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This is from yesterday (an ongoing theme, apparently).
I took this picture at Qianshui Bay up in San Zhi on the north coast of Taiwan. San Zhi is known in popular culture as the place where the (now demolished) Pod Houses once stood. As it is, Qianshui Bay is only about a little over a mile to where the Pod Houses once stood.

It was very beautiful there. It was a rare warm and sunny day (winter on the north coast of Taiwan is neither sunny nor warm), but because I went around 5pm, and it was a Monday, there were not a lot of people there.

The water was chilly (not COLD, but not warm either), the sand was a beautifully soft mix of white and black, there were seashells, coral, seaweed, and sea glass everywhere. It was not, thankfully, like the previous Taiwanese beach I visited in the south (that beach was infested with crabs, was relatively rocky, and not terribly pleasant to spend a night on, which is what I did). This beach was for relaxing.

Anyway, here's the picture!

Flotsam and jetsam on the beach in Qianshui Bay
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I have issues with permanency, but I hope I can at least keep to this - a photo each day.

Today's photo is actually from yesterday, but whatever.

Danshui (Tamsui / 淡水), on the road I used to live on. Barely contained jungle.
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I've been in Taipei for four days now. I love it. I was stupid to worry about it, honestly. It's comfortable here. Taipei and I are old friends. It's almost like I never left.

The bad part is I'm still sick. About every other day my body's like "HEY! Guess what! You're getting better!", and I feel great. And then I wake up the next morning feeling like shit. Stop being an asshole, body.

Yesterday in Taipei! )

Anyway, have some pictures I took here!

Flowers are blooming at Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall / Liberty Square park, the prettiest place in Taipei proper.

More here )

On a separate, random note - I started watching Secret Garden. I'm halfway through with it, and while I like and enjoy it, I am also baffled at how they're going to sustain it for another 10 episodes. I am also desperately obsessed with Director Jong Soo. I love him so so much. Also, it is really reminding me a lot of Bali, which is probably mostly because of Ha Ji Won, but also because Joo Won reminds me of a less crazy version of Jae Min. Kdramas make me hate rich people SO MUCH.
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This is longer than I expected it to be... )

- I left Korea.
- I am sad I am not in the same country as Big Bang anymore.
- I am now in Taiwan.
- It is cold here.
- I do not like the cold.
- I am also sick.
- Being sick sucks.
- Patata is good.
- Yonghe has no Family Marts that sell inari.
- I am pleased at myself for not hiding inside all day.
- Tomorrow IDK what's happening.
- There are tiny ants on the walls of my room.
- Now I have to sleep!

Cpop Meme

Aug. 30th, 2010 11:06 pm
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Again, literally nothing to do at work (I'm a fast worker, sue me). Soooo... meme time!

This is actually a kpop meme, but I'm making it a cpop meme. Because recently, I've been feeling the cpop love more.

Cpop meme... with pictures! )
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Fahrenheit new MV is pretty awesome. Hilarious, yes. But still awesome.

The title of their new album is "太熱", which quite literally means 'too hot'. And while I do agree with that sentiment (the boys got RIPPED for this album - hilariously a little while back there was an article about how they all beefed up for it. Except Wu Zun, who was already beefy enough. Apparently he just got a tan), it's also pretty cheesy. The title song is their first single. The concept is a bit weird. Icebergs, mesh shirts, lots of black and red, random flames, Jiro wearing black nail polish... To be honest, I liked the concept for 越來越愛 a lot more. But really, I can't argue too hard against sweaty half naked boys.

I do quite like the song though, despite it's awkward chorus ("super hot, 多謝每個人都在煽風點火, way too hot", which I awkwardly/roughly translated to "super hot, many thanks everyone is on fire, way too hot"). Also, it's autotuned. But honestly, autotune doesn't bother me nearly as much as it seems to bother others. I KNOW Fahrenheit can sing, so the autotune is, to me, just a stylistic choice.

Random other comments about the MV;
- TOWEL DANCE?! 真的嗎, 飛輪海? 真的? 我不甚至知道. It's apparently supposed to make them seem manly. Again, I don't even know.
- During some parts of the video, Jiro's face is hilarious, and terribly amusing. Oh Jiro. I love you, you big, fragile, accident prone boy. 加油大東! 我愛妳!
- Wu Zun is THIRTY. He's going to be 31 in a few months. I appreciate his age (older idols make Meredith feel less skeevy), but I'm also angered by it. Damn him for looking like he's 10 years younger than he actually is. I want to look 10 years younger (okay, maybe not ten years... maybe five years).

This may very well be the last album Fahrenheit puts out as a group. Their contract with HIM is for for either four or five albums (this is their fourth album). So yeah. Kinda sad. The end of an era. It's like losing F4 all over again. Except I like Fahrenheit a lot more.

Anyway, the album does on sale in mid September. I am waiting quite anxiously for it. I wish I were in Taiwan right now. They're having a fan meeting thing, and I want to gooooo! I stupidly missed their concert last year when I was actually IN Taipei, so now I just feel sad. Maybe they'll come to the US, like S.H.E did! *hopes*

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It's been a hell of a four years. I've only been in the fandom since January 2009, but in that time you've proven to me how amazing and awesome you all are. So please continue what you're doing, kay?

Also, a happy slightly belated birthday to my dearest GD, who turned 22 yesterday. Aw, my boys are growing up.

ANNND today is day three of my Taiwanniversary! (There are three days, because I left home on Aug 17th. I left the USA on Aug 18th - at 2am. I arrived in Taiwan on Aug 19th) I miss Taiwan so so so so much. It's almost hard to believe that I actually was there. That I had the balls to do that.

Nothing else happening. I bought a shitload of stila makeup during the warehouse sale, and it just got here. There was much excitement when it arrived. Otherwise yeah... nothing.
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I went to the Taiwanese restaurant today for lunch with my mother and sister. There were experiences.

The stinky tofu story )

tl;dr - I ordered some stinky tofu because in Taiwan I had liked it. Don't like it now. Hid it in my purse because I didn't want to lose face. (<<< hahahahahaha Chinese culture reference)

I succeeded in mailing off four packages for the exchange. Yay!

I also got a job interview for Monday. It's not what I'm looking for, career wise, but it's supposedly a good company, and the hours are good for me (Saturday - Tuesday). And I CAN keep looking for other jobs while working, especially since the job will be a contract position. Still want to move to Hawaii...

Random bit of random - I'm not really a fan of Danson's, but I am quite enjoying this song. Though the video reminds me of a mashup of 5566 and Show Luo. I like Amber's part a lot, though I'm confused as to why she rapped in Korea. Why not Mandarin? Though I'm assuming she knows Mandarin, being Taiwanese American, but she might not - thus the Korean... Either way, good song! Though I'm disturbed that Danson is looking a lot like Kim Hyun Joong...
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I was just reading about worms (don't ask), and it reminded me of the hanging tree worms in Taipei. We only ever saw them on Heping, around the school. They were horrible because they were tiny enough so that you couldn't see them easily, and they'd end up in your hair, on your clothes, etc. Seeing as I don't kill insects (but like most people, get freaked out over incests in my hair) I was constantly trying to avoid them, or save them from being killed. I really should have gone native and carried an umbrella during these times (women in Taiwan carry umbrellas all the time for two reasons: freak rainstorms, and sun protection)

For about a week, they were everywhere. I should have taken a picture. I really should have taken more pictures in Taiwan, of the more mundane stuff that I now miss. *sigh* Oh Taiwan, I'll be back for you one day!

In other news, I want this Lego man necklace. How wonderfully kpop (also reminds me of Lego necklace I bought in Taiwan). Though easily something I could make myself.

Tomorrow, at 9pm EST, YG is announcing their surprise thingy. I'm excited, because some YG peeps (2NE1, Teddy, and Se7en) are supposedly in the USA. Not on my side of the USA (why does no one ever come to the east coast?! WE HAVE NEW YORK! *grumbles* stupid LA...), but still. If they are in the US, it's probably for an MV, but a girl can dream about a YG Family tour... If I had known Big Bang in 2006, I would have dropped everything and gone to the YG Fam concert in DC.

Alas, in October 2006 I was enduring 10 hour school days (being a college student in a science major is no fun).
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Ahahahahaha! OMG I love it. Makes me miss Taiwan a lot. I love that I've been to some of these places (I love Taiwan and all, but they should really make it easier for tourists... it's hard to go outside the major cities without speaking a lot of Mandarin).

Incidentally, my first picture from Taiwan = Fahrenheit advertising for Taiwan at the airport. Also a soda machine.

I miss Taiwan so much. I wish I could find a way to go back, and work there (without teaching English).
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Three pieces of Taiwan / Korea crossover news.

1. Lee Seung Gi was supposed to have a concert in Taiwan recently, but it was canceled. For a second time. Apparently his entertainment company was looking to have him only promote in Korea and Japan. Understandably the Taiwanese are angry. I am kinda angry on their behalf. But I've spoken about this issue before, and won't beat a dead horse. Either way, it gives not only Lee Seung Gi unfair negative attention, but it's almost like the company is saying Taiwan isn't important enough.

2. Da Mouth interviewing / talking to 4Minute! I love that 4Minute is promoting all over Asia. They visited Taiwan awhile back, and made the variety rounds (they even went on my favorite variety show, 100% Entertainment). I love this, mostly because I love seeing the multi-lingual interaction. Despite not understanding each other's language (for the most part), they get along well. I also just think the Da Mouth guys are adorable (especially Harry... I love Harry). And hell, if Aisa can speak Korean, I'm super impressed with her (she's Japanese, and obviously speaks fluent Mandarin). I'm also kinda amused they made fun of Aisa's age, and then tried to placate her. The 4Minute girls were adorable, and even spoke some Mandarin at the end! I love when Koreans speak Mandarin and vice versa (Mandarin sounds nothing like Korean, at least to me, so it's interesting to see how they pronounce each other's languages).

3. The No Wonder Girls are a Taiwanese Kpop parody group. I like them a lot, since they're fun, and actually apparently write the Mandarin versions of the songs themselves. But you KNOW the Kpop fans (at least international ones, I'm not sure about Korean fans) are on their ass. It's ridiculous. They're a cover band, it's supposed to be fun... *sigh*

I don't know if it's just me, but I have noticed Taiwan / Korea tensions before. Nothing huge, but enough to make me wonder about it. And it's rather odd being in the middle of it (Taiwan and Korea are the lands of my obsessions... but as much as I love Korean stuff, I love Taiwan more).
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I desperately need to see this movie. But since it's select showing, I'd have to go all the way to Boston, and that's just a pain. I might go anyway though. I've been waiting for this movie for awhile. TAIWANESE POLITICAL HISTORY, PEOPLE! The White Terror! A Hollywood movie about Taiwan, a place most Americans don't even know exists. It's amazing. I'm dying to see it.


I miss Taiwan a lot. And it hurts that I'm forgetting some of it. So sometimes I like to go on youtube, and watch random videos of stuff from my everyday life there. It's funny that some of my most common memories can be summed up in youtube videos.

More from Taipei )
And that's all I can think of for now...
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Taiwan had an big 6.4 magnitude earthquake about 3 1/2 hours ago. Luckily no one was hurt. (The epicenter was in, I believe, the southern mountains, and that area is far less populated than the north) When I was in Taiwan, there was a 6.3 magnitude earthquake. The epicenter was in Hualien county, which is fairly far away from where I lived way up north in Taipei county, but we still felt it. It was odd, since it happened on the day of the Moon Festival.

I really want to see the movie Crossing Hennessy (aka the return of Tang Wei, who I loved loved LOVED in Lust, Caution) when it comes out, but it's in Cantonese. In general I don't like watching Cantonese stuff. Not because I hate it or anything, it's just confusing to me to listen to Cantonese, because I'm used to Mandarin. Oftentimes I find myself trying to figure out what people are saying, even though it's not a language I understand. (Cantonese does sound very different from Mandarin, but I still sometimes get confused) I might wait to see if it gets dubbed into Mandarin.

I'm kinda pissed that Zai Zai's film The Killer Never Kills is basically stalled in production. The premise intrigued me (a "killer" who's into plants! AWESOME). At least he's filming a new drama Return Home starting this month. In the new drama he plays a military doctor, and I think the film takes place in 1949 (this might change, since it's Taiwan, and they like to change scripts). I don't know if this is a mainland drama, but if not, I'm going to die with glee. 1949 was when Chiang Kai-shek and the KMT fully retreated to Taiwan after the Chinese civil war. that year also marks the beginning of the Taiwanese White Terror, after the 228 incident. I hope the drama focuses on some of the ramifications to to the martial law period. (What can I say, I have a thing for modern Taiwanese political history...)

Lastly, Stanley Huang's new single for a videogame. VERY much love it. But Stanley, when are you going to be in another movie?! I loved him in Twenty Something Taipei.
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I first heard about Monga awhile back, and basically forgot about it for a while. However it was recently released on Taiwan, so it's back on my radar.

Monga stars Ethan Ruan, Mark Zhao, and Rhydian Vaughan. The story takes place in the 1980's, and is about a group of boys who join a gang. (Review here)

Now, it's a gangster film, action and everything. But I'm not interested in that. I'm interested in the history there. The film is set in Wanhua, which is a district of Taipei. Wanhua is a place full of contrasts to me. On one hand you've got Ximending. Ximending is "the Harajuku of Taipei", a place where youth culture is rampant. Everything in Ximending proper is shiny, new, and marketable. On the other hand, in Wanhua you've got Longshan and the surrounding areas. The area around Longshan is quite interesting. It's old, building are built on top of buildings there. It's also full of old people, who are often found just randomly sitting on the sidewalks. This area also used to be the red light district, and there's still a lot of seediness around. When we first went to Taiwan, Wanhua was one of the first places we went, and it's one of my more enduring memories of Taiwan.

Now, since the movie is set in the 80's, towards the end of the KMT martial law period. So at this time, Taiwan was finally able to become something, and the people had more freedom. I'm looking forward to seeing how that translates into film.

Also: Ethan Ruan. I LOOOVE Ethan Ruan. He, of course, does dramas well, but I love when he plays against type in movies (see: Exit No. 6). Also the pseudo-gay stuff between Ethan and Mark that the Taiwanese media has been kicking up is intriguing, to say the least. I'm not a huge fan of Mark Zhao, but I do enjoy some random hot boy skinship as much as the next person ;D

Note of awesome: I recognize places in the trailer. Places I've totally been. OMG that reminds me! When I was staying in Wanhua last August, they were totally filming something. I wonder if it was this movie!!!!!

(OMG people, I HATE allergies! I cannot adequately describe how miserable I am. It must be a new allergy, but who knows what to... I need some damn Benadryl, and possibly some calamine lotion)
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This has been bothering me for awhile... Why does everyone hate Fated to Love You? I personally loved it (and this was before I had my obsession with Chen Qiao En). I know a lot of people have issues with Qiao En's character, and how she's spineless, etc. But the point of the drama is that she overcomes that. I mean, she's described as a "sticky note girl" in the first minute, obviously the point of the show is her transformation. Over the course of the show she grows up, grows a spine, and eventually ROCKS (and true, I'm not the type of person who needs an extremely strong female lead, because honestly I'm personally not an extremely strong person either. I like to be able to relate somewhat to the characters). And yes, Ethan's character is a complete asshole, but he also grows up, and realizes how awesome Qiao En has become (drama male leads are often assholes, I don't see why Ethan's character is any exception)!

Maybe it's the "Rui syndrome" (ie. loving the secondary male character)... Though I didn't like Baron's character at all for some reason, and I usually love the secondary male characters.

FtLY is basically the ultimate twdrama to me. It's the highest rated twdrama ever (I know ratings aren't everything, of course. But a lot of times it is an indicator of goodness). It won the best drama Golden Bell award. It's hugely popular, I mean, hell, I saw the show on TV in Korea when I was there last week (and FtLY is from Spring 2008)!

I know everyone likes different things, which is great! But the degree in which most people seem to dislike FtLY? I don't know. I guess I'll never get it ;D

(I know I don't have to tell my flisters this, but for everyone else: as always, only my opinion, so please don't rant to me about how FtLY sucks, how Qiao En's character is a wimp, how Ethan's character is an ass, ETC. I've heard it all before, and it's not going to change my mind about the series! Thanks in advance, bbs :D )
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So obsessed with Harvest Moon it's not even funny. Damn video games, making me ignore other media! Anyone else play it?

ramblings about stuff like video games, nails, and suitcases )

So, I heard about this drama the other day. Somehow it escaped my notice. It's called Lucky Days (or 第二回合我愛你, which means, essentially, "The second round of I love you"... in general). It's about the trials of a young couple who recently got married for the wrong reasons (in order to save money), and how that caused their relationship to break down. I assume the drama is going to focus on how they go about finding love again (thus the Chinese title).

I'm, uh, not too excited about it. It's not that is looks bad, just not my style (I like stories that are more about the start of a relationship, rather than the rescue of one). Also, I watch dramas mainly for the casts. I'm not familiar with either of the main actors (Chen Yi Rong, the main actress is an established actor, though she does mostly historicals and wuxia, thus me not having seen her in anything yet).

Though, since Lucky Days is a SETTV drama, I know a good portion of the character actors, including Lin Mei Xiu (who plays the awesome mother character in TONS of twdramas, and the not-so-awesome mother character in True Love 18), Chen Bo Zheng (a great older character actor), and Song Xin Ni (who I think is fabulous, and plays the 姊姊/older sister type very well).

(SETTV is known [to me at least] for using the same actors over and over. To an extent all networks do that, but SETTV does it a LOT. Out of the ten dramas Chen Qiao En has done in Taiwan, eight of them are for SETTV. I wonder if they have some sort of relationship with J-star...)

Anyway, I can't embed it, but a subbed preview is here. For now I'll post this unsubbed one.

(I LOLed during the scene where she's in the hospital, Chen Yi Rong's character is like "I don't have a husband right now", and the nurse is like "lets not get excited, miss". And the Chen Yi Rong's character is all like "我不是小姐, 我是太太!" (She's saying she's not a "Miss", but a "Mrs")... probably not supposed to be that funny, but it was so random, and filled with Mandarin I understand!)

As far as I can tell, it's not subbed yet (or rather, the first episode has been partially subbed on youtube).

Also, CTV pulled a fast one on me, and pushed Down with Love back another week. It will air on 31Jan09, with another behind the scenes airing today. Last week they said the first episode was airing this week... *sigh* I should expect this out of my twdramas already. Things are CONSTANTLY being pushed back.
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Harvest Moon has kinda taken over my life the last few days. Suddenly I was VERY MUCH in a video game mood. I'm on my PSP now, but I just might change over to my DS (for Animal Crossing).

But anyways, this is kinda old, but I missed it because I don't read allkpop much anymore (I got really really sick of the Big Bang bashing). But I saw this, and laughed SO HARD. First off, I watched this show quite a bit in Taiwan. It's the Kpop/Jpop show on MTV Taiwan. I used to get a bit pissed off at the guy though, like MTV is the US, he spent too much time talking, and too little time on videos.

But seriously, that fangirl is essentially me. If I were really Taiwanese (I'm only fake Taiwanese ;P ). She flew to Korea from Taiwan to attend his concert, and then bought loads of stuff (the SAME STUFF I bought).

I'm working on translating it for myself, but APPARENTLY, 大東 (Jiro) is a fan of GD. Who knew? (Supposedly that's why Jiro dyed his hair blonde!)

In other news: Baby cracks me up. He did an interview awhile back where he talked about how he was learning Japanese by watching Jdramas (including Nodame and Quiz Show). And also he likes to watch dramas in his spare time. Do we have another Moco here?! If so, AWESOME. Ah, I ♥ You, Baby. He also wants to be friends with Toda Erika. Sure. FRIENDS.
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Recent news:

Show Luo just released a new MV

I read an article where they were talking about his "interracial relationship" in the MV. He mentioned that in real life, he'd be afraid of his mother not approving of him dating a foreigner. *sigh* But anyway, I wonder how his fans will react to the kiss in the MV. They've been known to be a little crazy (read: a lot crazy), and have gotten upset at him kissing a girl while filming a CF...

Making big money from adverts and acting : Zai Zai Dumps "BnW" to work with Zhu Ge Liang! - Several things from this article I found interesting...
- Zai Zai is advertising for Family Mart Oden... Of course he had to wait until I left Taiwan to do it! Interestingly, Mark Zhao advertises for Family Mart's Mr. Brown Let's Cafe coffee. I love the CF for it (where his father appears too!). In Taiwan I got a little sick of Mark Zaho, actually. He's EVERYWHERE, advertising EVERYTHING. I probably have pictures of him doing ads somewhere...
- Speaking of... the article mentions a rumor I had apparently not heard: That Zai Zai and Mark Zhao did not get along during filming, and had some sort of rivalry. I think a lot of it stems from the fact that Zai Zai and Mark Zhao were up against one another for the Golden Bell award. Most people esxpected Zai zai to win, but Mark won instead. (I didn't watch the drama, so of course I can't say who deserved it) There's also talks about how Mark Zhao declined a movie role, and then Zai Zai took it over, etc.
- Zai Zai's camp basically says that there is next to no chance of him appearing in the Black and White movie due to his schedule (they later state they haven't seen a script, so they'll have to see).
- But he is filming a movie that looks interesting to me (it's also the movie role that supposedly Mark Zhao declined). It's current title is Killer, and he plays a, uh, killer. Probably an assassin... Anyway, one of my FAVORITE Taiwanese actresses, Sandrine Pinna, is also in the movie. The best part is they've worked together before, in Poor Prince Taro.
- Lastly, Zai Zai will be in a new drama that will probably air in the autumn or winter (but knowing Taiwan, it might air in 2011), called Back Home, where he plays a doctor.

Show Luo Fulfills the Dream of His Diabetic Mother – Opens a Sweetener (Non-sugar) Dessert Shop - This article warmed my cold, dead heart! Show wants to fulfill his mother's dream of opening a dessert shop specifically for diabetics. Show's mother is a diabetic herself, and wants others to be able to enjoy sweets, without the danger. I think that's amazing, and totally sweet. Both of my parents, and well as both my sisters are diabetic, so I know how it can effect lives negatively.

Random non-Taiwanese, but still interesting... - APPARENTLY, Yamapi and Kitagawa Keiko are dating! This news makes me squeal with glee, because they were SO FREAKING ADORABLE together in Buzzer Beat!
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It's well known to me that the Taiwanese aren't exactly fond of Koreans in general. I'm not sure why. All I know is that it's almost impossible to find anything Korean related there. (I've also read some articles about the perception of Koreans in Taiwan. Not generally good)

There are exceptions: They enjoy their kdramas (dubbed into Mandarin of course). They love Super Junior and SS501 (SuJu and SS501 are some of the few foreign bands that actively seek a market in Taiwan. They're acknowledging Taiwan as a major market share, and Taiwan appreciates that), but in general if something is Korean in Taiwan, it first came through Japan (Big Bang, Kim Jeong Hoon, DBSK...). We did find a very small Koreatown outside of Taipei one time, but it was mostly 阿姨 clothes (clothes suited to the 50+ woman).

Anyway, I was watching a drama/movie thing starring my one of my 183 Club boys (and one of my favorite actors), Ehlo Huang, and saw this awesome bit of awesome.

Oh yeah.

I want to start watching more twdramas though. I'm watching this one, and getting so nostalgic. I'm missing Taiwan more and more. Yesterday I found myself missing the constant hoards of scooters. Wtf? Who misses that?! But speaking of...

Taiwanese dramas often show the prettier side of Taiwan. But people, THAT is Taiwan, a random alley in Ximen that's lined with scooters and signs (oh God, I can ever see the "oven mitts" on the scooter handles! 我想你台北. 我也想摩托車. 真的!) A lot of Taipei isn't beautiful, but that's okay, because it's interesting and wonderful.
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Today was an, um, interesting day.

Last day of school, last time to see my classmates! It was sad. We ate a lot, and took pictures!

I mosaic-ed out Lisa, because that's just what friends do! (We both hate pictures of ourselves, but since she was RIGHT next to 張老師, I couldn't cut her out... I cut myself out though!)

And then we were waiting for the bus, and a random guy on a scooter stopped next to me, and was miming to me. We think he was saying I was pretty (or at least he really liked my eyes). It's weird, but I've been randomly complimented here more than anywhere else. Taiwanese love me.

Later on a guy commented on how he thought (again, we're unsure about this) I was Indian, or Indonesian, or something. Um, I'm very white looking. It was odd.

So then I come home, and find THESE PICTURES, which I swear, made my uterus explode with flail. I LOVE BABIES. I LOVE BIG BANG. I LOVE BIG BANG HOLDING BABIES. (Article at Allkpop

I can't wait to go to Korea if only to buy BB stuff incessantly. Seriously. It's a disease. ONLY ONE MORE WEEK.

Otherwise I bought some more tea stuff (Chinese tea has a LOT of instruments), and some tea! YAYS!

Random: Robbie William's new album is big here right now. I'm glad. I like Robbie Williams.


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