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Fahrenheit new MV is pretty awesome. Hilarious, yes. But still awesome.

The title of their new album is "太熱", which quite literally means 'too hot'. And while I do agree with that sentiment (the boys got RIPPED for this album - hilariously a little while back there was an article about how they all beefed up for it. Except Wu Zun, who was already beefy enough. Apparently he just got a tan), it's also pretty cheesy. The title song is their first single. The concept is a bit weird. Icebergs, mesh shirts, lots of black and red, random flames, Jiro wearing black nail polish... To be honest, I liked the concept for 越來越愛 a lot more. But really, I can't argue too hard against sweaty half naked boys.

I do quite like the song though, despite it's awkward chorus ("super hot, 多謝每個人都在煽風點火, way too hot", which I awkwardly/roughly translated to "super hot, many thanks everyone is on fire, way too hot"). Also, it's autotuned. But honestly, autotune doesn't bother me nearly as much as it seems to bother others. I KNOW Fahrenheit can sing, so the autotune is, to me, just a stylistic choice.

Random other comments about the MV;
- TOWEL DANCE?! 真的嗎, 飛輪海? 真的? 我不甚至知道. It's apparently supposed to make them seem manly. Again, I don't even know.
- During some parts of the video, Jiro's face is hilarious, and terribly amusing. Oh Jiro. I love you, you big, fragile, accident prone boy. 加油大東! 我愛妳!
- Wu Zun is THIRTY. He's going to be 31 in a few months. I appreciate his age (older idols make Meredith feel less skeevy), but I'm also angered by it. Damn him for looking like he's 10 years younger than he actually is. I want to look 10 years younger (okay, maybe not ten years... maybe five years).

This may very well be the last album Fahrenheit puts out as a group. Their contract with HIM is for for either four or five albums (this is their fourth album). So yeah. Kinda sad. The end of an era. It's like losing F4 all over again. Except I like Fahrenheit a lot more.

Anyway, the album does on sale in mid September. I am waiting quite anxiously for it. I wish I were in Taiwan right now. They're having a fan meeting thing, and I want to gooooo! I stupidly missed their concert last year when I was actually IN Taipei, so now I just feel sad. Maybe they'll come to the US, like S.H.E did! *hopes*

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Her concept for this album is voguing, which some of her dance moves. I personally love the theme. She looks amazing (as always, 依林, 一直), and her dancing is great. I'm excited for her album - I find Jolin's songs consistently good and highly enjoyable for me.
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- Fahrenheit is set to release a new album in August. This news is old (from JANUARY... how did I miss that?!), so I wonder if the date will be pushed back due to Wu Zun's drama with Rainie. Either way, I am greatly anticipating this album. I love Fahrenheit (second favorite Asian boyband), and I want to see the new stuff they come up with.

- Aaron Yan is also set to release a solo album towards the end of the year. This half makes me sad, since it's the beginning of the eventual breakup of Fahrenheit (they only have one more album in their contract). On the other hand, yay Aaron!

- Jolin is also going to release an album this August. I've seen her concept photos, and they look pretty awesome. I'm excited!

This August is going to be crazy with all the new releases. Fahrenheit (...maybe?), Jolin, and Big Bang (at least their new Japanese single - "Beautiful Hangover", but hopefully their Korean comeback as well)! Good thing I am currently employed, because goodbye monies.
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First off, I was late, and I didn't get the t-shirt I was promised (I emailed them, and was like "WTF T-SHIRT?!"), but I didn't miss S.H.E, and my seat was pretty good. I was further back, but I was in the dead center of the arena. The schedule was a bit weird; Gary Chaw was out first, followed by S.H.E, followed by Gary again, and finally S.H.E again.

Gary Chaw is a great singer, but not my type of music. So I was kinda fidgety for awhile, until S.H.E came out. It was funny, when the girls came up on stage, the people in the lower seating flailed all over the place. I was in the stands, and people up there were a lot less fanatic. I saw a lot of little kids and old people too. I half think they went just because it was a Chinese concert, not out of love for S.H.E.

The audience was enthusiastic, but relatively sedate. It confused me. I've only been to a few concerts in my life, but never one where the audience didn't stand up, and dance and sing. Compared to the extreme craziness of Big Bang concerts, this was so low key.

Anyway, the girls were AMAZING. They're so so so so much tinier in person, especially Hebe. Ella is just as awesome and quirky as she seems on tv (she kept talking to the audience, but it was all in Mandarin, and since I find Ella's accent hard to understand, I was lost), Hebe is adorable (at one point she sang where she wasn't supposed to and made this cute face, and during "SUPERSTAR" she started laughing uncontrollably) and Selina is gorgeous (she was also really getting into some of the songs, dancing all about, totally cute). You can tell they're such good friends, with how they interact with each other. Also they're all fabulous singers. You know how sometimes a band isn't nearly as good live? Not S.H.E. They were amazing, and there was no backtrack either.

I filmed basically the whole thing, because apparently nobody cared. I saw a bunch of other people doing it as well! I also took a few pictures. The pictures/video didn't come out great for some reason (it kinda washed them out), but they're better than nothing!

Gary Chaw! At one point, he came out into the audience, and was MOBBED. He continued to sing, but kept saying "謝謝! Thank you! 謝謝!", it was cute.

S.H.E!!! Left to right: Hebe, Selina, Ella.

This is one of the many videos I took (with my crappy camera, not my video camera, thus the quality). I kinda drifted a bit at first, but it gets better! This was the end of the concert. The first song is "中國話" ("Chinese Language" - might be my new favorite S.H.E song), followed by "SUPERSTAR" (pay attention to Selina, she's on the right), and "SHERO". They then called Gary Chaw out for the end of the concert. Effectively ending on my favorite songs of theirs! I do wish they had sung "最近還好嗎" (one of my favorite songs ever), or "怎麼辦", but whatevs!
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I went to the Taiwanese restaurant today for lunch with my mother and sister. There were experiences.

The stinky tofu story )

tl;dr - I ordered some stinky tofu because in Taiwan I had liked it. Don't like it now. Hid it in my purse because I didn't want to lose face. (<<< hahahahahaha Chinese culture reference)

I succeeded in mailing off four packages for the exchange. Yay!

I also got a job interview for Monday. It's not what I'm looking for, career wise, but it's supposedly a good company, and the hours are good for me (Saturday - Tuesday). And I CAN keep looking for other jobs while working, especially since the job will be a contract position. Still want to move to Hawaii...

Random bit of random - I'm not really a fan of Danson's, but I am quite enjoying this song. Though the video reminds me of a mashup of 5566 and Show Luo. I like Amber's part a lot, though I'm confused as to why she rapped in Korea. Why not Mandarin? Though I'm assuming she knows Mandarin, being Taiwanese American, but she might not - thus the Korean... Either way, good song! Though I'm disturbed that Danson is looking a lot like Kim Hyun Joong...
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I've been listening to a lot of Mandarin music lately. I love kpop, but cpop was my first Asian music love.

So my recent favorites:

Videos below )
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They're totally making a sequel to Meteor Shower (aka mainland China's version of Hana Yori Dango)! Is it odd that I'm totally getting flaily about it? I only saw a few episodes of Meteor Shower with subs (they weren't available for awhile, and then I got to busy to watch stuff, so yeah, it got away from me), but I was really pleasantly surprised by it.

Course, if Meteor Shower 2 is anything like Meteor Garden 2, well, then I want nothing to do with it.

I also randomly pinyin-ized this song: 逆風 (Headwind) - Garden Sister
It's one of my favorite mandopop songs ever, and definitely my favorite from the Tokyo Juliet soundtrack (even more so than 只對你有感覺, which is a adorable Fahrenheit/Hebe song!)

Pinyin lyrics ahead! )

Stupid hard pinyin-ization (which is only hard because keyboards don't normally make tone marks). I don't know why I didn't pick an easier song to do my first pinyin-ization on. It could have been worse. I could have picked this song. (I will never get over the fact that sweet-looking Jason is a total badass in this video... and that Tony totally gets ripped off with this song)
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I've been thinking of making another girl group post. It's educational. Plus I get to watch MVs!

I love music videos, and collect them like mad. I have a ton of HQ MVs on my computer currently (mostly Kpop [*cough* Big Bang *cough*], but with a healthy dose of Taiwanese music as well. And, uh, 4 jpop ones... yeah, jpop just isn't my thing), and I regularly watch them.

Plus, I enjoy knowing group members! And since I spend most of my time on boy bands (*cough* Big Bang *cough*), I like getting the chance to know girl groups as well.

It's hard for me to keep up with multiple bands though. I devote 99% of my fangirling time to Big Bang, which means there's little room in my brain for anything else. I think it's good to expand my horizons! I think that's my theme recently. I plan on finding out more about bands I don't know. And I'm also going to dedicate more time to my first Asian music love: mandopop.

Which reminds me! S.H.E is having a concert in Taipei in May. I want to goooooo! I randomly missed Fahrenheit's concert there last October (I had NO CLUE it was happening. Otherwise I totally would have gone). But honestly, I just want to go back to Taipei.
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Geez, I swear I'll get to comment responses one of these days. I've been alternatively busy, or weirdly sick.

Did I mention I totally puked in the "bushes" outside of my school one morning on the way to class. People probably thought I was hungover. I wasn't. Afterwards I went to class as if nothing happened, and after getting the horrid taste out of my mouth, I was perfectly fine. Weird.

Culture classes start soon, and I'm SO conflicted as to which to pick. Each class is once a week for 2 hours, and cost $90 for the semester. I was thinking of taking (at least) two. I'm almost certain I'll take chop engraving as one (OMG chops! Since I first heard of them, I've been entranced. And think! It's the gift that keeps giving! I could make chops for EVERYONE!), but as for the other(s), well, I don't know. Soooo... POLL!! (Though goodness knows I do not expect much of a response, as I've been a horrid LJ friend recently! I still read everyone's entries though ;P )

[Poll #1462856]

The ones we decided against were Chinese Macrame (though it DOES interest me), Chinese Culinary Arts (love it, but probably have to deal with meat), the Chinese Harp (time consuming), and random other not as interesting ones.

Oh, and I got myself a copy of Super Junior M's First Mini Album!!!!!! It wasn't supposed to be released here yet, but randomly there it was, and I jumped on it. And because the register girl loved me, she gave me a free SuJu M folder!!! I have no words for my glee. I also bought Ariel Lin's album, and nearly bought Big Bang's Japanese album, but it didn't contain the DVD. (Awesome bit of info, music stores in Taiwan (or at least eslite) organize their CDs by artist name IN ZHUYIN, which is highly awesome.

I have a billion more pictures, and a billion more stories, but I'm SO TIRED. We just finished watching the Korean horror movie Cinderella, and it's 3am. YEAH. Sleep time.

But, um, have I mentioned that we're almost certainly going to be going to South Korea, Japan, AND Hong Kong sometime while here? Because, yeah, we are. Korea is my idea. Lisa wants Japan (course I'd love to go as well!), and Hong Kong because it's SO cheap to go.
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I am currently hungry, but too tired to actually make anything. It's a beautiful day outside, but still too hot to consider going out for any length of time. That's what I hate most about Taiwan. The incessant heat. We still have a month to go before it starts getting cooler. Until then I'm staying inside as much as possible, thank you very much!

You know how before I came here I was worried I'd freak out and get super homesick? I thought the first two weeks were going to be the worst. Turns out I was wrong. I was fine. Except now it's hitting me. I'm in my third week here, and I'm homesick. Thankfully it's not TOO bad, but as a result I'm sleeping a lot. A LOT.

I watched Buzzer Beat 8 with subs last night, and was alight with glee. I adore that show. I put Bali on hold for a bit, in order to prepare myself for the tragedy of the ending. Otherwise I've been indulging in ridiculous amounts of Pirates of the Caribbean fanfic. Specifically ones written by the awesome [livejournal.com profile] piratemistress. I recced her fic "Pearls" before, but she has a TON of other ones, and I am in the process of rereading all of them.

ALSO!!!! S.H.E WORLD TOUR!!! Starting this October! I'll still be here for it! YAY!

Random Taiwan picture of the day!

I took this at the local Family Mart (convenience store). Apparently the spices they use here result in magic. Also, granted I haven't eaten meat in around 14 years, but I'm pretty sure that's not a picture of beef on the package. Looks like chicken to me...
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Okay, actual post this time!

Ariel Lin's new MV has been released.

It stars two members of Super Junior, Siwon (aka the one in SuJu I can recognize who is not ShinDong), and DongHae.

The MV is adorable, and Ariel's voice is heavenly. The boys do a good job, especially DongHae. The MV actually kinda made me sad. Ariel's MVs always kinda make me sad... Lonely Northern Hemisphere makes me sad because it's from Love Contract, and everything related to LC makes me sad. Course Lu Ni Ya Zhan Ji doesn't make me sad, but I'm not going to include that one...

Some really cute things from the MV; in the beginning Ariel starts singing Sorry Sorry!! The boys speak in Korean throughout, and it's subtitled in Chinese, which is AWESOME.

I can't wait to get her album!

ALSO I got the Big Bang My Heaven single album from Japan yesterday. I'll take pictures at some point. But for now, enjoy a HQ picture of GD from the MV!
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Sorry I haven't been keeping up with stuff recently. I've been feeling quite shitty.

But that's beside the point; Random Taiwanese stuff!!

SO, both Ariel Lin and Xiao Gui (Alien) are coming out with albums this summer. I knew about Ariels, but not about Xiao Gui's! Ariel's comes out 17Jul09, and Xiao Gui's 24Jul09. I'll probably buy both when I'm in Taiwan, since the shipping will take 2 weeks anyway. I'm particularly excited for Ariel's album. Her music isn't really my type (poppy and ballady), BUT I adore her voice.

Summer dramas... well... I haven't been talking about them much, because, to be honest, not a lot of them really interest me. I mean, you've got;

1. Mo Nu 18 Hao (Magic 18) - Joyce Zhao and Sam Wang are the redeeming factors of this drama for me. Mostly revolves around family, and magic, and it's complicated

2. Roseate Love - I'm SO bitter about this drama it's not even funny. Like, I'm sure it'll be good and everything, but it was SUPPOSED to star Ariel Lin AND BRYANT CHANG. In a lead role! But then bad things happened, and now he's not in it, and I'm sad. Rui Jia deserves a lead role, damn it! I mean, he was FABULOUS in Eternal Summer and Summer's Tail...

3. Momo Love - Drastic cast and plot changes cooled my desire to watch this as well. I might still watch it because Vanness and Ken will be in it (along with some other Taiwanese character actors I like), but I can't say it's number one on my list.

4. Love Buffet - This one is a maybe for me. It might actually be a high school twdrama, which never happens... But Calvin and Aaron are adorable, so maybe. I THINK it's based on a manga, and I usually like manga adaptations, so yeah.

5. Fighting Spirit - I have no idea what this one is about, and I think it was only recently announced... It's a sports drama though, so yeah. Not for me.

6. Calling Big Star - I love Mike He, but the premise just seems boring.

There's a few more, but the details are scarce....

ON THE OTHER HAND, there ARE twdramas I'm looking forward to!

7. Down With Love - Ella and Jerry's drama. Anything with Ella in it automatically goes on my list. Add a fun plotline, and it's on my must-see for the summer list!

8. Easy Fortune Happy Life - I finally got the first episode of this, and I'm so excited to see it! Qiao En = LOVE.

9. Ni Shi Wo De Wei Yi - OMG I want to watch this SO BADLY, but it'll probably never get subbed.

10. Summer's Bubble - Cast changes put it down my list, but the plotline, with the fakecest, makes me want to watch it.

11. Take Care of You, Accompanied by the Lights - This is a cdrama, but whatever. The pairing of Ming Dao and Chen Qiao En makes me happy beyond words. I CANNOT WAIT for this drama.

12. Meteor Shower - Another cdrama. This is, obviously, the mainland version of Hana Yori Dano. I want to see it for the lulz.

As for the Taiwanese version of Full House... I'm not really sure how I feel about that one. I adore Wu Zun, and I think he'll be great. I haven't heard of Zhou Xun, but she's a mainland actress, so it's not like I would have heard of her anyway. BUT she's beautiful, and supposedly a good actress. One part of the story I LOVE is the cross cultural issues it'll be addressing, since the plot will go into the relationship between mainland China and Taiwan. THAT is interesting. But then, I have a thing with Taiwanese history and politics.
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Okay, so I decided to finally do my epic Asian CD's from NYC post. I've had the pictures sitting on my computer for a few days now...

Um, anyway, the photos kinda suck since I took them at night, and I was exhausted. So the light was bad, and I was too tired to care. Thus the crappiness.

K One - We r K One )

Comic Boyz - Hey Hah!! )

S.H.E - FM S.H.E )

Wang Lee Hom - Heart Beat )

w-inds - Hybrid Dream / Rain is Fallin' Single )
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On my way back from my exciting (... not really THAT exciting) trip to NYC.

I stopped in Chinatown, and went to two different music stores. BOTH didn't have Big Bang CDs, which made me inordinately upset. The first place didn't have basically any Korean music (they had DBSK, but it was a Japanese release), and the second place had some Kpop, but not Big Bang. Like, wtf?! They have BoA, Rain, SuJu, even Shinee. But NO Big Bang. No Se7en either, which makes me believe that they have a anti YG bias or something.

Anyway, I bought some Taiwanese stuff;
We r K One - K One (Though not this edition... I think the one I got is the first edition)
Hey Hah!! - Comic Boyz (Super rare! So rare I cannot find it for sale anywhere. I was amazed when I found it, and immediately grabbed it!)
Heart Beat - Lee Hom Wang (Though I have no idea which version I bought...)
FM S.H.E - S.H.E (My version came with an attached extra disc... not sure what it is yet...)

I also bought the w-inds. featuring GD single, though not the one I wanted. The store only had two versions, one was the plain version, and one was the Hybrid Dream DVD version. I wanted the one with the Rain is Fallin' DVD, because duh, GD! But something is better than nothing. I wasn't planning on buying it at all, actually, but when I saw it I was all like "what the hell!"

They had other cool stuff, like a S.H.E concert album I almost bought, and The Zai Zai Best of Collection which I was VERY tempted to buy. But honestly, as much as I love and adore Zai Zai, his music just isn't my style. The places had DVDs too, but I was too tired to sort through them, especially since the organization was kinda iffy (probably because it was IN CHINESE)... I looked for Boku was Imoto Ni Koi o Suru, but couldn't find it easily enough, so I gave up. I did see a special edition of Cape No. 7 though...

Eh, I'm SO tired, I need to sleep now...
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I made some icons! I have not done that in AGES, so yay! They're not particularly fancy, but I prefer them simpler right now. Mostly I just needed some icons that illustrated my current things.

Also, I went ahead and pre-ordered the Big Bang Japanese single. I thought about pre-ordering the second single as well, but I figure I'll wait. We don't even know what it's going to be called yet.

I was actually going to wait on this one as well, but the first presses for one of the versions had already been sold out (not the version I wanted though!), so I ordered. I got the version with the DVD. The sold out one came with a poster, but I've already got 4 Big Bang posters, I really don't need any more. I was totally tempted to buy all of them though. If they were cheaper, like Korean singles are, I would have. Stupid expensive Japan. Why can't they be cheap like Korea or Taiwan?

Hahahaha!! I was just looking up music charts in Taiwan, and um, they had this listed;
"Just Dance - 女神卡卡" They translated part of her name (though somehow the "lady" got turned into "goddess"), and did the second part phonetically, so it'd sound like Nǚ Shén Kǎ Kǎ.
For this one -> "I Kissed a Girl - 凱蒂佩芮", they did her whole name phonetically (it ends up being Kǎi Dì Pèi Ruì).

Also, SuJu is at the top of, what I assume is, the foreign Asian music in Taiwan chart. And Rachel Liang is at the top of the domestic charts.... hmmm... I should look into her, what with her upcoming starring role in Paper Rose. Also, totally didn't know she was in Cape No. 7! The rest of the top 5 aren't surprises.
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I was watching the Big Bang Hana Yori Dango parody, and OMG how did I not notice this before?!

The song they play in the last scene of the parody is THE KOREAN VERSION of the opening / theme song to Meteor Garden (Qing Fei De Yi)!! (I know that song basically by heart... they always used to play it at commercials breaks (like how they do in anime) so I heard it a lot...)

It begins at around 4:46 (seriously, Dae should NEVER dress in drag).

Oh God I miss this show...

IMO the Mandarin version is better...
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Recently I've had little time or energy for dramas. Lots and lots of work stress compounded with immense fatigue. So basically everything had fallen to the wayside (seriously, it's all I can do most days to not fall asleep immediately after I get home from work).

That's why I've been posting on music more recently, it's quicker! I'm still watching dramas though (albeit slowly)! I just finished episode 17 of My Queen (SO GOOD!), and I plan on watching episode 3 of Atashinchi no Danshi tonight (or at the very latest tomorrow). I'm also watching Nodame Cantabile actively, but much slower than normal.

Anyway, I've been asked a few times, so I decided to do a post with some of my mandopop recs (to be clear, I only listen to Mandarin music. I try not to listen to things in Cantonese, not because I feel it's inferior or anything, but because it confuses the hell out of me since I'm learning Mandarin).

Mandopop is, sadly, mostly ignored outside of Chinese cultures. It's not like Jpop, which is widely spread. It's not even like Kpop, which has recently gone international. I know when I first got into Taiwan, I had a hell of a time finding mandarin music. Over time it's gotten easier for me, but I figure a lot of people have the same problems, which is why it's underrepresented in the blogsphere (*snort* I said 'blogosphere'!).

Anyway, on to the recs!
Mandopop recs )

And yes, that is all I will do for right now, as I'm tired!
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I don't know why, but whenever I watch kdramas I have this weird visceral reaction to them.

I'm totally and completely in love with Dal Ja's Spring. I love falling in love with dramas.

Chae Rim is totally one of the prettiest people ever. I cap her alot.

Also, I LOOOOOVE her hair. I've always wanted to get a perm.

And yup, still in love with Lee Min Ki.

A few more caps )

Two random bits of fun;
1. My workplace won't let me log on to DVDHeaven, because they say it had "adult content"... it doesn't (as far as I can tell). It's a place to buy Korean merchandise/music. My workplace allows YesAsia, and YesAsia does sell the adult stuff.
2. I bought a Comic Boyz song on itunes today. Seriously. Mandopop on itunes! And old mandopop at that! I'd never been able to find this particular song for download, so I jumped at the chance.

DVDHeaven has some lovely engrish going on! I got an email from them last night that was titled "Your goods was sent already" Yeeeah.

Also; my playlist has gotten a ton longer. It's up to 68 songs. I need to edit it! 60% is Mandopop. As much as I love K-pop, I've got to stay true to my roots!
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I went ahead an bought The Real Big Bang Concert DVD. Who knows when it would become available again, so whatever. I bit the bullet.

I'm going to order the Global Warming DVD sometime too.

Also, I LOVE Jolin's new video for 花蝴蝶 (Butterfly). That girl can dance.

And now... SLEEP!
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So I mentioned how I got my last YesAsia shipment. Finally. 2 1/2 weeks after it shipped. 3 weeks after I placed the order. Why so sucky, YesAsia shipment?

This one contained my Hot Issue mini album, and Two Sided Fahrenheit.

Big Bang - Hot Issue )

Two Sided Fahrenheit )

Really tired suddenly. Makes sense, I HAVE been awake since 2:30am. I'm getting ready to make one of my last (for awhile) YesAsia orders. But not tonight. Tonight I have; shower, laundry, SLEEP.

I got to about half of my comments today. I'll to get to the rest tomorrow definitely.


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