERT) with superfluous things. Yay me!

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I have this weird thing, where I tend to associate most things with sounds and/or music. This is especially prevalant with fandom. The weird thing, half the time the music I associate with something is completely unrelated to the thing itself. Like, normally you'd associate a drama with the music in it's OST. I'm talking about associating a song that has absolutely not ties to the drama itself.

My Examples;

Silverchair's "If You Keep Losing Sleep" with "Tin Man".
I think I must have been listening to Young Modern a LOT while reading Tin Man fic.

More random examples! )

I'm sure there's a buttload more, but that's all I can remember at the current time.

My Question, do you have any random music that reminds you of a fandom?
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I've been reccing fanfic left and right here, BUT NO ONE HAD JOINED MY REC COMM!!! (Save for dear [livejournal.com profile] phrenk, who wins a special AWESOME PRIZE for being awesome).

So come, JOIN. JOOOOOIIIINNNN!!! JOIN HERE at [livejournal.com profile] capslockey_recs

I've posted recs for Alias, Inuyasha, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Tin Man.

Later tonight I'm going to post recs for Gokusen, and Firefly. And I have at least three more for Pirates, and one more for Inuyasha I hope to post soon as well.


(I'm still stuck at work... And as soon as I leave I have to go to the gym... Fun weekend, huh? Haven't even gotten a chance to finish Triple!)
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I'm stuck at work today, but I did get around to working on my fanfic rec community.

Soooo... pimp time.

PLEASE JOIN [livejournal.com profile] capslockey_recs!!!

There will be fun and excitement for all, I promise. I'm still working stuff out there, and so far only my D/Hr list, and one Alias fic are posted, BUT I should have everything worked out soon!

And again...
Join [livejournal.com profile] capslockey_recs!!!
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I just created a community for fanfic recs, since I spend a large majority of my time reading fanfic. I'm going to post individual stories at a time, which makes it easier for me that posting one big entry (which I have to plan out, and actually work on... and who wants to work?!)

It's not up and running yet, but I'll let everyone know when it is!
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I've really really got to stop reading fanfic at work. Especially ones of the NC17 persuasion.

Alias fanfic = GOOOOD )

Alias watchers; did anyone else notice that the guy who played Danny (Edward Atterton) was the same guy who played Arthur in The Mists of Avalon? I watched Alias RIGHT AFTER seeing that miniseries, and I was all excited that he and Michael Vartan were in another thing together!

I liked that miniseries... I miss the old epic tv mini series they used to do. Like Merlin, or The Odyssey, or Gulliver's Travels, or my personal favorites Tin Man, and The 10th Kingdom.

(I also have much love for the old school Hallmark Hall of Fame movies, like Sarah, Plain and Tall... I LOVED that movie/book)
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Even though like no one asked for it, I'm SO working on a list of Alias recs. Because it's me, and what can I say.

The D/Hr recs are a lot harder than they seem, mostly because I haven't read anything in a LONG time, and thus forget all the titles. But also because all my fandom links were on my old computer, and now it's dead. SUCKS.

PotC fic recs, on the other hand, I have plenty of. PLENTY. Pirates was my last great obsession, and I have fic and icons galore. GALORE.

(OMG I love reading old entries. I actually found one where I listed my fandoms!)
My fandom list from 2006! )

That was random... Did this entry have a point. Not really. Just me rambling about stuff because I'm bored at work.
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So the D/Hr rec list turned into a bigger monster than I thought it would. Mostly because I have to spend a long time finding alternative links to fic because of the loss of the Coloured Grey archive.

So I'm going to post my old list (with updated links) for now, but I plan on working on this routinely. I've also been thinking of doing a separate website just for recs. Or I might do a community or something.

But anyway, here is my original list (minus a few things, and plus a few things). I wrote it back in 2005, so things I considered "new" are old school by now. *sigh*

Draco/Hermione Fic )

Basically this whole thing has taught me that if I like a fanfic enough, I need to save it to my computer....

I'll be updating with new stuff soon!
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So quick update before I try to dull the Triple withdrawal pain by watching hot Japanese boys fighting (Crows Zero);

Thanks so participating in my poll! (I never did a poll before because I was always like "what is no one votes?!") It seems that people want me to do a D/Hr rec list, so I'm going to work on it this weekend! I'm excited. It'll be hard finding some of the fics because the closure of Contra Veritas, but I WILL PREVAIL.

As for the other recs, Gokusen is popular. And since I've read almost every single Shinkumi fic on the net (seriously, I think I've read them all...), I can easily do that. Pirates will be fairly easy too. Firefly is trickier, but I do know of some places.

But why no love for Alias?! Alias is/was/probably forever will be my favorite tv show. I adored it. I'll still probably throw some in there as well just because ;D

But I do want to let people know; I don't read gen fic. I'm a shipper, and so that's what I read. And I will probably only rec fics that are in my ship (mostly because I tend not to read out of ship). So essentially what I'm saying when I list fandoms is this;
Gokusen = Shinkumi (Shin/Yankumi)
Pirates = Sparrabeth (Jack/Elizabeth)
Firefly = Mal/Kaylee (with a smidge of Jayne/Kaylee as well)
Alias = Sarkney (Sark/Sydney)

Us shippers really like our portmanteau words, huh?

Anyway, I'm a niche shipper. My range is a bit bigger in HP (my other main ships include Tonks/Remus, Narcissa/Sirius, and Ron/Luna), so I can give a wider variety there.

So yes, stay tuned!
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Still ridiculously bored at work. Though I AM doing something today, it has to wait until after 3pm.

So in the meantime I'm getting my fill on fanfic.

You know when you're reading fanfic (or a book) and you get to that one passage that gaurentees that you'll love the story, even if you weren't too terribly fond of it previously? Well, I just got to that passage.

"Snape found it easier than expected to pass as a Muggle.

Black denim trousers, tighter than he was accustomed to. Black leather boots. Artfully damaged silk shirts in bright crayon colors, left open to showcase gold chain jewelry.

A black leather peacoat for the nights, which could be cool even in the middle of the summer. Sunglasses, even indoors. His lank black hair, instantly chic as a ponytail at the back of his head. A few days’ worth of suntan.

Voilà. Instant Eurotrash."

Somehow, the thought of Severus Snape in a bright green silk shirt with tight jeans, gold chains, and a ponytail makes me RIDICULOUSLY happy.

If loving Eurotrash!Snape is wrong, I DO NOT want to be right!

(Fanfic = Roman Holiday, by Anna)
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With the advent of a book I've been waiting a year for (oh the waiting!), I got thinking about the Harry Potter fandom, and fandoms in general.


In closing, thank you people of the drama fandom, for being so utterly, amazingly, totally awesome! *squishes* Love you all!

Also, totally going to be MIA for a few days while I read my book. Which I am getting tonight! So excited!


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