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So, I recently came upon this picture of Arashi, and while most of them are looking all GQMF (looking at you, Sho), I have to say this is not the best picture in the world for MatsuJun.

Like, seriously. What happened to him there? He looks like he's either going to do my taxes, or attempt to murder me. I'm not sure which is worse.

This is not poor Nino's best pic either. So stiff... And not in a good way.

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I just finished marathoning Proposal Daisakusen. I don't know why, but suddenly I had a massive urge to watch it. And since it's a jdrama (and thus nice and short), I didn't get antsy at all. I love jdramas, they're so easy to watch.

So, Pro Dai... I'll talk more about it later, because I want to sleep, but I enjoyed it a lot. Not my favorite drama in the world, but adorable and sweet.

But how did I not know Nana and her legs and Yuta (AND Takano) were in it?! If I had known that, I would have watched it ages ago. Nana is one of my favorite Japanese actresses (for some reason most Japanese actresses don't leave an impression on me. I only have around five I really love, not that I dislike the others or anything), and Yuta is one of my favorite Japanese actors.

In fact, while I love Yamapi a ton (though I object to his hair in this... too much like baby!Yamapi), and find Takano a hot piece of older-man ass (Fujiki Naohito, for those who aren't hip to my random nicknames... I never remember his real name, so I always calls him "Takano", the name of his character in Hotaru no Hikari), I was ALL OVER Yuta in this show. Why so hot, Yuta?
(It was totally the hair. I like the longer scruffier hair. Plus his character reminded me a lot of Osamu's character from Atadan, which made me happy, and also reminded me of Osamu, who is sex on legs. One day I'm going to rank my favorite Japanese actors [it's complex, and involves three tiers]... one day...)

I think I managed to get away with fast-watching because I didn't cap. Well, I capped a bit, but not much. It was liberating. But regardless, what I did cap was usually weird stuff. I'll post some later, because right now the caps are spread between my computers...

But I do want to post these two... This one happened to be the first cap I took.

I was all like "AH! Jesus!"
The next one is under a cut, because it's spoilery, kinda maybe )
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I love cell phone photos. Not because they're good, by any means, but because often they're random. It's what you want to capture at the moment, and then usually (if you're like me) you forget about it. Later, when you look back at them, it's almost like a surprise.

I finally emptied out of cell phone memory card, and some of the stuff is amusing. I also discovered a bunch of photos from Taiwan that I never took off.

Anyway, I'll start with the latest.
Today I went to the arboretum )

Chinese New Year in Boston's Chinatown )

Mangroves in Danshui, Taiwan )

Random pictures of doom, including Taiwan, Korea, and Japan )
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I finally finished Kurosagi people! I can't believe it took me so long, I mean, I started it last June. I was almost finished with it too, but for some reason never got around to finishing it.

Well, because the Drama K.O. is kicking my ass in gear, I went ahead and finished it.

The ending was satisfactory. I knew there was UST, so I didn't expect a hugely tidy ending (ala One Pound Gospel), but it was much better than I thought it would be. I'm NOT going to be watching the movie (I've already been warned, so no...), so in essence I am done with Kurosagi for good. Kinda sad.

Anyway, a few caps from episodes 10 and 11.

Pi's so pretty when he emotes

The rest (obviously contains spoilers for the end of Kurosagi) )

So thank you, Kurosagi. You've provided me with lots of pretty angsting, and Pi-cleavage. And there's no better gift in the world than that.

Drama K.O. List update )
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OMG love this show so far. TOTALLY adorable. The boys are utter geeks, and I just want to squish them to me, because they're too cute. 很可愛!!

I'm being flailing about Yamapi. He's much too adorable for words in this show. Never mind the fact that he was only around 17/18 during filming. I was 19 then, thus it isn't creepy. Besides, as long as he's not baby!Yamapi (see IWGP), then all is good! Anyway, he's adorable and I love him.

Yamapi and Hiroki hitting on statues. Speaking of! I saw something similar to that in Seoul.

More caps )

So, I'm on episode 8 right now. I should finish it today or tomorrow. And then I might start watching a LOT of Christmas movies, because despite the snow, it doesn't feel Christmas-ey yet.
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So I actually finished Ikebukuro West Gate Park. LOVED IT. Loved Nagase's face. Loved Hikaru (kah-razy). Loved baby!Yamapi. Loved it ALLLLLL. It's the first drama I've finished in MONTHS. (It was all highly satisfying to see stuff take place in areas I'VE ACTUALLY BEEN! I was in Ikebukuro West Gate Park, I ate at that McDonalds, I was right by that Tokyu Hands, I SAW THE IKEFUKURO! Highly satisfying!)

Baby!Yamapi, Nagase, and Sato Ryuta chilling on the sign, which guess what... I SAW! I even took a picture of it!

It's my last night here in Japan. Tomorrow we leave for Taipei, where we'll be for a couple more days before HOME.

We're both SO READY to go home. I've really enjoyed my time in Taiwan, and my vacations in Korea and Japan. But I am so so so ready to go home. So ready.

We've recently been obsessed with imitating SS501's totally adorable english. Especially "Hollywood Bowl"... It stems from GD (in his infinitely great "American" accent) not being able to say "heart", but being fully capable of saying "heartbreaker"... No idea.

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First we decided to go and do something actually related to Japanese culture. We went to Asakusa (touristy type place) today, and went to Sensouji temple and the Kaminarimon gate. It's funny to see the differences between Chinese, Korean, and Japanese religious places. Chinese temples are GAUDY (but in the best possible way), Korean ones are fairly plain (or at least the one I saw), and Japanese ones are kinda in the middle. ALSO PAGODAS!

The pagoda at Sensouji!

We transfer trains at Ikebukuro, so we always are making random Ikebukuro West Gate Park references (which is amusing, since I have yet to see it... though I AM going to watch the first episode today!). Well today we ACTUALLY went outside to the park. It was cold, and dark, but Nagase was ONCE IN THAT AREA, and that is good enough for me!

Ikebukuro West Gate Park, Nagase not included...

Akihabara (WITH OTAKU), and The Lockup restaurant )

After we took pictures in a picture booth (we've done it EVERY SINGLE DAY so far). We have a set of poses based on inside jokes that we do. Our next set will be based on Big Bang, which is highly dorky and funny.

We then were still kinda tipsy, so we bought some cigarettes, and smoked like bad kids. BAD KIDS. Apparently when we drink we feel like smoking. It's weird.

Anyway, tomorrow is another day of awesome!!
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(Yay for being awake at 2am, huh?)

Today (or yesterday, rather) after class we went to Ximending. Ximending is an area in Taipei that is likened to Tokyo's Harajuku district. This is apt. It is also the closest you'd get to Japantown here. Japanese pop culture influence is EVERYWHERE. There was even a maid cafe!

We basically just walked around for awhile. Our mission was to find the eslite bookstore, which was quite the feat, as apparently eslite owns several mall-type buildings in the area, so we kept ending up in those. And then when we finally DID find the eslite, they didn't have what I was looking for (MUSIC), or what Lisa was looking for (manga that wasn't in Chinese). We did, however, amuse ourselves by looking at the magazines. It's interesting, because all the magazines are plastic wrapped, which is, I guess, so people won't read the magazines while sitting in the bookstore. (But OMG there were some NICE magazines. Mike He is on the cover of Men's Uno, Joseph Chang is on another magazine, Wu Zun and his utterly flawless face were on yet another, and finally there was one with Cheryl Yang!!!)

We ended up at a Daiso, a store I know of from when I was all into bento-ing. In Japan they're 100 yen shops. In the US they're $1.50 shops. In Taiwan, they're NT$39 shops (~ $1.18 USD). There was much amusement to be had at these shops because the engrish is just amazing. I haven't seen a LOT of amusing engrish (or rather, chinglish) in general here. Japan seems to be the master at engrish, as I saw more in Daiso than I have in my entire time here so far.

We also visited a music store that DID have the Big Bang CD I was looking for. However it was weirdly wrapped in paper, and it was kinda sketchy, so I decided against buying it because seriously, wtf?! I'll just wait to buy it... (Seriously, though... Why does Taiwan hate Korea?! Again the only Korean music I could find was SuJu, SS501, the Boys Before Flowers OST, and a random Kim Jeong Hoon "John Hoon" album.) Also, interestingly, we found an alley of tattooists.

Walking around Ximending was amusing, mostly because I kept stopping to take pictures of ads. Because, hello, FAMOUS TAIWANESE PEOPLE ARE MY FAVORITE. (Speaking of! I keep seeing this ad in the subway of a guy hugging a golden retriever while advertising for mooncakes, and I swear to God it's Eric Tsang, but why the hell would he be advertising mooncakes while hugging a dog on a subway advertisement?!)

Ximending is one of the nicest neighborhoods in Taipei that I've seen so far.
More pictures, including highly amusing engrish, scary shop buildings, fun ads, and what Ming Dao does in his spare time )

Other awesome tidbits from Ximending!
- There's a restaurant there called "Cola Forest" that is American themed. They have a HUGE drink menu, and some interestingly named food, notably the "chicken naggets"... (NOW the chinglish is starting to rear it's head!)
- Apparently Show Luo is a spokesperson for EVERYTHING. I saw him in ads everywhere. I only really remember the Edwin Jeans ones though. I still prefer Brad Pitt though.
- Have I mentioned how awesome Taiwanese Haagen Dazs' are? The one in the 101 has these awesome ice cream mooncakes that I'm dying to try!
- We were apparently around an area that is famous for it's corn and peanut ice, but we didn't try it. Sometimes I wonder about the preoccupation they have with corn here.
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Eh, so much to say! I'm splitting it up!

What we've been doing in Taiwan for the last few days + pictures )

I HAVE been watching things while here. I watched the most recent Buzzer Beat (ep 6), and I finally started Meteor Shower (OMG I LOVE IT, but it's so weird). I ALSO randomly started What Happened in Bali.

Buzzer Beat episode 6 caps )

Meteor Shower episode 1 caps )

What Happened in Bali episode 1 caps )

Eh, that took forever...
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I just marathoned the hell out of One Pound Gospel. I have nothing but really good things to say about it, but right now I'm so tired, and kinda incoherent, and still really flaily about the ending which was awesome and possibly the best jdrama ending I've ever seen in my entire life (OMG it was really that good... or more like most jdrama ending are really that sucky, but whatever, it still counts).

But anyway, I should sleep... I'll write more on OPG later (despite not really capping at all... I was too entranced by the awesome). I have also totally watched more jdramas that I have kdramas and twdramas combined (I'm only counting dramas I watched unto completion, because I've half watched about a million twdramas)! Ahhh jdrama length, makes things easier.

Okay, one cap...

Oh Kame. I never thought I'd ever love you this much, but I DO... somehow, I DO. You even occasionally get me flustered with boughts of raging hormones (usually happens when he's sweaty, greasy, or dirty). Ah, what can I say. I turned into a fangirl despite my best intentions.

(Notice my use of the Pi icon...)
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Ohhh goodness. Somehow, through no real fault of my own, I ended up reading some RP fic for GD and TOP. I read one really good one, and a couple of okay ones. But the best was when there was an arranged marriage between TOP and Lee Hyori! I LAUGHED SO HARD.

But anyway, I meant to post this awhile ago, but whatever. I'm still loving Buzzer Beat. It's not anything groundbreaking, but I don't care. It has a lot of the same feeling that Hachimitsu to Clover had, which naturally makes me love it. (Random OT - This fall I'm going to watch H&C again. For some reason that show reminds me of autumn)

Anyway, caps and such!

The guys were all like "yay navels!", and Mai was like "YAY ABS", it was awesome.
Buzzer Beat episode 3 )
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Both [livejournal.com profile] vierran45 and I had the same idea when we saw [livejournal.com profile] darkeyedwolf's Meisa picspam.

That idea being to icon Meisa because she is utterly amazing beautiful, and I half hate her because OMG so pretty, but then I realize that's she's damn adorable, and then the hate disappears...

But anyway, only a few. I majorly tweaked only two of them (Hi, my name is Meredith, and I'm a photoshop addict), the other two I just messed with the colors a bit to add more mystery (or something)...


Rules, as always )
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I guess the verdict is yay brain-splitting-headache-of-DOOOOOM (as opposed to staying at work, but without headache of doom), because I managed to watch three episodes of dramas today! Which is super good, considering I've had a hard time staying awake to finish one episode recently.

I got through episodes 11 and 12 of Triple, and episode 2 of Buzzer Beat.

I am loving Buzzer Beat more every second (and not just for the INTENSE FANSERVICE WHERE HOT GUYS ARE HALF NAKED IN EVERY SINGLE EPISODE). It's interesting, the characters are good, and the love triangle between Naoki, Riko, and coach Tomoya is going to destroy me because they're all such good people. But amusingly I was watching Crows Zero 2 the other day, and was like "hey, is that the bad-boy basketball player who slept with Pi's girlfriend in Buzzer Beat?!"... IT IS! So now whenever I see him I picture him getting beaten down by Shun-kun.

But anyway, SUCH a good show. It's perfect for me, reminds me a lot of Hachimitsu to Clover (except like, totally different plots, but the same sort of slice of life feeling). I'm so used to twice weekly releases of Triple, that only getting one episode a week is sad for me. Stupid kdramas, making me expect things!

They're totally adorable, and just made for each other. *is sad for awesome coach Tomoya*
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Yes, I just posted. But... BUT!

(And I just noticed it now, despite having been posted earlier today...)

Excuse me as I FLAIL INCOHERENTLY. I totally just made myself a GIANT bowl of spaghetti (which is very much not in my diet plan (and will probably make me ill), but hell, it's been a stressful day), and now I'm going to go watch the movie. Because Taki + Shun + Random fighting + possible rain = HOOOOOOT. (If, of course, my download will ever finish...)

Obviously I am very much in love with Taki, because EVERY SINGLE TIME he's on screen I squeal like a little girl. It's so cute though, because he's like a foot shorter than everyone else. Gives me the lulz. Ah, I love him so much!
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I got to see my hospital cat today! )

WHY, OH DEAR GOD WHY isn't Triple subbed yet?! WHHHYYYY?!

And, for that matter, why isn't Buzzer Beat subbed yet?! (Granted it just aired yesterday, but damn it, I'm impatient). I just skimmed the raw of episode 2, and SO CUTE. I love it so much, and there's lots of shirtless Yamapi. NOT ONLY THAT, there is WET SHIRTLESS YAMAPI. That's a bonus right there. Love you, Japan!

In less gleeful news, workplace is not allowing me to do a leave of absence, so I have to quit. And lose my health insurance (kinda... it's a long story). I'm not pleased.

Crows Zero

Jul. 18th, 2009 02:09 pm
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I laughed 'till I cried, and then I laughed some more.


Though I must say, when Taki and Shun were fighting, I was very conflicted. I kept yelling "Taki!! No, Shun! No, Taki!! SHUN! TAKI!"
(But truthfully I was rooting just a bit more for Taki)

I took a ton of caps, and will probably post some of them later. But for now I leave you with this piece of remarkable cinematography. Love the gel they used to get the color.
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Eh. I'm suddenly bored beyond words with all the dramas I'm currently watching (well, that's inaccurate, I'm not bored with them, I just don't have the energy to start a new episode... when I do, in fact, start watching, I get all happy and excited again, but finding the energy to actually start it is the problem)....

The only one that seems remotely good to me right now is Kurosagi. There's a bunch of other ones I want to start, but I'm keeping myself in check here, because I do NOT need more unfinished dramas :D

Edit: So I just finished Kurosagi ep 7, and I'm glad I watched it. I had already skimmed it earlier, so I knew what happened ('NOT REALLY A HUG' HUG!), but still, it was made of awesome. AWESOME.

Yamapi in the rain is a good thing ;D
Choice caps from the 'not really a hug' hug scene )

Another fun thing; Harada Natsuki is in this episode! I was like "... is that Yamada (from Hachimitsu to Clover)?", and it was, and I was happy because I love her, and then I capped her a lot, because she's GORGEOUS. See?

Seriously, she's amazingly gorgeous.

Two more random caps;

Yup. Convenient sink blockage, huh? Thanks for that, kdrama.

And OMG Taki is BACK ON MY SCREEN, and somehow everything is well with the world. Because Taki = AWESOME. I seriously need a Taki icon. How can I not find any?!
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Why, oh dear God why, did I ever wait to watch episode 11 of Atadan! I mean, yes, I did watch it raw when it first came out, and yes, I didn't know it was subbed until Friday, but STILL! TWO DAYS where I was oblivious to the whole part of the show where... spoilers )
GLEEEEE!!! Pure, unadulterated glee!

I still don't get the ending (though I have a sneaking suspicion that it was just pure fanservice... definitely not complaining). And man, I love Masaru so much. He is definitely my second favorite Okura boy, after Sho of course. I very much want to hug him, and paint his nails pretty colors.

But wow, I need there to be a special like burning.

Also more spoilers )

It's kinda weird that I've read Maki/Osamu fic, isn't it? Granted I don't believe I knew it was RP fic when I started it, but still...
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It's been pretty weird here currently. I feel like I'm in a sort of stasis. I blame work, of course. That and it's finally starting to get hot here, so everything feels weird and hot. Have I mentioned that I hate summer with a burning fiery passion? Well, I do.

Anyway, I've been slowly making my way through both Kurosagi and TattaKoi (and PGSM when I'm at the gym. The episodes are just the correct length for me to watch while I'm doing cardio). I adore them a ton. They're so different, yet they both are made of awesome.

That being said, I'm almost positive that my next drama will be a twdrama. I'm not burnt out on jdramas yet, but I've watched 7 of them in a row. I think I'm good with jdramas for awhile. I want to watch Easy Fortune Happy Life next, but it's still not subbed.

Oh, and I got a new phone yesterday! It's the LG Xenon, and I LOOOOVE it! My last phone didn't have a full keyboard, which made me sad, since I text a lot. It also has a touch screen, which is awesome. AND it has a place for me to put my cell phone charms, so yay! I got red, of course. Plus, it will work in Taiwan, so yay!

I've ended up with a lot of caps recently, so I decided to post some!

I'd say a good 90% of my Kurosagi caps are just of Yamapi looking hot. PWP?
Kurosagi caps... and they're not all of Yamapi either! There are actually plotty ones, and random stuff I found amusing! )

Oh, Koki-kun! He really makes the best faces. It was genius pairing him with Nagase in MBMH, because they both have the most outlandish expressions!
TattaKoi caps, including a random white guy, and Kame's underwear! )
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A couple things I notice in TattaKoi episode 4.

In jdramas, always watch out for the girls with the weaves.

Hiroto's crazy mother is the same lady who played the librarian in Byakuyako! Who incidentally reminds me heavily of Ge Wei Ru (the lady who played Rainie's moms in Devil Beside You and Why Why Love).

But back to the hair thing... Why can't dramas EVER have decent weaves? I see them ALL THE TIME, and they're always horrible (or maybe I just don't notice the good ones?). Usually doesn't happen in jdramas (though Maki sported some seriously bad weaves for Nobuta and Innocent Love), they usually prefer wigs. But I do see them a lot in twdrama (I also see bad dye jobs a lot in twdramas... I doubt I'll ever be able to get rid of the image of Joyce's hair from Prince Turns to Frog. It's burned into my brain. (I would cap it so it would also be burned into YOUR BRAINS, but alas, the disc is across the room, and I'm lazy)


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