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I'm at work. There's nothing to do - I did everything that needed to be done.

I'm bored. Naturally that equals "FANFIC TIME" to me.

So basically this means I am reading smut at work.


Yup. Smut. At. Work.

I am the best employee EVAR.
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I'm going to make an appointment tomorrow to get my hair done again. I'm going to get it more blonde. I like the change. I've had medium/dark hair all my life, I want that change, damn it!

I also went today to buy some better fabric for the Big Bang craft project extravaganza. I'm currently working on a prototype. It's about half done. While I was there, they were having a sale on Chinese brocade. I love fabric (I'm tactile, I like feeling things), so I was powerless against the prettiness. It's black, with blood red flowers (my two favorite colors). I'll find something to do with it...

Does this happen to you -> You hear two different versions of a song (whether they're remakes, parody songs, whatever), and end up knowing the new version far better than the original? (I don't mean you like the new version, but are unfamiliar with the old version. I mean you're a fan of both songs, but the newer one sticks out more to you)

This happens to me a lot... )

There's others, but I can't remember them right now...

Speaking of singing stuff in the car like a crazy person, my favorite song as of late to sing in the car is Nese's "Superman". It's so much fun to rap in Mandarin...
Now understand, this is not a case of me harmlessly singing while driving. Two very important things to know about me are: I drive really fast, and I'm a really aggressive driver. I also listen to music really loudly. So picture this~ I'm driving down the highway, going wicked fast, windows open, music blasting, possibly having to maneuver between slow drivers, and I'm like, car-dancing. I've got hand motions. I'm also really belting out the lyrics... It's a sight.

However, the ultimate car sing along song is undoubtedly R. Kelly's "Ignition". In college, when it had just come out, whenever it came on when my friend Jess and I were driving, she made me beep the horn when he says "beep beep"... Luckily I went to college in rural Virginia, so there weren't that many people on the road. Especially at midnight, which is usually when were driving to Sheetz. Fun fact: this song made an appearance in my backpacking trip to Europe. I distinctly remember Lisa and I singing it on the bus in Florence Italy...

ALSO! I was rereading some fanfic, and I don't know what it is about this line, but every single time I read it (and I've reread this fic many many times) I melt in a pile of goo, because OMG SO HOT.
"Good. You must understand how utterly foolish it was to come here, believing that you would leave again having shared my bed with me none the wiser. Every inch of your body, Lizzy – your hair, your eyes, your face, your lips, everything beneath – everything you have and that you are, is branded on me just like that. Savvy? Branded on my hands, my mind, my skin, my mouth. And smart as you are, you honestly thought that I couldn’t tell the difference. Me. The man who taught you the meaning of pleasure. The man who made you a woman.
(Obviously a POTC fic. Ship in a Bottle by [livejournal.com profile] piratemistress)
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I am currently hungry, but too tired to actually make anything. It's a beautiful day outside, but still too hot to consider going out for any length of time. That's what I hate most about Taiwan. The incessant heat. We still have a month to go before it starts getting cooler. Until then I'm staying inside as much as possible, thank you very much!

You know how before I came here I was worried I'd freak out and get super homesick? I thought the first two weeks were going to be the worst. Turns out I was wrong. I was fine. Except now it's hitting me. I'm in my third week here, and I'm homesick. Thankfully it's not TOO bad, but as a result I'm sleeping a lot. A LOT.

I watched Buzzer Beat 8 with subs last night, and was alight with glee. I adore that show. I put Bali on hold for a bit, in order to prepare myself for the tragedy of the ending. Otherwise I've been indulging in ridiculous amounts of Pirates of the Caribbean fanfic. Specifically ones written by the awesome [livejournal.com profile] piratemistress. I recced her fic "Pearls" before, but she has a TON of other ones, and I am in the process of rereading all of them.

ALSO!!!! S.H.E WORLD TOUR!!! Starting this October! I'll still be here for it! YAY!

Random Taiwan picture of the day!

I took this at the local Family Mart (convenience store). Apparently the spices they use here result in magic. Also, granted I haven't eaten meat in around 14 years, but I'm pretty sure that's not a picture of beef on the package. Looks like chicken to me...
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Wow... the fic I'm reading to hopefully rec soon just made me very happy.
Because fic!Draco loves him some Star Wars.

So you combine my two biggest obsessions of my life so far, and offer it to me on a plotty (and yet still porny) plate. So very happy here.

Also, [livejournal.com profile] ambergold alerted me to the fact that apparently my twitter account was hacked. Fake-me had posted some get-rich-quick scheme thing... Weird. Believe me, I'd NEVER try to get people to fall for that.

Weirdly reminds me of Kurosagi. If only Pi would show up to get information... Yes. I do believe that would be nice. I might even get some money out of the deal (in the form of an information fee).

Is that a little too prostitute-y? Naaaaahh. I like to think of it as making the most of the (hypothetical) situation.
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I've been reccing fanfic left and right here, BUT NO ONE HAD JOINED MY REC COMM!!! (Save for dear [livejournal.com profile] phrenk, who wins a special AWESOME PRIZE for being awesome).

So come, JOIN. JOOOOOIIIINNNN!!! JOIN HERE at [livejournal.com profile] capslockey_recs

I've posted recs for Alias, Inuyasha, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Tin Man.

Later tonight I'm going to post recs for Gokusen, and Firefly. And I have at least three more for Pirates, and one more for Inuyasha I hope to post soon as well.


(I'm still stuck at work... And as soon as I leave I have to go to the gym... Fun weekend, huh? Haven't even gotten a chance to finish Triple!)
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I'm stuck at work today, but I did get around to working on my fanfic rec community.

Soooo... pimp time.

PLEASE JOIN [livejournal.com profile] capslockey_recs!!!

There will be fun and excitement for all, I promise. I'm still working stuff out there, and so far only my D/Hr list, and one Alias fic are posted, BUT I should have everything worked out soon!

And again...
Join [livejournal.com profile] capslockey_recs!!!
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I just created a community for fanfic recs, since I spend a large majority of my time reading fanfic. I'm going to post individual stories at a time, which makes it easier for me that posting one big entry (which I have to plan out, and actually work on... and who wants to work?!)

It's not up and running yet, but I'll let everyone know when it is!
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I've really really got to stop reading fanfic at work. Especially ones of the NC17 persuasion.

Alias fanfic = GOOOOD )

Alias watchers; did anyone else notice that the guy who played Danny (Edward Atterton) was the same guy who played Arthur in The Mists of Avalon? I watched Alias RIGHT AFTER seeing that miniseries, and I was all excited that he and Michael Vartan were in another thing together!

I liked that miniseries... I miss the old epic tv mini series they used to do. Like Merlin, or The Odyssey, or Gulliver's Travels, or my personal favorites Tin Man, and The 10th Kingdom.

(I also have much love for the old school Hallmark Hall of Fame movies, like Sarah, Plain and Tall... I LOVED that movie/book)
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So the D/Hr rec list turned into a bigger monster than I thought it would. Mostly because I have to spend a long time finding alternative links to fic because of the loss of the Coloured Grey archive.

So I'm going to post my old list (with updated links) for now, but I plan on working on this routinely. I've also been thinking of doing a separate website just for recs. Or I might do a community or something.

But anyway, here is my original list (minus a few things, and plus a few things). I wrote it back in 2005, so things I considered "new" are old school by now. *sigh*

Draco/Hermione Fic )

Basically this whole thing has taught me that if I like a fanfic enough, I need to save it to my computer....

I'll be updating with new stuff soon!
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So quick update before I try to dull the Triple withdrawal pain by watching hot Japanese boys fighting (Crows Zero);

Thanks so participating in my poll! (I never did a poll before because I was always like "what is no one votes?!") It seems that people want me to do a D/Hr rec list, so I'm going to work on it this weekend! I'm excited. It'll be hard finding some of the fics because the closure of Contra Veritas, but I WILL PREVAIL.

As for the other recs, Gokusen is popular. And since I've read almost every single Shinkumi fic on the net (seriously, I think I've read them all...), I can easily do that. Pirates will be fairly easy too. Firefly is trickier, but I do know of some places.

But why no love for Alias?! Alias is/was/probably forever will be my favorite tv show. I adored it. I'll still probably throw some in there as well just because ;D

But I do want to let people know; I don't read gen fic. I'm a shipper, and so that's what I read. And I will probably only rec fics that are in my ship (mostly because I tend not to read out of ship). So essentially what I'm saying when I list fandoms is this;
Gokusen = Shinkumi (Shin/Yankumi)
Pirates = Sparrabeth (Jack/Elizabeth)
Firefly = Mal/Kaylee (with a smidge of Jayne/Kaylee as well)
Alias = Sarkney (Sark/Sydney)

Us shippers really like our portmanteau words, huh?

Anyway, I'm a niche shipper. My range is a bit bigger in HP (my other main ships include Tonks/Remus, Narcissa/Sirius, and Ron/Luna), so I can give a wider variety there.

So yes, stay tuned!
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I'm thinking of doing a fic rec post. Several people have asked for D/Hr recs today, and like I said, one thing I know above all else is D/Hr fanfic. BELIEVE ME. I've been in the fanfic community for around 12 or 13 years now (I'm proud of my ff.net ID number; 4401. Just for reference, I found someone who joined on 07Jul09, and their ID number is 1998019). I've been following HP fanfic the books first came out. I've been a part of the D/Hr fandom since the beginning.

So, do you guys think I should do it? (my first poll ever... how exciting!)

[Poll #1430849]

more of me rambling about fandom stuff )

WOAH. I was going through some archives of mine, and randomly found the exact entry I was thinking about today. I was convinced I'd never find it! YAY! (It's randomly a rant on how much I hate the eHarmony commercials)
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To all my Atashinchi no Danshi peeps!

You have GOT to read [livejournal.com profile] calledinvain's fic Some kind of happily ever after.

It's amazing, and perfect, and the characters are great, and JUST READ
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Everyone go read [livejournal.com profile] princess_dexter's Mei-chan fic NOW, because it is AWESOME and made of win. WIN!

I also recently discovered [livejournal.com profile] calledinvain's Atashinchi no Danshi fic which is also AMAZING (also the first fic I've seen for Atadan!), so read that now too!!

And OMG! More! Read [livejournal.com profile] seven_trees's Atashinchi no Danshi drabble, which is also AMAZING AND WONDERFUL!

Today has been an amazing day for fic *grins like a madman on crack*!!

If you can't tell, I'm simultaneous high from Mei-chan, AtaDan, and fanfic! The world is happy and full of ponies and rainbows right now. All I need is a good Gokusen fic (which I haven't read), and I'd be so gleeful I think I'd explode.
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Still ridiculously bored at work. Though I AM doing something today, it has to wait until after 3pm.

So in the meantime I'm getting my fill on fanfic.

You know when you're reading fanfic (or a book) and you get to that one passage that gaurentees that you'll love the story, even if you weren't too terribly fond of it previously? Well, I just got to that passage.

"Snape found it easier than expected to pass as a Muggle.

Black denim trousers, tighter than he was accustomed to. Black leather boots. Artfully damaged silk shirts in bright crayon colors, left open to showcase gold chain jewelry.

A black leather peacoat for the nights, which could be cool even in the middle of the summer. Sunglasses, even indoors. His lank black hair, instantly chic as a ponytail at the back of his head. A few days’ worth of suntan.

Voilà. Instant Eurotrash."

Somehow, the thought of Severus Snape in a bright green silk shirt with tight jeans, gold chains, and a ponytail makes me RIDICULOUSLY happy.

If loving Eurotrash!Snape is wrong, I DO NOT want to be right!

(Fanfic = Roman Holiday, by Anna)
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Is anyone else LOLing their asses off over how both Daniel Henney and Dannis Oh are both totally Americans (half Korean), who don't really speak Korean. Yet they are totally famous in Korea?! Don't get me wrong, I love them both, but man, SO FUNNY! I don't think I'll ever get over that video of Daniel Henney being accosted by many many MANY women in the streets of Seoul.

ALSO. I have brought you badfic today. But this... THIS is good fic;
"Ga Eul barely registered the words as she tried desperately to erase the image of a shirtless Yi Jung out of her mind."
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More fun from the world of fanfic.

BAD fic summaries (I haven't read these fics, for all I know, they could be fabulous. But their summaries suck.)

"Thanks to her terrible judgment, Davina, a red-headed, green-eyed, ballerina finds herself engaging in an unlikely friendship" - (Gokusen) Do I detect a whiff of Mary Sue-ism?

"Amber Sou and Madalyn Niho are transfered to Shirokin High after being kicked out of their old school. What they don't know is that Shirokin High is an all boys school. What will happen when these two girls have to learn to deal with the demands of boys?" - (Gokusen) The demands of boys?! What?

"A faithful night for the famous star-crossed lovers. I suck at these. Please review !" - (HYD) Do they mean a FATEFUL night? I'm confused.

"A date with a temperature of Ten Degrees Celsius. She needs her strawberry and guess what happens when he forces her to cherry. The two Saturnians first one-shot of mine. Please Read, Review, Enjoy!" - (HYD) I honestly have no idea what is happening here.

"Two modern day kids Jess me and Justin end up in the feudal era. DISCLAIMER: I do not any characters in this fic!" - (Inuyasha) This makes no sense.

"A circle of purple smoke surrounded the dark haired goddess, her emerald eyes sad as she bid silent farewell to the Moon Queen. Once the smoke faded silent tears fell from silver eyes as her majesty hugged her womb with both arms. ‘Oh Serenity…" - (Sailor Moon) Metaphors much?

"Becky is the shy bookworm and best friend with Remus. She also has a crush on Sirius Black, the heartthrob who doesn't even know she exsist, but that will soon change." - (Harry Potter) I hate OCs!!

And finally, not bad, per se, but more OMG I NEED TO READ THIS NOOOOW.
"What do you think might of happened if Jun Pyo didn't remember Jan Di? Not wanting to see the woman he loves continue to get hurt, Ji Hoo takes matters into his own hands. JanDi/JiHoo/JunPyo. Tsukushi/Rui/Tsukasa" - (HYD, obvs)
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I LOOOOVE When Gokusen fics do this (also kinda hate it, because wtf?), it makes me laugh. A lot. I literally read this passage and snorted aloud... at work. Had to cover it with a cough.

" 'My friends will be soooo shocked to see us like this! Ha ha! They think you look like MatsuJun, you know, the actor from Hana Yori Dango? It would be sooooo funny if the paparazzis mistook you for him, right?' "

(Btw, the fic is, so far, pretty good. This passage is some simpering girl hitting on Shin, which explains the dialogue. Fic located here.)

I really need to get to my fanfic rec list... I've read most Shinkumi fic on the interwebs, I should try to rec some of it.
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Dear Fanfic Writers (And my sister);

Eyes do not change color with mood. Physically impossible.

You're Welcome :)
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Two thirds of the way through the book after a marathon reading session last night. I don't read as much as I used to (blame dramas), but when I do it's totally hardcore. Book are totally my second favoritest thing ever on the planet (after animals).

Rambly stuff )

I'm super excited for the album! Jolin looks amazing (but really, when does she not?), and the music is great. I am totally and completely in love with her new single, "Real Man". You can download the video care of [livejournal.com profile] isabonita, or download the song from Asian Pop Attack (the link is in the second comment).

Also; one of the common Gokusen fanfic plots I hate with a burning passion: Girl suddenly transfers to Shirokin! A girl in an all boys school! The HORROR. Like that would EVER happen in real life (though it does randomly remind me of the last episode of Clarissa Explains It All, when Sam was accepted to an all girl's school that decided to go co-ed... That was a great show, I should download it sometime... I miss the 90's). And yes, I'm still geeking out over Gokusen fanfic. I think I've read most (if not all) the good shinkumi fanfic out there. I need MORE.
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Young Jae sent Ji Eun 105 roses!! It's so totally like a scene from my favorite fanfic of all time Masquerade (which is totally a Mary Sue/Gary Stu Sailor Moon AU fic, but whatever, I read it back when I was like 14, and easily impressed by fanfic)

I want a whole hell of a lot of flowers tooooooooooo. And as much as I like Min Hyuk, I DEFINITELY like Young Jae better. He's so amazingly sweet! It's so funny to see Rain in this role, and then to see the concerts he's done where he turns up the sex appeal. It's a weird dichotomy.

ETA - I just yelled "What the hell are you DOING?!" at the screen. Damn you Hye Won, and your stupid going to their house, seeing Young Jae and Ji Eun, and making Young Jae feel bad, where then she unceremoniously dumped Ji Eun!! EHHHH!!!


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