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I always tell people it's too hard to pick a favorite song of theirs. It's like choosing a favorite child. But... but I think I've always know, deep down in my heart, that this is my favorite. And while technically it's not a BB song, I'll count it as such, since it's by a BB member.


It's such an assholey song (especially GD's version - YB's version is less douchey), but OMG do I love it. Love, love, love, love, love it. Whenever I sing it while driving, I get really into it. I must look insane.


Dec. 27th, 2010 01:53 am
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So the GTOP album... I've been listening to it since it came out, and can honestly say I love it. So much. It's such a great mix of all different styles, which is lovely. My favorite songs are probably "Oh Mom" (TOP... idek), "Obsession", and "Oh Yeah" (despite it constantly reminding me of Arashi). But really, I love all the songs. Even GD's square dance song.

What square dance song, you say? THIS SQUARE DANCE SONG.

Seriously, all I can think about when I hear it is a country square dance. Like, in a barn somewhere, with couples sitting on a wooden post fence, dressed like this, watching other couples twirl about, whilst clapping their hands. And somewhere in that fantasy, GD is up on stage with his jug band, singing this song, while styling a pompadour, and dancing about. THIS IS A VERY IN DEPTH FANTASY. But you know, it could also work for line dancing. Just throw in more cowboy boots, and take away the fancy dresses. (Despite living in the LEAST country state in the nation, I have square AND line danced in my youth...)

But anyway, the point is, I like the album. I ordered my copy last week, and it hasn't shipped yet (presumable due to the holiday). I don''t really care which cover I get (though I wish they had released a red one... otherwise the silver and green are my faves). They're ALL THE SAME, only different colors. I don't see the need to buy multiple copies, since THEY'RE EXACTLY THE SAME. Maybe if they had different pictures, or different tracks. But just different colored album colors? Uh.... no. Sorry YG, you're not getting my money on that.

Otherwise, I hope everyone had a good holiday. If you were around during my rapid posting/deleting, and/or my tweeting, uh... sorry? My Christmas was weird. And not in a good way. But whatever, it's over, and it's kinda sad because I L-O-V-E Christmas, but what can you do.

As for right now, it's still blizzarding. And thankfully I haven't lost power, so all is good. As for work tomorrow (today?), I don't know. I really don't like schlepping a long distance in the snow, in my car which doesn't really have heat.
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I'll probably write more later, but right now I'm at work, so I must be brief!

I'm still bitter I wasn't a token white girl. *sigh* Seriously, it looks like the club was completely foreigners. Most white people, but there were a few black people as well. Being white in Asia EXTREMELY awkward (it's so heavily homogenous, that an anomoly gets a lot of attention), but if it helps me meet GTOP, I will sacrifice my discomfort at being stared at. Constantly. (Though it wasn't so bad in Korea or Japan. Taiwan was the worst)

I wish Dae had been there too. He must have been filming.

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Long story short;


Waiting for stream to upload

Occasionally hearing noises

Extremely choppy, but can see some old concert clips

Still really choppy

Playing Turn it Up MV

Still choppy

MC talks for a long time

Still choppy. Frantically download a new internet browser to see if it works.


Go through a short preview of each song.

Occasionally choppy

Some songs are amazing (TOP's rock song). One I will forever call the "GD Square Dance Song".

Finally play High High MV

MV is filled with lots of white girls. Am angry that I am not one of the aforementioned white girls.


Gets bored, and leaves to write this entry...
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Do you know how many times I've posted today? FREAKING THREE TIMES. That's insane. It's like two years ago...

GTOP's new music has got me in a tizzy. It's so exciting (as I've mentioned before, GTOP songs were always my favorite).


TOP is killing me here. The look on his face is adorable. And devious. But mostly adorable. I am confused by his jacket ("war not wars"? "roy power"? "eople"? Somehow the face that the text is partially cut off makes it more interesting), but otherwise I wholly approve.

As for GD... OMG THE HAT. I want that hat in my life right now. It reminds me of a mix of Frosty the Snowman, Bram Stoker's Dracula (the movie - Gary Oldman *swooon*), and a pimp. This is generally good, in my eyes. The concept is amusing me. Like... dandy pimps? High rolling gangsters? Personally I prefered the film noir theme they had for "Tell Me Goodbye", but I'll take this. Oh, I'll take it.

(Also, I just realized you can kinda see GD's ass, and that makes me LOL)
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This shit is happening TOMORROW. At 3am. *sigh* I'll probably groggily wake up so I can watch it real quick before going back to sleep.

I'm still digging GD's hat. And yay, TOP's bowtie is straightened. That was bothering me.

I wonder if those lines in TOP's eyebrows are scars, or like, random shaved bits. There are pictures with and without, so I'm unsure. If they ARE shaved bits, I don't really like them. They remind me of how in the early 90's, my classmates used to shave their eyebrows like that to look like Vanilla Ice.

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Hot. As. Fuck.

I'm really digging TOP's pink bandolier, though I am amused by awkward!hand (and have a disturbingly urgent desire to straighten his bowtie). Also, I think he's wearing blue socks. WHICH IS AWESOME. His hair took awhile to grow on me, but now I think it suits the theme. Plus, his shockingly white hair combined with his thick black eyebrows is cool in it's contrast.

As for GD, just... Yes. Please. Now. His huge ass hat reminds me of the promotions for Number 1, when he was obsessed with that rather ridiculous raccoon hat (I'm biased against it - raccoons are one of my favorite things ever). But this one is better because it looks faux (hopefully it really is), and is candy colored. I also love that GD looks like a fucking pimp. Like, straight out of the whorehouse. I LOVE IRONIC PIMP COUTURE. It always reminds me of Kramer...

And can I say, I LOOOOVE the color dichotomy going on? Because I do. SO MUCH. TOP wearing black with white hair, and GD wearing white with black hair... perfect. I wonder if they're going to play it out - white = good, black = bad.

GD had gotten SO attractive as he's gotten older. Not that he wasn't before, but he looked young. I like that he's growing into himself now. As someone who took awhile to grow into their own looks, I appreciate GD now all the more.

One thing though - is it just me, or does GD look rather... husky. Obviously it's not the boy himself, because he's so skinny it hurts to look at him. But man, bad angle.
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.... I don't even. I can't right now, because I'm at work, where public flailing is not looking well upon, but OMG GTOP!

I'm so excited for a joint GD/TOP album. GTOP songs are always my favorites, so this is like a fucking dream for me. December 24th is going to be the best day ever. Christmas AND GTOP!

And BB's comeback in February of next year? Which makes me wonder about the Big Show, and whether they'll debut their new stuff there. So (if the concert, in fact, does occur) will it be prior to the release of the album (late January), or after it. Which means, my plans change. Taipei first, Seoul later? I'm so confused.

PLUS a digital single by Baby in early January?! Seriously, dying.

It's a fucking perfect storm of amazing YG stuff. My life is so much better right now, guys!

I'll be capping stuff, and making gifs, and videos, and all sorts of shit later on. When I'm not at work. In ~7 hours.

Why in the fuck do I not have a GTOP icon?! Must fix that soon!

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If you've been following me on twitter, you've probably noticed that recently I've become addicted to Gossip Girl. I'm talking obsessed. I love it so so so much. Especially Blair. And Chuck. And Blair AND Chuck.

I only recently started watching it. Literally starting from the end working my way forwards. I had watched the first episode a few times, but it never really drew me in. I guess I needed the Blair/Chuck relationship to do that. I'm working my way through season 2 right now (with heavy fastforwarding - basically any scene not involving either Blair or Chuck), and it's total love for me.

I've always wanted to be rich. But not regular rich. I want to be old money rich. I desire all that old school pomp and circumstance. The east coast millionaire stuff. So much so that I literally consider and use "Nouveau riche" as an insult. I love Blair because she is basically the epitome of the old school rich. I love Chuck because he's an asshole, and I love the assholes. What can I say?

But that's not the point of this entry.

There was an episode in season 2, where a character calls Serena "gorgeous, sweet, and amazing". I was all like "WHAT DID SHE JUST SAY?!".

(~ 0:47)

Basically this confirms my sneaking suspicion that GD watched/watches Gossip Girl. I mean, he has a song named "Gossip Man", and even uses the Gossip Girl sign off in the song (well, it's modified - instead of "XOXO Gossip Girl", he says "XO Gossip Man". Close enough).

And clearly, my girls Rainbow are fans. I love when my American life ties in with my Kpop life.

CLEARLY this is not circumstantial evidence. Not a coincidence in the slightest ;P
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It's been a hell of a four years. I've only been in the fandom since January 2009, but in that time you've proven to me how amazing and awesome you all are. So please continue what you're doing, kay?

Also, a happy slightly belated birthday to my dearest GD, who turned 22 yesterday. Aw, my boys are growing up.

ANNND today is day three of my Taiwanniversary! (There are three days, because I left home on Aug 17th. I left the USA on Aug 18th - at 2am. I arrived in Taiwan on Aug 19th) I miss Taiwan so so so so much. It's almost hard to believe that I actually was there. That I had the balls to do that.

Nothing else happening. I bought a shitload of stila makeup during the warehouse sale, and it just got here. There was much excitement when it arrived. Otherwise yeah... nothing.
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It's so so so so much better. The other version, which YG seems to have taken down, was just not good. Sorry YB, but it was just all over the place. And awwwwkward, OMG. YB is just not that comfortable around all these scantily dressed girls. We all know this. And Dara... she looked half terrified the whole thing, like she wanted to run away from shirtless YB. I can see being intimidated by all that hot, but still... YG usually does such an amazing job wiith their MVs, I really couldn't believe just how much I disliked that one.

BUUUT the new MV is SO much better. YB looks infinitely more comfortable, GD is still a pimp, and Dara does a lot better. But at the same time, YG should stop promoting this girl as an actress. As far as I can see, she is not. She does the awkward giggling thing a lot, and I caught her looking directly at the camera at one point (she was in the background, she wasn't supposed to be doing that). I like Dara, but her acting, not so much.

The beginning though, I had to LOL because seriously? I reminded me WAY too much of D'Angelo's "Untitled" video. The only thing that could have made it better would be if YB still had his cornrows. And I was confused, why did they put almost the entire "You're My" song in the beginning of the video. Kinda a two-fer? FYI; "You're My" is my least favorite track. Just... waaaay too sappy for me. And I hate sappy things.

But anyway, the video...

Also! BABY! I hope you feel better! (Baby had an emergency appendectomy)
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I've been waiting awhile for this. I really really love the GD/Flo Rida collab for "Heartbreaker", and it's awesome to see it performed. I admit I liked this concert collab much better than I liked the Brian McKnight/Young Bae collab. Mostly because I like Flo Rida better than Brian McKnight. I like hip hop more than R&B.

Course, my DREAM COLLAB, which will never ever ever happen, is Silverchair and Big Bang (my two favorite bands in the world). Seriously, never going to happen. I don't even know how they would do that. Can you imagine; Silverchair's mix of post-grunge and progressive rock with Big Bang's hip hop/electronica sound? And yet, somehow, the combo of Emotion Sickness and Haru Haru makes some sense to me...

How about Ben Folds (another one of my favorite artists) and Big Bang? Army and Always? Eh.

Probably the best, and most likely (simply because they're both Asian) would be Fahrenheit (yet ANOTHER of my favorite bands) and Big Bang. 越來越愛 and 声をきかせて kinda fit together.

Anyway, GD and Flo Rida... So good! But at the same time, I'm like, holy shit GD is tiny! Flo Rida is 6'3, and all muscly, so of course he dwarfs GD. Still, it's amusing to see.
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I'm waiting until I receive my copy of the DVD before I watch most of it (watching online is just never as good). That being said, I decided to watch a bit of the making of for the concert, and was amused by all the foreigners! The best part is, I recognized some of them from the concert! (Believe me, when you're a foreign non-Asian person at a concert in an Asian country, you tend to see, and remember the other non-Asian foreigners, if only because you know they might be feeling as intimidated as you are by being a minority) I also remember the girls dressed in animal suits. They were at the Big Show 2010 as well.

The picture is small, so I can't see if I got caught on tape while in the crowd. Unfortunately the one thing that would have easily separated me from everyone else (my hair) was covered by a hat (but at least it was a nice hat... I got it in Seoul, and looooooove it).

Crowd shots at 4:25, foreigners (and non-foreigners) at 8:40. YAYZ FOR FOREIGN FANS! Go iVIPs!
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So surely by now everyone's seen the "She's Gone" video from GD's Shine a Light Concert.

In case you haven't...

First off, I love it. It kinda seems odd by itself though. Like, I think you need to see the whole concert to really get the feeling. And even so, it was different actually being there.

So obviously this is one of the reasons why his concert came under attack. And no, it's not really appropriate for kids, but then, what is nowadays? But whatever, it's the parent's responsibility, NOT GD's.

I find it funny, because when I was there, and the video was playing, and GD was chasing Aimee across the stage (NEAR ME!), and then the video showed him stabbing the girl, I was like ".....uhhhh?" (not because I thought it wildly inappropriate, rather I was surprised because, HELLO, it's Korea...), but everyone around me was flipping out. The Korean fans LOVED it. Screaming and flailing ensued.

After the concert, when I met up with Lisa (I'm glad we were both able to go, but it sucked that we were in different sections), she totally had the same reaction to the video. Like, "wtf just happened..."

That concert was epic. I hate to say it, but I enjoyed it more than the Big Show 2010 (mostly for extraneous circumstances, such as being alone, and not having as good a view). Probably also because it was my first time seeing BB live. Also, it was just awesome.
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The most recent Big Bang acquisitions!
This is most of them, I'm not showing the GD poster that came with the live album, or my fan-made sweatshirt I bought.

(As always, click to go to the flickr page with my notes on it)
More info )

As for me, I'm in a shitload of pain. I periodically suffer from sciatic pain due to what I assume is some sort of spinal issue like a herniated disk (I've had back problems since I was very young), and I must have fucked with my back yesterday at the gym (I was perhaps a bit too vigorous in my routine). I'm paying for it today.

I'm pretty lucky, I have a really good immune system (I very rarely get sick), but my joints and bones are not good, and never have been. *sigh* Oh well, we can't have everything ;)
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I've been watching a lot of movies lately (my recent attention span has not been good enough for dramas ;D )

Last night I watched An Education which was quite good. The acting was great (I actually thought Peter Sarsgaard wasn't up to par, but that just might have been because his character creeped me out), especially Carey Mulligan, of course. I also quite liked Rosamund Pike playing the vapid Helen. I quite like her, I find her face really interesting and pretty.

Tonight I watched Please Teach Me English, which is a kmovie. Unlike the majority of kmovies I've seen, PTME was not abrupt or confusing in the least. In fact, it was adorable, sweet, and super funny. I found the portrayal of foreigners alternatively amusing and quite good (the main foreign character was made to look just a bit too sexualized, however in general I thought they did a good job). And they actually found western actors who could speak English well, imagine that! (Seriously though, I never understood why they always picked western actors who obviously didn't know how to speak English that well. Surely native English speakers can't be that hard to find! *looking at YOU, Japan*) Regardless, it was an adorable movie.

What to watch tomorrow, that is the question.

When I woke up this morning I had an awesome surprise for me. GD's remix of "Heartbreaker" with Flo Rida was released early. I REALLY like the song. It's a bit random, but whatever. I like it. I like that there's new lyrics, and I quite enjoyed Flo Rida's part. Yes, I like Flo Rida. I love "Right Round". I think it's a great collab.

It's going to rain all week, which is shitty. It's still winter-like here as well. No green yet, everything's still dead. Spring comes later to us. It's unpleasant. Times like these I really miss the constant green of living in a subtropical climate. I do not miss the humidity though. Not. At. All.
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I literally yelled out "yes!!", and then flailed a bit. The charges were serious (up to a year in jail), so I'm so ridiculously happy the judge saw it for the witch hunt that it was. I'm very happy.

Second, I'm excited for SNSD's new video, because I love their concept (kinda reminds me of BEG's concept for Abracadabra). I am kinda pissed that I bought Oh! before they decided to repackage it. I got an email from DVDHeaven the other day about the repackage, and I was all like "...huh?" I might rebuy it since I'm going to get the GD concert CD anyways (though I am waiting to buy the CD until the DVD is released. Save some money on shipping!)

Third, I love that YB is going to go a duet with Brian McKnight! I hope there are fancams!

I'm going to get at least one more pimp-post out tonight, since Dae's post is done already. Baby's post will have to wait until later tomorrow, since his post isn't nearly done...
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Big Bang Epic Pimp Post : Members (part 1)


G-Dragon is the leader of Big Bang. In the group he also acts as rapper, singer, writer, composer, and producer. GD has been in the business since he was only 12, and as such he's an amazing musician, and highly accomplished for his age. He's such a dork sometimes, but at the same time he's hugely professional, especially when it comes to the group. He cares a TON for all the members, and is always trying to get everyone to do their best. When it comes to his music, he's completely serious and dedicated.

GD is my favorite, which explains why this section is the biggest ;P
More info / pictures / videos )

Go here for the "disclaimer / credits / where to buy" page.
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I did one more "Try to Copy Me"-inspired eye look.

Makeup pictures! )

Second, I got my GD Shine a Light photobook today! The book is huge! Like, a lot thicker than the "Bye 2009, Hello 2010" photobook. The pictures are gorgeous, but I wish it was in English (I know that's a stupid wish, but usually in BB photobooks they have the text in English, for some reason). The GD poster is beautiful, and the small BB poster I ordered in similarly gorgeous.

Shine a Light photobook )
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Three awesome releases from YG. I swear, we go for so long without news from them, and then, BAM. When it rains it pours in YG-land :D

First off, the Shine a Light concert album tracklist and pictures!

Additional images and tracklist )

Second, the release of the Lollipop 2 MV! Thanks [livejournal.com profile] bae_mac, for letting me know about it! No HQ on youtube as of yet, but you can view it here on GOM TV in better quality.

I like the video and all, but it's nothing new since they already showed most of it to us via the director's cut and behind the scenes stuff. As for the "Lollipop Girl" I was disappointed. She didn't have much interaction, and they never even fully showed her face. Oh well...


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