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I watched the Paradise Kiss movie last night, and I LOOOOVED it. I plan on writing a smallish post about it, because it was adorable. For awhile there I was obsessed with the anime and manga. How could I not be? George is like, the model of the self-involved arrogant men I love in fiction (less hot in real life). And Yukari? The girl who discovered she was a kickass person who made her own success in life, but had to grow up, and give up some things in the process? That's my kind of heroine. Add in that the movie starred my Japanese soul-mate Osamu (HE'S A FUCKING SCIENTIST WHO IS BOTH OLDER AND TALLER THAN ME), and the cutest spunky girl around who likes reading and cats, Keiko. Add in the ab-tastic Mr. Yusuke, and you've got yourself a movie I wouldn't miss for the world. (I need to start watching jdramas again...)

So, probable post in the future. For now, I'll leave you with this. Bitch. Is. Flawless.

Anyway, this season in western TV! I'm currently watching;

How I Met Your Mother - Naturally.
Gossip Girl - Addicted.
Glee - Lost it's luster a bit. I'm mostly in it for Will/Emma.
Lost Girl - I watched half of the first season, randomly stopped watching it, and picked it back up this season. I don't know...
Bones - If it EVER comes back...
Doctor Who - It's off right now, but you KNOW I'll be in it as soon as it comes back.

New Girl - I love Zooey, but the premise is a bit lackluster. Still, she's cute, and I like funny fluff, so whatever.
Suburgatory - Randomly got hooked on this one day. Tessa reminds me a lot of Emma Stone's character in "Easy A", which is a good thing. Plus Jeremy Sisto, Cheryl Hines (OMG WAITRESS BUDDIES, YOU GUYZ!), and Alan Tudyk... I think I'm going to keep watching. Though I know from experience, growing up in a rich suburb of a major city is NOTHING like the show portrays.
American Horror Story - I would expect nothing but the most insane shit around from the same guys who brought me Nip/Tuck (which I love, and watched until it went in the shitter). I love the dreamy, crazy-as-fuck, exploitative feel of it. Nudity and sex? SURE. Brutal killings and maiming? ABSOLUTELY. Hallucinations and half dreamed occurrences? DEFINITELY. Seriously, if you watched Nip/Tuck, this show is following the same path. Not that that's a bad thing. I love love love love Jessica Lange, and hellllllo Dylan McDermott's ass... As someone who watched The Practice religiously, and lusted after Dylan McDermott for years, I can say I quite enjoy seeing him be morally compromised and naked once more.
Grimm - Watched the first episode, liked it. We'll see if I keep it.
Once Upon a Time - See above. I do think I'll keep this one though. I quite like Jennifer Morrison, and I also quite like that it takes place in the North East (though, of course, filmed in Canada). I guess if there's any place in the US that looks like it's from a fairy tale, it's Maine.
Pan Am - Okay, I'm ridiculous, insanely, immensely obsessed with this show. You have no freaking idea. It's my favorite of the season, and I just don't get the people who say it has no substance. I think it has a lot. You've got a girl in the 60's learning how to be her own woman outside of a relationship, you've got a bohemian who plays by her own rules and is not afraid to be herself, a lovely woman with a tragic past who embodies glamour and beauty, and a girl who grew up always feeling like second best, who ran away to live her life. I love it. Kate's my favorite character, but I love them all. And OMG is the girl who plays Laura beautiful. She has probably the most perfect, symmetrical face I've ever seen. I SO ship Kate with her CIA/Interpol contacts, and Laura with Ted.

Random Other
Sugar Rush - I watched the first episode the other day, and managed to spend HOURS marathoning most of the first series. Love it. And ANDREW GARFIELD! I keep randomly seeing him in things without knowing he was in them prior to watching.
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Me being internal, and explaining my reasoning )

And, to top it off, I found the best best BEST Masters degree programs ever (well, technically - my ideal is still at Georgetown, but whatever). It's at the amusingly named London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (which is part of the University of London). Check these Master programs out;
- Biology & Control of Disease Vectors
- Control of Infectious Diseases
- Medical Microbiology
- Medical Parasitology (!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
- Molecular Biology of Infectious Diseases
- Tropical Medicine & International Health
- Virology

And these are just the ones I am interested in. All of them are amazing. I don't even know how to choose. CAN I DO THEM ALL?! You cannot understand how amazed and excited that there's a school that offers a MASTERS in parasitology. Most parasitology degrees are firmly PhD.

I'm going to apply. But I also have no fucking idea of what else to do. How do I live in England? I have no clue. Yes, I've lived in Taiwan, but for some reason that wasn't nearly as difficult as this seems. I need a job, an apartment, transportation... I've never been to Great Britain before. I have no idea how things work there. The money is confusing, I don't know any of the areas, and I'm just generally baffled by the whole thing.

So here's my question for you lot - ANY SUGGESTIONS OR TIPS ON HOW TO DO THIS?. I beg you, please help me! Anyone ever studied abroad? British people on my flist, any help with how to work things? Somehow I think it's worse that Britain isn't terribly dissimilar from the US. It makes it more intimidating.

Other stuff I've bulleted! )

I think that's it!
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I used to post on this thing 3-4 times a day. What happened? Oh yeah, life...

Several things!

1. I've started watching Doctor Who. And hell if I didn't become ridiculously obsessed. I'm about halfway through series 1 (2005), and I've skipped around in series 2 and 4 as well. The whole Doctor/Rose thing is lovely and heartbreaking. It literally made me cry at one point. Me. Cry. That's nearly unheard of. I love British TV. It really never lets me down. I guess over the years I've come more accustomed to British humor, because I seriously find this show SO AMAZINGLY FUNNY. This was not the case 10 years ago, when I had issues trying to figure out why Brassed Off was considered comedic... I think watching the British version of Whose Line every single day for many many months somehow changed my brain.

2. As per [livejournal.com profile] darkeyedwolf's recommendation, I started watching Rebound, which is adorable. Plus, MOCO IS IN IT, AND I LOVE MOCO. Who doesn't love Moco? Freaks. That's who. I've had issues with Aibu Saki in the past (I really, REALLY hated her character in Utahime, and due to transference, I've been lukewarm about her ever since). This is the role that actually made me like her. I cannot help but like her here. (This happened once before with Seto Koji, who I HATED in Koizora, but won me over in Atadan) The plot is a bit weird. Body issues, fat people, etc etc etc. I enjoy that they actually made Saki and Moco appear fat - usually they put a normal sized girl on screen, and are like "OMG FAT!!!!11". And I like that there is a show that addresses this. I DO NOT LIKE that she apparently lost 70lbs in 2 weeks. Not possible. BELIEVE ME. As formerly kinda-anorexic (long story), I know this cannot happen. 30lbs in 2 weeks eating nothing but 5 baby carrots a day? SURE. But not 70. Either way, I'm only a few episodes in. I got distracted (as per usual), but I do hope to return to it as soon as the Doctor Who mania burns off.

3. I'm not going to talk much about Dae here, mostly because it breaks my heart. I will say that I don't think he should be found responsible. My dad actually had a similar situation happen to him. He was driving on the highway at night when all of a sudden the car in front of him swerved into the other lane. Because YOU CANNOT PHYSICALLY SEE WHAT IS ON THE ROAD IN FRONT OF THE CAR IN FRONT OF YOU, he didn't see that there was something in the road, and hit it. This happens. Dae didn't see the motorcyclist, and it was no fault of his. I don't know Korean law, and I'm SURE it's different, but here in the USA, you would not be found responsible for something like that. Especially if you didn't hit the person in the first place. I think people are paying WAY too much attention to Dae, and not focusing on the real issue - the driver who hit the motorcyclist to begin with, and then drove away. I have sympathy for the deceased's family, of course. But I also have sympathy for Dae, who is also a victim, IMO. He's being blamed for something that he could literally not avoid. Wrong place, wrong time. I have a feeling a lot of these people who keep saying it's Dae's fault (or at least partially his fault) don't actually drive on a regular basis...

4. Things are boring / okay at work and stuff. I'm not going to stay long there - no fault of theirs, but I need to change. I can't live my life doing this.

5. Went to the doctor, got meds. I hope to soon be happier. Now, if I could only remember to take them...

6. The weather's been really fucked up here. Everyone knows of the devastating tornado's all over the country? Well, last night three hit in Massachusetts. Seriously. Tornadoes. Here. We don't get many of those. But these were bad. They hit six towns, killed four people, injured at least 200, and practically destroyed a whole town center. Luckily I live rather far from where they struck, but I did get a scare when randomly the sky turned green last night. Weirdly enough, we didn't even get much rain. The storm seemed to pass just below where we are.

I think that's it for now - I have to go to the gym (*gag*), so off~
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Am I the only one who does not find the guy who plays Cesare in The Borgias attractive in the least? Not that he's ugly or anything, but TOTALLY not my type. It's a fine show, but so far none of the guys are standing out to me in terms of hotness. Pity. It shouldn't, but it does affect how much I enjoy the show.

I'm also kinda irritated that they made Sancha so... loose. But whatever, hopefully her character becomes the super powerful woman she was in reality, and not a caricature of sex.
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I... can't. I won't be able to watch if there is a series 4.

vague spoilers )
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This is random, and sans reference, however needs to be said.

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I guess it's easier to divide things up...

1. Maou
I watched the first episode of Maou last night, and while I did enjoy it, I also found is ridiculously hilarious in quite a few spots. The biggest thing? It's way over-dramatic. Especially Toma's character. Everything he does is SO dramatic, SO passionate. I mean, he runs everywhere. As [livejournal.com profile] sn0tcat said, he's just too full of passion and emotion to simply walk. Ohno's character, on the other hand, I LOOOOVED. I LOL-ed a lot at him (come on, Ohno being creepy is kinda funny), but he was damn good. I like evil, conniving, dastardly characters. They make me happy.

Come On, you can't tell me you don't find evil!Ohno hilarious...
A BUNCH more caps from episode 1 )

2. Misfits
SERIES TWO IS FINALLY HERE YOU GUYS! I've been waiting a freaking year for this show to come back. For reals! It's currently my favorite show (not that LOST is off the air), and I'm so excited for the next episode. I read some spoilers earlier, and watched the pre-air, so I knew what was going to happen, but damn if it wasn't worth watching in HD. This season I'm loving Simon a whole lot more, despite him being a total creeper. And I'm still on the Nathan/Kelly ship. I kinda like how they didn't make them get together right away. These things need to be drawn out. That being said, I wish there had been more time before they dug Nathan up, just to see how everyone (mostly Kelly) was handling it. I seriously could watch this show only for Nathan though. He's such an asshole, and we all know how I feel about the asshole characters...

This makes me wonder about British graves... Are they really that easy to dig up?!
A few more caps from episode 1, including one that may haunt your nightmares... just warning you )

3. Koukou Debut Movie
I randomly heard about this the other day, while looking for news on the ParaKiss movie. The news came out awhile ago, but I'm kinda slow on the uptake recently. Apparently Mizobata Junpei (who played Shuji-kun in Buzzer Beat) will be acting as Yoh, and Ohno Ito (a new actress, as far as I can tell) will be Haruna. This will either be awesome, or epically bad (see : Love Com). I hope for awesome. Because Koukou Debut is a really good manga, and I'd love to see it done well. While I loved Junpei in Buzzer Beat, I wouldn't have picked him to play Yoh... then again, who knows, he may knock it out of the park.

4. Fated to Love You sequel
Nothing is confirmed about this story, so take it with a grain of salt. HOWEVER, SETTV is looking to make a sequel to Fated to Love You, called 醉後決定愛上你 (Drunken to Love You... odd translation). I AM SO AGAINST THIS IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY. Now, I love SETTV, I love their shows, I love their actors, I just love them. And yes, FtLY is the highest rated drama in Taiwanese history, so I suppose it makes sense to have a sequel. But a sequel without Qiao En or Ethan?! And didn't they already make a tie in with Invincible Shan Bao Mei?! The actors they're looking at are Rainie Yang and Jerry Yan. I just... don't know. I think seeing them together would make me think too much about Meteor Garden, and question why Ken isn't there. But yeah... not really looking forward to this. I loved FtLY, and I don't think there needs to be another one.
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I was all like "hmm... I wonder if I should watch 'The Tudors'?", so I went to wiki, and checked out the cast list. Hans Matheson is in it - done deal for me. I LOOOOOVE Hans Matheson. He always plays evil, but I love him so much I always want him to prevail.

Also, Robert Sheehan guested in an episode, which makes me even more happy (I've been getting ridiculously antsy over when the hell Misfits is coming back).

I really like stories that take place in the 15th and 16th century in Europe - essentially the Renaissance eras (particularly in England and Italy). From a young age I was into historical fiction, and, wouldn't you know it, they apparently make children's books about that time period.

(I also have a thing for 18th and 19th century France and Germany/Austria/Hungary. I'm randomly OBSESSED with Sisi. When I went Schönbrunn, I was all like "THESE ARE SISI'S ROSE GARDENS!!!!!"...)

But anyway, has anyone watched The Tudors? Worth it?
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Guess who finally, after trying since AUGUST 19TH, has finally managed to get her hands on a physical copy of Big Bang's Japanese album (aptly titled "Big Bang")...

It's the Taiwanese version, which as far as I can tell is exactly the same as the original Japanese edition, expect: it was made in Taiwan, and has a booklet of the lyrics translated into Chinese. It was also $25 less. Score for me. The DVD behind the scenes stuff is awesome!

Other news... Well, culture classes are scary, because they're taught totally in Mandarin, and I'm like "uhhhhhhhh, 什麼?"

Yesterday was Moon Festival day, so we had a big meal, mooncakes (which depending on type varied between REALLY good, and kinda weird), and moon watching. Afterwards, right as I was attempting to go to sleep, we had a earthquake. Well, technically Hualien had an earthquake. And, um, Hualien is pretty far from Taipei. But the earthquake was pretty strong (6.3 magnitude), so we felt it. It was kinda scary, but also pretty awesome. It was my first earthquake. Well technically I've been in another earthquake when I lived in Virginia, but I didn't feel it, because I was in an elevator.

We're also preparing for Typhoon Parma. It might hit Taiwan, but it might not. Crapshoot, really. They're evacuating some parts of the south already. BUT the typhoon weather means it's FINALLY cooler. It feels lovely, finally.

Otherwise, I'm doing random NON-DRAMA related things. I've been watching a lot of Western TV. That, and thanks to [livejournal.com profile] darkeyedwolf, I've been reading The Vampire Diaries, which is SO MUCH like a badfic it's hard to imagine it got published. So bad it's good. I've also been enjoying Korean Horror movies...

Western TV and Korean Horror Movies )

Oh random! Today at the Taiwanese Daiso/eslite building they were playing a LOT of ABBA. And then we were walking around Ximen, and suddenly I heard GD's song "Hello". I proceeded to freak out, and stay in that store until they finished playing GD (they played the whole album).

And has anyone else heard Joe Cheng's new album? I caught one of the singles on MTV the other day, and was impressed. I'm probably going to buy his album sometime (there are two versions! One comes with a book, and one comes with a DVD!)


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