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I love cell phone photos. Not because they're good, by any means, but because often they're random. It's what you want to capture at the moment, and then usually (if you're like me) you forget about it. Later, when you look back at them, it's almost like a surprise.

I finally emptied out of cell phone memory card, and some of the stuff is amusing. I also discovered a bunch of photos from Taiwan that I never took off.

Anyway, I'll start with the latest.
Today I went to the arboretum )

Chinese New Year in Boston's Chinatown )

Mangroves in Danshui, Taiwan )

Random pictures of doom, including Taiwan, Korea, and Japan )
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I desperately need to see this movie. But since it's select showing, I'd have to go all the way to Boston, and that's just a pain. I might go anyway though. I've been waiting for this movie for awhile. TAIWANESE POLITICAL HISTORY, PEOPLE! The White Terror! A Hollywood movie about Taiwan, a place most Americans don't even know exists. It's amazing. I'm dying to see it.


I miss Taiwan a lot. And it hurts that I'm forgetting some of it. So sometimes I like to go on youtube, and watch random videos of stuff from my everyday life there. It's funny that some of my most common memories can be summed up in youtube videos.

More from Taipei )
And that's all I can think of for now...
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I got my GD concert ticket in the mail today!!!! After worrying about it for awhile (whether it would arrive in time, since I'm paranoid about stuff like that), I'm so so so happy it's here!

In case I never said, to get the ticket I used Reina's Korean Shopping Service. Reina was a delight. I'd recommend her to anyone!

Anyway, LOOOOOK! (Yes, I blacked out a shitload of stuff, ALSO DUE TO PARANOIA!)

*cries with happiness!!*

The back of it has a lot of Korean I can't read. Anyone (*cough*[livejournal.com profile] mamarocker_83*cough*) wanna attempt to help me? Please?

So today we went to Taroko. It was... eventful. I hated it for awhile, but things turned out well. And it was SO BEAUTIFUL. And then we were all stranded on the side of the road in the dark waiting for a bus to possibly pass by. Did I mention THERE ARE BEARS IN TAROKO (though to be fair, they wouldn't attack me, and I'm not that scared of them)... Anyway, eventually a miracle taxi came by, and we got home. My Thanksgiving meal consisted of a large baguette, some inari sushi, and two large green ponkans.

We're not sure if we even want to try Sun Moon Lake. It's SO HARD to travel outside of the city here. Makes me never want to leave Taipei. But hell, I got some good pictures.
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*cries* My time in Taiwan is almost over. I comfort myself by saying I'll be back soon enough (when, I'm not sure, but I'd miss it too much to stay away fr too long!), but I only have four days before I leave for Korea/Japan, and then only two days back here before I fly home.


I'm excited for Korea and Japan, I really am. Korea will be hard (I can say exactly six things in Korean: "I love you", "Hello", "I'm Sorry", "Thank You", "Day", and "Man"... I understand a bit more, but just a bit), but I half don't care. Can't be worse than initially being in Taiwan. I didn't speak/read Chinese before I came here, and I survived. Plus being in Taiwan has got me used to people STARING AT ME CONSTANTLY (which I'm sure will happen a lot in Korea). Seriously, it's like being famous. They stare a LOT, they occasionally take pictures, and often they'll nudge each other and say "美國人!" (Americans) or "外國人!" (foreigners)... Sometimes it amuses me, sometimes I don't notice it, and sometimes it annoys the hell out of me. Honestly though, I'm not that interesting.

Anyway, tomorrow we go to Taroko Gorge. And if we can find a trans mountain bus, we'll go to Sun Moon Lake on Friday (to go from Taroko to SML you need to cross the central mountain range). We won't be able to get to Alishan. I wanted so much to go there, but since the typhoon, the train (which is the #1 thing to do there) has been closed. I want to go to Alishan when I can go on the train. It's not the same without it.

In other news, I've been watching the anime Bokura ga Ita. Lisa told me about it, and I was all like "...I'm not watching anything right now...", so I downloaded it. It's really good so far, but I'm kinda getting sick of the innocent, no-idea-about-sex, wishy-washy girls in animes and dramas. Yes, they're young, but hell, when I was 15 I knew what was going on! I know it's a cultural purity thing, but it really gets old to me. Hopefully my next drama Hon, as suggested by [livejournal.com profile] darkeyedwolf, will solve this for me!

I also have solved my suitcase crisis! It involves buying another suitcase, but whatev, I needed one anyway. My big suitcase got destroyed on the way here.

Anyway, some random pictures from the last few days here!

Christmas decorations are out full force here (this was outside the Core Pacific Mall). It prompted a very American response of "But it's not even Thanksgiving yet!" from me...


And since it's already the 26th here, I will wish all of my American friends a VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

ALSO! Almost forgot! Anyone else want anything from Taiwan/Korea/Japan?
Some things I can easily procure from Taiwan: Tea, tea sets, Chinese charms, cell phone straps, Taiwanese entertainment stuff, calligraphy stuff, adorable stationary, adorable jewelry/hair accessories, bento boxes, bento supplies, Chinese language books/CDs/DVDs, name chops with your Chinese name on them, jade, silk bags, parasols, Chinese paintings, ETC.
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Obviously I am not sane.

I have EIGHT types of tea I am bringing home.

Aged Kings Tea (oolong, or 老茶)
Ti Kuan Yin Tea (oolong)
Jin Xuan Tea (oolong)
Oriental Beauty (oolong)
Tung Ting Tea (oolong)
High Mountain Tea (oolong)
Pu'Er Tea (post fermented)
Rose Tea (herbal)

Plus I hope to buy two more types: Silver Needle Tea (white tea), and Alishan Tea (oolong). I'm not that big a fan of green tea, so I'm probably not going to buy that.

ALSO I totally need another suitcase. Probably a full size one too. Luckily carrefour has them for sale. *sigh* Too much stuff. Add in my Korea purchases, and it's not going to be fun. Stupid erhu.
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Today was an, um, interesting day.

Last day of school, last time to see my classmates! It was sad. We ate a lot, and took pictures!

I mosaic-ed out Lisa, because that's just what friends do! (We both hate pictures of ourselves, but since she was RIGHT next to 張老師, I couldn't cut her out... I cut myself out though!)

And then we were waiting for the bus, and a random guy on a scooter stopped next to me, and was miming to me. We think he was saying I was pretty (or at least he really liked my eyes). It's weird, but I've been randomly complimented here more than anywhere else. Taiwanese love me.

Later on a guy commented on how he thought (again, we're unsure about this) I was Indian, or Indonesian, or something. Um, I'm very white looking. It was odd.

So then I come home, and find THESE PICTURES, which I swear, made my uterus explode with flail. I LOVE BABIES. I LOVE BIG BANG. I LOVE BIG BANG HOLDING BABIES. (Article at Allkpop

I can't wait to go to Korea if only to buy BB stuff incessantly. Seriously. It's a disease. ONLY ONE MORE WEEK.

Otherwise I bought some more tea stuff (Chinese tea has a LOT of instruments), and some tea! YAYS!

Random: Robbie William's new album is big here right now. I'm glad. I like Robbie Williams.
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Last night was a LONG night. After school, we come home, and flipped out about going to Alishan (it was badly planned) so we canceled our tickets, and then decided to go find the new Big Bang single album for me to buy (it came out here on 13Nov09). After going several places, I did find it (YAY). I also bought a super cute apple shaped bottle perfume.

Afterwards we decided to go KTVing, but it was too late (trains stop at 12, and it was 10:30), so we went home (by way of the Taipei 101 of course... we go there A LOT). I then slept FOREVER.

Today we decided to go to Maokong, which is the mountains south of here. But, as it happens with us ALL THE TIME, we got kinda lost, and nothing worked. I did get some lovely shots of the mountains though!

Afterwards we went to Ximen to find food, ate at "Coke Forest" which is an American themed restaurant with horrible chinglish menus. Something to eat? How about Chicken Naggets? Want something to drink? How about some lovely Classical Battle?

Otherwise the food was good, and the Lemon coke I had was AMAZING.

Afterwards we KTVed. Not only that, we DRUNKEN KTVed!! Something we've been meaning to do for a long long time. We bought shitloads of sake, and juice, and drank a ton (thought apparently not THAT much, because I'm not even tipsy anymore). And we sang english (both of us), Japanese (Lisa) and Mandarin (me) songs. It was definitely amusing, especially the more we drank. We then stumbled on the last train, and I spent a good portion of the way home randomly sit-dancing to very loud Fall Out Boy on my ipod.


BTW!!!! At Family Mart (which is owned by Lotte) they have all these ads for the Family Mart concert, which apparently stars Rain. And EVERYIME I see them, I yell "Raaaaaiiiin!!!!" ala Stephen Colbert.
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It's been awhile since I posted anything BB related (it's hard to keep on top of new stuff, but since it's BB, I try...), but this was just too adorable to not share. Dae with the kitten was the best. And while my love for GD is immense and overwhelming, I flailed the most over Young Bae, who was too adorable with the puppy, and THEN was playing with the kittens. He's such a goddamn doll, that boy.

Also, kinda old news, but whatev. Se7en is going to be at GD's concert! I'm so excited! I figure all of the BB boys will make an appearance, as well as Dara, CL, Kush, Teddy, and hopefully Park Bom (since they all have songs with GD). I'm hoping for a random Jinusean appearance too. This concert is going to be amazing, and I'm DYING from excitement.

Tomorrow we leave to visit Alishan (as seen in the twdrama, Wish to See You Again), and watch the sunrise on the top. I'm also going to be buying some tea (Alishan high mountain oolong is one of the best in the world), and possibly sleeping on the mountain.

ALSO! Today in the MRT newspaper there was an article about Zai Zai not being in a movie or something. Either way, ZAI ZAI! And they totally called him 仔仔 too, not his real name. 很可愛!
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We found a German bakery and biergarten in Tienmu today (along with ANOTHER cat/dog cafe). I seriously love Taiwan. It's so random and awesome here.

The german place is cool, because they have traditional german desserts, but also imported german food like bavarian mustard and weissbier. They also had adventkalendars, which was super cool.

Speaking of, does anyone else celebrate Nikolaustag (St. Nicholas Day) on December 5/6th? In college I was heavily involved with the German club, so I adopted a lot of German traditions, that holiday included.

That's also, incidentally, why I usually try to travel to Munich Germany every year in December; Munich's Christkindlmarkt (christmas market).
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Guess who f-ed up her knee today by not noticing a slight step down... Have I mentioned the hilarious tale of how I broke my knee about two weeks into my freshman year of college (a college 500 miles from my home)? Ever since then my knee's been weird (like how I can't wear heels...), so way to go me.

On the other hand, at least I got some amazing pictures and cultural activity out of it!

The famous Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. Built, obviously, for the controversial former KMT President of Taiwan. Despite doing by the MRT station every day, this is the first time we actually visited. It's HUGELY impressive.

A view of the "Democracy Boulevard", and the National Concert Hall, and National Theater. Both are amazing buildings.

I fully intend on going back. It's free, interesting (the hall itself has special exhibits. The one we saw was about Chinese calligraphy), and the surrounding parks are AMAZING. They have ponds. With the largest most monster Koi I've ever seen in my life. Seriously, these things looked like small tuna. It was insane. (Random aside, but WTF KOI?! They can live for CENTURIES?!)

I promise one day I will get back to comments. It's been tough because I'm usually VERY busy. I have regular class every day, plus 6 hours of culture class a week, plus commute, cultural activities, homework, studying, ETC... It's all I can do to get home and crash. I don't even really watch stuff anymore because that would require energy I don't currently possess. It's honestly a nice change of pace, though detrimental to my rich online life :D I still read everyone's comments and posts though!
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What I did this weekend can pretty much be summed up in these three pictures. (Though I have about 400 more pictures and at least 20 videos than may or may not get posted in the future)

Other points of interest...
1. An eight hour train ride
2. Trying to find busses at midnight
3. Old dudes making weird kissing noises at us
4. Taking pictures of a random hot guy
5. Getting caught up in a fucking MOB
6. Climbing on giant stacks of ghost money (we're talking around 10 feet high)
7. Falling down on said ghost money when the guys pulled it from underneath my feet.
8. Getting in the way of everyone
9. Getting caught in ANOTHER giant mob, and then getting crushed against people (including creepy middle aged dudes whose crotches were pressed up against me)
10. Having a random girl turn to me, and say, in english "Hello! You are very beautiful!" (Apparently I am considered really attractive in Kaohsiung, this type of thing happened to me a lot there...)
11. Escaping the mob and falling asleep on the beach
12. Seeing shitloads of tiny little crabs
13. Getting lost when trying to find the bus station and asking random white people for help
14. Sleeping on little more than wooden boards covered with a blanket (and being surprising comfortable)
15. Taking pictures in the mouths of a giant tiger and giant dragon
16. Being mesmerized by the shiny sidewalks of Kaohsiung
17. Going in possibly the worst smelling bathroom I've ever encountered
18. Being stared at by guys on scooters while waiting for the bus (to be fair we were wearing really low cut shirts...)
19. Getting lost AT 11PM IN A STRANGE CITY after the damn bus driver let us off in the middle of fucking nowhere after demanding we pay him extra.
20. Deciding that we never ever EVER wanted to leave the Shui ever again (the Shui = Danshui, where we live)

And, um, more stuff... It's really nice to be back in the Shui.
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Because I have yet to watch Black and White fully, did they ever explicitly state where it took place? I thought it took place in Taipei (everything takes place in Taipei...), but it was filmed in Kaohsiung.

I know that because remember this scene in episode 1?

I've been looking for that station since I go to Taiwan, and couldn't find it. BECAUSE IT WAS IN KAOHSIUNG ALL ALONG! No wonder everything in that show looked so shiny and new...

(I'm in Kaohsiung currently, for reasons I will explain more about later (with pictures). It's so weirdly clean and pretty here, but as pretty as it is, I like good old slightly-dirty Taipei more. It's my Taiwan!home)
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My first chop

I think I did pretty well, with only two big mistakes. And since it was my first attempt at carving (I've carved wood before, and I've engraved metal, but never stone), I was happy with it. It says "平安" píng ān (peace). 張老師 carved the date, and my name on the front of it. It's SO cool! (Btw, the stone itself is a lot prettier than it seems. It's red and white (not brown), but didn't photograph well... It's weird though, my stone's character was written differently than the one everyone else had.

Next week we're going to carve a chop with our names on it. I'm SUPER excited for that. I've wanted my own name chop since I first heard about them.

I've decided that once I go back home I'm going to try to study Chinese painting. I love Chinese cultural stuff. I wish I could have taken every single culture class.

So tomorrow; CLASS, Cat Cafe, studying, possible drunken KTV, and then some sleep.

Wha? Apparently there's a Chinese school in New Hampshire (close to my home) that teaches culture classes! AWESOME.
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1. Chinese tea class is awesome and awesome... plus more awesome. The teacher speaks english, and totally wants me (and the other American girl in the class) to do an language exchange with her.

2. Chinese tea is REALLY GOOD. Usually I cannot find tea at all palpable unless it is inundated with as much sugar as the water can take until it is completely saturated. BUT either the tea itself was better (better quality) or the brewing procedure makes the difference. And I can't wait to get myself a traditional tea set. It's so complicated (this is the closest set up I could find to the one 我的中國茶老師 uses.

3. Saw a dude today, who as Lisa aptly put it, had "a MatsuJun face". He looked like Domyoji (though DISTINCTLY toned down), which was pretty damn awesome.

4. Visa = extended. It was a super easy process, comparatively. Plus we saw a guy working there that might have been hot (he had a face mask on), and I developed a weird sudden crush on him. We made up a story for him, where he was a poor country boy who was working in bureaucracy to help pay to put his younger siblings through school. We then decided that we could TOTALLY be drama writers.

5. We ate genuine pizza. It was good, and the waiters spoke english, which unnerved me, and I kept speaking to them in Mandarin (to which they would respond to in english).

6. Looking forward (slightly) to chop class (I want to START SOMETHING... I'm skilled in handiworks, I want to do some carving!), NOT looking forward to erhu class. The music is CONFUSING, it's not normal sheet music, and it's baffling to me. But whatev.

7. I need to stop obsessively listening to Glee music. I've been literally singing "Maybe This Time" for DAYS. And not just like, in my room. I sing it outside, in the subway, in between classes, ETC.
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Since I promised Lisa I'd post about it...

Today we went to the Chinese Handicraft Mart to look for gifts (two of my nephews, my niece, my brother, and both my sisters have birthdays around this time), and on the way back I was walking along, minding my business, when I saw a guy on the side of the street. I glanced at him, and, um, noticed he had himself all exposed. Pants were open, parts were hanging out in the air. I kinda just glanced away and kept walking. REALLY ODD. I would expect this of New York City, or Boston, but NOT of Taipei, and distinctly not of that area (around Taida).

Also we were in carrefour today to get pictures taken for our visas (mine came out pretty well, I totally posed), and we saw a dog poop on the floor. Luckily the owner cleaned it up. But I doubt I'll ever get used to the random dogs in food stores here.

I think I'm sick. I hope it's not the flu. All I need is to get H1N1 (though at least my school absences wouldn't be counted. Have I mentioned that Taiwan is freaking obsessed with preventing H1N1?) I've had the flu maybe 4 times in my life. It would just figure if I got it now.

I got a free cell phone charm today. Which brings my total up to five. I obviously have an addiction.

Awesome quote from us I wrote down, but then never posted...
"The only people who know me better than me are God and Rasputin"

ETA: Random Chinese! 我叫美俐. 我是生物學家. 我去台灣學中文. 這是一點兒功課.
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A few more pictures!

The Lover's Bridge in Danshui. As seen in several Taiwanese dramas! It's super pretty, and being near the ocean always makes me happy!
Danshui Fisherman's wharf, Xin Yi, and the Confucius Temple )

I finished the first book of The Vampire Diaries not long ago, and holy shit I love it, in all it's badness. And I've got it SO BAD for Damon it's not even funny. Stefan kinda bores me, being all righteous and stuff. Then again, I DID prefer Louis to Lestat, so apparently I am fickle.

The typhoon didn't hit (yet), but it sure feels like it. It's been raining, cold, and windy. I can't say I mind that much. Today, for the first time since being here, I wore a long sleeved shirt. It was nice.

Sometime soon we're going to go to Alleycat's, because I'm just SO sick of Asian food. I want some good old American style pizza.
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Guess who finally, after trying since AUGUST 19TH, has finally managed to get her hands on a physical copy of Big Bang's Japanese album (aptly titled "Big Bang")...

It's the Taiwanese version, which as far as I can tell is exactly the same as the original Japanese edition, expect: it was made in Taiwan, and has a booklet of the lyrics translated into Chinese. It was also $25 less. Score for me. The DVD behind the scenes stuff is awesome!

Other news... Well, culture classes are scary, because they're taught totally in Mandarin, and I'm like "uhhhhhhhh, 什麼?"

Yesterday was Moon Festival day, so we had a big meal, mooncakes (which depending on type varied between REALLY good, and kinda weird), and moon watching. Afterwards, right as I was attempting to go to sleep, we had a earthquake. Well, technically Hualien had an earthquake. And, um, Hualien is pretty far from Taipei. But the earthquake was pretty strong (6.3 magnitude), so we felt it. It was kinda scary, but also pretty awesome. It was my first earthquake. Well technically I've been in another earthquake when I lived in Virginia, but I didn't feel it, because I was in an elevator.

We're also preparing for Typhoon Parma. It might hit Taiwan, but it might not. Crapshoot, really. They're evacuating some parts of the south already. BUT the typhoon weather means it's FINALLY cooler. It feels lovely, finally.

Otherwise, I'm doing random NON-DRAMA related things. I've been watching a lot of Western TV. That, and thanks to [livejournal.com profile] darkeyedwolf, I've been reading The Vampire Diaries, which is SO MUCH like a badfic it's hard to imagine it got published. So bad it's good. I've also been enjoying Korean Horror movies...

Western TV and Korean Horror Movies )

Oh random! Today at the Taiwanese Daiso/eslite building they were playing a LOT of ABBA. And then we were walking around Ximen, and suddenly I heard GD's song "Hello". I proceeded to freak out, and stay in that store until they finished playing GD (they played the whole album).

And has anyone else heard Joe Cheng's new album? I caught one of the singles on MTV the other day, and was impressed. I'm probably going to buy his album sometime (there are two versions! One comes with a book, and one comes with a DVD!)
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Culture classes chosen and paid for (and starting tomorrow).

I'm taking Chop Carving (and yes, chop = seal, as [livejournal.com profile] calledinvain helpfully pointed out), Chinese Tea Ceremony, and Chinese Musical Instrument.

I'm going to be learning the erhu. Luckily I know how to play stringed instruments. UNLUCKILY I cannot read treble clef (if, in fact, the erhu uses treble... I don't know). I read bass clef.

So, um, I'm going to be buying an erhu. Tomorrow. Yup.

I have a MASSIVE post in the works, which includes several trips to cool places, and random cute stuff I've bought recently. But now I should sleep.
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Geez, I swear I'll get to comment responses one of these days. I've been alternatively busy, or weirdly sick.

Did I mention I totally puked in the "bushes" outside of my school one morning on the way to class. People probably thought I was hungover. I wasn't. Afterwards I went to class as if nothing happened, and after getting the horrid taste out of my mouth, I was perfectly fine. Weird.

Culture classes start soon, and I'm SO conflicted as to which to pick. Each class is once a week for 2 hours, and cost $90 for the semester. I was thinking of taking (at least) two. I'm almost certain I'll take chop engraving as one (OMG chops! Since I first heard of them, I've been entranced. And think! It's the gift that keeps giving! I could make chops for EVERYONE!), but as for the other(s), well, I don't know. Soooo... POLL!! (Though goodness knows I do not expect much of a response, as I've been a horrid LJ friend recently! I still read everyone's entries though ;P )

[Poll #1462856]

The ones we decided against were Chinese Macrame (though it DOES interest me), Chinese Culinary Arts (love it, but probably have to deal with meat), the Chinese Harp (time consuming), and random other not as interesting ones.

Oh, and I got myself a copy of Super Junior M's First Mini Album!!!!!! It wasn't supposed to be released here yet, but randomly there it was, and I jumped on it. And because the register girl loved me, she gave me a free SuJu M folder!!! I have no words for my glee. I also bought Ariel Lin's album, and nearly bought Big Bang's Japanese album, but it didn't contain the DVD. (Awesome bit of info, music stores in Taiwan (or at least eslite) organize their CDs by artist name IN ZHUYIN, which is highly awesome.

I have a billion more pictures, and a billion more stories, but I'm SO TIRED. We just finished watching the Korean horror movie Cinderella, and it's 3am. YEAH. Sleep time.

But, um, have I mentioned that we're almost certainly going to be going to South Korea, Japan, AND Hong Kong sometime while here? Because, yeah, we are. Korea is my idea. Lisa wants Japan (course I'd love to go as well!), and Hong Kong because it's SO cheap to go.
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OMG my peeps, I have a seemingly unending post to write.

It encompasses several days with several major(ish) trips/activities. Plus other random stuff. Because, really, that's just how I work.

First off, I think I'm finally starting to love Taiwan. Sure, it's still 8 millions degrees, and a billion percent humidity, but I feel a TON more comfortable here than before. Took long enough (just over a month! OMG I've been living here a month. Time is passing too quickly!) Still not watching ANYTHING, and still reading far FAR too much POTC fanfic.


SECOND, the stray/wild/domestic animals of our neighborhood:
Cats -> Frodo, Samwise (they chill together, it made sense), Sensei, Autumn Sadie, and Socks
Koi -> Jaws, Supernova, Creamsicle, Sushi, Sashimi, Sesame, Shoyu, and Amos
Lizard -> Mr. Wang (in english, no less)
Cockroach(s) -> 大衛 (Da Wei). Whenever we see him/them, we yell at it "他叫大衛!"
Tadpoles -> They don't have names, really. Maybe they will once they grow into frogs. If Mr. Wang doesn't eat them all first.


THIRD! We had our first Taiwanese language class today. It was pretty awesome. Taiwanese is SO different from Mandarin, more akin to Cantonese in tones (Cantonese has 6/9 tones, Taiwanese has 8). It's very fluid. And nasally, which is fun. Lisa and I are now randomly saying "li beh ki do ui" to each other (你要去哪裡, 'ni yao qu na li' in Mandarin).


On Saturday we took a night time trip to Shilin Night Market )




On the way back to the station we stumbled upon Tian Hou Temple (天后宮), a place I'd been wanting to see. It's so randomly placed, but totally amazing. My first temple visit )


Have I mentioned the popular Taiwanese doll/puppet show? I haven't?! )


Random school stuff! )


GD's new MV Breathe )




Have I mentioned Zai Zai lives in my apartment building? I saw him out for a walk with his mother, and a girl named Zai Mei that he must live with ..... )


October 3rd (I THINK) is the Moon Festival. The school is providing us with vegetarian moon cakes! GLEEEEE! (I soooooo want an ice cream mooncake from Haagen Daez) I'm not sure what we'll be doing, but it'll be awesome.

ALSO September 28th is Confucius' birthday. They have a big thing at the Confucius Temple, but I don't know if we'll go... I want to though. I bet it'll be amazing.


AND I am done. DONE. Despite still have a bunch to say. I swear I've been working on this entry for four hours or so. *sigh*

But one thing before I go... I will leave you with one of Mine and Lisa's randomisms...

"There's a big difference between it not mattering and micropenis"

I'm not even going to explain.


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