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I'm still deep in LOST-world. I'm rewatching the first season right now, while simultaneously reading fanfic.

I'm amused by a lot of people reacting to the ending. Specifically the people who never watched the show, or haven't kept up. The general consensus for them is utter confusion.

The thing is, you can't casually watch LOST. It's not one of those shows that you can miss an episode or so (let alone a season), and still understand the plot. Even the people who watch every episode find it confusing. In my opinion, that's LOST's greatest strength, it keeps people coming back for more.

I know a lot of people just watched the finale without seeing it before, or just want to know what happened. Well, it's not that easy to explain. I can barely explain what happens episode to episode.

"Oh, you know the smoke monster? Well actually it's an incarnation of the Man in Black, who is Jacob's twin brother. And Jacob is the protector of the Source, which he inherited from his Mother. She isn't really his mother though, their real mother was murdered by their adoptive mother after she gave birth. And Locke isn't really Locke anymore, you know, because he was killed by Ben after he left the island via the giant donkey wheel because he needed to fix all the time travel that was going on. Because Ben screwed it up to begin with, and then Sawyer, Juliet, Miles, Jin, etc were all stuck in the 1970's, so they joined the Dharma Initiative. Locke went back to LA to visit the Oceanic 6, to try to get them back on the island, but they didn't want to come at first, so Locke was going to kill himself, but Ben murdered him after convincing him not to commit suicide. And when the Ajira plane got back to the island, Locke was miraculously alive again, but actually he was the Man in Black all along. And the MIB got Ben to kill Jacob, and then needed to find a way to kill off the candidates...."

^^^ And that's only the last two seasons. It's impossible to explain.

So what did happen in the final episode of LOST? Well, this is a good explanation (though it honestly won't make much sense to people who don't follow LOST, because you need to understand certain fundamentals that were presented in this season.

Quick and Dirty Summary of the Ending-> The island is NOT Purgatory. The island is, according to Jacob, the only thing that is keeping evil from destroying the world. The smoke monster is trying to destroy the island, thereby letting all the evil out. Most of the survivors died through the series. At the end, Jack took over being the island's protector. His last duty was to restore the island after killing the smoke monster. Jack died doing this. Hurley became the new protector, with Ben as his adviser. Kate, Sawyer, Claire, Miles, Richard, and Frank all left the island. The alternate reality presented in the "flash-sideways" was actually a form of Purgatory, where all the survivors met after death (because they had all had a profound affect on each other during their lives). At the end they are all dead (at various points in their lives), all together, and all happy. The end is them ascending into "heaven".
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spoilers, obviously )

Also day 2 of the meme (it's past midnight here, but it's still the 23rd in some parts of the world).

Day 2 - Least Favorite Song
(This is more of a joke, than it is truly my least favorite song. But whatever, it fits ;D I do actually quite dislike this song.)

Meme )


May. 4th, 2010 09:52 pm
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Let just say, I'm not happy.
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LOST is fucking with me. Seriously, insane.

Michael and Libby! I flailed over the flashbacks. I love how the dead people are stuck on the island. I'm STILL hopeful for a Shannon appearance. Monster!Locke is getting crazy, especially what with pushing Desmond down a fucking well. Alternate!Desmond is crazy too though. I assume he was either trying to make Locke remember stuff by near-death experience, which is why he hit him with his car. Either that, or he thinks Locke is evil... I love that the previews for next week had the LSD trip song from Willy Wonka.

As for Glee... IDINA MENZEL! I love her so so so so so much.

I've recently been amused by how weird and awesome it is that Taec (from 2PM / Cinderella Unni, obviously) lived right near where I lived. He lived in Bedford MA, which is really close to my hometown. My mother used to work in Bedford, so I went there a lot. How weird is it that I could have possibly seen Taec at THE MALL (there's a big mall around there, incidentally the same mall they filmed the Kevin James movie "Mall Cop" at...)?!
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I watched episode 7 subbed. Dramas are so much better when you can fully understand what's going on... Naturally the first thing I did when I woke up, was download and watch the raw for episode 8. I have no patience.

All I can say about episode 8, is that it's so cute it's insane. The rest is spoilery (not so much for plot, as much for just random stuff that goes on.

Spoilery for Oh My Lady episode 8 )

Now, another week to wait before new episodes. *sigh*

I plan on watching episodes 3 and 4 of Cinderella Unni tonight, so I can be caught up for tomorrow's episode. Personal Preference airs tomorrow too, and I'm excited for that as well.

As for tonight, we've got LOST, AND Glee. They air at the same time. Why did you do that to me, FOX? As much as I love Glee, LOST wins this one. I've been watching LOST for 6 years, I'm not going to stop now. I even went to the gym really early today just so I wouldn't miss LOST.
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Spoilers, obviously )

Found out I'm not the biggest fan of Jin Xuan tea (金萱茶, aka Golden Lily tea)... It's a green oolong (which means it's not very fermented), and while I definitely over steeped it (I don't use my gong fu set when I'm only making tea for myself, so with my individual pot thingy, it's hard to tell when the tea is done), it has a green tea flavor, and I'm not fond of green tea overall.

I still have several more teas I brought back from Taiwan that I haven't tried as of yet (Tung Ting/Dong Ding, High Mountain Oolong, Pu Er, and Rose tea). I'm saving them... God knows when I'll be able to get back to Taiwan, and buying Chinese tea in the US is expensive. Especially my favorite tea in the world (that stuff is like freaking ambrosia. SO. GOOD.)
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I'm not going to liveblog... probably. I'm working on a Chinese translation (which is made even more difficult by it being in simplified), so liveblogging isn't the priority.

Buuuuut.... SPOILERS for LOST S06E08 )


Mar. 2nd, 2010 10:06 pm
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Yeah, I'm liveblogging again, I do it mostly for me.

Spoilers up until S06E06 of LOST )

Still cold. Very cold.

Aw, George Clooney sounds EXACTLY like his dad (the voice, and how he speaks) <- watching 20/20 Before They Were Famous
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I might liveblog this... mostly because LOST is getting kah-razy. Like, it's always been crazy, but I could keep on top of it easily. But OMG this season is a mindfuck. I'm having a hell of a time keeping up with details.

Okay, liveblog. Spoilers up to 'Lighthouse' )

Well that was eventful.

I'm trying drink mixes, because I need to drink more water, but I'm not a fan of the taste of water. Hawaiian Punch drink mix is good, and only 10 calories. Same as Crystal Light, but with better flavor.

I bought some Metabolife to try (I've heard good things in the past, and I figured I could try it). You have to take SIX PILLS A DAY, which is kinda hard for me. I have issues taking pills. They get lodged in my throat for some reason. Which is why I take gummy chewable vitamins and avoid pills bigger than Aleve. Course the Metabolife pills are huge.

*sigh* I have to go clean now.
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I am sacrificing watching LOST live for sleep. Possibly not the best deal ever, but I've been awake for 10 hours now. That's a lot of awake (for me).

Crap. I turned on LOST just to see what was happening, and now I won't be able to turn it off. Damn.

Peace OUT.
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I just woke up from a nap (jetlag), during which I had quite the epic dream(s).

In them, Jang Geun Seok was hitting on me (I like him well enough, but I'm not a big fan), TOP gave me a cookie (at, I believe, a BB concert... the management were like "NOOOOOOO!", but he gave it to me anyway! I was happy), and then it ended with some evil dopplegangers.


And now to go eat my salad, and watch LOST (I haven't gotten the chance to up until now because of exhaustion) and HIMYM.

ETA: Random LOST liveblog that is in no way spoilery:
Way to creep me the hell out, LOST. NOTHING is more scary to me than randomly going underwater in the ocean. Like, I have trouble watching "Finding Nemo", and I can't play parts of Mario 64 because they take places underwater.
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I just finished watching Avatar (really REALLY good fancam), and wow. But still, through the whole movie I kept saying to myself "this is like Dances with Wolves... but prettier! And better! And without Kevin Costner!"

(The best part about the fancam is when the Na'vi speak, it's subbed in German. Luckily the copy came with english subs, because my German is not that good...)

In other news, The season premier of LOST is on Feb 2nd. I'm still in Korea then. And since Feb 2nd here = Feb 3rd in Korea (which is when I'm leaving), I won't even get a chance to download it until I come home. Poop.
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LOST!!! WTF! Juliet! (yes, this is a random LOST liveblog....)

ETA - Okay, now it's over so I can be more coherent (I typed that during a commercial break on my ipod...).

Um, yeah. That show is THE BEST SHOW EVER. But man, the whole Locke thing threw me for a loop.
spoilers )
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LOST is awesome. I'm too tired to write more, but wow. I love that show. And I love Ben.

Someone was fired from my group at work today. Which will make my life THAT much more difficult. Because, in general, I kinda dislike my coworkers. Despite that, I AM one of them. But I'm also the closest with my boss. So I'm kinda stuck between them. I liked the guy who got fired well enough, but I also know why she fired him.

Work politics are so confusing, and tiring. It's like being in high school again. You'd think people would grow up. But no. They don't. Sometimes I think I'm the only person who sees it for what it is; a job, not a social network. And I really think they owe more respect to our boss. She's the one we work for, not the best idea to distance her.

Anyway, job-life's going to be difficult for a while.

I was going to watched another episode of Utahime today, but of course the copy I had was corrupted, so I had to download it again.

But I DID get another of my YesAsia shipments, oddly enough the one that shipped last; the TOKIO album. I didn't take pictures yet. It's cute, because I bought the Korean version (it was about half the price as the normal Japanese version), and it came with a booklet of the lyrics translated into Korean. I TOTALLY have a Japanese release Big Bang album where there's a booklet with the lyrics translated into Japanese. Maybe tomorrow I'll finally get one of the other shipments.

I also just downloaded a shitload of ipod applications, including several Chinese character (traditional) / Mandarin ones. And one that shows you pictures of Chinese food. Mmmmm Chinese food. I basically only eat two things (I'm not kidding); soydogs, and Chinese style tofu stir fry.

I should sleep. Maybe.
Oh! Random quick Big Bang stuff. First off, Lollipop was featured on PEREZ HILTON! I kinda love how he's into K-Pop. Link here. Seriously, DO NOT READ THE COMMENTS. Most people are racists assholes, so it's not worth it. But he got it wrong. He said it was 2NE1's single FEATURING Big Bang. It's not. If anything it's Big Bang's single feat 2NE1.

Also, a teaser for the new w-inds / GD song has been released. So exciting! I might preorder after all. But which to get... there are three versions.
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I finished all the Vampire Knight Guilty episodes that are in my possession (1-8). I have to find the rest somewhere. I kinda forget where I got them in the first place....

Anyway, in episodes 7 and 8, I finally started to REALLY like Kaname.

Is it really any wonder?

Small Picspam! Spoilers for episodes 5-8 of Vampire Knight Guilty )

Also, LOST is the king of metas! Hurley, talking about the time paradox (which they hilarious spoke about in depth), was like "That was really confusing", and Miles said "Get used to it"... thanks for that LOST writers! I'm still trying to figure out what happened to Daniel. And I KNEW Sawyer's kid would make some sort of appearance at some point! And did anyone else catch the HUGE sparks between Jack and Juliet?! I think Sawyer/Juliet is adorable, but she works better with Jack. And since I HATE Kate/Jack, it makes more sense for me.

Seriously, LOST is like, the best thing on TV. BEEEESSSST!

I'm working on a small project. It's taking awhile, but when it's done it'll be exciting for me.

But right now I need sleep like woah.

Also, this is some funny shit. I swear, I watched that clip like, 20 times in a row (honestly, no exaggeration), and laughed hysterically the WHOLE TIME. You'd think it'd get old, but nope.
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Um, even though like, no one else is watching it, WTF LOST?!

Seriously, LOST, wtf? )

In drama news, My Queen continues to rule my life with it's awesomeness. These characters are amazing... So yes, picspam for episode 11 (the caps SUCK, but honestly, these were the best I could come up with currently. The raw hasn't been uploaded yet for download. These are from youtube)

Episode 11 rocked )

Wu Shuang and Lucas are still my OTP, but they just HAD to make Yun Hao awesome as well. Jeez.

Still haven't watched BBF 23. Probably tomorrow. I've been tired recently. Plus, BOOOK! Still haven't finished it. I'm going to try to catch up on comments in a bit.
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Lost continues to be one of the best, most convoluted, meta shows ever. I'm going to be so sad when it ends.

But is anyone still watching it, or is it just myself, my mother, DHop, and his peeps from BWE.tv? No one talks about it anymore...

Seriously though, that show is the shit. I totally want to fly to Hawaii and stalk Jorge Garcia and his adorable chihuahua. Either that, or, you know, jump Matthew Fox (totally not my type (Josh Holloway is basically my type), but OMG-Matthew-Fox-is-soooo-hot).


I borrowed this from Michelle Chen's blog (It's old. REALLY old)

Michelle is, as always, adorable. But really Chuan Yi? I love you and everything, but REALLY?!


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