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I just posted, I know, but OMG BEST THING EVER.
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Surely you all know Second City's Sassy Gay Friend videos? If not, wtf are you waiting for, watch it noooow!

Well I was watching some parodies, and saw this one. It's star wars themed, and quite funny, considering. I think the best part is it's by a Hampden-Sydney guy (and for a Star Wars themed class!). One of the more interesting things about going to school is rural central Virginia is the collection of, how shall we say, different people you meet.

Now, keep in mind I'm; highly liberal, not very religious (but still Catholic - this is important, there were like, zero Catholics down there), pro-choice, gay rights supporting, vegetarian, anti-hunting, anti-war New Englander. I didn't exactly fit well down there.

BUUUUT I have to say, it was well known around my school that most of the Hampden-Sydney guys were dim-witted frat boys. It wasn't just me. Course, I'm pretty sure other schools thought of us as druggie/drunk sluts (of which for a lot of the school, was undeniable - we were in the middle of nowhere, what else do you do?!). In fact, we had a nickname like "whores on the hill" or something. I kinda forget. Anyway, I guess the times be a-changing, because I never would have thought a HSC boy capable of such awesomeness.

Though I'm willing to bet Liberty is exactly the same.
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I thought this video was so ridiculously adorable that it needed sharing. Why so cute, tiny black climbing robot?! I want one...

And then, of course, there's the BigDog, which is amazing, but I seriously LOL-ed my ass off when it was slipping on ice. Even robots are not immune to the hell that is winter in Massachusetts.

Apparently I watch a lot of videos about robots.
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Big Bang Epic Pimp Post : The Group (part 2)

Music Videos

If you ever wanted to see every single one of Big Bang's music videos all in one place, well this is it! I love music videos, they always make me like the song a lot more, since there's visuals to go with it. Of course a MV is only as good as it's song. Luckily Big Bang's songs are amazing, and the videos only add to their awesomeness. My favorite thing about Big Bang's videos is their diversity. They don't stick to one style, instead having all sorts of videos, from dance videos, to plotty videos, to performance videos. Not to say there aren't themes that carry over from video to video (those are fun to see when you watch the videos enough to recognize them ;P ). Anyway, I hope you enjoy them nearly as much as I do!
(This is a pretty complete collection, but it's always possible I forgot something somewhere)

Music Videos )

Go here for the "disclaimer / credit / where to buy" page!
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It's been awhile since I posted anything BB related (it's hard to keep on top of new stuff, but since it's BB, I try...), but this was just too adorable to not share. Dae with the kitten was the best. And while my love for GD is immense and overwhelming, I flailed the most over Young Bae, who was too adorable with the puppy, and THEN was playing with the kittens. He's such a goddamn doll, that boy.

Also, kinda old news, but whatev. Se7en is going to be at GD's concert! I'm so excited! I figure all of the BB boys will make an appearance, as well as Dara, CL, Kush, Teddy, and hopefully Park Bom (since they all have songs with GD). I'm hoping for a random Jinusean appearance too. This concert is going to be amazing, and I'm DYING from excitement.

Tomorrow we leave to visit Alishan (as seen in the twdrama, Wish to See You Again), and watch the sunrise on the top. I'm also going to be buying some tea (Alishan high mountain oolong is one of the best in the world), and possibly sleeping on the mountain.

ALSO! Today in the MRT newspaper there was an article about Zai Zai not being in a movie or something. Either way, ZAI ZAI! And they totally called him 仔仔 too, not his real name. 很可愛!
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I love youtube!

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HAHAHA! I LOVE the end, where the police officer is like "it's, uh, eating someone's tree"...
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Eh, a lot of posts today (the weariness wore off...)

I never watched YB's solo concert for some reason. Only now am I realizing just how damn much I missed out on.

Seriously, watch it, if only for the moment at ~3:00. Plus, at 1:55, he's being a total tease, which is so terribly hot. (Though 3:25 heavily reminded me of Marky Mark)

YB's my third favorite of the group, but I was never a real huge fan of his solo stuff. It's damn good, don't get me wrong, but I can only focus on GD most of the time. But damn, YB's hot. And built, which is very nice. But he's all short, which saddens me, since I am not short.

Oh! And I DID film a video thing! Yay! If/when I can figure out how to get only certain people to see it, I'll post it. BUT I found out that my camcorder had a dead pixel or something (so there's a weird white dot on the screen in the video). I have to send it back to the manufactuer, and they'll fix it. Lucky it's still under warranty (I just spent the last five minutes trying to spell freaking "warranty"... FAIL)!
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I was watching the pilot for Glee, and they TOTALLY sampled Annie's song, "Chewing Gum" in the show! That, for some reason, excited me quite a bit.
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Back from NYC! Yays! I'll be taking pictures of my new stuff (as per usual) soon, but now I bring you the BEST Britney Spears impersonator EVER. And yes, he's a man. But WOW, he's fabulous, and actually looks a good deal like Britney! Even the Hoff was hot for him!
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I finished watching the Global Warning concert! It was REALLY good, but the boys were looking a little tired. Must be because it was the last show, and the tour was long. Either way, it was super good!

So anyway, GD's solo stage... GD's solos are always my favorite. He has such amazing stage presence and charisma. It's crazy. Anyway, during his solo he was doing "This Love", but suddenly starting singing the Maroon 5 original. He messed up the lyrics, but who cares, it's a song in a totally different language. He's awesome for even attempting it.

And then he brought a girl on stage. I always feel so badly for people who are brought on stage, because OMG talk about overwhelming. If that happened to me I'd be TERRIFIED. Not matter how much I love them, I'd be utterly shell shocked. Poor girl didn't know WHAT to do. She was cute though! And GD gave her one of his rings, which I WANT. I also TOTALLY saw white people in the audience! I want to be a random white person in the audience, damn it!

Anyway, this is the performance I was talking about.
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I swear, I DO talk about things other than Big Bang sometimes. Just not recently... I've been on a drama break, so that cuts down stuff I can easily talk about. I'm going to try to finish Nodame Cantabile this week though!
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I saw this on Bwe.tv labeled as "The Gayest Thing You Will Ever See"

They were right. It's SO GAY AND SO AWESOME. I want to bow down to Johnny Weir, because boy's got style. (Also, figure skating seems a lot more fun in Korea!)

As one of the bwe.tv commenters (Meghan Mayhem) put it;
"No, but literally…this is the gayest thing you will EVER see. There could be 2 men having penetrative sex with one another and it wouldn’t be as gay as this. The only thing that could have made this gayer is if he ended the performance by ripping open the back of his trousers/leggings and farted glitter into the audience."

I think that about sums it up.

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So the MV for the w-inds feat. GD song was released.

I... well... I really like the first half of the song. The second half was okay, but the second half of the video totally lost me (is it me, or does the choreography kinda suck?). Maybe it's just because I'm SO not used to J-pop. On the plus side, the chorus is great, and GD's rap is FABULOUS (as per usual).

It also seems like w-inds is trying a little too much to be K-pop-ey. Like that's what GD normally wears, but [livejournal.com profile] sn0tcat tells me that that is NOT what w-inds normally wears. The clothes actually look like stuff Big Bang wore in The Great concert. But again, I have no idea.

Also, I found out today that TOP used to be fat!

SO CUTE! No wonder he's body-conscious now, despite looking fabulous. Recently I've been loving TOP a bit more than usual... he's just so adorable!

And God, WHEN WILL GD'S ALBUM BE RELEASED?! Big Bang is supposed to be vacationing in May, and then from the end of May to July they'll be in Japan. So like, there's a limited time here. If it doesn't happen I'll be super super sad.
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Finally watching the end episodes of BBF.

Also, finished Twenty Something Taipei (OMG sooooo good!!), and might post some stuff about it later. Sometime. Maybe.

I downloaded some Taiwanese movies today (including Cape No. 7!), so I'll be watching those in the coming days, and possibly posting about them.

Anyway, the point of this post is that I am currently really loving Mayday and Machi (hilarious opposite each other in music styles).

songs! )

Also, while watching Xiao Zhu's MV for 箇中強手 (Hot Shot) I literally yelled out "SPARKLY GLOVE!!" Because yes, there is a sparkly glove... thing. I understand why he calls himself the Taiwanese Usher.

I also downloaded something incredibly awesome and dorky... The opening song from Marmalade Boy! The clip is from the second season. And yes, they're in New York (aw, the twin towers kinda made me sad). SQUEEE!!! Kei-kun is there too!! (Kei-kun is my all time favorite anime character EVAR). Also; *shakes fist at Jinny*
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Am rendered speechless with GLEE!!

Okay, coherant speech is back! OMG I loved that MV. The set was lovely, the dancing was awesome, the girls meshed so well with the guys. It was perfect! Plus, LOTS of colors!

Also took a ton of screenshots )

Can you tell who my favorite are...

You know, the sad thing was, at around 4:45pm today, I remember looking at the clock and being like "It's almost 6am in Korea! I wonder if the video is out yet???!"...

And Oh! Vicky just uploaded a HQ version here. Figures I do all my capping using a crappy version, and like, a minute later there's a nice version available. Oh wells.

Also, this is for Lisa (but, you know, OTHER people can watch it too)... Red Pandas kissing
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I finished all the Vampire Knight Guilty episodes that are in my possession (1-8). I have to find the rest somewhere. I kinda forget where I got them in the first place....

Anyway, in episodes 7 and 8, I finally started to REALLY like Kaname.

Is it really any wonder?

Small Picspam! Spoilers for episodes 5-8 of Vampire Knight Guilty )

Also, LOST is the king of metas! Hurley, talking about the time paradox (which they hilarious spoke about in depth), was like "That was really confusing", and Miles said "Get used to it"... thanks for that LOST writers! I'm still trying to figure out what happened to Daniel. And I KNEW Sawyer's kid would make some sort of appearance at some point! And did anyone else catch the HUGE sparks between Jack and Juliet?! I think Sawyer/Juliet is adorable, but she works better with Jack. And since I HATE Kate/Jack, it makes more sense for me.

Seriously, LOST is like, the best thing on TV. BEEEESSSST!

I'm working on a small project. It's taking awhile, but when it's done it'll be exciting for me.

But right now I need sleep like woah.

Also, this is some funny shit. I swear, I watched that clip like, 20 times in a row (honestly, no exaggeration), and laughed hysterically the WHOLE TIME. You'd think it'd get old, but nope.
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Um, I just saw this on [livejournal.com profile] hydkorea, and nearly died of the hotness.

Hyun Joong playing guitar WITH HIS TONGUE, and the singing Radiohead's "Creep", a song I have loved since it first came out in '92.

It's weird for me that Hyun Joong wanted to be a rocker, since he's in a pop band. But God, he's so badass in that video, which is so hot.

I know I listen to most hip hop/pop stuff now, but my favorite music is rock; alternative rock, grunge, and post grunge. Anything with strong guitar presence, and angsty lyrics makes me happy.

Thus, I can honestly say, seeing this video had increased my love for Hyun Joong drastically. I love him quite desperately now. Too bad he's still too young (I'm 2 1/2 years older, it's not a huge difference).

Also, I laughed like a dork when Hyun Joong said "Fucking"....
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Da Dong, Rainie, and George on Xiao Zhu's show 100% Entertainment (ie. my favoritest show EVAR!). No subs, but still cute. (Includes some random clips from The Duchess, and Da Dong being awesome at drawing on paper lanterns)

One of the best things about Green Forest; about a quarter of the time they speak in english. Like, ALL of them (mostly Leon Jay Williams, but Ethan and Esther have both kicked it english style as well).

I'm working on something... I'll post it in an hour or so. Depends on when I finish...
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I just spent about an hour on youtube watching clips of Alan Luo speaking english (or rather, trying to speak english).

It's 2:30am. I should sleep, perhaps. But instead I'm going to download (another) drama!

I didn't do much this weekend drama wise. I watched two episodes of Densha Otoko, watched the Densha Otoko movie, and messed around in photoshop for the rest of it.

Tomorrow (today) is BBF 15 (squee!). I might start somthing new, or I might finished Densha Otoko. I'm still working on Goong as well. Though technically I am currently watching 18 shows (... I know), I'm only actively watching three.

Annnnd suddenly really tired. Must sleep. Now.
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So I was capping the GD This Love MV for later iconage, and the whole time, all I could think was "what girl in her right mind wouldn't choose GD?!" Apparently Kim Jinah.

Also, MVs are horrible to cap. The people are in perpetual motion. The caps are always blurry. It sucks.
Read more... )

I have determined that, without a doubt, GD is my favorite. Then TOP.

Oooookay, and I'm falling asleep typing. Maybe I should actually go to bed.

(How many posts was there today (or yesterday, whatever)? 7? I believe that's a record for me. I guess I was bored a lot.)


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