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I've been in Taipei for four days now. I love it. I was stupid to worry about it, honestly. It's comfortable here. Taipei and I are old friends. It's almost like I never left.

The bad part is I'm still sick. About every other day my body's like "HEY! Guess what! You're getting better!", and I feel great. And then I wake up the next morning feeling like shit. Stop being an asshole, body.

Yesterday in Taipei! )

Anyway, have some pictures I took here!

Flowers are blooming at Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall / Liberty Square park, the prettiest place in Taipei proper.

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On a separate, random note - I started watching Secret Garden. I'm halfway through with it, and while I like and enjoy it, I am also baffled at how they're going to sustain it for another 10 episodes. I am also desperately obsessed with Director Jong Soo. I love him so so much. Also, it is really reminding me a lot of Bali, which is probably mostly because of Ha Ji Won, but also because Joo Won reminds me of a less crazy version of Jae Min. Kdramas make me hate rich people SO MUCH.
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1. Don't be alarmed if you randomly get replies to comments you posted a long time ago. I'm trying to go through them and reply, because I hate being such a sucky friend.

2. I'm freaking the fuck out over my imminent schooling. Several of the programs I want to apply to have deadlines in January. And since, for some reason, I assumed the deadlines wouldn't be until April/May, I'm screwed. SCREWED.

I made a list of programs that look interesting. Luckily my first choice isn't due until June. But my second choice (University of Hawaii Tropical Medicine) is January 15th. *cries*

3. I started watching Gloomy Salad Days awhile back, but I don't think I'll continue watching it. It's just... weird. But it made me realize just how long it's been since I've watched a twdrama. Which is bad, because now I'm noticing all the shitty production again. Clearly I need to watch a big budget twdrama, just so I can ease my way into them again.

I'm in an American tv mood right now, but I think I'm going to watch Mawang and Maou. Probably Maou first, since it's shorter. And possibly Yamikin Ushijima-kun because my dearest Taki stars in it. Though he looks HORRIBLE in it (why the facial hair? WHY?!). Almost makes me miss when he looked like a dirty hobo.

Also, surely everyone has seen the preview for the ParaKiss movie by now, right?
I'm dying, DYING to see it. Osamu as George (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Words can not possibly express just how awesome and perfect this is), Keiko as Yukari (I love her so much... not loving the rumors she's dating Osamu. She need to stick to Pi, kay?)... Amazing dream casting. I'm a little less sure of Yusuke as Hiro (not that I don't love him, but it just doesn't seem right to me... I picture someone kinda like Shun... or Kim Bum, randomly), but I guess it'll work out.

Still waiting for a Big Bang comeback. Getting tired of said waiting.
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Sorry if I haven't replied to comments in the last 2-ish weeks. [livejournal.com profile] sn0tcat was at my house, and we were having all sorts of fall-induced adventures (including FOLIAGE WATCHING).

Aside from that things have been slow in drama/movie/stuff land. I'm still watching Mischievous Kiss (though without subs...). I like it alot. It's suitably low key and slice of life-esque for me. I still enjoy the Taiwanese version more though. But there are a lot of contributing factors to that opinion - mostly that ISWAK was my first Taiwanese drama and the start point of my Taiwan obsession.

[livejournal.com profile] sn0tcat and I watched the Korean horror movie Thirst the other day. Uhhhh... Korea... *sigh* It's not really horror. It's kinda gross, but not really horror-ey. And I just ended up hating the characters. Like, the female character - at first you feel bad for her, but at the end you realize she's fucking crazy, and deserves what she gets. And while there was a ghost, he was weirdly happy and non-threatening. CONSIDERING HE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE HAUNTING PEOPLE. As for the priest himself - I don't get him. He started righteous, but he lost that righteousness super fast. He was a BAD priest. Bad, bad, bad. Anyway, I think I'm going to give up watching Korean horror movies. They never make sense. They jump around so much it's insane. Even non-horror kmovies are a bit skippy. Why, Korea, why?! As [livejournal.com profile] sn0tcat said, we watched it for the nudity. It was the first mainstream Korean movie to feature full frontal male nudity. It wasn't even that good.

We did get to see Easy A though, which was delightful. And we "almost" got hit by a train, so that was fun (we were on some train tracks, making inappropriate Fried Green Tomatoes jokes, and suddenly there was a train coming). There were also PLENTIFUL boner jokes, the speaking of Chinese, and nostalgia over our classmates from Taiwan (particularly a Japanese guy, Chun Yi, who had a spectacular ass).

Hey, [livejournal.com profile] sn0tcat! I don't want to be without you (in a non-gay way)!
(^^^^ It's an inside joke. Don't worry, I'm fully supportive of LGBT rights)
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How did it get to the end so fast?! We're on episode 13/16, and they're already corresponding to episode 29/30 of the Taiwanese drama. I'm assuming the last three episodes will have some of the plot from They Kiss Again thrown in, but who knows.

I do quite like Mischievous Kiss, but I have to say, It Started With a Kiss did the penultimate scene better. It was far more dramatic and romantic. Of course, I watched MK raw, but even visually it didn't live up to my large expectations. Still totally adorable though!

One more for the road [spoilery] )
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I've been watching Mischievous Kiss (admittedly slowly - I'm waiting for the Haru2Haru subs, instead of streaming), and I quite like it. That didn't come as a surprise to me in the least. I love Hyun Joong a ton, the girl strongly reminds me of Yoon Eun Hye (which is always a good thing), and I'm also quite fond of the storyline.

I mean, technically it was ISWAK that brought me to Taiwan. ISWAK was my first Taiwanese drama, and after getting past my initial shock at the production quality versus Japanese dramas, I was utterly hooked. A lot of my early views of Taiwan and the Taiwanese people came from what I saw in ISWAK. I have strong attachments to that drama.

Anyway, yesterday, after watching MK episodes 4-9 raw, I decided to rewatch ISWAK. As it turns out, Mischievous Kiss is following the same plotline extremely closely. They've cut out some things, of course (like Xiang Qin's night blindness. I liked that plotpoint, but I suppose unless they plan on adapting the whole manga, it won't make much difference in the end), but on the whole it's pretty damn close.

Which makes me question why people who didn't like the Taiwanese version at all are liking the Korean version so much. They're SO close. Ha Ni is a bit less dumb that Xiang Qin was, Seung Jo is a bit less mean than Zhi Shu, and Joon Gu a bit less stalkery than Ah Jin. Otherwise, the characters are basically the same. The plotline is cut down a bit in the Korean version (admittedly making for less embarrassment for Ha Ni, and less time spent on her character devoting her life entirely to Seung Jo), but otherwise they're the same. There are tone differences, naturally, but is that really the reason people seem to like the Korean one and hate the Taiwanese one? The old standby excuse of not liking Xiang Qin's character doesn't seem to apply to me here, because the characters (to me at least) are pretty identical. I don't get it. But then, I very rarely do.

Does Seung Jo's little brother remind anyone else of Kim Bum? Just me? Okay.

That aside, I random!capped.


BEST. MOMENT. IN. A. DRAMA. EVER. (As an aside, I loved watching this, because I could understand some. I stopped the show many times to read the Chinese subs too. 對, 對啊 indeed. Taiwanese dramas make a lot more sense sometimes when you can make sense of what they're saying. Translations just don't cut it sometimes.)
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I've recently been struck by an urge to do some redesigning of my bedroom. And because I have to clean/reorganized stuff anyways because [livejournal.com profile] sn0tcat is coming in a few weeks, I figured now's the time to do it!

As it stands, my room is green on green on pink. I'm tired of green. So. Tired. My taste has rapidly changed the last few years - it's gotten a lot more modern, with cleaner colors.

So this is what I'm thinking;
brainstorming... )

Other news - I'm in the middle of episode 1 of Mischievous Kiss. It's, uh, been a long time since I've seen ISWAK (like, 2 years), so I'm having trouble remember the concept... I know Xiang Qin's house collapsed in a earthquake... I wonder if something similar will happen. Does Korea even have (regular/dangerous/big) earthquakes? What happened in the original manga? Did I ever read that? I think I'm getting confused with Akuma de Souro which is another Japanese manga that got produced as a Taiwanese drama - I definitely read that manga.

So far, the main girl character seems a lot less stupid than Xiang Qin (but this IS just the beginning). I have to say, Joongie's cold indifferent act is good. Those are the types of roles he's good at. But then, we've never really seen him in anything else, have we. So he MIGHT be amazing at seriously dramatic roles, and we'd never know.

The guy who plays the Ah Jin character is cracking me up. Rockabilly hair? Really?

Anyway, so far so good. But I can't possibly imagine how they'll fit the whole story into 16 episodes when ISWAK was twice that. Then again, the Japanese version was only 9 episodes, so whatevs.

(I totally don't have an ISWAK tag! It WAS only my third drama, before I did this blog publically, but you'd think I'd have talked about it since then...)
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Day 1 of my FIVE DAY TRAINING for my new job is complete. Yes, five days. I'm a little baffled by that... I also didn't know in advance, which makes things rather unpleasant. Because, you see, I work Saturday - Tuesday. So in addition to the 4 days I actually will be working, I have 5 days of training. Which means nine straight days of work. NINE STRAIGHT DAYS (I'm assuming I get Monday the 5th off because of the holidays, but even then, 8 straight days is pretty damn harsh). Luckily I get paid for it all. Two weeks pay, to be exact (my work week is only 4 days).

I'm so tired. I forgot how tiring this all could be.

On the topic of YB's song previews; I've really liked two of them, liked one okay, and thought the remaining two were just... not my style.
I have two of the SOLAR deluxe editions on order. Yes, I ordered two. Just in case, you know. I don't want to be caught without one, because of the limited nature of them.

This is random, but I was thinking the other day just how excited I am for What's Up?. And yes, the reason is Dae. It's not as simple as me being a fangirl though. Like, I wasn't terribly excited for IRIS, and it's not because I like Dae better (actually, TOP edges out Dae in my favorites), but because Dae makes me happy. Just seeing him smile makes me happy. I am so looking forward to seeing him act. Especially in this drama, where the plot looks very interesting, and my type of film (I can't exactly define "my type", but I know it when I see it). I like a lot of the other actors as well, so it makes it all that more exciting to me.

I'm hoping to get back into drama watching soon. The past few months it's been hard for me to concentrate on a drama. Hopefully now that I have a stability in my life, what with my job, I can start watching things again. But not right now, right now I'm reading :D
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The ending for Personal Preference was adorable. It had a VERY satisfying ending, akin to the ending of One Pound Gospel. Very cute.

But I have to say, they did one of the things I hate beyond words. That's right...


I hate couples outfits so much. I also hate couple cell phone charms. Really, couples anything (it's less abhorrent when it's teenagers, but when you're in your twenties or above, seriously?!)...

I like cute things, more than the average American. But sometimes Asia goes too far for me.

Why is the LOST finale on Sunday?! I mean, it's good because that means it's sooner than I expected, but also I totally would have missed it if I hadn't randomly been watching tv tonight. Btw, I watched the season finale for Grey's Anatomy (I watch this show on and off), and poor Nora Zehetner is always getting shot in the head...
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Gacked from [livejournal.com profile] hallerness...
Kpop memes )

I was watching episode 13 of Personal Preference, and suddenly remember I had a dream where Do Bin and Yoon Sub (Chang Ryul's dad) got together. I remember being happy because Do Bin got someone to love (and Yoon Sub got a lot kinder). I have some damn odd dreams sometimes.

I've been thinking more and more about studying overseas. There are a lot of programs in Europe that I like (most are in the Netherlands). And while they are cheaper than American universities, they're still so expensive (over $20,000 a year... admittedly cheaper than the school I was looking at here, which is like, $43,000 a year). Schools in Asia are around $2,000 - 5,000 a year, which is my price range. BUT they either require you to have proficiency in the language (not happening) or don't have a program I want. I know Sweden's colleges are free, but I also know they recently instituted a fee, which will be effective in 2011 (and which will bring the price up to something I don't want to pay).

So question for those who live overseas, or have any experience with non-American higher education -> Do you know of any good and cheap programs? Honestly, I've already got a large debt from undergrad, I really don't want to add to it.
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Oh My Lady episode 15 was filled with lovely adorable moments, with hugging, and realizing of true feelings, and all. Also, the part where Ye Eun grabs hold of the Min Woo cardboard cutout's hand was SO CUTE AND SAD.

The number one issue people having with the show is how slow it is. Now, I like slow paced shows/movies/etc, but even if I didn't, I couldn't fault OML for moving slow. It's being realistic. I personally tend to dislike the 'love-at-first-sight' trope, because honestly, that's not real. And because of the plot of this drama (fraught with children) the love naturally would have to come later on.

Anyway, this is the summary for episode 16 (translated by cecilia@soompi)
in woo asks Kae Hwa to return home again and asks her to become Ye eun's mother. Kae Hwa's jaw drops in surprise. After the 1st show for the musical, a celebration party is held and Min woo has fun with everyone in a very natural way as if he was an employee of the Show company. During the party, everyone is telling Kae Hwa to drink but Kae Hwa says that she needs to go and look after the kids and hesitates to drink. But suddenly Min woo becomes her lifesaver and volunteers to drink and drinks it for her. On the other hand, Shi Jun who comes home tells Jung Ah, who is unpacking, that the first performance's response was good and that he will rid of the divorce papers. Minwoo goes to find Byung Hak and asks him what did he actually do to Kae Hwa to make her like that and demands him to apologize for all the things he has done wrong during all this time...

I'm going to be sad to see this one go. I've been watching the previews for Coffee House (they're usually attached to the end of the OML episodes), and it's not really appealing to me much. None of the upcoming kdramas are particularly making me want to watch them. I might give Birdie Buddy a chance because I like UEE, but otherwise, nah.

For jdramas, nothing is really sticking out (save for Hotaru no Hikari 2 of which I'm not terribly fond of. HnH was perfect the way it was, I very much do not need a sequel).

On the other hand, the twdramas are sounding good. I'm DYING to see Year of the Rain, which is based on the Typhoon Morakot disaster of last year. The typhoon hit right before I got to Taiwan, and although I was in Taipei (which was relatively unaffected), it was hard not to hear the news from the south about all the damage and destruction it had caused. I really hope the drama gets subbed.
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It's spoilery for episode 14 of Oh My Lady. Not TOO spoilery, since it's stuff we already knew, but yeah.

I flailed. And squealed. And in general acted like I was thirteen.

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Recently my time has been taken up with a variety of oddities. So, um, bullets!

- Twitter. Who knows if I'll keep with it, but I'm totally rocking it right now. I hate the character limit though. I'm naturally long winded, people! (BTW, if you are following me, but I'm not following you, it's because I didn't know who you were, so, uh, let me know)

- My Shine a Light DVD (and Lee Hyori's album) came today! I haven't watched it yet though.

- Last night's episode of Glee made me happy. It was a bit overdone, and didn't last long, but I liked Mercedes trying to fit in, and then deciding to be herself. As someone who also starved themselves in high school to try to fit in (except instead of being a cheerleader, I was an actress), I empathized. But seriously, has anyone EVER had hallucinations of people turning into food when they're hungry? Because I sure as hell haven't.

- Speaking of hungry, OMG SO MUCH. My diet is so boring, what with soy dogs, rice crackers (I LOVE CRACKERS. YOU WILL NEVER TAKE THEM AWAY FROM ME, DIET), beans, yogurt, and piles of seaweed (me and my seaweed... I eat so much of it), I'm pretty monochromatic. I did eat some vegetable sushi today though. That was nice.

- I've been playing a LOT of early 90's DOS computer games. My family had a computer really early in the game (not like, 1970's early, but before personal computers were popular with the masses), and my dad loved Apogee games. I used to play them all the time when I was a kid. Recently I downloaded a bunch, and have had to figure out how to use DOS again.

- Today, I also discovered that I could download video game emulators. I've been playing old SNES games (I totally still have my actual consoles for Atari, NES, SNES, and Nintendo 64 somewhere).

- I was looking up American idioms, and was amused by this one; "As mad as a wrongly shot hog"... I pigs ARE pretty angry when you shoot them. You really want to stay away when that heppens. My great-great-great-great-great grandmother was totally killed by pig (well, a boar, but you get my drift). Apparently they had wild boars in Texas.

- I love how in episode 9 of Personal Preference, Gae In's looking through Jin Ho's drawers, and he totally has a straightening iron. Now, I have nothing against metrosexuals, but that amuses the hell out of me. If you ask any man in my family if they use a straightening iron, every single one of them would not only say no, but probably not know what a straightening iron was. As sad as it is to my ettiquette, I was raised around a motley assortment of beer swilling manly men (sports, cars, the whole deal), and men who are geeks (computers, games, star trek).
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I'm still watching Oh My Lady, just haven't gotten around to writing about it (same for Personal Preference). But I was watching the raw from episode 12 today, and had to write a bit, because OMG good!

The best cap ever from episode 11...
spoilers for episode 12 of Oh My Lady )

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I'm scanning through episode 7 of Personal Preference, and there's a lot. But I'm going somewhere, so there's NO TIME right now.

But I just had to say, the guy who plays Chang Ryul (Kim Ji Suk) speaks English REALLY well, and that's so hot. Mmmmm English speaking...
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First Min Woo-sshi with the toys in Oh My Lady, and now Jin Ho helping Gae In with her bad cramps in Personal Preference! So adorable.

(I like it when dramas/movies/etc talk about cramps and other period stuff. It's such a large part of being a woman, and something every woman can relate to. Makes it realistic.)

Poor Gae In. She's like me. I get laid up for days with severe cramps.
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I watched episode 7 subbed. Dramas are so much better when you can fully understand what's going on... Naturally the first thing I did when I woke up, was download and watch the raw for episode 8. I have no patience.

All I can say about episode 8, is that it's so cute it's insane. The rest is spoilery (not so much for plot, as much for just random stuff that goes on.

Spoilery for Oh My Lady episode 8 )

Now, another week to wait before new episodes. *sigh*

I plan on watching episodes 3 and 4 of Cinderella Unni tonight, so I can be caught up for tomorrow's episode. Personal Preference airs tomorrow too, and I'm excited for that as well.

As for tonight, we've got LOST, AND Glee. They air at the same time. Why did you do that to me, FOX? As much as I love Glee, LOST wins this one. I've been watching LOST for 6 years, I'm not going to stop now. I even went to the gym really early today just so I wouldn't miss LOST.
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I'm surprised that Oh! My Lady episode 7 isn't subbed on viikii yet. I've been checking it all day. I watched the raw earlier today, but obviously things are much better when you understand what they're talking about.

I'm rewatching the raw right now, because I am desperate. Incidentally I capped a few things earlier, and wanted to share.

These aren't really spoilery, but it's safer to cut them )

I'm already infinitely bored with Representative Yoo and his wife. Why so boring, secondary characters? Hopefully it'll get better...
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I'm watching episode 2 of Cinderella Unni, and while I haven't seen enough yet to be definitive, I'm not really liking Eun Jo. Like, I get why she's bitter and cold, and everything. But at the same time, I hate people like that. There's no excuse for rudeness. Everyone in the world has issues, you don't need to take them out on other people. It's a drama, it's not real, blah. But still, it irritates me. I have a thing with rudeness, I do not tolerate it at all in real life.

So, as of right now, CU has hit dead upon two of my squicks (and if you know me, you know there are VERY few things in dramas that bother me). I find it interesting that the drama that everyone is raving about is the one I'm having the hardest time with.

Since I'm only a little bit into it, I'm going to keep going, and hope I get over my issues with it. While I'll probably get over my irritation with the rudeness, I might not be able to get past the utter sadness that will envelop me when Eun Jo gets the shaft (especially from her mom) when compared with Hyo Sun. I'm already sad for her.

ETA: Episode 2 = finished. I feel less irritated with Eun Jo (MORE irritated with her mother), but I'm still not totally aboard that train. Like, Hyo Sun is annoying, but I like her a lot, she's cheery. I like Eun Jo too, I just wish she'd stop being horrible to everyone. As for Ki Hoon, I like him (how could you not?!), but he's not my type, and thus I am not fangirling incessantly over him. But that's okay, I have Siwon for that. I can't wait until Taec shows up, because Taec is my type (*cough* ABS *cough*). I really like Hyo Sun's dad too (his character name is Dae Sung, but there is no way I'll be able to call him that without getting Big Bang flashes), he's a nice guy. I also really like his eyes.
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I'm really annoyed that the reason Chang Ryul broke up with Gae In (and chose In Hee) was because Gae In wouldn't have sex with him (that is my interpretation of it at least). And then he blames HER for it. What a douchebag. DOUCHE. BAG. I want to punch him nearly as much as I want to punch bitchface Yoo Ra (from OML)... I also want to punch In Hee, because she's just horrible. And a slut. Yeah, I said it. She's a big fat slut! (when Chang Ryul said something akin to "In Hee gives me everything", I literally yelled "IN HEE! YOU BIG SLUT!")
I think I'm getting a bit too emotional here...

^^ I've watched all the subbed episodes of Personal Preference, and like it a lot so far! Not as much as I like Oh My Lady (which I'm getting weirdly desperate for... I'm having difficulties waiting for monday!), but it's cute. I want the next few episodes badly, because so far it's been slow, but it's almost certainly going to pick up soon. I can't wait for Gae In's makeover. Her clothes are pretty cute, but sloppy right now (she's wearing a lot of popular Korean street labels right now, like Banc or Jeremy Scott x Adidas). I like street fashion (a lot... a lot), but I also want her to wear prettier things.

I find it awesome I've watched 11 total episodes (spread between 3 dramas) in the past few days. Makes me feel accomplished.
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So, I've tried all three of the big kdramas happening right now (minus Prosecutor Princess, which doesn't appeal to me). I really liked them all. That being said, apparently the drama I'm going to flail incessantly about this season is Oh! My Lady.

I'm ridiculously in love with it so far. So much so that I even went on viikii to watch the episodes With S2 hasn't subbed yet. That's definitely a mark of my love for something, when I'm willing to watch it streaming (I get too distracted with streaming vids, usually). I love it to death, and can't WAIT until Monday's episode.

I honestly think a lot of it is because it reminds me quite intensely of both Dal Ja's Spring, and My Queen (with a bit of Full House thrown in for good measure). Dal Ja's Spring, and My Queen are two of my favorite dramas in the world. My one complaint: they're making Chae Rim look and act older than she should be, considering her character is only 33/34 (35 Korean age). It's cultural, I'm sure, but still... I hope so so so very much that she loses the frump, and realizes that she's young and sexy. I also hope they do something better with her hair. I swear, if I didn't know this was Chae Rim, I would have never recognized her at first. It's just bad.

Random other comments:
- Min Woo's little girl is the cutest damn thing in the world. I keep pausing the video so I can exclaim loudly "She's soooo CUTE!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥"
- Gae Hwa's husband makes me want to punch him (yet at the same time I find him slightly hot, which is weird).
- Whenever I see Chae Rim and Lee Hyun Woo together, I'm always like "IS THIS DAL JA'S SPRING?! WHERE IS LEE MINKI?!"
- Basically Yoo Ra is a slightly kinder and gentler Hye Won (from Full House). But since Hye Won is the bitchiest bitchface ever seen as a secondary girl in a drama EVER, this does not say much about Yoo Ra, who I want to punch in the face very badly.

Random caps, discussions, etc )

So otherwise, I watched the first episode of Cinderella Unni. I liked it a lot. The acting was great, and the story is nicely done. BUT I don't know if it'll be a winner for me. I have strong feelings about this type of plot (where one sibling is preferred over the other). I can either love it, or hate it. More than any other plot conflict, having one sibling be preferred over the other makes me incredibly sad. I have no idea why, exactly, but it does. I'll watch more of it when it's subbed, but it's still up in the air.

As for Personal Preference, I've got to watch more of it before I make up my mind totally, but I do quite like it so far.

Speaking of dramas, what's up with the general lack of good jdramas this season? The only one that even remotely interests me is Nana's drama.

Lastly, I finally got two of my Big Bang packages! I got my sweatshirt, GD's Shine A Light concert album, and the new school set they put out. I love and adore everything. I can't wait until I get my signed CD. Hopefully tomorrow!


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