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As some of you might already know, Selina Ren (of S.H.E) was injured recently while filming a drama.

I heard about it the other day, but just found out how serious it is. She has multiple third degree burns on her legs, back, and arms. And apparently, she's going to need skin grafts.

Also injured (reportedly more seriously, due to him trying to shield Selina) is Yu Hao Ming, who you'd either know from the mainland Chinese version of Hana Yori Dango (Meteor Shower), or Super Boys (basically Chinese X-Factor).

I honestly hope they both get better soon! I especially feel horrible for Selina. She just got engaged a few months ago, and instead of having fun planning her wedding, and doing engagement photoshoots (Taiwanese engagement photoshoots are legendary), she's stuck in the hospital with horrible injuries.
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First off, I was late, and I didn't get the t-shirt I was promised (I emailed them, and was like "WTF T-SHIRT?!"), but I didn't miss S.H.E, and my seat was pretty good. I was further back, but I was in the dead center of the arena. The schedule was a bit weird; Gary Chaw was out first, followed by S.H.E, followed by Gary again, and finally S.H.E again.

Gary Chaw is a great singer, but not my type of music. So I was kinda fidgety for awhile, until S.H.E came out. It was funny, when the girls came up on stage, the people in the lower seating flailed all over the place. I was in the stands, and people up there were a lot less fanatic. I saw a lot of little kids and old people too. I half think they went just because it was a Chinese concert, not out of love for S.H.E.

The audience was enthusiastic, but relatively sedate. It confused me. I've only been to a few concerts in my life, but never one where the audience didn't stand up, and dance and sing. Compared to the extreme craziness of Big Bang concerts, this was so low key.

Anyway, the girls were AMAZING. They're so so so so much tinier in person, especially Hebe. Ella is just as awesome and quirky as she seems on tv (she kept talking to the audience, but it was all in Mandarin, and since I find Ella's accent hard to understand, I was lost), Hebe is adorable (at one point she sang where she wasn't supposed to and made this cute face, and during "SUPERSTAR" she started laughing uncontrollably) and Selina is gorgeous (she was also really getting into some of the songs, dancing all about, totally cute). You can tell they're such good friends, with how they interact with each other. Also they're all fabulous singers. You know how sometimes a band isn't nearly as good live? Not S.H.E. They were amazing, and there was no backtrack either.

I filmed basically the whole thing, because apparently nobody cared. I saw a bunch of other people doing it as well! I also took a few pictures. The pictures/video didn't come out great for some reason (it kinda washed them out), but they're better than nothing!

Gary Chaw! At one point, he came out into the audience, and was MOBBED. He continued to sing, but kept saying "謝謝! Thank you! 謝謝!", it was cute.

S.H.E!!! Left to right: Hebe, Selina, Ella.

This is one of the many videos I took (with my crappy camera, not my video camera, thus the quality). I kinda drifted a bit at first, but it gets better! This was the end of the concert. The first song is "中國話" ("Chinese Language" - might be my new favorite S.H.E song), followed by "SUPERSTAR" (pay attention to Selina, she's on the right), and "SHERO". They then called Gary Chaw out for the end of the concert. Effectively ending on my favorite songs of theirs! I do wish they had sung "最近還好嗎" (one of my favorite songs ever), or "怎麼辦", but whatevs!
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I'm getting ready to go to the S.H.E concert. This entails several things; doing my nails (I like doing my nails for concerts. I almost wrote "S.H.E" on them, but figured it was too cutesy. I'm not in Asia anymore), actually doing my makeup (I've gotten in the habit of only doing foundation/eyebrows recently. Now that my skin is better, I feel less like I have to pile on makeup to distract), and charging my camera battery.

Because, you KNOW I'm going to try to tape some of it. I hope I don't get caught, because I don't have the excuse of not understanding what the hell they're telling me here. It's been so long since I've been to a concert in the US (7 years, guys) that I don't remember what is acceptable.

I'm also getting ready to feel ridiculously awkward for being white. Jpop is one thing, even Kpop is getting more international play, but Cpop is still mainly the domain of the Chinese. Hell, being interested in anything Chinese related, and being non-Chinese is awkward. Believe me. And while I did build up an immunity to the staring and general awkwardness of being the odd man out while in Taiwan, I'm afraid that's long since gone. It's odd, suddenly experiencing how it feels to be a minority. Makes me all that more impressed by people who live with it daily.

Anyway, check back later. I should write at least something about it, PERHAPS WITH PICTURES!


Jun. 15th, 2010 08:52 pm
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Ordered my tickets for the S.H.E concert! It's this Saturday, I'm so excited! With all the free booze and gambling, it'll be even more fun.
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In trying to get myself back on the track of not sucking, I decided to clean out my closet. This involved getting rid of SIX bags of clothes, one bag of shoes, and random other stuff. Goodwill is going to either love me, or hate me. Also, teenage!me made some interesting fashion choices; purple suede pencil skirts, mesh shirts (FOUR OF THEM), a pair of grey nylon capris, etc. I also discovered that I have an ungodly amount of fleece jackets. I think I buy a new one every year, because about a fifth of my closet is fleece.

I finished Better Off Ted, which was awesome, and due to my developing a girlcrush on Portia de Rossi, I started watching Arrested Development (which I also love). I do this when I get all depressed - watch sitcoms. For some reason, usually what I watch is Fraiser... Though I have had a recent desire to watch Wings. I LOVED Wings when I was a kid. I want to go to Nantucket and hang out in the airport...

I will definitely be going to the S.H.E concert later this month. I'm excited! I was going to stay overnight in the casino, but it's $1200 A NIGHT. FOR THE CHEAPEST ROOM. Naturally I compared this to the most famous and luxurious hotel in Taipei, which was around $200 a night. The disparity is too great. I've got to stop comparing prices here to prices in Taiwan...

Speaking of Taiwan, I'm going to an honest-to-God Taiwanese restaurant tonight. I will finally get to eat a damn scallion pancake. They don't have oyster omelets, thought they do have an oyster pancake. Not sure what that is... There are two locations, and the menu for one of them had shaved ice on it (OMG SHAVED ICE!!!), but the other one doesn't. And of course I'm going to the one without the ice on the menu... But, you never know. They might have it. And bubble tea. AND PATATA?! No one has Patata...

Feeling kinda weird right now... I was drinking some delightful chocolate liqueur, but on an empty stomach, so now I just kinda feel sick... (PSSST! Not drunk, just really tired, which is why this entry is all over the place)

But, you guys, I'm going to be seeing Selina, Hebe, and Ella live!! And because I can understand and speak some Mandarin, I will be able to sing along and make sense. And I can also scream "加油 Selina! 加油 Hebe! 加油 Ella! 加油 S.H.E!! 我愛你!!!!". It'll be fun.
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It looks like Summer's Desire (aka, Summer of Bubbles, Summer's Bubbles, etc) is going to be airing at the end of May. Apparently the reason the drama had trouble selling was because of the ages of the main actors (Huang Xiao Ming = 32, Da S = 33 Peter Ho = 34). I personally do not see why this is a problem (almost all Taiwanese dramas feature actors who are older than the mean age of Kdrama or Jdrama actors). Jerry Yan is 33, and his drama is popular. The main cast for P.S. Man (which has the highest rating out of all the twdramas airing right now) are all in their early thirties/late twenties.

This is old, but whatever. Awhile ago I was surprised to hear that Eddie Peng was releasing and album. I love Eddie Peng. He's adorable, and a good actor. He also speaks English because he was raised in Canada. I have a thing for foreign born/raised Asian celebrities. I think they appeal more to me, because they're culturally closer to what I identify with.

Either way, Eddie's newest video stars Tiffany Xu (who I always confuse with Bianca Bai for some reason. It's not like I can't tell them apart, especially since Tiffany is half white...). I have a longstanding girlcrush on Tiffany. I'm not the biggest fan of the song (it's ballad, and we all know how I feel about ballads), but the video is nice. Eddie looks hot (especially those arms! Last time I saw him, he did NOT have those arms...). But I find it funny that the thing I noticed the most was that the umbrella in the video looks to be a 7-11 umbrella. One of the white ones. The 7-11 umbrellas are ubiquitous in Taiwan for two reasons: the weather there is unpredictable (SUDDEN RAIN! EXTREME SUN!) so everyone carries umbrellas, and the 7-11 umbrellas are cheap. If I remember correctly, they're only $60NT (uh, less than $2USD). Anyway, on with the video.

Speaking of Tiffany Xu, She's going to be starring alongside Wang Chuan Yi (you all know him as Kingone, but I refuse to call him that), AND Viter Fan in a new drama *high pitched girlish squeal*!!!!! I'm all like, wtf awesome! Viter Fan isn't well known as a drama actor. He's been in a few dramas (including the amazing Crystal Boys), but he's more of a movie actor. Recently he's been involved in a scandal for speaking out about his former relationship with Cyndi Wang (his statements were in bad taste, but I honestly don't think he meant to stir shit up). I'm not letting that infringe on my love for him, however. As for Chuan Yi, I ADORE the man. Add in Tiffany, and it's just plain awesome (Alice Ceng also stars. I haven't seen much of her, but what I HAVE seen, I've liked). The drama's called 就是要香戀, which is roughly translated at something like "Only Want Sweet Love" (I'm guessing here, but since "戀" is more like, longing, or missing someone, there might be a bit more depth to the title than the translation).

In other cpop news, awhile ago S.H.E released a video for their song 愛就對了. It stars Zhang Rui Jia (who next to Zai Zai, is the Taiwanese love of my life). Thus it's guaranteed that I would love it. Because it's RUI JIA, people! The girls look fabulous as well. Ella's still my favorite, but recently I've been liking Hebe a lot more.

This last bit is random. At the end of march Jane Zhang released her newest album. The song is gorgeous (OMG her voice!), but it was the video that caught my attention. It stars another one of my favorite Taiwanese guys (and birthday-mate) Joseph Chang. Course, the big deal about the video was not him, but rather that it also stars Pan Chen (a former contestant from Super Girls, which is essentially the mainland China version of Pop Idol [you know, like American idol]). Anyway, I like this gif. Holy shit Joseph, you're smokin'.

Oh, one more thing! This is old news (About a month ago I had a bunch of Taiwanese stuff to talk about, but then put it off for some reason...), but whatev. Wu Zun is rumored to be in a drama this summer with Rainie. Apparently GTV requested Wu Zun, hoping he would save them in the ratings war. GTV is one of the major networks in Taiwan, but it's been losing in the ratings for awhile to SETTV. SETTV is personally my favorite network (Chen Qiao En works with them a lot), but I can sympathize. And hell, if there's any way to get your ratings back on track, it's to add some Wu Zun. Can't go wrong with that.
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I'm not a big concert person (because, well, remember I never really like music all that much growing up), but ever since I found out that S.H.E is coming to an arena near me (where they will kick off their FIRST non-Asian tour), I've been following people coming near me.

I just found out tonight that tomorrow the Goo Goo Dolls are playing right near me. And the tickets are sold out D: (I also found out that Tears for Fears is playing nearby. I didn't even know they still existed...)

I love the Goo Goo Dolls. I went to one of their concerts back in, wow, it must have been 1998 or 1999. Right around the time they were really famous. I also saw Fastball and Sugar Ray (they opened). Amusingly enough, someone was stabbed. AT A GOO GOO DOLLS CONCERT.

I've only been to 5 concerts ever in my life (Green Day, Goo Goo Dolls, Better Than Ezra, GD, and Big Bang), mostly because I hate crowds, and I hate loud noises. But OMG I WANT TO GO TO THE S.H.E CONCERT SO BADLY. It's in June though, and God knows if I'll still be in the state/country then. BUT OMG I WANT. Apparently a lot of Taiwanese artist come by here, but for some reason I never knew. I'm talking BIG Taiwanese artists, like Mayday and Jay Chou. AND S.H.E!!!!
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I'm about a week late on this, but oh wells...

S.H.E's new video, "Shero". I love it tons. The song is awesome (I love the backbeat, it compliments their gorgeous voices without overpowering them), and the video is beautiful. The message is awesome too (GIRL POWER). And while Ella is my girl, I thought Hebe looked AMAZING in this video. (Btw, ever since I started learning Chinese, I have trouble watching stuff, because I'm always paying more attention to the Chinese subs than I do to the story)

Their new album is released on the 26th, which gives me an excuse to buy from YesAsia! (But I'm confused, because there's like, the regular version, and the 7-11 version, and I'm like "eh?", and that just makes me miss Taiwanese 7-11's...)

I got one one of my Big Bang purchases today! Incidentally I am gleeful (there was flailing). And tomorrow I'm going into Boston, so I can visit the Adidas Originals store, and look for this collection (and look for the Fall/Winter collection as well). I'm particularly obsessed with this dress, and the outfit CL is wearing here (I saw that sweatshirt in Seoul at Daily Projects, and loved it like crazy). I have a disturbing addiction to Korean street style (not that Jeremy Scott is necessarily Korean fashion, just that they all wear it)...
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I am currently hungry, but too tired to actually make anything. It's a beautiful day outside, but still too hot to consider going out for any length of time. That's what I hate most about Taiwan. The incessant heat. We still have a month to go before it starts getting cooler. Until then I'm staying inside as much as possible, thank you very much!

You know how before I came here I was worried I'd freak out and get super homesick? I thought the first two weeks were going to be the worst. Turns out I was wrong. I was fine. Except now it's hitting me. I'm in my third week here, and I'm homesick. Thankfully it's not TOO bad, but as a result I'm sleeping a lot. A LOT.

I watched Buzzer Beat 8 with subs last night, and was alight with glee. I adore that show. I put Bali on hold for a bit, in order to prepare myself for the tragedy of the ending. Otherwise I've been indulging in ridiculous amounts of Pirates of the Caribbean fanfic. Specifically ones written by the awesome [livejournal.com profile] piratemistress. I recced her fic "Pearls" before, but she has a TON of other ones, and I am in the process of rereading all of them.

ALSO!!!! S.H.E WORLD TOUR!!! Starting this October! I'll still be here for it! YAY!

Random Taiwan picture of the day!

I took this at the local Family Mart (convenience store). Apparently the spices they use here result in magic. Also, granted I haven't eaten meat in around 14 years, but I'm pretty sure that's not a picture of beef on the package. Looks like chicken to me...
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Okay, so I decided to finally do my epic Asian CD's from NYC post. I've had the pictures sitting on my computer for a few days now...

Um, anyway, the photos kinda suck since I took them at night, and I was exhausted. So the light was bad, and I was too tired to care. Thus the crappiness.

K One - We r K One )

Comic Boyz - Hey Hah!! )

S.H.E - FM S.H.E )

Wang Lee Hom - Heart Beat )

w-inds - Hybrid Dream / Rain is Fallin' Single )
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On my way back from my exciting (... not really THAT exciting) trip to NYC.

I stopped in Chinatown, and went to two different music stores. BOTH didn't have Big Bang CDs, which made me inordinately upset. The first place didn't have basically any Korean music (they had DBSK, but it was a Japanese release), and the second place had some Kpop, but not Big Bang. Like, wtf?! They have BoA, Rain, SuJu, even Shinee. But NO Big Bang. No Se7en either, which makes me believe that they have a anti YG bias or something.

Anyway, I bought some Taiwanese stuff;
We r K One - K One (Though not this edition... I think the one I got is the first edition)
Hey Hah!! - Comic Boyz (Super rare! So rare I cannot find it for sale anywhere. I was amazed when I found it, and immediately grabbed it!)
Heart Beat - Lee Hom Wang (Though I have no idea which version I bought...)
FM S.H.E - S.H.E (My version came with an attached extra disc... not sure what it is yet...)

I also bought the w-inds. featuring GD single, though not the one I wanted. The store only had two versions, one was the plain version, and one was the Hybrid Dream DVD version. I wanted the one with the Rain is Fallin' DVD, because duh, GD! But something is better than nothing. I wasn't planning on buying it at all, actually, but when I saw it I was all like "what the hell!"

They had other cool stuff, like a S.H.E concert album I almost bought, and The Zai Zai Best of Collection which I was VERY tempted to buy. But honestly, as much as I love and adore Zai Zai, his music just isn't my style. The places had DVDs too, but I was too tired to sort through them, especially since the organization was kinda iffy (probably because it was IN CHINESE)... I looked for Boku was Imoto Ni Koi o Suru, but couldn't find it easily enough, so I gave up. I did see a special edition of Cape No. 7 though...

Eh, I'm SO tired, I need to sleep now...
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Recently I've had little time or energy for dramas. Lots and lots of work stress compounded with immense fatigue. So basically everything had fallen to the wayside (seriously, it's all I can do most days to not fall asleep immediately after I get home from work).

That's why I've been posting on music more recently, it's quicker! I'm still watching dramas though (albeit slowly)! I just finished episode 17 of My Queen (SO GOOD!), and I plan on watching episode 3 of Atashinchi no Danshi tonight (or at the very latest tomorrow). I'm also watching Nodame Cantabile actively, but much slower than normal.

Anyway, I've been asked a few times, so I decided to do a post with some of my mandopop recs (to be clear, I only listen to Mandarin music. I try not to listen to things in Cantonese, not because I feel it's inferior or anything, but because it confuses the hell out of me since I'm learning Mandarin).

Mandopop is, sadly, mostly ignored outside of Chinese cultures. It's not like Jpop, which is widely spread. It's not even like Kpop, which has recently gone international. I know when I first got into Taiwan, I had a hell of a time finding mandarin music. Over time it's gotten easier for me, but I figure a lot of people have the same problems, which is why it's underrepresented in the blogsphere (*snort* I said 'blogosphere'!).

Anyway, on to the recs!
Mandopop recs )

And yes, that is all I will do for right now, as I'm tired!
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Probably one of the best videos ever, which includes five of my favorite people; Ella, Wu Zun, Jiro, Danson, and Alan. Alan is totally being sneaky too, trying to get Wu Zun and Ella to kiss! Adorable.

I don't know why I'm posting so many videos recently. But whatev... at least they're good videos! (If you like Taiwanese entertainment, that is. But everyone should, really. It's like the best thing in the world.)

More videos! S.H.E MVs, Fahrenheit on Alan's show, the Hana Kimi cast on various shows being hilarious, Wu Zun being molested by an overeager fangirl, Fahrenheit making out with each other (kinda sorta), TANK's MV feat. Wu Zun and Ella, and Zai Zai being awesome as per usual )

You know, I never once thought I'd jump on the real person shipping bandwagon. It always struck me as kinda weird, but then I got into Taiwanese culture, and discovered that the Taiwanese REALLY like their love teams. Now I am a crazy shipper for Ariel and Joe, Qiao En and Ming Dao, and Wu Zun and Ella. I do not, and will not ever ship someone with Zai Zai, because I love him and want him for myself (incidentally, that's the reason why while I like Barbie well enough, I will never love her like I do Ella, Ariel, and Qiao En).
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dramas I've seen... randomly simplified )

Trend = Once I start watching jdramas, I'm likely to finish them quickly (because they're all short!). Not so much with twdramas (becuase they're LONG), but I watch far more of them on the whole. Considering I only started watching dramas 6 months ago, it's obvious that I have no life whatsoever. According to my spreadsheet, I've spent over 15 straight days watching dramas (it was something like 22000 minutes). Yeah. No life. Or rather, my life IS entertainment. Seriously, I should make a living out of it somehow.

Now that I know about the existence of a live action Sailor Moon, I'm going to be all up on that shit. I still have a ton to watch though. They're literally sitting on my computer, waiting for me to watch them. *sigh* Too much of a good thing? I've actually recently been watching more anime than dramas. That and freaking out over boybands/girl groups (*cough*Fahrenheit and S.H.E*cough*).
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I just spent a LOT of time downloading new music, and updating the stuff I already have.

Currently I have 5 S.H.E albums (the latest ones, Encore to FM S.H.E), and the two Fahrenheit albums. My obsession with Fahrenheit (Jiro and Wu Zun) and S.H.E (Ella) is growing exponentially.... And can I just say, I ADORE Dream Star. That site makes searching for Chinese music easy.

Huang Yi Da totally also released a new album at the end of November! I was totally unawares! I ADORE Huang Yi Da so much. 臭男人 was the first chinese song I really liked, and it still remains my favorite.

ALSO Fahrenheit is coming out with their new album (越來越愛) tomorrow!

I love their new looks! (Though I'm not terribly sure about Jiro's hair... It's so different it's kinda weirding me out. So much so that I had issues telling him from Aaron, because I'm so used to recognizing him by his hair...)

Normally I'd totally gush over Wu Zun, but Jiro wins this video. He's wearing a weird furry jacket thing, and then he had a wifebeater on and is playing guitar (for some reason, wifebeater + guitar = insane utter hotness to me. A wifebeater alone isn't hot, but paired with a guitar... expecially when it's on a crazy hot Taiwanese boy... yeah), and then he's singing behind a chandelier (granted, they're all singing behind chandeliers, but Jiro still wins)! Wu Zun is also pretty damn hot in it... he's working out in it, and for some unknown reason, I really really REALLY like it when (hot) guys get all sweaty doing manual labor or working out. Aaron was cute too (he was also working out... plus he had the adorable confession scene), but I honestly don't think Calvin is all that attractive. Not my type. But he does have a good voice!

And the ending is adorable, with Aaron trying to confess to a girl, and the others are there cheering for him, and like, high five each other when the girl accepts Aaron!

Also, does anyone else think Aaron kinda looks like Narimiya Hiroki in this video? No? Only me? Hmm.

Oh, and random question; Does anyone have the Comic Boyz (可米小子)'s albums, "Goodbye", or "Hey Hah!"?! I cannot find them for the life of me. I randomly found their second album though...
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It's good to see that the Edison Chen scandal didn't totally ruin Cecilia Cheung's life!
Deborah Lai confirmed Cecilia's second baby; Patrick Tse wants twins

*Dies!!* My dream of cross agency co-operation is coming true!! Mike, Joe, AND Qiao En in a commercial! So excited to see it when it comes out on youtube! (Article also totally mentions Mike's birthday! I meant to do a picspam celebration (mostly as a present for me...), but didn't get around to it.)
Mike He and Joe Cheng both appear like strangers

I'm now EVEN MORE excited for Starlit. Previously, the print ad was enough to make me want to see it, but these trailers make it so much better!! Jerry Yan + piano + tragic car accident involving broken hands + Terri Kwan without the ridiculous extensions they made her wear in WtSYA + angst = DRAMA GOLD.
4 New Trailers for Jerry Yan's "Starlit"; "Starlit" OST

I like the title of this story (it totally make Qiao En sound like a prostitute!) Plus, I ♥ Qiao En! She has a western boyfriend! How adorable! I'm still MingEn all the way though...(I know I'm being redundant in my news, but I thought this one was interesting because I never knew that Mike and Joe had issues with their friendship.... ohhh now I see why. (Hehehehe! Brokeback relationship! Even if Joe was in love with Mike, which I very much doubt he is, it'd be adorable! Joe is rather androgynous, and Mike is so pretty. So it works out...)
Chen Qiao En wanders between two men, passionately hugs Joe Zheng to earn money, rushes towards foreigner boyfriend

Um, crazy fans much?! Poor Alan! Apparently he can never get any action from his female costars, or else his fans will rebel and freak out... I know it's Asia, and things are different there, but COME ON?! It's ACTING.
Show Luo french Kisses with Alice Ceng, Wife fans accuse him of having an affair.

Stupid Taiwanese press, trying to make Ella look bad! I'm sure S.H.E can easily win awards with or without the presence of Twins.
S.H.E rely on Twins' absence to win awards? Ella gets angry

Qiao En and Ming Dao are doing a new drama!? MEEEEHHH! How did I not know about this?! Maybe it's just a rumor though, since I can't find any evidence... (Also, MingEn loves!!)
Chen Qiao En has Ming Dao; almost forgets about boyfriend

Awww the cuteness! I know Wu Zun is Ella's rumored boyfriend, but I had no idea Jay Chou and Alan Luo were rumored to be Selina and Hebe's boyfriends...
S.H.E holds Christmas party; fans imitate their rumoured boyfriends

Awesome Joe Cheng quote;
"Cosmo: So to you, what you like to do most for the environmental issues?
Joe: People around the world will wear nothing and will only eat vegetables! (Laughed)"
Joe Cheng’s sincere Q&A session

Oh wu Zun! You kill me your your adorableness! Wearing skirts, and joking around with Alan Luo (... about wearing skirts)! Adorable! It's kinda too bad that Taiwan doesn't have the crazy obsession with cross dressing that Japan does....
Wu Zun wears short skirt; invites Show Luo to compare femininity

I adore Ariel and Joe so much (I'm definitely an Arjoe fan), and they're so cute in this article. They also randomly talk about the US. And how Joe wants Christmas wishes from the leader of Mars....
Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng's Merry Christmas

Yay Extravagant Challenge!! And they're just WANTING us to suffer now, with the teasing that the second male lead is ALMOST confirmed! I'm dying to see who will play Shou!
Jerry Yan's new drama 'Extravagant Challenge' ; Director Niu says filming will begin soon

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Merry Christmas everyone!!

Hope you all get LOTS of gifts and stuff. Mmmmm.... materialism!

In random other news, I just found out that Edison Chen has a cameo in The Dark Knight... Random ne? Speaking of Edison Chen, I think he's still in seclusion in Canada after the whole scandal thing. I'm not terribly up on the Hong Kong entertainment scene though, so I might be wrong.

Also, despite hearing about them everywhere, I finally figured out why I've never heard a single Twins song... they're cantopop, and I only listen to mandopop. So yeah. Mandopop rules! (I recently downloaded a ton of S.H.E albums/videos, and have listening to/watching them a lot. I really REALLY like their voices. Especially Ella's.)
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The Rose is wrecking me. I'm not heartbroken yet, but I will be, oh yes, I will be. I love Kui so much, I know I'm going to be upset later in the story.

I'm actually fairly impressed with Selina. She's doing a good job, playing two totally different characters. As Qin she's so sweet, lovely, and perfect that it's impossible to hate her. As Ya Man she's annoying, deceitful, and eventually pathetic. I like seeing range in actors, and she seems to have it (at least in this show).

I'm also heavily HEAVILY impressed with Xiao Zong. His character is really varied, dynamic, and grows up throughout the show. He's portraying it so well. It's funny, because the character of Kui is soooo different than the Zhi Shu character, it's odd to think they're played by the same person. I've been a fan of Joe's since I saw him in ISWAK, but I just became a bigger fan. I want to watch Summer X Summer, or Honey and Clover now!

And I'm definitely a fan of Ella's now! I thought she was adorable in Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu, and was actually a pretty damn decent actress (doesn't always happen with singers turned actors *cough*Mariah*cough*). Her performance in The Rose further adds to my admiration of her. Like Yoon Eun Hye, she's an actress concerned little with vanity. She doesn't care if she looks bad, instead focuses on what the character should be feeling. It's refreshing, and admirable. It's hard NOT to be vain when you're performing for tons of people. Regardless, I think she's adorable, and I really like her. Plus, her voice is soooooo amazing! I have to start listening to more S.H.E. (and Fahrenheit... I'm not on the ball in that sense).

I found volumes 10 to 14 of Love Com translated into english! Yays! Now I don't have to wait to find out what happens! Though I'm still not up to when the anime ends...
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Quick thing; I started watching The Rose, and I just don't see how Ella is supposed to be ugly and fat in it! She's so adorable! Her character's boyfriend dumped her because she wasn't pretty enough! What a jerk.... but seriously?! Ella was apparently voted Taiwan's Number One Beauty (according to wiki!), so it's not like she's ugly AT ALL.

OMG I love The Rose soooooooooo much! I don't know why exactly, but I like the older twdramas better than the newer ones. The Rose is from 2003, and believe me, the 5 years between then and now makes a HUGE different in twdramas.

Ella is totally adorable (as always), and her character is sweet and kinda pathetic (not in that she's pathetic, rather her situation is pathetic). Joelle Lu is insanely pretty, cold, and kinda mean. Jerry Huang is awesome, and totally wears blue contacts (I LOVE Jerry Huang, mostly because he's so freaking tall, he like, towers above everyone else). Xiao Zong is so cute and young in this! And his hair is all long!

So yeah, am loving it tremendously! Plus, Selina and Hebe are going to be in it too! I've seen Hebe in Bull Fighting, but I haven't seen Selina in anything yet.

*sigh* Too bad it's taking so long to download! I wish I could watch the second episode now! I just love the excitement a new drama brings!
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Back from vacation, and dreading work...

BUT I totally finished Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu! Dear God did I love that drama. It was so intensely sweet. My only complaint is the ending. I know it's kinda left for interpretation, but come on!

Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu final spoilers )

EDITS!! - And I actually just finished LIFE. One really nice thing about jdramas... they're relatively short, which means I don't devote tons of time to them!


In other news, I've been watching Cat Street hardsubbed, but I found out yesterday that it's been softsubbed.... so now I'm downloading raws so I can watch the rest of it... finally!!

Drama/Anime/Manga List update 16Nov08 )

I updated my list with some of the dramas [livejournal.com profile] sn0tcat gave me. Yays!

I also switched my "key"... bold = currently watching, and italic = unsubbed (upcoming/unfinished/just not subbed at all...) I was getting myself confused, so I changed!


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