Oct. 13th, 2011 01:21 am
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So here's my tentative plans so far;

November 30th - December 7th - LONDON
December 7th - December 9th - PARIS
December 9th - December 11th - STUTTGART
December 11th - December 13th - BERN (or somewhere else in Switzerland that I haven't decided on yet)

I'd fly into London, and out of Bern.

I want to do touristy things in London, as well as check out the school I want to apply to.
In Paris I want to eat. Fancy lovely things I didn't get to eat last time I want there because of my budget. I also would like to see Versailles, but is that advisable in winter?
In Stuttgart I want to go to the Christkindlmarkt, and see the city.
In Bern I want to do more touristy stuff, and be happy that I get to visit a country I've never been to before, and that was the home of my great great great grandparents (I only recently discovered that I'm very distantly ancestrally Swiss, which makes me happy).

I plan on taking trains between everywhere. I'm a bit nervous about the London/Paris train though. I am not comfortable being in a tunnel under the water... Generally me and water do not mix.

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Parabolic Dunes off the side of the road

Hyannis harbor

This week = more oceanside adventures. Possibly with whale watching.
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I'm on vacation right now - nothing huge, since I have to go back to work on Saturday. I'm in Cape Cod. Despite living only an hour or two away, I haven't been here in like, twenty years. Anyways... I'm currently awake at 1am unable to sleep. You see, I kinda have a phobia of people breaking into my house and attacking me. It's super exacerbated by staying in motels. I'm constantly terrified people are going to come kill me. It's annoying.

Vacation, while super awesome, also means I do not get to watch / listen to 2ne1's new stuff right away. Sadface. I'm sure it's amazing.

I hope to do one huge meta post on their MV's, along with BB's and YB's.

I should probably try to sleep... Typing on an iPod with long nails is not pleasant anyway.

Edit: I just watched the "Clap Your Hands" MV care of my iPod. It was pretty badass. But again, as with all their songs, there was FAR too little Park Bom. I have no idea why she is regulated to the chorus constantly, but she needs bigger parts. I mean, I like Dara, but her voice is not nearly as good as Bom's.


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