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I finally got around to posting my latest yesasia purchases.

2NE1 1st Mini Album )

Tae Yang's 1st Mini Album - Hot )

SNSD (Girls' Generation) 2nd Mini Album - Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) )

I also bought Boku wa Imoto ni Koi o Suru )

My recent foray into Kpop girl groups has come with an interesting lesson. Girl-group fanwars are HUGE. It seems like 2NE1 fans attack SNSD, and SNSD fans attack 2NE1, and that's not even including the fans of 4Minute, KARA, Wonder Girls, Brown Eyed Girls, or even T-ara. I like 2NE1 the most, BUT I also really like SNSD. So whatever. They make totally different music, so they're really not even comparable to me.
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Yesterday I got my Global Warning DVD (and other things), so, yes, picspam. (Am not in a terribly good mood right now, so sorry if that someone creeps into my writing)

Global Warning DVD )

Big Bang 3rd Single )

Cell phone strap )
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So three things;

I watched Bones for the first time in about a year last night (I was OBSESSED with the show last season, and I have seasons 1-3 on DVD. This season I was too busy with dramas to watch), and wow, what a one to watch. It was fabulous! And surely they're teasing us with the whole Booth/Brennan sleeping together thing... I mean, I want it to happen, but it doesn't seem like the TV people will give it up that easily. I had also totally forgotten just how gross that show can be.

2NE1's video was featured on Perez Hilton Wednesday. And you know what? There are a lot of racist idiots (who are like "wow, their english sucks!", despite Bom and CL being fluent), but there are a LOT of supporters! Yay Kpop fans! (Also, totally random, but I love this song)

And finally, I got one of my YesAsia packages today! So I finally got off my ass and uploaded pictures of the stuff I've gotten so far.
The Real Concert DVD )

The Big Show Album )

Random stickers! )

I hope tomorrow I get my other YesAsia shipment (it has my Global Warning DVD!). But of what I've learned about Hong Kong post... it's totally unpredictable!
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Just finished Kimi wa Petto. It was adorable, and I loved it a ton. And I didn't cap it at all. It was kinda liberating, not capping. Not that I'm going to do it again anytime soon :D

Now, what to watch. I'm thinking of Thank You, but I might finish The Rose instead. Decisions decisions.

Also, maybe it's just me, but Ishihara Satomi looked a TON like Ariel Lin in that drama.

In other news, I was this close to buying random Big Bang merchanidise that I don't need (notebooks, bandannas, lipgloss, you name it), but managed to hold myself back, for the most part... I did buy a cellphone strap though. Not the shiny leather gold plated one though, despite it being horribly horribly tempting.

I've also given up the pretense of being remotely sane when it comes to things related to Big Bang. I've got most of their albums now. I just bought the third single album. I only need the second single and two of the Japanese albums, and I'm done. I also got the Big Show concert album, which I actually didn't plan to buy (I don't think I'll buy any of the other concert albums.... what can I say, I was caught up in the hysteria). And finally, the Global Warning concert DVD, which I HAVE been planning to buy. I got green. So yeah. Now I have all the released concert DVDs (the Big Show DVD is coming out soon).

Hey, no one can say I don't commit when I love something!
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Toly Moly / Facial Blotter Pack B [Hyun Joong]

Because, naturally, the first name I think of when I want to blot my face is Kim Hyun Joong.

If you couldn't tell, I'm pretty bored today...

WOW. Um. WOW. Now I know why I buy things from YesAsia, despite them being a bit more expensive. I just tried to place an order from star-thots, and the shipping was $50. That's nearly the price of the order! Jeez. I guess I don't need the extra poster that badly. Though I do really want to know what the hell a "Can Badge Set" is...

I wonder why YesAsia doesn't offer the package deals; everywhere else I've looked, the posters/etc come with the DVD/CDs. Not with YesAsia. *grumbles*
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So I mentioned how I got my last YesAsia shipment. Finally. 2 1/2 weeks after it shipped. 3 weeks after I placed the order. Why so sucky, YesAsia shipment?

This one contained my Hot Issue mini album, and Two Sided Fahrenheit.

Big Bang - Hot Issue )

Two Sided Fahrenheit )

Really tired suddenly. Makes sense, I HAVE been awake since 2:30am. I'm getting ready to make one of my last (for awhile) YesAsia orders. But not tonight. Tonight I have; shower, laundry, SLEEP.

I got to about half of my comments today. I'll to get to the rest tomorrow definitely.
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Okay! I got one more package from YesAsia today (though again, not the one I was expecting). This one was the first Big Bang single, and FINALLY my Jolin Butterfly CD (with the cushion!)

So anyway, as always, picspam! WARNINGS! LOTS OF (relatively) LARGE PICTURES.

First though, I did take a couple pictures of the TOKIO album I got. You know, as compared to Taiwanese and Korean albums, Japanese albums kinda suck in the packaging department...
TOKIO - Harvest )

A ton of pictures from the Big Bang 1st Single. They were such babies!!
Big Bang - 1st Single )

And my long awaited Jolin Butterfly CD! I was so excited to get it. It came in this big box, and I just LOVE Asian CDs! NICE packaging, Hong Kong/Taiwan (it's the Hong Kong version of the CD). I just found out that YesAsia now have a version exactly like mine, except WITH A POSTER. Way to gip me, record companies. Not that I have any place to put another poster. My Big Bang ones are currently dominating my walls.
Jolin Tsai - Butterfly )

Yay! Finished! I'm still expecting my Big Bang Hot Issue mini, and my Two-Sided Fahrenheit album. Hopefully tomorrow or Saturday...

I also will be placing another order sometime. Several more Big Bang albums (though the 3rd single is out of stock. Which is actually the only one I don't already have downloaded. WHAT SHALL I DO?!), and maybe some other stuff...
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LOST is awesome. I'm too tired to write more, but wow. I love that show. And I love Ben.

Someone was fired from my group at work today. Which will make my life THAT much more difficult. Because, in general, I kinda dislike my coworkers. Despite that, I AM one of them. But I'm also the closest with my boss. So I'm kinda stuck between them. I liked the guy who got fired well enough, but I also know why she fired him.

Work politics are so confusing, and tiring. It's like being in high school again. You'd think people would grow up. But no. They don't. Sometimes I think I'm the only person who sees it for what it is; a job, not a social network. And I really think they owe more respect to our boss. She's the one we work for, not the best idea to distance her.

Anyway, job-life's going to be difficult for a while.

I was going to watched another episode of Utahime today, but of course the copy I had was corrupted, so I had to download it again.

But I DID get another of my YesAsia shipments, oddly enough the one that shipped last; the TOKIO album. I didn't take pictures yet. It's cute, because I bought the Korean version (it was about half the price as the normal Japanese version), and it came with a booklet of the lyrics translated into Korean. I TOTALLY have a Japanese release Big Bang album where there's a booklet with the lyrics translated into Japanese. Maybe tomorrow I'll finally get one of the other shipments.

I also just downloaded a shitload of ipod applications, including several Chinese character (traditional) / Mandarin ones. And one that shows you pictures of Chinese food. Mmmmm Chinese food. I basically only eat two things (I'm not kidding); soydogs, and Chinese style tofu stir fry.

I should sleep. Maybe.
Oh! Random quick Big Bang stuff. First off, Lollipop was featured on PEREZ HILTON! I kinda love how he's into K-Pop. Link here. Seriously, DO NOT READ THE COMMENTS. Most people are racists assholes, so it's not worth it. But he got it wrong. He said it was 2NE1's single FEATURING Big Bang. It's not. If anything it's Big Bang's single feat 2NE1.

Also, a teaser for the new w-inds / GD song has been released. So exciting! I might preorder after all. But which to get... there are three versions.
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OKAY. I can finally do a fannish post. YAY!

So first off, the newest Big Bang MV. It's not a real MV, it's basically a behind the scenes thing, mixed with the CF. The song is "So Fresh, So Cool" from the Hite Beer CF they did. It's a pretty good song (made better by the fact that GD says "Everybody drunken party"), and the CF is hilarious. The behind the scenes stuff is cute too, TOP was especially adorable. (TOP's been super awesome recently!) Course GD was awesome, with his weird/cute hair. Dae is SO adorable, I love his smile. And YB, God, that boy can dance. Baby wasn't in it, because he's not old enough to drink! So cute.

In other Big Bang news, I took pictures of my Vol. 1 Since 2007 album.
it smells like plastic! )

Anyway, the album rocks, as always. I am ALWAYS impressed by the Big Bang albums. My other shipment didn't come. Bastards.

Other news; As I just mentioned to [livejournal.com profile] lukiaw, I'm SO in love with Nese (倪子岡). I love both of his songs off the Hot Shot OST. I don't think he has anything else out, which is SUPER sad, because I would buy everything he did. He's fabulous. Also, I have a sneaking suspicion he's Taiwanese American. I might be wrong, of course, but his english is flawless. It makes perfect sense, flows amazingly with the song, and even the slang makes sense. He weirdly reminds me of Eminem in his rhyme style and flow (but, you know, not in any other way).

Anyway, BOTH of his songs are amazing. I like 絕隊無敵 a bit more. It's violin-ey! SUPERMAN is great though, really awesome. I totally understand most of the chorus. Not that it's hard, by any means, but still. Yay!
videos! Click here for awesome overload! )

Also, think I'm going to watch episode 3 of Utahime tonight! Everyone's been gushing about it, so I hope I fall in love with it soon!

I've been posting a lot of music recently...
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Last night I fell asleep at 6pm. And I slept 12 1/2 hours. I had meant to reply to comments yesterday, but since I was unconcious for a large part of yesterday, I didn't. Plus, I haven't watched anything seriously in awhile. Recently I've been dead tired. It's all I can do not to fall asleep at work.

And things are happening in Big Bang world, but I can't post about them, because youtube won't work at my job... One thing though; Big Bang is going to be in Japan from the end of May until July. Which makes me think their next mini album will be a Japanese mini.

Also, I got one of my multiple YesAsia shipments yesterday (I have three more coming at various points in time. Hopefully one will be here today), but was so freaking exhausted, I basically didn't look at it. The one I got was Big Bang's first album,Vol 1. Since 2007.

rambling about Big Bang )

The shipment I should be getting today will have my Hot Issue album, and (finally) my Two Sided Fahrenheit album. Took damn long enough. It shipped 10 days after I ordered it. And since I'm terribly impatient, this was freaking torture.

Anyway, I'll get to comments soon. I'm not ignoring, I'm just busy. And tired.
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Well, I spoke too soon. I had NO time at work today to do anything. It was busy, but the good kind of busy, where a lot got done, and I wasn't totally overwhelmed.

Plus, I (finally) got one of my packages from YesAsia! This one had My Big Bang 3rd Mini Album: Stand Up, and my Twenty Something Taipei DVD. Super exciting.

Add unto that a delivery of God's own cookies (Meringues, which are my favorite in the WHOLE WORLD), and it was a pretty good day.

show and tell time )

I then went and ordered the Big Bang FILA Limited Edition CD, and the BB FILA Dairy/Planner. Like I need it, really. I'm very tempted to buy one of the backpacks, but like, I'm not in school anymore, and they're $150. I drew the line.

So, I heard awhile ago that w-inds is collaborating with GD on a single. I know practically nothing about Jpop (though I have heard of w-inds, probably from you, [livejournal.com profile] sn0tcat). I'm excited for anything GD does (because he's a damn GENIUS), but I probably won't buy it.

Oh! And since my deep dark secret (crazy cat lady!) already came out, I figured I'd spam with pictures of my cats.
Because I can... )

Listening to TLC. I loved them so much back in '94. I was 10, and it was hilarious, because while I knew all the songs were about sex, I still sung along to them. My sister gave me their CrazySexyCool CD (she was 18... I suppose she thought I was old enough).

STILL haven't watched BBF23 OR 24. I'll catch up. Eventually.

Oh! I almost forgot! Marvel at the lovely engrish present on the back of my Twenty Something Taipei DVD.
"Year 2002, Taipei. An era for search of love. Here in this story you will find a virgin glory to love; a day time kindergarten teacher but party animal at night; a sex addicted hair-stylist; a cyber angel hungers for various sex relationships; a lesbian swears to protect every single girl in the world... How much love is needed to obtain sex? How much sex is needed to conquer love? Do men think with only their private parts? Or, love is just a game that never last?"

I hope the movie subs aren't as engrish-ey! Though it would be amusing if they kept up the "private parts" thing...

Jeez, this entry is turning long, but I had to post this! I saw this ages ago, but only recently thought of it again. TOP singing Blackstreet's No Diggity! He's REALLY good! You never heard him sing (he sings on Lollipop!), but he's GREAT! And his english is pretty damn good (except for a few words here and there, but that's totally forgiveable!). I totally want a version of this song with him singing now! And is that YB in the background?! SO CUTE!

I just realized TOP was only 9 when that song came out! Such a baby!
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Two thirds of the way through the book after a marathon reading session last night. I don't read as much as I used to (blame dramas), but when I do it's totally hardcore. Book are totally my second favoritest thing ever on the planet (after animals).

Rambly stuff )

I'm super excited for the album! Jolin looks amazing (but really, when does she not?), and the music is great. I am totally and completely in love with her new single, "Real Man". You can download the video care of [livejournal.com profile] isabonita, or download the song from Asian Pop Attack (the link is in the second comment).

Also; one of the common Gokusen fanfic plots I hate with a burning passion: Girl suddenly transfers to Shirokin! A girl in an all boys school! The HORROR. Like that would EVER happen in real life (though it does randomly remind me of the last episode of Clarissa Explains It All, when Sam was accepted to an all girl's school that decided to go co-ed... That was a great show, I should download it sometime... I miss the 90's). And yes, I'm still geeking out over Gokusen fanfic. I think I've read most (if not all) the good shinkumi fanfic out there. I need MORE.
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Shit Asia, why do you do this to me?!

I went to preoder Jolin's new album, and there's like, 6 different versions;

Basic Version
One with a DVD with dance tutorials
One with a mousepad
One with a mousepad, notepad, and cushion (?)
One with a photobook and white t-shirt
One with a photobook and RED t-shirt

I'm like... whha? I had originally planned to get the red t-shirt one, but now I kinda want the cushion one, because wtf a cushion? Also, I don't wear t-shirts. But then, I want the photobook. And the cushion version is a Hong Kong version, and I like the buy Taiwanese versions of stuff (or rather, I like the buy the version from the country it originated from). So confusing!

That being said, if I can get away with buying Korean versions of albums, I will. They're a ton cheaper, and I like the packaging better.

And YesAsia just died on me. Thanks.
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I took less pictures this time around, because I figured not everyone is as obsessed with seeing pictures of everything as I am.

I got these last week, but have been either sick, or too tired to do much about it until now.

In these two shipments I got the Big Bang Always Mini Album, and the Fahrenheit Final Collectible Edition.

Always Mini Album )

Fahrenheit Final Collectible CD )

I'm almost certain I'm going to preorder Jolin's new album... just, apparently, not yet.
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Yeah. It's weekly now.

What else I bought from YesAsia )

You know that when GD and TOP drop their solo albums (SOOOOON), I'm going to be ALL over that... And I've heard rumors, but is there going to be another Big Bang album this year? If so, it'll probably be a mini album, ne? Either way, I'd be totally excited.

ALSO, I might be going on a mini drama/blogging hiatus for a few days starting on the 24th/25th. Why? Because City of Glass, the last book in the Mortal Instruments trilogy is being released that day. And I will need to read it nonstop until it's finished. At which point I will become upset that there is no more to read. And then I will content myself with fanfic for a few days until the ennui wears off.

I've been a fan of Cassie's since I first read Draco Dormiens oh so many years ago (in the heyday of fabulous Harry Potter fanfic. Not that there isn't still a lot of good stuff, I just miss the old fics by Lori, AngieJ, Heidi, etc). I basically haven't stopped reading her stuff since 2001. I'm highly saddened that one of my favorite trilogies is coming to an end, but what can you do. At least I get to see if Jace and Clary are actually related (I'm betting not, but you never know).
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Several exciting things happened today!

First off, it's GORGEOUS outside. Winter may finally be going away! (Course it was beautiful like this last weekend, and then it snowed...)

Second, I won third place in an icon challenge!!

I was up against some REALLY stiff competition (and of course, I totally forgot to vote this round...), so I'm insanely happy!
(Btw, that Jiro icon; I used one of my original scans from the Love You More and More CD. In all honesty, that icon took me 2 hours to make (I'm SOOO slow!). I experimented with all sorts of layers, selective coloring, brushes and whatnot. I'm so happy it came out well!)

Third, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] isabonita, I am now aware that Jolin Tsai has a new CD coming out soon. Her first single sounds great, and the MV is amazing. I love Jolin so much, it's funny to think that awhile ago I didn't think so much of her. She's really talented, and really smart. Plus, she's gorgeous! If I didn't love her so much, I'd hate her.

Lastly, I got my newest Fahrenheit CD; Fahrenheit (Final Collectible Edition) (CD+DVD). It's awesome, and I love it to death. I have yet to watch the MVs, but I'm sure they'll be fantastic.

And finally, my picspam for the stuff I got from YesAsia yesterday. (I do this mostly for myself. Also, because when I buy stuff, I like to see EXACTLY what I'm getting. So if anyone was thinking of buying the same stuff, they'd be able to see everything)

Wish to See You Again OST )

Big Bang Remember Album )

So yay! Excitement!
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I got my latest package from YesAsia today. It's my Wish to See You Again OST, and the Big Bang Remember album.

I took a ton of pictures, but I'm tired, so no posting tonight.

But let me just say; TOTAL AWESOMENESS. Korean albums are wicked cool. And the OST is great, and came with MVs.

I should be getting my second Fahrenheit album next. Whenever that happens.

Also, I think I have found a new obsession. I'm not sure yet, so I'll hold off on broadcasting it. And I think I'm going to totally screw myself up by starting yet another drama... *sigh* I'm powerless against them, I swear!

Everyone posting about Meteor Shower (aka Chinese HYD) is making me weird excited for it. I'd watch it solely for the fact that it's another version of HYD that's in Mandarin. I love me some Mandarin.

Random bonus!
My favorite song off the WtSYA soundtrack for you to download!
慢慢的走 (Take it Slow) by 2女
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I know it's been said a million times already, but Woo Bin and Yi Jung... slash much?! God, this drama is really handing out the gay subtext. I approve. Highly.

I did a small liveblog. No caps this time (I'm exhausted today, I doubt I could do them if I wanted). I only took 9 caps, and basically all of them are of Ji Hoo sleeping (one of of Jun Pyo sleeping!), so I didn't bother loading them. Okay, I lied. I uploaded a few...

Liveblog for BBF episode 18 )

I don't know about everyone else, but I'm still highly enjoying BBF. I'm easy; as long as something entertains me, I'm happy. And dear God is this entertaining!

And Oh! I FINALLY got my Big Bang posters today. One is totally hanging next to my bed, which is dorky, but it was a free space, so whatever. It's hilarious, seeing these huge graphic art posters next to my other stuff
In case, you know, you ever wanted to know what kinda artwork I have )
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I woke up this morning (...actually this afternoon...) to an awesome unexpected surprise. My third shipment from YesAsia had come! This one contained The Big Bang Number 1 DVD (Japanese limited first press edition). Aka, the most expensive CD I've ever bought. Why are Japanese albums SO EXPENSIVE?! The package also contained my DVD version of Eternal Summer (the best movie EVER).

So I took pictures. LOTS of pictures. And since I hadn't taken pictures of the Big Bang The Great Concert DVD I got, I took some (read; a lot) pictures of that too. I'm SO happy with the quality of everything I've gotten. Nothing was damaged from the shipments (and they came from Hong Kong, so that's saying something). I still haven't gotten my posters yet, though...

Some of the pictures (mostly of the photos) came out kinda crappy. I didn't want to bend the books too much, so they're weirdly alligned, but whatever. Better than nothing! Also, I took these without flash, so they kinda came out yellowish.

WARNING: This post is VERY image heavy
Big Bang The Great Concert DVD )

Big Bang Number 1 CD+DVD (Japanese limited first press edition) )

Eternal Summer DVD (Taiwan version) )

I also figured out today (Don't know why I didn't figure it out earlier...) that I can play my Chinese drama DVDs in my DVD player (I thought they'd be a different format, but it occurred to last night that since they're being sold in the US, they're probably format 1. They are. Not like it matters a ton, they don't have english subs.

Oh, and here are the high quality scans of from the Fahrenheit Love You More and More DVD booklet. The scanner kinda screwed them up a bit, but they're still usable!

Keep in mind, these pictures are HUGE. All but one of them are over 2000 x 2000 pixels large (the last is about 2000 x 1000 pixels). These are just thumbnails.

Fahrenheit HQ pic thumbnails )

Feel free to take these if you'd like. I would appreciate it if you credited me for the scans if you use them to make icons / banners / etc though.
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I worry this is going to be a weekly thing...

My most recent purchases from YesAsia )

Sometimes I wish I was more into Japanese stuff. I do watch a lot of jdramas, but I'm kinda clueless about their pop culture. Taiwan is my boom. It's too bad, Japan has some nice merchandise. China/Taiwan falls short in that aspect.

And um, how did I miss Seung Ri on Perez Hilton!? I read Perez religiously! Granted, I wasn't into Big Bang at the time, but I remember all the other Kpop stuff he posted about (which is how I first came to know, and love Lee Hyori). Don't read the comments, btw (I NEVER do). They're stupid, and racist.

I got to stay at home today because of the marathon work session yesterday. I AM going into work on Sunday though. That's not terrible; I don't mind working on weekends, it's quiet. Plus, I'm going to see if I can get to Chinatown. I want to see if I can get some drama DVDs cheap (I once got Why Why Love, and They Kiss Again DVDs for like, $20). Boston's Chinatown is kinda creepy though. Whenever I go there, I get accosted by dudes (not Asian dudes though). Therefore I'm generally wary there.


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