Dec. 27th, 2010 01:53 am
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So the GTOP album... I've been listening to it since it came out, and can honestly say I love it. So much. It's such a great mix of all different styles, which is lovely. My favorite songs are probably "Oh Mom" (TOP... idek), "Obsession", and "Oh Yeah" (despite it constantly reminding me of Arashi). But really, I love all the songs. Even GD's square dance song.

What square dance song, you say? THIS SQUARE DANCE SONG.

Seriously, all I can think about when I hear it is a country square dance. Like, in a barn somewhere, with couples sitting on a wooden post fence, dressed like this, watching other couples twirl about, whilst clapping their hands. And somewhere in that fantasy, GD is up on stage with his jug band, singing this song, while styling a pompadour, and dancing about. THIS IS A VERY IN DEPTH FANTASY. But you know, it could also work for line dancing. Just throw in more cowboy boots, and take away the fancy dresses. (Despite living in the LEAST country state in the nation, I have square AND line danced in my youth...)

But anyway, the point is, I like the album. I ordered my copy last week, and it hasn't shipped yet (presumable due to the holiday). I don''t really care which cover I get (though I wish they had released a red one... otherwise the silver and green are my faves). They're ALL THE SAME, only different colors. I don't see the need to buy multiple copies, since THEY'RE EXACTLY THE SAME. Maybe if they had different pictures, or different tracks. But just different colored album colors? Uh.... no. Sorry YG, you're not getting my money on that.

Otherwise, I hope everyone had a good holiday. If you were around during my rapid posting/deleting, and/or my tweeting, uh... sorry? My Christmas was weird. And not in a good way. But whatever, it's over, and it's kinda sad because I L-O-V-E Christmas, but what can you do.

As for right now, it's still blizzarding. And thankfully I haven't lost power, so all is good. As for work tomorrow (today?), I don't know. I really don't like schlepping a long distance in the snow, in my car which doesn't really have heat.
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I'll probably write more later, but right now I'm at work, so I must be brief!

I'm still bitter I wasn't a token white girl. *sigh* Seriously, it looks like the club was completely foreigners. Most white people, but there were a few black people as well. Being white in Asia EXTREMELY awkward (it's so heavily homogenous, that an anomoly gets a lot of attention), but if it helps me meet GTOP, I will sacrifice my discomfort at being stared at. Constantly. (Though it wasn't so bad in Korea or Japan. Taiwan was the worst)

I wish Dae had been there too. He must have been filming.

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Long story short;


Waiting for stream to upload

Occasionally hearing noises

Extremely choppy, but can see some old concert clips

Still really choppy

Playing Turn it Up MV

Still choppy

MC talks for a long time

Still choppy. Frantically download a new internet browser to see if it works.


Go through a short preview of each song.

Occasionally choppy

Some songs are amazing (TOP's rock song). One I will forever call the "GD Square Dance Song".

Finally play High High MV

MV is filled with lots of white girls. Am angry that I am not one of the aforementioned white girls.


Gets bored, and leaves to write this entry...
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Do you know how many times I've posted today? FREAKING THREE TIMES. That's insane. It's like two years ago...

GTOP's new music has got me in a tizzy. It's so exciting (as I've mentioned before, GTOP songs were always my favorite).


TOP is killing me here. The look on his face is adorable. And devious. But mostly adorable. I am confused by his jacket ("war not wars"? "roy power"? "eople"? Somehow the face that the text is partially cut off makes it more interesting), but otherwise I wholly approve.

As for GD... OMG THE HAT. I want that hat in my life right now. It reminds me of a mix of Frosty the Snowman, Bram Stoker's Dracula (the movie - Gary Oldman *swooon*), and a pimp. This is generally good, in my eyes. The concept is amusing me. Like... dandy pimps? High rolling gangsters? Personally I prefered the film noir theme they had for "Tell Me Goodbye", but I'll take this. Oh, I'll take it.

(Also, I just realized you can kinda see GD's ass, and that makes me LOL)
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This shit is happening TOMORROW. At 3am. *sigh* I'll probably groggily wake up so I can watch it real quick before going back to sleep.

I'm still digging GD's hat. And yay, TOP's bowtie is straightened. That was bothering me.

I wonder if those lines in TOP's eyebrows are scars, or like, random shaved bits. There are pictures with and without, so I'm unsure. If they ARE shaved bits, I don't really like them. They remind me of how in the early 90's, my classmates used to shave their eyebrows like that to look like Vanilla Ice.

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Hot. As. Fuck.

I'm really digging TOP's pink bandolier, though I am amused by awkward!hand (and have a disturbingly urgent desire to straighten his bowtie). Also, I think he's wearing blue socks. WHICH IS AWESOME. His hair took awhile to grow on me, but now I think it suits the theme. Plus, his shockingly white hair combined with his thick black eyebrows is cool in it's contrast.

As for GD, just... Yes. Please. Now. His huge ass hat reminds me of the promotions for Number 1, when he was obsessed with that rather ridiculous raccoon hat (I'm biased against it - raccoons are one of my favorite things ever). But this one is better because it looks faux (hopefully it really is), and is candy colored. I also love that GD looks like a fucking pimp. Like, straight out of the whorehouse. I LOVE IRONIC PIMP COUTURE. It always reminds me of Kramer...

And can I say, I LOOOOVE the color dichotomy going on? Because I do. SO MUCH. TOP wearing black with white hair, and GD wearing white with black hair... perfect. I wonder if they're going to play it out - white = good, black = bad.

GD had gotten SO attractive as he's gotten older. Not that he wasn't before, but he looked young. I like that he's growing into himself now. As someone who took awhile to grow into their own looks, I appreciate GD now all the more.

One thing though - is it just me, or does GD look rather... husky. Obviously it's not the boy himself, because he's so skinny it hurts to look at him. But man, bad angle.
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.... I don't even. I can't right now, because I'm at work, where public flailing is not looking well upon, but OMG GTOP!

I'm so excited for a joint GD/TOP album. GTOP songs are always my favorites, so this is like a fucking dream for me. December 24th is going to be the best day ever. Christmas AND GTOP!

And BB's comeback in February of next year? Which makes me wonder about the Big Show, and whether they'll debut their new stuff there. So (if the concert, in fact, does occur) will it be prior to the release of the album (late January), or after it. Which means, my plans change. Taipei first, Seoul later? I'm so confused.

PLUS a digital single by Baby in early January?! Seriously, dying.

It's a fucking perfect storm of amazing YG stuff. My life is so much better right now, guys!

I'll be capping stuff, and making gifs, and videos, and all sorts of shit later on. When I'm not at work. In ~7 hours.

Why in the fuck do I not have a GTOP icon?! Must fix that soon!


Jun. 21st, 2010 12:30 am
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I was excited to see it in good quality after all these months, but since I've seen it multiple times before (at the concert, fancams, etc), it wasn't such a huge deal to me.

I love how random it is though. It's like TOP was like, "Hey! I like all these things! Let's put them in the MV!"... The monkey never fails to kill me with it's awesome.

But I didn't notice until now that there are four white girls in his MV. Way to give us white girls false hope, TOP. Making it seem like we both hook up with him just because of those girls... Despicable ;P

Also, um, slight blasphemy? And if you're going to do it, do it right. You need one more girl, TOP-sshi. I'm sure YB could've helped you with that info. (I hope you all know I'm kidding...)
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Big Bang Pimp Post : Members (part 3)


How to explain TOP? TOP is badass, or at least he seems so on the surface. In reality he is a huge kid. He loves toys, joking around, and messing with the other members. His voice is so unique, and as one of the rappers in Big Bang, he brings a strong hip hop edge to the songs. He's grown up a lot since his debut, and only recently started coming into his own as an actor. Overall he's hugely talented, and amazing.

More info / pictures / videos )

Go here for the "disclaimer / credits / where to buy" page.
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(To everyone who recently friended me: I'll get back to everyone soon, I promise! I'm just a bit overwhelmed right now ;P )

I'm sure everyone's seem this by now, but I just woke up (it's only 7am in Korea), so it's my first time seeing it.


It's so very him, and just perfect. I can't say I like American hip hop that much, but I LOVE Korean hip hop. And TOP's voice is to die for.

Also! They posted the songlist from the concert! I'm so damn excited for tonight! (My comments are in bold)

song list! )

What I wish they had played:
- Either "We Belong Together" or "Forever With You" (I mean, they have Park Bom there already!)
- "Big Bang"
- "La La La"
- "Crazy Dog"
- "Shake It" (흔들어)
- Anything from YB's "Hot" album
- "Everything"

Of course I don't care, really. I'm just super excited to see them in concert for the first real time (they were there at GD's concert, but only for a few songs)!
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Ohhh goodness. Somehow, through no real fault of my own, I ended up reading some RP fic for GD and TOP. I read one really good one, and a couple of okay ones. But the best was when there was an arranged marriage between TOP and Lee Hyori! I LAUGHED SO HARD.

But anyway, I meant to post this awhile ago, but whatever. I'm still loving Buzzer Beat. It's not anything groundbreaking, but I don't care. It has a lot of the same feeling that Hachimitsu to Clover had, which naturally makes me love it. (Random OT - This fall I'm going to watch H&C again. For some reason that show reminds me of autumn)

Anyway, caps and such!

The guys were all like "yay navels!", and Mai was like "YAY ABS", it was awesome.
Buzzer Beat episode 3 )
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Because I've feel like I'm abandoning my boys recently (only in the sense that I haven't been posting about them, I still listen to them, like, 8 million times a day... no escape)

The BB songs I've been fangirling recently

Young Bae - 죄인 -> I love this song, I love this performance, I love Young Bae. But back to the song, it's SO sexy. I never realized I'd love YB's solo album so much, but holy shit I do. I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL THIS AUTUMN WHEN HE RELEASES HIS SECOND ONE!

Ji Yong - 나만 바라봐 Part 2 -> As much as I like YB's version, I like GD's version better. The lyrics are quite a bit different, even if the music is the same. Regardless, I think this is my favorite of GD's solos, because holy shit that boy can sing. And rap. And do everything else because he's amazing. If I'm excited for YB's next solo album, I AM INCOHERANT WITH GLEE over GD's impending solo. And because I'm going to be in airplane limbo when it's released, I won't get to listen to it right away, and that upset me far far more than I could ever say.

TOP-sshi, Dae, and Baby )
Also, anyone else watching YG TV? No? Only one? Well, damn it, you SHOULD! So far I've seen all sorts of YG allstars; Teddy, Danny, Gummy, Jinu, BB and 2NE1 (of course)... I feel like I've seen Kush too, but that might have been in my imagination.


Jun. 20th, 2009 06:48 pm
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I'm not going to lie. I laughed my ass off.

But still, poor JiYong-sshi! And TOP looked slightly traumatized by the whole event. I did like how they just kept going on with the performance, regardless of bodily harm...

(action starts at ~1:30)
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I've been collecting images on my work computer for awhile now, so I decided to do a random picture post. I have a mix of stuff; Kpop and Jdrama related.

I'll do Zai Zai's picspam tonight, hopefully. Last night was distinctly unfun, what with the exercising, and then the sleeping. I didn't even got to finish Sekachu! But anyway, pictures.

Park Bom is gorgeous, and I hate her for having amazing perfect skin.
The rest! )

You know, I was watching one of 2NE1's performances, and the crowd cheers for Park Bom in the same way they do for YB. Whenever YB does a solo, the crowd chants "DONG YOUNG BAE" (his name). Whenever Park Bom sings her solo parts in songs, the crowd chants "PARK BOM". It's adorable. I love Park Bom.

(BTW, the BB pics are from either allkpop, or k bites. The park bom pic is from YG ladies, and obviously I took the caps.)
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The rest of the Big Bang Arena photoshoot pictures have been released, and OMG I LOOOVE them! I loved GD's first pic, but the second is even better! And TOP is too damn hot for his own good...

GD and TOP from the Arena shoot )

Yes, I've taken to using Korean honorifics occasionally. I also use the Japanese honorifics sometimes. It depends on who I'm talking about... Like I have extreme fannish love for GD and TOP, but I can't exactly call them "oppa" like most fangirls can... I'm older than them. And I call Oguri Shun and Ikuta Toma, Shun-kun and Toma-kun respectively (it's valid, I am emotionally attached to both of them :D). I'm glad Mandarin isn't as strict with the honorifics.

Anyway, moving on... Several shots have been released for TOP and Baby's drama/movie/thing 19. I love these shots, because they're obviously super over the top and hilarious. Especially Baby's...
Baby and TOP getting their ridiculous on )

Also randomly today I was desperately searching for and reading Hana Kimi fanfic. Specifically Mizuki / Nakatsu fic. Probably not a good idea to read slightly smutty boy - girl/boy/?? fic while at work... (I hope this won't be a long term fic yen. Like, I watched Gokusen back in December, and I STILL check every day for updates/new stories. More people need to write Shin/Yankumi Gokusen fic, damn it!

(Should probably mention I got the images from Big Bang Fansite)
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Drama / Asian pop culture news!

Ending spoilers for My Queen )

Big Bang Appointed Ambassadors for Ministry of Justice - Congrats to Big Bang!! I posted this because TOP always looks so confused in these group shots. Not digging Ji Yong's hair here... it would look SO HOT if he got rid of the headband. And I mean, I liked the headband when he was hanging out with w-inds... I guess my like for it is transient.

Arron Yan and Calvin Chen breakthrough, idol drama with both as male lead - A new romantice drama starring Calvin and Aaron?! Sign me up!

Also, Daniel Henney's new American tv show has been picked up for the upcoming season! It's not really my type of show (medical drama), but I will watch some of it for two simple reasons; DANIEL HENNEY IS HOT, and Julia Ormond is in it! I LOVE Julia Ormand a ton, and have since I first saw her in the 1995 remake of Sabrina. Both the 1995 version of Sabrina and Legends of the Fall (where Julia Ormond had the best role in the world... she got to be the romantic interest of; Henry Thomas, Brad Pitt (!!!), and Aidan Quinn) are in my top 10 favorite movies EVER.
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I'm currently taking a short Dal Ja's Spring break. We're at the point in the story where happiness between the OTP is shattered by bitchy secondary girls and lots and lots of misunderstandings. I always have trouble watching these parts (why I haven't finished Densha Otoko yet, despite only having two episodes left). So yeah, short break. A short break that involves me watching My Queen.

FYI: I'm planning a huge picspam / pimp post of Dal Ja's Spring when I finish (only 5 episodes left). I already have pic categories planned.

Anyway, on Saturday I got one of my Big Bang packages; stuff not sold on YesAsia or DVDHeaven. Specifically the CD and Diary/Planner they released for their FILA campaign. The CD had three songs on it, all new (as far as I can tell), including the FILA song, and Dae Sung's trot single 날봐귀순 (Look at Me, Gwi Soon), which is weirdly addictive. There's one more, but for some reason itunes didn't import the song name correctly, and I have no idea how to translate the Korean, so yeah. Also, the diary is REALLY thick, and filled with amazing pics from the FILA photoshoot (including a bunch of group pics with little white kids!). I'm highly pleased by it all!

Big Bang for FILA stuff... picspam )

I just looked up these items on The FILA Diary is selling for almost $100 there!! I got it for less than a quarter of that.

Haven't watched episode 3 or 4 of B&W yet, so no spoilers for me! I'm planning a massive comment reply today and tomorrow as well.

And oh! Huge playlist is coming sometime soon! It needs editing, but I'm working on it!
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So I mentioned how I got my last YesAsia shipment. Finally. 2 1/2 weeks after it shipped. 3 weeks after I placed the order. Why so sucky, YesAsia shipment?

This one contained my Hot Issue mini album, and Two Sided Fahrenheit.

Big Bang - Hot Issue )

Two Sided Fahrenheit )

Really tired suddenly. Makes sense, I HAVE been awake since 2:30am. I'm getting ready to make one of my last (for awhile) YesAsia orders. But not tonight. Tonight I have; shower, laundry, SLEEP.

I got to about half of my comments today. I'll to get to the rest tomorrow definitely.
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So the MV for the w-inds feat. GD song was released.

I... well... I really like the first half of the song. The second half was okay, but the second half of the video totally lost me (is it me, or does the choreography kinda suck?). Maybe it's just because I'm SO not used to J-pop. On the plus side, the chorus is great, and GD's rap is FABULOUS (as per usual).

It also seems like w-inds is trying a little too much to be K-pop-ey. Like that's what GD normally wears, but [ profile] sn0tcat tells me that that is NOT what w-inds normally wears. The clothes actually look like stuff Big Bang wore in The Great concert. But again, I have no idea.

Also, I found out today that TOP used to be fat!

SO CUTE! No wonder he's body-conscious now, despite looking fabulous. Recently I've been loving TOP a bit more than usual... he's just so adorable!

And God, WHEN WILL GD'S ALBUM BE RELEASED?! Big Bang is supposed to be vacationing in May, and then from the end of May to July they'll be in Japan. So like, there's a limited time here. If it doesn't happen I'll be super super sad.
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More Big Bang stuff. Because I love them. God, YG, tell me when GD's album is coming out. PLEASE!

So, GD is my favorite. But VERY closely followed by TOP. So recently, I've been VERY impressed with TOP. Lollipop was his song, and he was adorable in the Hite CF. Add unto that a new drama coming out (IRIS, of which I am so looking forward to), an offer to star in a movie (which he didn't take, because the dork wanted to go back to Big Bang, so cute!), a possible solo album coming out... sometime, etc. He's HOT right now.

He really looks good... )

Also, I found this article (Seeing double - Lee Min Ho and Big Bang TOP) highly amusing. Mmmmm guyliner.

All articles/pics from K-Bites


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