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It looks like Summer's Desire (aka, Summer of Bubbles, Summer's Bubbles, etc) is going to be airing at the end of May. Apparently the reason the drama had trouble selling was because of the ages of the main actors (Huang Xiao Ming = 32, Da S = 33 Peter Ho = 34). I personally do not see why this is a problem (almost all Taiwanese dramas feature actors who are older than the mean age of Kdrama or Jdrama actors). Jerry Yan is 33, and his drama is popular. The main cast for P.S. Man (which has the highest rating out of all the twdramas airing right now) are all in their early thirties/late twenties.

This is old, but whatever. Awhile ago I was surprised to hear that Eddie Peng was releasing and album. I love Eddie Peng. He's adorable, and a good actor. He also speaks English because he was raised in Canada. I have a thing for foreign born/raised Asian celebrities. I think they appeal more to me, because they're culturally closer to what I identify with.

Either way, Eddie's newest video stars Tiffany Xu (who I always confuse with Bianca Bai for some reason. It's not like I can't tell them apart, especially since Tiffany is half white...). I have a longstanding girlcrush on Tiffany. I'm not the biggest fan of the song (it's ballad, and we all know how I feel about ballads), but the video is nice. Eddie looks hot (especially those arms! Last time I saw him, he did NOT have those arms...). But I find it funny that the thing I noticed the most was that the umbrella in the video looks to be a 7-11 umbrella. One of the white ones. The 7-11 umbrellas are ubiquitous in Taiwan for two reasons: the weather there is unpredictable (SUDDEN RAIN! EXTREME SUN!) so everyone carries umbrellas, and the 7-11 umbrellas are cheap. If I remember correctly, they're only $60NT (uh, less than $2USD). Anyway, on with the video.

Speaking of Tiffany Xu, She's going to be starring alongside Wang Chuan Yi (you all know him as Kingone, but I refuse to call him that), AND Viter Fan in a new drama *high pitched girlish squeal*!!!!! I'm all like, wtf awesome! Viter Fan isn't well known as a drama actor. He's been in a few dramas (including the amazing Crystal Boys), but he's more of a movie actor. Recently he's been involved in a scandal for speaking out about his former relationship with Cyndi Wang (his statements were in bad taste, but I honestly don't think he meant to stir shit up). I'm not letting that infringe on my love for him, however. As for Chuan Yi, I ADORE the man. Add in Tiffany, and it's just plain awesome (Alice Ceng also stars. I haven't seen much of her, but what I HAVE seen, I've liked). The drama's called 就是要香戀, which is roughly translated at something like "Only Want Sweet Love" (I'm guessing here, but since "戀" is more like, longing, or missing someone, there might be a bit more depth to the title than the translation).

In other cpop news, awhile ago S.H.E released a video for their song 愛就對了. It stars Zhang Rui Jia (who next to Zai Zai, is the Taiwanese love of my life). Thus it's guaranteed that I would love it. Because it's RUI JIA, people! The girls look fabulous as well. Ella's still my favorite, but recently I've been liking Hebe a lot more.

This last bit is random. At the end of march Jane Zhang released her newest album. The song is gorgeous (OMG her voice!), but it was the video that caught my attention. It stars another one of my favorite Taiwanese guys (and birthday-mate) Joseph Chang. Course, the big deal about the video was not him, but rather that it also stars Pan Chen (a former contestant from Super Girls, which is essentially the mainland China version of Pop Idol [you know, like American idol]). Anyway, I like this gif. Holy shit Joseph, you're smokin'.

Oh, one more thing! This is old news (About a month ago I had a bunch of Taiwanese stuff to talk about, but then put it off for some reason...), but whatev. Wu Zun is rumored to be in a drama this summer with Rainie. Apparently GTV requested Wu Zun, hoping he would save them in the ratings war. GTV is one of the major networks in Taiwan, but it's been losing in the ratings for awhile to SETTV. SETTV is personally my favorite network (Chen Qiao En works with them a lot), but I can sympathize. And hell, if there's any way to get your ratings back on track, it's to add some Wu Zun. Can't go wrong with that.
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I've been meaning to write this entry for awhile, actually. Awhile back I stumbled on a bunch of Chinese celebrity baby/childhood pictures. It was AWESOME. I love baby pictures.

Anyway, they're all Taiwanese (save 2), and all adorable!

The Girls! (Jolin a geek?! Rainie with a mushroom haircut?!) )

The Guys! (Including possibly the worst picture of Will Pan EVAR, and Wu Zun looking like a chick) )

And because it wouldn't be fun without it...
My own baby picture! )

All of the pictures (save mine, of course) are from Cfensi
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So I mentioned how I got my last YesAsia shipment. Finally. 2 1/2 weeks after it shipped. 3 weeks after I placed the order. Why so sucky, YesAsia shipment?

This one contained my Hot Issue mini album, and Two Sided Fahrenheit.

Big Bang - Hot Issue )

Two Sided Fahrenheit )

Really tired suddenly. Makes sense, I HAVE been awake since 2:30am. I'm getting ready to make one of my last (for awhile) YesAsia orders. But not tonight. Tonight I have; shower, laundry, SLEEP.

I got to about half of my comments today. I'll to get to the rest tomorrow definitely.
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I took less pictures this time around, because I figured not everyone is as obsessed with seeing pictures of everything as I am.

I got these last week, but have been either sick, or too tired to do much about it until now.

In these two shipments I got the Big Bang Always Mini Album, and the Fahrenheit Final Collectible Edition.

Always Mini Album )

Fahrenheit Final Collectible CD )

I'm almost certain I'm going to preorder Jolin's new album... just, apparently, not yet.
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I woke up this morning (...actually this afternoon...) to an awesome unexpected surprise. My third shipment from YesAsia had come! This one contained The Big Bang Number 1 DVD (Japanese limited first press edition). Aka, the most expensive CD I've ever bought. Why are Japanese albums SO EXPENSIVE?! The package also contained my DVD version of Eternal Summer (the best movie EVER).

So I took pictures. LOTS of pictures. And since I hadn't taken pictures of the Big Bang The Great Concert DVD I got, I took some (read; a lot) pictures of that too. I'm SO happy with the quality of everything I've gotten. Nothing was damaged from the shipments (and they came from Hong Kong, so that's saying something). I still haven't gotten my posters yet, though...

Some of the pictures (mostly of the photos) came out kinda crappy. I didn't want to bend the books too much, so they're weirdly alligned, but whatever. Better than nothing! Also, I took these without flash, so they kinda came out yellowish.

WARNING: This post is VERY image heavy
Big Bang The Great Concert DVD )

Big Bang Number 1 CD+DVD (Japanese limited first press edition) )

Eternal Summer DVD (Taiwan version) )

I also figured out today (Don't know why I didn't figure it out earlier...) that I can play my Chinese drama DVDs in my DVD player (I thought they'd be a different format, but it occurred to last night that since they're being sold in the US, they're probably format 1. They are. Not like it matters a ton, they don't have english subs.

Oh, and here are the high quality scans of from the Fahrenheit Love You More and More DVD booklet. The scanner kinda screwed them up a bit, but they're still usable!

Keep in mind, these pictures are HUGE. All but one of them are over 2000 x 2000 pixels large (the last is about 2000 x 1000 pixels). These are just thumbnails.

Fahrenheit HQ pic thumbnails )

Feel free to take these if you'd like. I would appreciate it if you credited me for the scans if you use them to make icons / banners / etc though.
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OMG I finally got the first of my YesAsia packages!!

Package 1 -> Fahrenheit's new (well, new in January) album, Love You More and More, which I reviewed here, on the day it came out (obsessed much, eh Meredith?).

So naturally, when I got it today, I kinda flipped out a bit, and took pictures of EVERYTHING.


Excuse the fangirling. Fahrenheit are my boyband (well, so are Big Bang... it's a tie), so I tend to flip out a little about them (I blame my insanity on the fact that I never got into American boybands when I was a teenager. I've been storing my fangirling up... plus, they're Taiwanese, and I'm already batshit crazy over anything Taiwanese).

My next package -> Big Bang's The Great concert DVD (with a photobook!!). Should be coming tomorrow.

God knows when I'm getting my posters, or my Big Bang CD/Eternal Summer DVD.
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Since my last post on current taiwanese tv got a good response, I figured I'd post a continuation. Out of all asian entertainment, I know the most about Taiwan. Taiwanese entertainment is my passion. Overall, people generally tend to prefer Korea or Japan, so I thought I'd give some love to my favoritest place in the whole world; Taiwan.

Upcoming Taiwanese Dramas )

I'm sure I missed a lot (including Momo love, Aaron Yan's upcoming drama), but whatever.

By the way, I totally did something similar to this in December. I've posted it below. (Notice the lack of fangirling on Boys Before Flowers? I thought it was going to suck)
Upcoming 2009 dramas! (Dated from 18Dec08 )
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I should just stay away from the asianfanatics news section. I always end up spending LOADS of time on there... some current news stories that interested me (Taiwanese and Korean);

Stories about Vanness Wu, Big Bang, Wu Zun, Jiro Wang, Lee Min Ho, hot boy lists, Chinese F4, Kim Bum, Superstar Express, Rainie, and Zai Zai )

Also, the cast of BBF must be cursed when it comes to car accidents. Bummie's gotten in two already, Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Joon each had one on the same day, Lee Min Ho was previously injured (badly) from a car accident, and just today Koo Sun Hye had a car accident! Thankfully in most cases, the injuries were non existent or minor (save for Min Ho's). But it makes me wonder, are car accidents in Korea THAT prevalent? I know Taiwan is notorious for car accidents (that's why a lot of times deaths in dramas are due to car accidents), but I didn't know Korea was as well. And really, shouldn't they be hiring better drivers to escort these major stars?
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So Hot Shot is basically totally eyecandy. It's like the producers were like "What's a good idea for a new show... you know what would be great? Let's just put five of the hottest actors in Taiwan in a show about sweaty boys playing sports! That'll work."

The boys; Gratuitous mini-picspam )

So yes. This is quite enjoyable. I've only watched the first episode so far, but it was adorable, and hilarious. They're doing that awesome Taiwanese/Chinese thing where they highly exaggerate movements. If they're fighting/playing basketball/whatever, it's wuxia style with lots of huge jumps, slow motion, and totally impossible movements. At first I found this style kinda ridiculous (I first saw it in another George Hu drama; Love At First Fight), but I like it now. It's uniquely Chinese.

This drama is worth watching for Alan alone. Alan is like, the funniest shit to ever come out of Taiwan ever. The faces he makes are hilarious. Wu Zun and George Hu are awesome as bad guys. The fight/chase scenes are pretty hot too. I haven't seen Michael yet. The girls are lovely too. Especially Coco Jiang, who is statuesque and beautiful beyond belief.

Also, one of the high points of this drama is the commercial insert; they have the basketball teams DANCING. Alan is a fabulous dancer. Jerry and Wu Zun, who have had many many years of practice from being in boybands are pretty damn good too.

The one thing I wasn't happy about; Hot Shot isn't subtitled in Chinese. I feel lost without the Chinese subs.

A trifecta of hotness

Anyway, small picspam from episode 1 )

BONUS: Alan and Wu Zun attempting to make out )

SUPER SPECIAL BONUS: Wu Zun. Being hot. )

I also just found out that Na Wei Xun (Fated to Love You, Prince Turns to Frog, etc), Gong Ji An (Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu), and Huang Tai An (Mars, A Game About Love, Fated to Love You) are in it. I love character actors, and seeing them in various dramas makes me happy.

It's been awhile since I've watched a twdrama. I forget just how amazing they are sometimes.
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"The Director of the International department from the Tourism Bureau, Liu Xi-Lin pointed out that in the two years when F4 was the spokesperson for Taiwan Tourism in Japan and Korea, they successfully attracted the attention of 35- 45 year-old mature female fans. The effect was very satisfactory. Last November Fahrenheit took over as the new spokesperson and their target would be 18-25 year-old young female fans."
Um, what? )

In other news, I REALLY REALLY want this. but it's $24! Also, do you think it'd be strange if I bought a huge GD poster, and hung it up in my room and stared at it a lot? Yes? Fine.
More Big Bang Stuffs )

Oh, and the best random quote of the day (enjoy the engrish); "Ella even had once helped her father to catch and castrated pigs when she was younger." Somehow I can totally see Ella doing this.
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Is Jerry going to be an ass in this? He's acting like an ass, but he may have a reason. I withhold judgement.

HAH! Awesome effects twdrama! You're catching up.

Wu Zun = hotness!

Dear God poor Alan! A grandparent / only living guardian death within the first 15 minutes of the show, very similar to The Rose. I'm starting to think it's a Taiwanese thing, actually. The dramas tend to like to pull the whole guardian death (or disappearance) / 'Oh Noes I'm an orphan!' thing.

But seriously, if I wasn't at work, I'd totally be crying with Alan. He's a really good cryer.

Still waiting to see Michael Zhang (SQUEEE!) and George Hu...

God knows when I'll watch the rest. Are all the Hot Shot episodes an hour and a half like the first one?

(BTW, it's really nice to hear Mandarin again. I love the sound of Korean, but it really doesn't help me learn Mandarin, now does it?)
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A few news points;

Cannot lose to Ethan Ruan; Joe Cheng & Ariel Lin have another bed scene
This story is amusing to me only because it contains the phrase "there is no passionate skin contact whatsoever"...

5566 to Dissolve, New Faces to Take Over
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS!!!! I can only hope this is a rumor, but if it isn't... well I suppose they had a good run. Still... meh. Also, wtf?! "Sam Wang might be shifting his career into the bread making business to fulfill his dream"

Not going to link the whole article, but hello, best quote ever; "He is a veteran at bed scenes, and resulted in gaining the title of ‘asthma sex stick’." (BTW, they're talking about Ethan Ruan)

Arron Yan acts "handsome", kisses for 5 hours, becomes an adult in Fahrenheit’s MV
First of all, SQUEE! Aaron!! He's so cute! Second, wtf is it with female fans?! First Alan Luo, now Aaron?! Are they really THAT upset by them kissing other people while acting? Seriously people. So yay! New MV (though it's not one of my favorite songs)! But exactly why are they standing under a dangling car?

Fahrenheit promotes new album, Arron agrees to parade around Hong Kong
Poor Aaron! They're always picking on him! "The three of them forced Aaron Yan to wear swim trunks to swim in Victoria Harbour for celebration if the album sales in Hong Kong broke 50,000 copies; Aaron Yan asked them why and the three of them feel that since he is the youngest, he has to satisfy the younger fans. Aaron Yan could only agree to it unwillingly." Aw, Aaron! Ever since I saw the video of him doing that ridiculous cat dance, I've just wanted to squeeze him! It's kinda weird, because it's not like he's a kid... he's only 2/3 years younger than I am (there seem to be conflicting reports on what his birthyear actually is...)

*snort* "When Wu Zun was asked if he would imitate Aaron Kwok who showed his chest muscles at the concert if the album sales are good, he said, 'Nope! I don’t have a figure as good as him, and also not a status like him, wait until we have it then will show it!' " .... Oh Wu Zun... how I wish you would change your mind...
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Fahrenheit's new album is out!

Buy it, or Download it

I've listened to the whole thing, and really like it!

My favorites are;

- 動脈 (Artery) -> This is the opening theme for Aaron's drama, MIT. It had a dance beat, and is fast paced. There's no MV yet, that I know of.
- 越來越愛 (Love You More and More) -> This is my favorite song on the album. It's quite lovely, and OMG the MV... It's a ballad, but it's kinda a tonal mix, so it's hard to explain.
- 最佳聽眾 (The Best Listener) -> This song reminds me a ton of 我愛你 by F4. And everytime I listen to it, I get that S&K commercial F4 did in my head. Which isn't a bad thing, really.
- 恆星 (Shining Star) -> This is also a good song. It's the opening for Jiro's series, Rolling Love. I really like the opening of the song, it sounds epic. They're kinda rapping in the middle of it too... which is funny.

I'm no music critic, so I can't really be more descriptive, mostly because I'd have no idea what I'm talking about. I think my major disappointment with this album is that it contains too many slower songs. I don't like slower songs as much. Also, I thought it would be more rock inspired than it was. Otherwise, I really enjoy it! I'm anxiously awaiting more MVs to be made! Watching an MV makes me like the song more. Apparently I like images to go along with the music, probably why I'm such a fan of OSTs.
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Probably one of the best videos ever, which includes five of my favorite people; Ella, Wu Zun, Jiro, Danson, and Alan. Alan is totally being sneaky too, trying to get Wu Zun and Ella to kiss! Adorable.

I don't know why I'm posting so many videos recently. But whatev... at least they're good videos! (If you like Taiwanese entertainment, that is. But everyone should, really. It's like the best thing in the world.)

More videos! S.H.E MVs, Fahrenheit on Alan's show, the Hana Kimi cast on various shows being hilarious, Wu Zun being molested by an overeager fangirl, Fahrenheit making out with each other (kinda sorta), TANK's MV feat. Wu Zun and Ella, and Zai Zai being awesome as per usual )

You know, I never once thought I'd jump on the real person shipping bandwagon. It always struck me as kinda weird, but then I got into Taiwanese culture, and discovered that the Taiwanese REALLY like their love teams. Now I am a crazy shipper for Ariel and Joe, Qiao En and Ming Dao, and Wu Zun and Ella. I do not, and will not ever ship someone with Zai Zai, because I love him and want him for myself (incidentally, that's the reason why while I like Barbie well enough, I will never love her like I do Ella, Ariel, and Qiao En).
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I just spent a LOT of time downloading new music, and updating the stuff I already have.

Currently I have 5 S.H.E albums (the latest ones, Encore to FM S.H.E), and the two Fahrenheit albums. My obsession with Fahrenheit (Jiro and Wu Zun) and S.H.E (Ella) is growing exponentially.... And can I just say, I ADORE Dream Star. That site makes searching for Chinese music easy.

Huang Yi Da totally also released a new album at the end of November! I was totally unawares! I ADORE Huang Yi Da so much. 臭男人 was the first chinese song I really liked, and it still remains my favorite.

ALSO Fahrenheit is coming out with their new album (越來越愛) tomorrow!

I love their new looks! (Though I'm not terribly sure about Jiro's hair... It's so different it's kinda weirding me out. So much so that I had issues telling him from Aaron, because I'm so used to recognizing him by his hair...)

Normally I'd totally gush over Wu Zun, but Jiro wins this video. He's wearing a weird furry jacket thing, and then he had a wifebeater on and is playing guitar (for some reason, wifebeater + guitar = insane utter hotness to me. A wifebeater alone isn't hot, but paired with a guitar... expecially when it's on a crazy hot Taiwanese boy... yeah), and then he's singing behind a chandelier (granted, they're all singing behind chandeliers, but Jiro still wins)! Wu Zun is also pretty damn hot in it... he's working out in it, and for some unknown reason, I really really REALLY like it when (hot) guys get all sweaty doing manual labor or working out. Aaron was cute too (he was also working out... plus he had the adorable confession scene), but I honestly don't think Calvin is all that attractive. Not my type. But he does have a good voice!

And the ending is adorable, with Aaron trying to confess to a girl, and the others are there cheering for him, and like, high five each other when the girl accepts Aaron!

Also, does anyone else think Aaron kinda looks like Narimiya Hiroki in this video? No? Only me? Hmm.

Oh, and random question; Does anyone have the Comic Boyz (可米小子)'s albums, "Goodbye", or "Hey Hah!"?! I cannot find them for the life of me. I randomly found their second album though...
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It's good to see that the Edison Chen scandal didn't totally ruin Cecilia Cheung's life!
Deborah Lai confirmed Cecilia's second baby; Patrick Tse wants twins

*Dies!!* My dream of cross agency co-operation is coming true!! Mike, Joe, AND Qiao En in a commercial! So excited to see it when it comes out on youtube! (Article also totally mentions Mike's birthday! I meant to do a picspam celebration (mostly as a present for me...), but didn't get around to it.)
Mike He and Joe Cheng both appear like strangers

I'm now EVEN MORE excited for Starlit. Previously, the print ad was enough to make me want to see it, but these trailers make it so much better!! Jerry Yan + piano + tragic car accident involving broken hands + Terri Kwan without the ridiculous extensions they made her wear in WtSYA + angst = DRAMA GOLD.
4 New Trailers for Jerry Yan's "Starlit"; "Starlit" OST

I like the title of this story (it totally make Qiao En sound like a prostitute!) Plus, I ♥ Qiao En! She has a western boyfriend! How adorable! I'm still MingEn all the way though...(I know I'm being redundant in my news, but I thought this one was interesting because I never knew that Mike and Joe had issues with their friendship.... ohhh now I see why. (Hehehehe! Brokeback relationship! Even if Joe was in love with Mike, which I very much doubt he is, it'd be adorable! Joe is rather androgynous, and Mike is so pretty. So it works out...)
Chen Qiao En wanders between two men, passionately hugs Joe Zheng to earn money, rushes towards foreigner boyfriend

Um, crazy fans much?! Poor Alan! Apparently he can never get any action from his female costars, or else his fans will rebel and freak out... I know it's Asia, and things are different there, but COME ON?! It's ACTING.
Show Luo french Kisses with Alice Ceng, Wife fans accuse him of having an affair.

Stupid Taiwanese press, trying to make Ella look bad! I'm sure S.H.E can easily win awards with or without the presence of Twins.
S.H.E rely on Twins' absence to win awards? Ella gets angry

Qiao En and Ming Dao are doing a new drama!? MEEEEHHH! How did I not know about this?! Maybe it's just a rumor though, since I can't find any evidence... (Also, MingEn loves!!)
Chen Qiao En has Ming Dao; almost forgets about boyfriend

Awww the cuteness! I know Wu Zun is Ella's rumored boyfriend, but I had no idea Jay Chou and Alan Luo were rumored to be Selina and Hebe's boyfriends...
S.H.E holds Christmas party; fans imitate their rumoured boyfriends

Awesome Joe Cheng quote;
"Cosmo: So to you, what you like to do most for the environmental issues?
Joe: People around the world will wear nothing and will only eat vegetables! (Laughed)"
Joe Cheng’s sincere Q&A session

Oh wu Zun! You kill me your your adorableness! Wearing skirts, and joking around with Alan Luo (... about wearing skirts)! Adorable! It's kinda too bad that Taiwan doesn't have the crazy obsession with cross dressing that Japan does....
Wu Zun wears short skirt; invites Show Luo to compare femininity

I adore Ariel and Joe so much (I'm definitely an Arjoe fan), and they're so cute in this article. They also randomly talk about the US. And how Joe wants Christmas wishes from the leader of Mars....
Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng's Merry Christmas

Yay Extravagant Challenge!! And they're just WANTING us to suffer now, with the teasing that the second male lead is ALMOST confirmed! I'm dying to see who will play Shou!
Jerry Yan's new drama 'Extravagant Challenge' ; Director Niu says filming will begin soon

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Am currently uploading lots and lots of CDs onto my brother's new ipod, and whilst doing so, I'm totally looking up pictures of Zai Zai and Fahrenheit.

SO, as a result, PICSPAM

Zai Zai )

Fahrenheit group pics! )

Jiro Wang )

Wu Zun )

Wow. No coding mistakes. I'm proud of myself!

ALSO, as a (late) Christmas 'present', I am uploading a playlist of a few of my favorite c-pop songs (there is one k-pop song too!).

Download, and song list )

So yay!!
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I just had the following conversation with myself.

"Hmmmm Simon Yam is a pretty damn good looking older man... I would so do him"

But AH! He's wearing a rosary as a necklace, which is SO one of my pet peeves. A Rosary is NOT a necklace. It's like, the one religious thing I'm sensitive about. I think it's kinda disrespectful.

It's really weird to see Wu Zun, and hear another person's voice.

Wu Zun gave Ariel a trucker hate that says "Ruldolph Valentino"...

Oh shits. So in Love Contract, one of the characters, Ah Kai, was in love with Ariel's character (Xiao Feng), but Xiao Feng was in love with Mike's character (Ah Ken). Well, the dude that played Ah Kai (Zhang Rui Jia) is in Tokyo Juliet. And his character is in love with Ariel's... again. So now I feel bad for him... again. Stupid love triangles... making me like the odd man out.
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Ah! I just got caught up in an evil vortex of Family Guy videos on youtube... They just kept coming, and I couldn't STOP!!!!

But then I started watching Gokusen again, and all was well... for now.....

Crap, got sucked in again! Damn you Family Guy, and your hilarious Star Wars references!!! DAMN YOU!

And I forgot what I was doing.... Oh yeah. I began to watch Tokyo Juliet, but when I opened the file, it wasn't subbed. I assumed it was hard subbed, but apparently not.

Also, it's in rmvb format. *sigh* I really hate rmvb... It's annoying not being able to use VLC for everything. I normally wouldn't mind using Real Alternative, but for some reason, my work laptop doesn't like to use it, and since I end up using that computer to watch stuff a lot, I miss out on stuff (like WtSYA).

Ah! While the picture quality is really good, the sound SUCKS (which, unfortunately, is kinda the norm in twdramas... sucky sound. Ah well, I've seen worse)

Um, wow. Wu Zun is sooooo hot. I'd forgotten just how hot. And Ariel's hair is so pretty. I'm assuming it's a weave, but still, pretty!

I'm tired, and going to sleep, BUT this drama fascinates me. I love fashion. Seriously, I love it sooo much. I can name most major haute couture designers (something which apparently not a ton of people can do...), and tend to have clothesgasms when confronted with beautiful clothes. I'm nowhere near rich, so I'm not around expensive clothes much, but one time I went into a Neiman Marcus and just about died from the prettiness. And even though it was pret a porter, I still was able to ogle Carolina Herrera, Phillip Lim, and the ultimate; Chanel. *sigh* Fashion is awesome.
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Back from vacation, and dreading work...

BUT I totally finished Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu! Dear God did I love that drama. It was so intensely sweet. My only complaint is the ending. I know it's kinda left for interpretation, but come on!

Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu final spoilers )

EDITS!! - And I actually just finished LIFE. One really nice thing about jdramas... they're relatively short, which means I don't devote tons of time to them!


In other news, I've been watching Cat Street hardsubbed, but I found out yesterday that it's been softsubbed.... so now I'm downloading raws so I can watch the rest of it... finally!!

Drama/Anime/Manga List update 16Nov08 )

I updated my list with some of the dramas [livejournal.com profile] sn0tcat gave me. Yays!

I also switched my "key"... bold = currently watching, and italic = unsubbed (upcoming/unfinished/just not subbed at all...) I was getting myself confused, so I changed!


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