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I watched the Paradise Kiss movie last night, and I LOOOOVED it. I plan on writing a smallish post about it, because it was adorable. For awhile there I was obsessed with the anime and manga. How could I not be? George is like, the model of the self-involved arrogant men I love in fiction (less hot in real life). And Yukari? The girl who discovered she was a kickass person who made her own success in life, but had to grow up, and give up some things in the process? That's my kind of heroine. Add in that the movie starred my Japanese soul-mate Osamu (HE'S A FUCKING SCIENTIST WHO IS BOTH OLDER AND TALLER THAN ME), and the cutest spunky girl around who likes reading and cats, Keiko. Add in the ab-tastic Mr. Yusuke, and you've got yourself a movie I wouldn't miss for the world. (I need to start watching jdramas again...)

So, probable post in the future. For now, I'll leave you with this. Bitch. Is. Flawless.

Anyway, this season in western TV! I'm currently watching;

How I Met Your Mother - Naturally.
Gossip Girl - Addicted.
Glee - Lost it's luster a bit. I'm mostly in it for Will/Emma.
Lost Girl - I watched half of the first season, randomly stopped watching it, and picked it back up this season. I don't know...
Bones - If it EVER comes back...
Doctor Who - It's off right now, but you KNOW I'll be in it as soon as it comes back.

New Girl - I love Zooey, but the premise is a bit lackluster. Still, she's cute, and I like funny fluff, so whatever.
Suburgatory - Randomly got hooked on this one day. Tessa reminds me a lot of Emma Stone's character in "Easy A", which is a good thing. Plus Jeremy Sisto, Cheryl Hines (OMG WAITRESS BUDDIES, YOU GUYZ!), and Alan Tudyk... I think I'm going to keep watching. Though I know from experience, growing up in a rich suburb of a major city is NOTHING like the show portrays.
American Horror Story - I would expect nothing but the most insane shit around from the same guys who brought me Nip/Tuck (which I love, and watched until it went in the shitter). I love the dreamy, crazy-as-fuck, exploitative feel of it. Nudity and sex? SURE. Brutal killings and maiming? ABSOLUTELY. Hallucinations and half dreamed occurrences? DEFINITELY. Seriously, if you watched Nip/Tuck, this show is following the same path. Not that that's a bad thing. I love love love love Jessica Lange, and hellllllo Dylan McDermott's ass... As someone who watched The Practice religiously, and lusted after Dylan McDermott for years, I can say I quite enjoy seeing him be morally compromised and naked once more.
Grimm - Watched the first episode, liked it. We'll see if I keep it.
Once Upon a Time - See above. I do think I'll keep this one though. I quite like Jennifer Morrison, and I also quite like that it takes place in the North East (though, of course, filmed in Canada). I guess if there's any place in the US that looks like it's from a fairy tale, it's Maine.
Pan Am - Okay, I'm ridiculous, insanely, immensely obsessed with this show. You have no freaking idea. It's my favorite of the season, and I just don't get the people who say it has no substance. I think it has a lot. You've got a girl in the 60's learning how to be her own woman outside of a relationship, you've got a bohemian who plays by her own rules and is not afraid to be herself, a lovely woman with a tragic past who embodies glamour and beauty, and a girl who grew up always feeling like second best, who ran away to live her life. I love it. Kate's my favorite character, but I love them all. And OMG is the girl who plays Laura beautiful. She has probably the most perfect, symmetrical face I've ever seen. I SO ship Kate with her CIA/Interpol contacts, and Laura with Ted.

Random Other
Sugar Rush - I watched the first episode the other day, and managed to spend HOURS marathoning most of the first series. Love it. And ANDREW GARFIELD! I keep randomly seeing him in things without knowing he was in them prior to watching.
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I guess it's easier to divide things up...

1. Maou
I watched the first episode of Maou last night, and while I did enjoy it, I also found is ridiculously hilarious in quite a few spots. The biggest thing? It's way over-dramatic. Especially Toma's character. Everything he does is SO dramatic, SO passionate. I mean, he runs everywhere. As [livejournal.com profile] sn0tcat said, he's just too full of passion and emotion to simply walk. Ohno's character, on the other hand, I LOOOOVED. I LOL-ed a lot at him (come on, Ohno being creepy is kinda funny), but he was damn good. I like evil, conniving, dastardly characters. They make me happy.

Come On, you can't tell me you don't find evil!Ohno hilarious...
A BUNCH more caps from episode 1 )

2. Misfits
SERIES TWO IS FINALLY HERE YOU GUYS! I've been waiting a freaking year for this show to come back. For reals! It's currently my favorite show (not that LOST is off the air), and I'm so excited for the next episode. I read some spoilers earlier, and watched the pre-air, so I knew what was going to happen, but damn if it wasn't worth watching in HD. This season I'm loving Simon a whole lot more, despite him being a total creeper. And I'm still on the Nathan/Kelly ship. I kinda like how they didn't make them get together right away. These things need to be drawn out. That being said, I wish there had been more time before they dug Nathan up, just to see how everyone (mostly Kelly) was handling it. I seriously could watch this show only for Nathan though. He's such an asshole, and we all know how I feel about the asshole characters...

This makes me wonder about British graves... Are they really that easy to dig up?!
A few more caps from episode 1, including one that may haunt your nightmares... just warning you )

3. Koukou Debut Movie
I randomly heard about this the other day, while looking for news on the ParaKiss movie. The news came out awhile ago, but I'm kinda slow on the uptake recently. Apparently Mizobata Junpei (who played Shuji-kun in Buzzer Beat) will be acting as Yoh, and Ohno Ito (a new actress, as far as I can tell) will be Haruna. This will either be awesome, or epically bad (see : Love Com). I hope for awesome. Because Koukou Debut is a really good manga, and I'd love to see it done well. While I loved Junpei in Buzzer Beat, I wouldn't have picked him to play Yoh... then again, who knows, he may knock it out of the park.

4. Fated to Love You sequel
Nothing is confirmed about this story, so take it with a grain of salt. HOWEVER, SETTV is looking to make a sequel to Fated to Love You, called 醉後決定愛上你 (Drunken to Love You... odd translation). I AM SO AGAINST THIS IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY. Now, I love SETTV, I love their shows, I love their actors, I just love them. And yes, FtLY is the highest rated drama in Taiwanese history, so I suppose it makes sense to have a sequel. But a sequel without Qiao En or Ethan?! And didn't they already make a tie in with Invincible Shan Bao Mei?! The actors they're looking at are Rainie Yang and Jerry Yan. I just... don't know. I think seeing them together would make me think too much about Meteor Garden, and question why Ken isn't there. But yeah... not really looking forward to this. I loved FtLY, and I don't think there needs to be another one.
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1. Don't be alarmed if you randomly get replies to comments you posted a long time ago. I'm trying to go through them and reply, because I hate being such a sucky friend.

2. I'm freaking the fuck out over my imminent schooling. Several of the programs I want to apply to have deadlines in January. And since, for some reason, I assumed the deadlines wouldn't be until April/May, I'm screwed. SCREWED.

I made a list of programs that look interesting. Luckily my first choice isn't due until June. But my second choice (University of Hawaii Tropical Medicine) is January 15th. *cries*

3. I started watching Gloomy Salad Days awhile back, but I don't think I'll continue watching it. It's just... weird. But it made me realize just how long it's been since I've watched a twdrama. Which is bad, because now I'm noticing all the shitty production again. Clearly I need to watch a big budget twdrama, just so I can ease my way into them again.

I'm in an American tv mood right now, but I think I'm going to watch Mawang and Maou. Probably Maou first, since it's shorter. And possibly Yamikin Ushijima-kun because my dearest Taki stars in it. Though he looks HORRIBLE in it (why the facial hair? WHY?!). Almost makes me miss when he looked like a dirty hobo.

Also, surely everyone has seen the preview for the ParaKiss movie by now, right?
I'm dying, DYING to see it. Osamu as George (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Words can not possibly express just how awesome and perfect this is), Keiko as Yukari (I love her so much... not loving the rumors she's dating Osamu. She need to stick to Pi, kay?)... Amazing dream casting. I'm a little less sure of Yusuke as Hiro (not that I don't love him, but it just doesn't seem right to me... I picture someone kinda like Shun... or Kim Bum, randomly), but I guess it'll work out.

Still waiting for a Big Bang comeback. Getting tired of said waiting.
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How the hell did I miss that Japan is remaking Ghost?! With Song Seung Hun playing Swayze's part, and Matsushima Nanako playing Moore's part.

Uhh... I don't even know what to think about this. Since a ton of American films are Japanese remakes, it's only right they they remake some of our movies. But at the same time, Ghost?! (Oddly enough, Ghost is actually one of the first movies I ever remember seeing. It came out when I was 6, and was rated PG-13, so there's no way I saw it in theaters... And so the mystery of how it's one of my earliest movie memories continues)

I like Song Seung Hun. He's really hot, which helps. I'm kinda of confused why he's in a Japanese movie (since he's Korean), but whatever.
As for Matsushima Nanako, I've only seen her in Hana Yori Dango (as Tsubaki), and I liked her there. On the other hand, she's married to Sorimachi Takashi, so I also naturally kind of hate her (OMG I LOVE YOU TAKASHI!)...

Anyway, it'll be fun, if only to see who they cast in Whoopie's role.
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Yes, I just posted. But... BUT!

(And I just noticed it now, despite having been posted earlier today...)

Excuse me as I FLAIL INCOHERENTLY. I totally just made myself a GIANT bowl of spaghetti (which is very much not in my diet plan (and will probably make me ill), but hell, it's been a stressful day), and now I'm going to go watch the movie. Because Taki + Shun + Random fighting + possible rain = HOOOOOOT. (If, of course, my download will ever finish...)

Obviously I am very much in love with Taki, because EVERY SINGLE TIME he's on screen I squeal like a little girl. It's so cute though, because he's like a foot shorter than everyone else. Gives me the lulz. Ah, I love him so much!

Crows Zero

Jul. 18th, 2009 02:09 pm
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I laughed 'till I cried, and then I laughed some more.


Though I must say, when Taki and Shun were fighting, I was very conflicted. I kept yelling "Taki!! No, Shun! No, Taki!! SHUN! TAKI!"
(But truthfully I was rooting just a bit more for Taki)

I took a ton of caps, and will probably post some of them later. But for now I leave you with this piece of remarkable cinematography. Love the gel they used to get the color.
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LISA!!! You've GOT to watch Crows Zero. GOT TO!

Let me tempt you here.

I'm ending up with tons of caps because everything Taki does is made of win and awesome.
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I've spent the last few days searching frantically for spoilers, to see if MatsuJun made even the smallest appearance. Because IT'S NOT GOKUSEN WITHOUT SAWADA SHIN.


In other news, TRIPLE ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
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OMG yay.

I just finished the first episodes of both Triple and One Pound Gospel, and they are both made of win, and I love them. I seriously need a new twdrama to keep my occupied... maybe I'll watch Queen's or something... *goes off to download Queen's*

Anyway, Triple is awesome and awesome plus more awesome piled on top. I know I love it already. It DOES kinda remind me of Coffee Prince, but only in how the characters interact. It's distinctive otherwise, and just really good. I can't wait for the fakecest to get started!

And One Pound Gospel... oh Kame, he's so adorable. Almost every single thing he does is just too cute for words. I love him loving on a nun, because if THAT isn't forbidden love, than I don't know what is! AND I've already recognized a TON of actors, which makes me happy, because I have a thing for actors. I spent a LONG time trying to figure out where I knew Namioka Kazuki from. Turns out I know him from many places, but primarily TattaKoi.

Random, but please tell me why there are no Gokusen movie spoilers around yet?! I've been searching like mad for the past two days, and NOTHING. I NEEEEED to know if MatsuJun makes an appearance. Why, spoilers?! WHY?!

Anyway, it's late, and I have to sleep so I can wake up nice and early to go to the stupid gym. And then clean. FUN TIMES.

Also, why are a bunch of people I knew in high school and college having babies?! THAT is freaky to me.


Jul. 10th, 2009 11:49 pm
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More movie stuff!

I think I've mentioned my fascination (read: obsession) with MW before. My curiosity was piqued when I learned Yamada Takayuki had filmed a new movie with Tamaki Hiroshi. Since I adore Taki, I was all over that. Plus "MW" are my initials, so I got extra excited! (If my middle name began with an I or an O, it would be even cooler...)

And then, today, I learned of a new(ish) ad they released that, um, really spotlights the yaoi aspect of it all. And then I became rather desperate to see it, because, well...

YEAH. (Because it is Taki, I will ignore the rosary as a necklace thing. But ONLY FOR HIM)

THIS is the new ad (it's so tiny, and I couldn't find a bigger one, but whatever, you get the deal)

I'll ignore the fact that Hiroshi kinda looks like a girl, and focus on the hotness of it all.

But here's the trailer (OMG the gay)!

Hiroshi looks so deliciously evil (I have such a thing for evil characters!), and Taki just looks hot, with his priestly things, and stuff... And randomly YAMAMOTO YUSUKE IS IN IT! I squealed with glee when I saw him in the trailer. I'm going to have to watch Akuma no Game too, since it's related (and Keisuke is in it, so added bonus ;D).

Seriously though, when I'm in Japan, I was to track down Taki and kidnap him. Maybe I can snag Hiroshi at the same time. And we can't forget Osamu either! Geez, I think I'll need some help. Any volunteers?

(Ew! I just saw a press release thing for the movie, and Taki's hair is OUT OF CONTROL. He also looks kinda high... and he's the shortest one there, even the chick is taller than him. I DON'T CARE, TAKI! YOU'RE STILL PERFECT TO ME!!!)

Also, WTF?! There's going to be a Nodame Cantabile movie this December?! How do I not know these important things?
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I had a pretty good day today, so I decided to post. I'm still all sad about my cat, and will probably start sobbing over him again when I get home tonight (he'll probably be all like "wtf is she doing?!"), but that's later. There's also some family dramaz going on that doesn't affect me, but is still exhausting.

Anyway, because of THINGS I have not watched anything in the past few days. And I'm still behind on about 3 million comment replies (I haven't given up on them! I still plan to reply to each and every one, even the ones from April o__O), but THINGS are always happening, and it's hard recently.

(HOLY SHIT! The Gokusen movie is coming out today/tomorrow!!!! FINALLY I will find out if they decided to thrown a final shout out to the manga, and have Shin come back!)

In other news, I just about fangirled my heart out when I saw this.

It's the Korean version of the Big Show DVD, which means two things in comparison to the Japanese version; MORE AWESOME, and CHEAPER. It's not that much cheaper, but it does come with a lot more, AND I won't have to wait until the 18th of August to get it. It's being released on 27Jul09! So I can get it and watch it before I leave for Taiwan!!!

(Speaking of, I've been getting worried about finding Korean music in Taiwan. I KNOW they listen to Kpop there, but the biggest book/music store there doesn't seem to carry BB stuff, or at least they don't carry it online... I'm sure they have it there... finding it is the hard part.)

I'm so excited for it. BB is going to totally bankrupt me this summer. But what can I say, I'm a fangirl, it's what I do ;D
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How did they not solve the UST in the Kurosagi movie?! Why did they waste that chance? WHY?!!!!?! Tsurara telling Kurosaki that he'll never be alone... way to rip my heart out there.

Also, the Gokusen movie comes out really soon (11Jul09 in Japan, so, effectively 10Jul09 here)! I'm dying to see if MatsuJun made an appearance. I think I'll cry if he doesn't. GOKUSEN IS NOT GOKUSEN WITHOUT SAWADA SHIN. Plain and simple.
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I couldn't resist picspamming Tea Fight anymore. Simply impossible!

Zai Zai is SO COOL, all badass with his (still unfortunate) blue hair. And OMG I LOVE the way he walks. It's so distinctive. Like, he varies it with each role. In Mars it was more of a swagger, in WtSYA it was more jittery, but it's still VERY MUCH unique to him.

Also, he TOTALLY speaks Japanese in it! Only 2 lines so far, but I could understand both (he asked "are you okay", which I hear ALL THE TIME in jdramas, and then he said "destiny" which I know thanks to Escaflowne), so yay!

I'm not sure how I feel about Toda Erika yet. She's cute, but she will ALWAYS remind me of Umi, one of the worst secondary female characters ever. I HATE Umi...

Excuse me as I spontaneous combust. Wow, he's just... wow.
more picspam.... mostly of Zai Zai, because, who am I kidding, I'm watching the movie for him )
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Late to the party, but OMG Teafight has been subbed!

Bring on Zai Zai, dearest love of my life, and his tragic blue hair!
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Last night/this afternoon I watched the Densha Otoko movie. I liked it plenty. But it is very different from the drama, which was to be expected of course.

It was more compact (again, obviously), and more dramatic than the drama. It was also filmed a whole hell of a lot prettier.

That being said, I do like the drama better for a couple major reasons;
Why I like the drama better )

skip to the picspam )

So yes. I'd rec it. It was sweet, and quite lovely. I still think the drama is better though.
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I decided, that while I am not finished with Densha Otoko the drama, I wanted to watch Densha Otoko the movie. So far I like the drama FAR better. (There's much too little Oguri Shun in the movie. In fact, there's NO Oguri Shun! The horror!)

But, that being said, THIS Densha is my type of geek. My type of geek? STAR WARS GEEKS!

When I was 13 I was obsessed with Star Wars. And when I say obsessed, I mean OBSESSED. I was part of the fanclub. I subscribed to the magazine. I read all of the books (yes, there are books. LOTS of them). I started my own fanclub with my friends. I did the RPG. I had action figures. This was 1997, so the internet had just gotten popular; back then I used to visit Star Wars forums. My first website was a page that was filled with lots of really bad star wars animated gifs.

It was the geekiest time of my life, but one I look back upon with great fondness. Therefore, naturally, Star Wars geeks have a special place in my heart.
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Okay, so from the MOMENT I heard what Boku wa Imoto ni Koi o Suru was about, I was on that shit like white on rice. As generally weird as it is, I'm not uncomfortable with (fictional) incest stuff. I love the whole 'taboo/forbidden love' thing (one of the reasons why I love Teacher/Student), so this was right up my alley.

The thing about this movie that alienates some people (other than, you know, the incest) is that it's slow. There's not a lot of action. It's a movie of long drawn out silences, and significant pauses. Occasionally the characters stay in the same position for a long time (which made me think I had accidentally paused the movie).

Luckily, that's my type of thing. I like action stuff like everyone else, but I'm far more interested in the movies that move slowly, and allow us to see the significance in the spaces. I'm a quiet person, I don't talk a lot, if at all (I know, crazy, since I'm QUITE talkative on lj), so I'm more comfortable with the quiet.

Plus, it was shot beautifully, and I'm a sucker for good cinematography. Though it really wasn't subtle at all. It doesn't really matter, and I'm pretty sure most people don't pay attention to that stuff anyway.

Also, Hiraoka Yuta is in it, and I love him a ton (Yuuuuki-sensei!)

But yeah, I ended up liking it a lot. I didn't do a full post, but I have random comments and a few (I consider 18 a few, which is kinda sad) screenshots.

Boku wa Imoto ni Koi o Suru rambling )

Or skip directly to the screenshots )

The ending was ambiguous, which wasn't necessarily bad. It fit the movie theme well. *sigh* I now have to totally read the manga.

ETA: I'm reading the manga now. I'm on volume 2, and wow, this is DEFINITELY not a manga for kids (not that it would be, with the incest and all, but still). But, Yori is SO MUCH MORE of a bastard in it. Not that that's really a bad thing, but yeah. He's an ass.

Proof of him being a cocky arrogant bastard )
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Yeah, I was supposed to go to sleep, but then started watching Tropic Thunder (btw hilarious), and then somehow segued into watching the Koizora movie. I didn't really watch it, mostly just skipped around, but from what I can see, I like it a ton better than the drama.

Mostly because I actually LIKE Hiro. Miura Haruma is about 10 times hotter than Seto Koji (it's weird though, Haruma looks to be the older one, but he totally isn't. He's only 18!! I feel pervy), and his hair is a ton better (and we all know that not only am I a hair person, I'm intrinsically drawn to blonde hair on guys).

Aragaki Yui is okay, and definitely pretty, but she has nothing on Mizusawa Elena, who I swear is one of the prettiest people EVER. I'll watch the rest of it sometime. I'll also finish the drama at some point too...

Oh, and the ending, I would have been sobbing if I had watched the movie from the start.

And OMG I actually found a version of Marmalade Boy that doesn't make me want to jam things in my ears to STOP THE PAIN! That excites me to death! Marmalade Boy = one of my favorite anime/mangas OF ALL TIME. Though it's probably not very faithful to the manga... Like, Kei-kun isn't there at all (Kei-kun = the (mangaboy) love of my life). Still, it's exciting, because it's Marmalade Boy! And Ken! I adore Ken!
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Two things!

First, I watched the Love Com movie. It was... well, it was cute, but it wasn't really good. If it had been a drama, then I would have been more forgiving, but this is a movie... rules are a little different.

what I thought of the movie )

Second, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] sn0tcat I am reading, watching, and becoming obsessed with Vampire Knight.

I love it so much already! I mean, hello, vampires + romance = total and complete awesomeness, and Meredith's dream story! Also, am totally in love with Zero. He's like an anime vampire Draco. I love Kaname too, of course, but Zero is more my type (pale hair, pale eyes, angsty, angry, made of awesomeness, you get the drill)... if you know, he existed. but, since I love Kaname too, apparently my type is "vampires with cool hair"... also, you know, if that existed...


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