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I'm still watching Oh My Lady, just haven't gotten around to writing about it (same for Personal Preference). But I was watching the raw from episode 12 today, and had to write a bit, because OMG good!

The best cap ever from episode 11...
spoilers for episode 12 of Oh My Lady )

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I watched episode 7 subbed. Dramas are so much better when you can fully understand what's going on... Naturally the first thing I did when I woke up, was download and watch the raw for episode 8. I have no patience.

All I can say about episode 8, is that it's so cute it's insane. The rest is spoilery (not so much for plot, as much for just random stuff that goes on.

Spoilery for Oh My Lady episode 8 )

Now, another week to wait before new episodes. *sigh*

I plan on watching episodes 3 and 4 of Cinderella Unni tonight, so I can be caught up for tomorrow's episode. Personal Preference airs tomorrow too, and I'm excited for that as well.

As for tonight, we've got LOST, AND Glee. They air at the same time. Why did you do that to me, FOX? As much as I love Glee, LOST wins this one. I've been watching LOST for 6 years, I'm not going to stop now. I even went to the gym really early today just so I wouldn't miss LOST.
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I'm surprised that Oh! My Lady episode 7 isn't subbed on viikii yet. I've been checking it all day. I watched the raw earlier today, but obviously things are much better when you understand what they're talking about.

I'm rewatching the raw right now, because I am desperate. Incidentally I capped a few things earlier, and wanted to share.

These aren't really spoilery, but it's safer to cut them )

I'm already infinitely bored with Representative Yoo and his wife. Why so boring, secondary characters? Hopefully it'll get better...
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I'm really annoyed that the reason Chang Ryul broke up with Gae In (and chose In Hee) was because Gae In wouldn't have sex with him (that is my interpretation of it at least). And then he blames HER for it. What a douchebag. DOUCHE. BAG. I want to punch him nearly as much as I want to punch bitchface Yoo Ra (from OML)... I also want to punch In Hee, because she's just horrible. And a slut. Yeah, I said it. She's a big fat slut! (when Chang Ryul said something akin to "In Hee gives me everything", I literally yelled "IN HEE! YOU BIG SLUT!")
I think I'm getting a bit too emotional here...

^^ I've watched all the subbed episodes of Personal Preference, and like it a lot so far! Not as much as I like Oh My Lady (which I'm getting weirdly desperate for... I'm having difficulties waiting for monday!), but it's cute. I want the next few episodes badly, because so far it's been slow, but it's almost certainly going to pick up soon. I can't wait for Gae In's makeover. Her clothes are pretty cute, but sloppy right now (she's wearing a lot of popular Korean street labels right now, like Banc or Jeremy Scott x Adidas). I like street fashion (a lot... a lot), but I also want her to wear prettier things.

I find it awesome I've watched 11 total episodes (spread between 3 dramas) in the past few days. Makes me feel accomplished.
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So, I've tried all three of the big kdramas happening right now (minus Prosecutor Princess, which doesn't appeal to me). I really liked them all. That being said, apparently the drama I'm going to flail incessantly about this season is Oh! My Lady.

I'm ridiculously in love with it so far. So much so that I even went on viikii to watch the episodes With S2 hasn't subbed yet. That's definitely a mark of my love for something, when I'm willing to watch it streaming (I get too distracted with streaming vids, usually). I love it to death, and can't WAIT until Monday's episode.

I honestly think a lot of it is because it reminds me quite intensely of both Dal Ja's Spring, and My Queen (with a bit of Full House thrown in for good measure). Dal Ja's Spring, and My Queen are two of my favorite dramas in the world. My one complaint: they're making Chae Rim look and act older than she should be, considering her character is only 33/34 (35 Korean age). It's cultural, I'm sure, but still... I hope so so so very much that she loses the frump, and realizes that she's young and sexy. I also hope they do something better with her hair. I swear, if I didn't know this was Chae Rim, I would have never recognized her at first. It's just bad.

Random other comments:
- Min Woo's little girl is the cutest damn thing in the world. I keep pausing the video so I can exclaim loudly "She's soooo CUTE!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥"
- Gae Hwa's husband makes me want to punch him (yet at the same time I find him slightly hot, which is weird).
- Whenever I see Chae Rim and Lee Hyun Woo together, I'm always like "IS THIS DAL JA'S SPRING?! WHERE IS LEE MINKI?!"
- Basically Yoo Ra is a slightly kinder and gentler Hye Won (from Full House). But since Hye Won is the bitchiest bitchface ever seen as a secondary girl in a drama EVER, this does not say much about Yoo Ra, who I want to punch in the face very badly.

Random caps, discussions, etc )

So otherwise, I watched the first episode of Cinderella Unni. I liked it a lot. The acting was great, and the story is nicely done. BUT I don't know if it'll be a winner for me. I have strong feelings about this type of plot (where one sibling is preferred over the other). I can either love it, or hate it. More than any other plot conflict, having one sibling be preferred over the other makes me incredibly sad. I have no idea why, exactly, but it does. I'll watch more of it when it's subbed, but it's still up in the air.

As for Personal Preference, I've got to watch more of it before I make up my mind totally, but I do quite like it so far.

Speaking of dramas, what's up with the general lack of good jdramas this season? The only one that even remotely interests me is Nana's drama.

Lastly, I finally got two of my Big Bang packages! I got my sweatshirt, GD's Shine A Light concert album, and the new school set they put out. I love and adore everything. I can't wait until I get my signed CD. Hopefully tomorrow!
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So I finally got around to watching this. I honestly didn't know it existed until [livejournal.com profile] princess_dexter told me about it.

White Night is based off of the Japanese novel Byakuyako (there's also a drama version, which is one of my favorite dramas of all time). It tells the story of Mi Ho and Yo Han, two people who had a fateful and tragic encounter when they were children, and who are now living with the consequences.

So first off, I liked the drama better. It's not because the movie is bad, in fact I quite enjoyed it, but rather because the movie didn't show as much character depth as it should have. Also, they tamed down the violence, and the general total and utter fucked-up-ness of the story a lot for the movie.

This was the last scene, a bit random, but nice. It showed Mi Ho and Yo Han when they were still in school, meeting but not talking, or getting too close. However it showed them happy. I like it when they're happy, since 99% of the time they're not.
Pictures, and some spoilers for the drama and movie )

So yeah, IMO Byakuyako was better (though my version of better means it was more fucked up, more violent, and more insane...), but White Night was also a good interpretation.
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Three pieces of Taiwan / Korea crossover news.

1. Lee Seung Gi was supposed to have a concert in Taiwan recently, but it was canceled. For a second time. Apparently his entertainment company was looking to have him only promote in Korea and Japan. Understandably the Taiwanese are angry. I am kinda angry on their behalf. But I've spoken about this issue before, and won't beat a dead horse. Either way, it gives not only Lee Seung Gi unfair negative attention, but it's almost like the company is saying Taiwan isn't important enough.

2. Da Mouth interviewing / talking to 4Minute! I love that 4Minute is promoting all over Asia. They visited Taiwan awhile back, and made the variety rounds (they even went on my favorite variety show, 100% Entertainment). I love this, mostly because I love seeing the multi-lingual interaction. Despite not understanding each other's language (for the most part), they get along well. I also just think the Da Mouth guys are adorable (especially Harry... I love Harry). And hell, if Aisa can speak Korean, I'm super impressed with her (she's Japanese, and obviously speaks fluent Mandarin). I'm also kinda amused they made fun of Aisa's age, and then tried to placate her. The 4Minute girls were adorable, and even spoke some Mandarin at the end! I love when Koreans speak Mandarin and vice versa (Mandarin sounds nothing like Korean, at least to me, so it's interesting to see how they pronounce each other's languages).

3. The No Wonder Girls are a Taiwanese Kpop parody group. I like them a lot, since they're fun, and actually apparently write the Mandarin versions of the songs themselves. But you KNOW the Kpop fans (at least international ones, I'm not sure about Korean fans) are on their ass. It's ridiculous. They're a cover band, it's supposed to be fun... *sigh*

I don't know if it's just me, but I have noticed Taiwan / Korea tensions before. Nothing huge, but enough to make me wonder about it. And it's rather odd being in the middle of it (Taiwan and Korea are the lands of my obsessions... but as much as I love Korean stuff, I love Taiwan more).
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I finally got around to watching the first episode of The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry (that's a mouthful), and loved it, as I figured I would. It basically follows my ideal plot format (older career woman / younger guy who recognizes how awesome she is and defies society pressure to be with her), with an extra bonus of awesome woman friendship thrown in to make me love it even more. I love friendship in dramas, especially female friendship (in dramas, inter-woman relationships are portrayed as backstabbing and catty more often than not).

I love all the characters. Shin Young is adorable, and I love that she values her career so much. I want to see more of her personality though, because right now she's totally being overshadowed by the awesome of the other two female characters. Da Jung is my favorite. She's crazy, and I love her for it. She's also smart and accomplished, and SO PRETTY. And then there's Boo Ki, who's hair I would kill for (I could never pull that style off, my hair's too puffy). She's like, the hottest, baddest, most awesome girl.

So far they're utterly to die for. It's like a skewed, Korean, kinda-version of Sex and the City.

Bummie was only in the last few minutes, so not much thought on him, other than HOLY SHIT BUMMIE, WHEN DID YOU GROW UP AND GET AMAZINGLY HOT BEYOND WORDS?! He was adorable in BBF, but in this he's underwear-melting hot. Want. Him. Now.

EH! I want to watch more, but I have to get to the gym before LOST, and I also promised myself I'd watch some episodes of What Happened in Bali because I REALLY need to finish that.
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(To everyone who recently friended me: I'll get back to everyone soon, I promise! I'm just a bit overwhelmed right now ;P )

I'm sure everyone's seem this by now, but I just woke up (it's only 7am in Korea), so it's my first time seeing it.


It's so very him, and just perfect. I can't say I like American hip hop that much, but I LOVE Korean hip hop. And TOP's voice is to die for.

Also! They posted the songlist from the concert! I'm so damn excited for tonight! (My comments are in bold)

song list! )

What I wish they had played:
- Either "We Belong Together" or "Forever With You" (I mean, they have Park Bom there already!)
- "Big Bang"
- "La La La"
- "Crazy Dog"
- "Shake It" (흔들어)
- Anything from YB's "Hot" album
- "Everything"

Of course I don't care, really. I'm just super excited to see them in concert for the first real time (they were there at GD's concert, but only for a few songs)!
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All day with a headache. All. Goddamn. Day.
When I'm finished with this, I'm taking a nap.

In other, non-painful news, I watched the first episode of Queen of Housewives.

"Every Woman has a time in her life where she is a Queen"

Thoughts and random caps )

Anyway, it looks like it will get very interesting. I'm looking forward to Bong Soon showing Ji Ae how much of a bitch she was, and also the plotline with So Hyun and Tae Joon.

I never posted about it, but I watched Pasta episode 2, and loved it. Episode 3 subs were just released earlier today, but I haven't watched it yet because of difficulty finding the raw (I end up just torrenting them... easier than searching for DL links).
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Lisa reminded me that the other day (11th/12th... I'm kinda unsure of the actual date) was my first Big Bangiversary. Basically it's the day I first discovered Big Bang.

From this video. I will never live down the fact that it was BABY who got me into Big Bang. At least I can say it was GD's voice I first heard. (Of course I'm kidding, I ♥ you, Baby)

What a long, strange journey of awesome it's been. I have a tendency to go overboard and obsess over one thing for awhile. But never to this extent, and never for this long. I figure it's because my Big Bang love is true. I really do love their music. And to be perfectly honest, I've never loved ANY band as much as I love them.

Anyway, in honor of this (and also I was kinda bored), I decided to take pictures of my Big Bang stuff! I've even labeled them on Flickr, so you can see what's what (click on the images to go to them on Flickr).

The sad part though: this is not all my Big Bang stuff. I have several more magazines, and some ads. They're in the boxes I sent myself from Taiwan that have STILL not gotten to me yet...

My Big Bang stuff )

So yeah. That's my insanity in a nutshell. It's pretty awesome though, since I have Big Bang merch from three different countries (Taiwan, Japan, and Korea). I might one day buy some Big Bang stuff from here in the US (I DID see Big Bang socks the other day at the Korean supermarket)!

A lot of it is just collectibles, but I actually use the calendars and wear the clothes/jewelry/pins.

(And if you're wondering where the hell I get the money, well, I worked hard for it. I live pretty cheaply, and I save a lot. I am by no means rich. Basically my only frivolous spending is on Asian merchandise... and makeup :D )
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I'm a few episodes in to My Sister in Law is 19, and I'm confused. Am I supposed to hate SooJi? I don't. I pity her for having such a horrid mother. But is she the dreaded kdrama secondary girl? *is baffled*

Otherwise I adore it. It was a random choice, but I'm glad I'm watching it. It hits on one of my favorite plot points: rich/poor. Plus multiple family members falling in love with the same girl. VERY ideal for me.
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I finally got around to mailing the Big Bang calendars I promised people!

[livejournal.com profile] ambergold, [livejournal.com profile] lukiaw, and [livejournal.com profile] mamarocker_83, you should hopefully get them sometime this week or early next week. I folded the calendars into thirds, and not through the picture, so it shouldn't be that bad!

[livejournal.com profile] princess_dexter, I'm going to have to mail yours tomorrow. I got all the way to the post office, and was ABOUT to mail it, when I realized I might need to fill out a customs form (I'm still confused about that, and should ask...), and I just didn't have the time. So.... tomorrow! But I have the tube and stuff all ready ;D

Awhile ago I ordered this G-Dragon hoodie (in black, of course. I don't wear white), and I'm super excited to get it. Someday. I don't know when it'll be shipped, but whenever it does it will be awesome. I wanted the G-Hood, or the Heartbreaker hoodie, but at around $90USD?! And hell, I kinda like the unofficial one better anyway.

Weird thing though: YesStyle thinks I'm in Japan. It won't let me access the site, because it's for foreigners only. But wtf yesstyle, I'M A FOREIGNER! *sigh*
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Since [livejournal.com profile] princess_dexter was looking for Kpop member profile/introduction stuff, I thought I'd help out a bit! I know I have a lot of trouble identifying group members in MVs because they often look different from promotional pics. This is hard especially if it's a new group who's members I'm unfamiliar with. And since the way I become familiar with bands if through MVs, it's an endless cycle of confusion :D

This isn't really a pimp post, but rather an explanation of who's who in MVs. I only did girl groups because, honestly, there are already many many posts about boy groups! I mostly did their most recent MVs. (And yes, my MVs are subbed...)

After School - Because of You, AH (earliest MV, I included it to show a former member)
Brown Eyed Girls - Sign, Abracadabra (most well know, but they usually don't look like they do in this video)
f(x) - Chu
Rainbow - Gossip Girl
SNSD - Genie

I didn't include 2NE1, because everyone already knows them, right? ;P

After School )

Brown Eyed Girls )

f(x) )

Rainbow )

So Nyeo Shi Dae / Girl's Generation )

Done! Whew... I hope I didn't make any mistakes!
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I loved this picture, so I'm sharing. And also doing commentary, because that's what I do, apparently.

♥ Dae's all like "I'm so cute! Look at my adorable squinting and posing with this kickass silver sneaker! Buy the sneaker because it's cute like meeeeee!", but wtf is going on with his belt/hoodie situation? It's like the tucked the hoodie in just a bit to show the belt buckle. Weird.
♥ GD's like "WTF is that on the bottom of this shoe?! Did I step in some of Gaho's crap? Damn! And they'll probably want this shoe back... *sigh*". Also, GD's legs are soooooo thin. Maybe it's because he's wearing fitted jeans, but gawd. Boy need to eat something. NOW.
♥ Baby's like "Hey guys! Look! I've got a sneaker! I'm putting it by my head and trying to pose sexily behind it! I don't think it's working... guys? GUYS?!" I do not like the one blue shiny glove he's got going on there.
♥ Young Bae's like "I do this pose/face is every single ad. That's because it works, and shows my awesome hotness to the world. And look, even the sneaker is red, as a perfect imitation of my red-hotness!" Not that YB would EVER think such things, because he's so humble and sweet. BUT IT IS STILL APT.
♥ TOP like "Woah, who's that stud? He's soooo fly. Oh wait, that's me. Hahahaha. I really am hot aren't I? Look at this hair. Most people would KILL for hair like this. Wait, what was I doing again? Oh yeah, sneakers." Yes TOP, we know you're hot. And apparently like the gold chains.

I adore GD's jacket, and Young Bae's shoes. I like TOP's shoes a lot (THE BIG BANG SYMBOL), but I would never wear them ever ever ever. Not like I'd be able to get them (easily) anyway. This is the Spring/Summer collection, so it won't be out when I'm there. Probably. Actually, who knows.

Also, I like how they made all the members the same height. I'm sure YB appreciates that (he's SO compact!). But GD looks all short because his hair is so tall.
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Big Bang announced their upcoming Japanese concert tour called Electric Love Tour.

It sounds like it's going to be amazing! I can't wait to get the DVD (months later), and some of the concert goods! As much as I would like to go, I'm not going to. I'm honestly not as big a fan of their Japanese stuff as I am of the Korean stuff.

As for the 2010 Big Show... well, I'm not TOTALLY sure I'll be able to attend, BUT lets just say it's up in the air. And yes, if I do go, I will be flying from the United States to Korea. Yeah. Korea = bad influence on me and my Big Bang addiction.


Dec. 14th, 2009 05:15 pm
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Good news: I am back home in Taiwan after a lovely day of flying.
Bad news: PACKING

I was just taking stock of my Big Bang purchases from Korea and Japan. It's not sane. I admit. NOT IN THE SLIGHTEST. But really, when have I ever claimed to be sane?

Basically my purchases take up an entire suitcase. I am not shitting. AN ENTIRE SUITCASE FULL OF BIG BANG GOODS.

...I think that's it. So yeah. How many items is that...? 59 Big Bang related things. FIFTY NINE. Seriously though. Not sane.

Honestly though, I wasn't this bad until I visited Korea. Seriously, that place is like crack, horrible horrible delicious crack for my brain... *sigh*
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I've been waiting a VERY long time to say this, because I wanted to make absolutely sure before I broke the news. But... but... I was just informed earlier today that everything is a-okay.




When I first heard of the concert awhile back, I knew I was going to be in the vicinity for it. I also knew I was going to try to go to Korea during that time period. It made sense to try to obtain a ticket. So I searched some BB contacts, and managed to get in touch with a lady who would buy me tickets. Tickets went on sale on the 28th, and I've been on eggshells ever since. She just let me know today that not only did she get me tickets, but she got me GOOD tickets. Standing (because standing = better) by the catwalk.


Plus, after we go to Korea, we're going to go to Japan.

Today was just plain awesome (ZOO, KTVing, Ximen, getting a box from home, and GD)!!!
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Eh, so much to say! I'm splitting it up!

What we've been doing in Taiwan for the last few days + pictures )

I HAVE been watching things while here. I watched the most recent Buzzer Beat (ep 6), and I finally started Meteor Shower (OMG I LOVE IT, but it's so weird). I ALSO randomly started What Happened in Bali.

Buzzer Beat episode 6 caps )

Meteor Shower episode 1 caps )

What Happened in Bali episode 1 caps )

Eh, that took forever...
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Saw this on allkpop today... Where Hyun Joongie decides to get a little shirtless during SS501's first concert in Seoul. I'd say the first minute is not to be missed. More shirtlessness occurs at 6:00, and full shirtlessness occurs at ~7:15.

If there's one thing I've noticed about Hyun Joongie, it's that he's not afraid of giving the fangirls what they want. Repeatedly.


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