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I want to post about dramas again :( I haven't even watched one in AGES.

Maybe when I'm in school, and procrastinating. I seem to do best at getting drama reviews done when procrastinating or hating my life. Either/or.

Anyway, I leave in, oh... 2 weeks. I'm terrified. It will be okay, I think. Maybe. I'll be back home in three months for winter break. Three months is cool. I've done that before. Not alone, but definitely in a more difficult place than London (where they actually speak the same language as I do - imagine that!!)

Two small things!!
<3 2NE1 concert!! It was fabulous, and annoying to get to, but whatever. Who doesn't love driving for nine hours alone to New Jersey and back?! I had decent seats, but while they did serve alcohol, I didn't have any because I had to be sober and awake driving back. Bom was pretty, Minji was super awesome and an amazing dancer, and holy shit CL is amazing live. I have very few feelings on Dara.

Second, I'm going to be opening another blog soon-ish, one that will encompass other portions of my life. One that people I know personally can follow to see how my life in London is going. I'll post it up here when it's done.

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Love Song

Apr. 14th, 2011 01:53 am
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Okay, the "Love Song" MV. I ADORE the damn thing. It's a lovely bit of cinematography. It's done in (probably) two very long takes. Not only that, but the editing is seamless. The crane work is perfect. I didn't find a single error or misstep, and I watched this thing like a hawk. There were no shadows or reflections from the crane, which is pretty damn impressive.

Like I said, it's done in (probably) two takes. I love long takes. They're one of my favorite film techniques. I love how they flow - they can look pretty damn sleek when done well. IMO, Orson Welles was the best at this - See Touch of Evil, or Citizen Kane.

I studied film technique in college. I'm a cinematography geek. I love when I get to use my knowledge for random fannish stuff. But really, this video is lovely. The money spent making it was definitely worth it.

As for plot... I really don't care about that. Most MVs don't have a plot. They're supposed to be a visual experience to correspond to the song. I don't care if that visual experience includes a plot. In fact, a lot of times I prefer it didn't. And a lot of times, if a video DOES have a plot, it doesn't exactly make sense with the song (Alejandro...). So whatever. I honestly don't give a shit.
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I'm at work. I'm bored. It's my first day, and I'm reading long boring documents. So I need a break before I either fall asleep, or my brain melts.

So, random -

Top 15 Big Bang Songs!
(These are in NO order whatsoever, and do not include solos of subgroup activities)

- Haru Haru
- Hallelujah
- Always
- Gara Gara GO!!
- Crazy Dog
- Tonight
- Remember
- Everything
- Last Farewell
- Bigbang
- Number 1
- How Gee
- Stylish
- Hands Up (Korean version)
- Top of the World

I sense a pattern...

IDK, I don't like the new songs more than the 4th mini. I honestly like the fourth mini better. It's more my style. I still like the new songs, but I don't see why everyone's acting like the 4th mini sucked so much and the new songs are so immensely better... They're a total different style. I can't compare beyond my personal tastes.

EH. I'm tired. Save me from boredom, please?!
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And I love them. I KNEW I was going to, but it's different actually hearing them and knowing for sure.

To be honest, I was a little unsure about "Love Song". I don't do as well with slower songs. I like my music to be epic, which usually means a heavy and fast beat. I figured it would exceed my expectations. Big Bang songs are always so much more awesome than the teasers for them.

And, I was right. The song is fabulous. I'm really surprised by how much I like it. (OMG Dae's vocals... they give me the chills) It reminds me of SOMETHING, something good. The closest thing I can compare it to is artsy melodic rock-pop. It gives me the same feeling as some of the more epic songs on Silverchair's Diorama do. The closest that makes sense is Tuna in the Brine.

As for "Stupid Liar", well, I knew I was going to love that one. Rock-inspired, with beautiful vocals, a catchy hook, and strong rap parts? YEAH. Like I wasn't going to like that? No other real comment other than it's fabulous, and I will be listening to it on repeat for a long time.

"Baby Don't Cry" is lovely. Dae's voice is amazing. AMAZING. I heard it at the concert originally. At the first concert I was like "ehhhhhhhhhh......", because seriously, I don't like ballads much (except, randomly, for Chinese ballads). The second concert I was in to it. I can't be apathetic about Dae's songs for very long. His voice is too damn pretty for that. And, honestly, the chorus (which was the only part I remembered from the concert) has been stuck in my head for at least 2 weeks.

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I'm interested to see where this song goes. I love when TOP sings. He does it so rarely (only 3 songs so far, I think?), but he's remarkably good at it, considering he's a rapper (Rapper Choom Top). I still love love LOVE him singing Blackstreet's "No Diggity".

Anyway, I'll probably like it. I do hope there is a pick up in there somewhere. I don't really do great with ballads - they tend to be my least favorite songs.

TOMORROW I START MY JOB. Kinda. I start the orientation, but still... it counts.
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One of the first things I see on the internet today. I love when I wake up to good news.

I love it. It reminds me of something, but I'm not really sure what right now. Either way, I find it fabulous. I love Big Bang mixes in some rock in their music. Like, in "Oh My Friend", or "She's Gone". My favorite genre of music IS rock (post-grunge).

Also, TOP being like "How you doing ladies?". I laughed. And am I the only one that gets a little teary when they do the "BIG BANG" thing? Probably. And goddamn it, GD. Why do you have to be so amazing and make me love you SO much. Because I do. Very, very much.

Anyway, the song~

*Replays over and over and over and over and over and over and over *
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No joke, I screamed a few times when I heard the songlist from the new Big Bang album.

For awhile there I had gotten to the point where I was ALMOST normal. Like, not totally, because I was still going to Korea for a concert. But normal enough so I wasn't OBSESSED. And, of course, the concert screwed me over in that sense. It happened with GD's concert. It happened with Big Show 2010. Every single time I see Big Bang in concert I go APESHIT for a few months. I kind of like it. It's nice being so devoted. On the other hand, it's insane and I can't think straight.

But the fact of the matter is, this is what I am right now. And I'll enjoy / be tortured by it while it lasts.

So, anyway, the new album. I AM SO EXCITED YOU GUYS, I CAN'T EVEN...

"Love Song" and "Stupid Liar"... I'M SO EXCITED. HAVE I MENTIONED THAT?! Especially for "Stupid Liar", which sounds amazingly angsty and/or hardcore. Either way, I'm SO fucking on that. And "Baby Don't Cry" is Dae's solo. He sang it at the Big Show, and honestly, the first time I heard it I wasn't so keen on it, but the SECOND time I was digging it. Like, I kinda remember it too... Or at least the chorus.

As for the album cover - love. Except for the prayer. It says: "May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, o Lord, my rock and my redeemer"... Ooookay Big Bang. Whatever. I can deal.

*obsessively refreshes YGeShop until it shows up...*
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I always tell people it's too hard to pick a favorite song of theirs. It's like choosing a favorite child. But... but I think I've always know, deep down in my heart, that this is my favorite. And while technically it's not a BB song, I'll count it as such, since it's by a BB member.


It's such an assholey song (especially GD's version - YB's version is less douchey), but OMG do I love it. Love, love, love, love, love it. Whenever I sing it while driving, I get really into it. I must look insane.

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I sort of liveblogged it on twitter, where I tend to do most stuff now... I blame the ease of use. It's super easy to just jot down a quick thought, whereas with LJ having such a small entry seems pointless.

I wanted to repost my thoughts here. I would use a client software, but they need your twitter account to be public, and mine's not, so I'm going to copy and paste (with a bit of simple html magic to clean things up a bit).

      ○ 20:23 Young Bae's accent when he speak English is getting SO MUCH CLEARER. I AM PROUD OF YOU, YOUNG BAE!
      ○ 20:24 I listened to Big Bang's new mini over and over and over today. I have decided that "Tonight" is my favorite song? Maybe?
      ○ 20:25 I think it's my favorite because I have a visual basis for it. The other songs need videos. I NEED MORE VIDEOS. Esp Cafe, & What Is Right.
      ○ 20:33 I get the feeling TOP was sick for the live Big Bang TV thingy. He seems off his game. Not BAD, just tired seeming.
      ○ 20:35 I was also very confused when they put YB and Dae in basically the same shirt during "HIGH HIGH" (yes, one was a hoodie, but STILL)
      ○ 20:36 I think I know why I love "Tonight" so much. GD with the guitar kills me EVERY SINGLE TIME. First the playing, then the smashing. SO. HOT.
      ○ 20:38 Like, the 1st day of the concert he really smashed it. IDK about the 2nd day, the 3rd he didn't smash it much. Same with the live thingy...
      ○ 20:38 In order for it to have the full effect on me, he needs to like, REALLY smash the shit out of that thing. It's hotter that way.
      ○ 20:44 I get scared that GD is going to like, fall off the stage one of these days when he's running all about.
      ○ 20:47 I am continually amused at BB's shirts with their own faces printed on them. Also amused at GD pulling a Steven Tyler with his mic stand.
      ○ 21:00 At a certain angle, Baby's shirt makes him look like he's wearing a string bikini top...

So... yeah! Clearly these are deep, profound thoughts. They must be shared.

Right now I am in the upswing of my Big Bang obsession. This happened last year after Big Show too. So... there will probably be a LOT more Big Bang stuff posted in the following weeks ;P

I'm only going to post "Tonight", but the rest of the show is on the same uploader's YT page
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It makes me kind of sad. I miss their innocent adorable days. Oh well, you've got to grow up SOMETIME. Might as well be now.

This version is actually different than the one they showed at the concerts. The ones at the concert did NOT feature any girls, or Dae's whole scene. Which is odd, I think. Why censor the video for the concert?

I like the video. I think it shows a more mature side of them. I like the Las Vegas imagery. Las Vegas is a city of contradictions. An electric oasis in the middle of the desert. I think it fits rather well with the song, and the image they're showing. I like that they wanted to go to the US to film it. I want them to go to the US more often.

Last night I went to the YG building. I spent about 4 hours in the freezing cold and slight rain waiting for ANYONE to show up or leave. They didn't. But it was an interesting experience, that's for sure.

I leave Korea tomorrow. I feel a mix of regret for not being here longer, and relief. It's difficult being somewhere you absolutely do not speak the language. I speak NO Korean. I understand only a handful of words.

And, to be honest, I'm slightly bored of it here. This is my third time in Seoul. I've done most of what I want to do. The only things I really WANT to do anymore are shop (which I am fighting against - I need to save money), and do stuff related to Big Bang. Otherwise it's the same old thing. I enjoy it here, but I'm used to it.

I am looking forward to Taiwan. Taiwan is a whole different sort of animal. It's scarier, yes, but at the same time it'll be easier. In Korea I can barely communicate. I know enough Chinese to be able to get around. I can go to restaurants, I can ride buses, I can do stuff that intimidates me greatly in Korea. There are less English speakers, but it's easier to communicate. I am also looking forward to it not being deathly cold each day. Thought it is supposed to rain the entire first week I'm there. Which will be lovely.

I don't know. I'm tired, and getting philosophical, so I'm going to sleep. Or something.
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So I went to Big Show. I went two days - the first and the last.

I had an amazing time. In between my trips to Korea, far away from kpop and Big Bang's influence, I tend to forget just how much I love them, just how much I am devoted to them. Forgetting is good. It's healthy. I try not to love things too much, because that can only bring pain, especially when the thing you love is unreachable.

blah blah blah more )

I can't find words for the concerts because they were too good. Too impressive. Too amazing. I wish more than anything that they would come to the US. Coming to Korea each year is hard.


1. On day 1 I was sitting in the front row of section 10. During the show, security started to line up along the front wall of the section. I knew SOMETHING was going to happen, but I wasn't exactly sure what. Then Big Bang got on the moving platform, and went by my section. Since I was in the front row, I was basically about two feet from them. I was waving like a dork, but GD saw me, and pointed directly at me. I was also filmed by Dae's camera. Soooo.... I MIGHT be on the concert DVD? I did get a weird fancam of the even. Like, you can see them coming, and then when they came close I freaked out, so the camera only shows their feet. I was literally, LITERALLY shaking. Seriously, I could barely hold my phone to get the video.

2. Also on day 1, these two guys kept passing in front of me going back and forth from their seats to some other area. One of them looked really familiar, but I wasn't exactly sure it was him until I heard the Korean fans next to me talking about him. It was Seung Ho, one of 2NE1's stylists, and GD's friend. So yay! Slightly famous person spottage! Down below, on the floor, there was a guy who was also attracting attention. I don't know exactly who it was, but because he was wearing a hoodie I kinda automatically assumed it was Teddy.

3. On day 2, I didn't attend the concert, but I went to the venue in order to buy stuff (and of course I got them right after they stopped selling). I was hanging around when an official looking guy with a huge camera stopped me, and asked me for my picture. Soooo.... I might be in the concert photobook? Either that or some random guy wanted a picture of me. Either way, FLATTERED. I probably also looked like a huge dork in the photo. I don't photograph well...

4. On day 3 I was standing. Which was decidedly unpleasant, but a thing that must sometimes be done. On this day, they had changed the show a bit from the first day. The platform, which didn't pass by section 008 on the first day, passed by it then. Most of the members were looking away, but AGAIN, GD ended up looking directly at me. I was horribly excited. Later on in the show, when Baby was suspended in the air, he also looked directly at me. It was surreal.

5. Also on day 3, I was in a very good position to see TOP walking on the stage. He was wearing these skin-tight red pants, and I watched him slowly walk away. And I can tell you he has an AMAZING ass.

6. Again, on day 3, Young Bae was doing the thank-you's at the end, and he thanked Japan, TAIWAN, and China. Which confused me. They didn't thank the USA though. Which made me sad. But yay for Taiwan! Maybe someday they'll go there. I want Taiwan to be more recognized, even if it is only by kpop.


I WAS able to fancam a little. And I audio-recorded the entire show. However the internet here at the hostel I'm in isn't the greatest for uploading, so sadly I fear the videos will have to wait until I get to Taiwan.
cut because of size )

So, in conclusion, I basically need to go to every single Big Bang show ever. EVEN IF IT KILLS ME. And believe me, it will. I'm basically dying right now. You forget just how hard Asian beds are until you have to sleep on one after having slept on a nice soft mattress for a year. I feel like the bed is bruising me. Also, I hate stairs so much. Transferring subway lines means many many stairs. My thighs are on fire.
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I'll write more on it later, and will include my fancams / pics, but OMG BIG SHOW 2011 RULED MY LIFE.

They came really close to me, like, REALLY CLOSE, and I got very excited, and it made my life, basically.

I didn't get to buy anything though. For some reason they closed the booths really early. I'm going to go tomorrow/today to buy stuff.

There were some additional goods they had there that weren't originally on the list.

I also bought the new album today. It is pretty, though I do miss the old style of their albums. This album is done in the style of the GTOP album. Which is fine, but I miss the old mini's.

ANYWAY, off to sleep. It's REALLY late, and I feel like dying. SO. TIRED.
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The second set of Big Show goods was just posted! I AM EXCITED. There's a lot more in this set that I want, like the photo set, and the stickers (I LIKE STICKERS, OKAY?!). I probably won't get a cup, despite liking the idea of them (I will never use them because I do not actually drink coffee, and don't drink much in general). The photobook IS enticing though...

I don't know ANY Korean, so I was baffled by a few of them. Luckily [livejournal.com profile] eukyangkyang at [livejournal.com profile] yg_bigbang helped me out, and now everything is happy again!

Fan (possible uchiwa style?)


Images + Info from Big Show 2011 Website
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Okay, so earlier today I was like "Hmmmm... I wonder if they've posted the Big Show 2011 goods yet". And I just went to check them, and BOOM, they've been posted. Apparently just a bit ago too.

So! Excitement! This is the first batch. The second batch will be released on 02/18/11.

First off, A NEW LIGHTSTICK! It's FANCY. It's being sold for 13,000₩

More of the goods! )
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I know I've posted about this before, but I'm kinda scatterbrained (kinda?!... lets say, majorly).

Who is going to Big Show 2011?

Who am I meeting there?

People I KNOW are going - [livejournal.com profile] hallerness, [livejournal.com profile] evennexsoul, [livejournal.com profile] sn0tcat (well, at least in Korea at the same time).

People I'm not sure are going - EVERYBODY ELSE.

PLEASE, if you've contacted me about meeting up there, comment here, so I can get all my ducks in a row.
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Ooookay. I've been boring, I know. It's because I AM boring. At least right now. Plus it's cold (SO UNGODLY COLD) and I don't want to do anything that doesn't involve sleeping, or engaging in activities where I don't have to move.

I paid for my Big Show 2011 tickets this morning. I don't have the tickets yet, they're not on sale yet, but I paid the girl who's going to buy them for me. I decided to only go to two shows instead of three. The tickets are expensive, and I started freaking out about spending over $300 on concert tickets. I figure I can go on the first day, and the last day.

I'll use the day inbetween to like, relax. Because I don't know about you, but concerts tire me the fuck out. Especially Big Bang ones. Because you have to wait in line for SO FUCKING LONG (longer if you arrived early to get goods - normal wait time when you do that is 4-5 hours), in the freezing cold. And then you go inside where at least it's not windy, but you still have to stand (if you have a standing ticket), and wait some more. And then the concert is 2+ hours, and you stand the whole time (if you can't tell, I've never actually had a seat before), possibly jumping around, while being crowded in by a million other girls, and then the concert is over, and you stand and wait some more for them to let you out, where upon exiting, you stand in line AGAIN (if you decided to use the coat check place they have, which is likely, since if you're in the standing section, you can't take your bag in). And then you walk to the station, where you stand because all the seats are taken. Same with the subway. So it's whole fucking day of non-stop standing. In the cold.

... If you can't tell, I don't like standing for long periods of time. I also don't like stairs. I like walking, and I like sitting. ANYTHING ELSE IS UNACCEPTABLE. If you ARE in a standing area, I recommend dosing yourself with some aspirin, or tylenol, or something because your body WILL ache (unless you're like, 18... in which case, fuck you and your not very damaged joints and stuff). Possibly a muscle relaxer. Maybe a bit of tranquilizer... (....joking.... maybe... I won't say the thought hasn't crossed my mind)

And THAT is why I decided to not only take a resting day, but to only do standing seats for one of the two days.

I'm not going to buy a lot of merchandise either. I'll probably go for the signed CD's if they have them (you have to get in line REALLY early for those. Like, REALLY early, at least 6-8 hours), and maybe one or two small things. I have way too much BB stuff as it is. But I do want the calendars. Or maybe just one. It's not like I actually used more than one of the SEVEN I bought last year. Yes. Seven.

IDK guys, I'm really tired suddenly. So maybe this isn't making sense?

Someone needs to give me a drama to watch. Something GOOD. Something fun, and romantic, and not angsty, because I'm not in the mood for that right now. Also, preferably Japanese or Taiwanese. REC ME SHIT.

Blaaah. Tired.
(Sorry about all the swearing. I generally try to tone it done on LJ, but I've been spending a lot of time on twitter recently (where I tend to swear... a lot), so things are out of whack in my brain. Also, did I mention the tired?)
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I have two very distinct thoughts about this album.

1. I'm either going to love it, or feel entirely indifferent towards it. I have a love/hate relationship with Baby's music. On one hand, there's "Strong Baby" - the song that launched a thousand hours of my squealing and forgetting I am a hugely cynical adult. On the other hand, every single other solo song Baby's released has bored me. I'm hoping he's adopted some of GTOP's electronica / hip hop / r&b. I just... can't rock out to ballads.

2. IS THIS GOING TO EFFECT THE BIG BANG COMEBACK DATE?! I love Baby. I do. I love all of them so so much. But I love them the most when they're together. Yes, I was/am terribly excited about the GTOP album, but their music style is more conducive to me. So, yes, I am worried Baby's mini is delaying the BB comeback. I like Baby, but I like Big Bang together more.

But hey, not gonna lie - Baby's looking good. Which is bad for me, because, HELLOOO COUGAR.

The tracklist seems interesting, so we'll see. January 13th is the teaser, January 20th is the album release.
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Taken from the wonderfully informative Big Bang Updates

◆ Concert Outline ◆
Concert name: 2011 BIGBANG Concert [BIG SHOW]

Fri, 25th February 2011 /8pm
Sat, 26th February 2011/ 6pm
Sun, 27th February 2011/6pm

Place: Olympic Athletic Stadium
Ticket: VIP 88.000 KRW / R 77.000 KRW (tax included)
Host/Directed: YG Entertainment
Sponsored by: Gmarket, FILA Korea, Nikon, etc

◆ Ticket Sales ◆
Reservation: Gmarket (www.gmarket.co.kr), phone: 1566-5702

Purchasing date:
Fri, 25th February 2011 concert --> Tue, 18th January 2011, 8PM
Sat, 26th February 2011 concert --> Wed, 19th February 2011, 8PM
Sun, 27th February 2011 concert --> Thu, 20th February 2011, 8PM

Source: BIGBANG Daum + Youtube
Translated by: Winalicious@BBVIP.net

I'm a little confused between the two tickets - VIP and R. Is one better seating? Does one include a fanmeet (if so, the price is ridiculously good)? I just don't know...


Dec. 27th, 2010 01:53 am
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So the GTOP album... I've been listening to it since it came out, and can honestly say I love it. So much. It's such a great mix of all different styles, which is lovely. My favorite songs are probably "Oh Mom" (TOP... idek), "Obsession", and "Oh Yeah" (despite it constantly reminding me of Arashi). But really, I love all the songs. Even GD's square dance song.

What square dance song, you say? THIS SQUARE DANCE SONG.

Seriously, all I can think about when I hear it is a country square dance. Like, in a barn somewhere, with couples sitting on a wooden post fence, dressed like this, watching other couples twirl about, whilst clapping their hands. And somewhere in that fantasy, GD is up on stage with his jug band, singing this song, while styling a pompadour, and dancing about. THIS IS A VERY IN DEPTH FANTASY. But you know, it could also work for line dancing. Just throw in more cowboy boots, and take away the fancy dresses. (Despite living in the LEAST country state in the nation, I have square AND line danced in my youth...)

But anyway, the point is, I like the album. I ordered my copy last week, and it hasn't shipped yet (presumable due to the holiday). I don''t really care which cover I get (though I wish they had released a red one... otherwise the silver and green are my faves). They're ALL THE SAME, only different colors. I don't see the need to buy multiple copies, since THEY'RE EXACTLY THE SAME. Maybe if they had different pictures, or different tracks. But just different colored album colors? Uh.... no. Sorry YG, you're not getting my money on that.

Otherwise, I hope everyone had a good holiday. If you were around during my rapid posting/deleting, and/or my tweeting, uh... sorry? My Christmas was weird. And not in a good way. But whatever, it's over, and it's kinda sad because I L-O-V-E Christmas, but what can you do.

As for right now, it's still blizzarding. And thankfully I haven't lost power, so all is good. As for work tomorrow (today?), I don't know. I really don't like schlepping a long distance in the snow, in my car which doesn't really have heat.


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