Jul. 5th, 2009

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Oh goodness, what to say... Dramas are such have taken a bit of a backseat lately to pressing RL issues, in particular my upcoming move to Taiwan. And can I just say, I'm losing my shit over the whole deal. I'm going to be living in a totally different country, a totally different CONTINENT, a place 7600 miles away, where I will be effectively illiterate. I will know no one there (save for Lisa), and I'm terrified beyond reason.

I alternate between being totally excited, and totally scared. Today was a scared day. Tomorrow, who knows?

Today I thought my cat had gotten outside (I have two indoor cats, three outdoor cats), and I got all panicy. Turns out it wasn't my cat, just one that looks EXACTLY LIKE my cat. Seriously, exactly. It's uncanny.

I'm watching outbreak, and it's amusing me. It's a weird combo of actual science, and pseudoscience. Like, the images of the virus they show are actually images of the Ebola virus. Pretty famous images, too. But then, I don't suppose most people know what the Ebola virus looks like. I, on the other hand, do.

The thing about the suits is true though. You compromise a suit, even a tiny bit (like a pinhole), and you're screwed. You have to take the chemical showers, and then go into isolation for awhile until the incubation period is over.

Obviously this movie isn't true (though the made up virus is basically a more virulent Ebola Zaire, with the inclusion of aerial transmission... or to look at it another way, if Ebola Reston were virulent to humans), but it makes me think, you know. Most things publicized by the media about excessively virulent viruses are false. Ebola doesn't liquify your orgrans (well, it kinda does, but not to the extent that people think... it's just increased vascular permeability), but it's still the scariest disease I've ever heard of. I sometimes wonder if risking my life on such a thing is worth it. I think that's why I started studying protozoan diseases, they're not nearly as virulent, and the death isn't nearly as horrible.

Eh, I should go to sleep. I have to go to work tomorrow (um, today) for a short time, which means I have to wake up 'early'. Funsies.
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I'm going to try to do comment replies tonight, and I hope to finish a lot. I'm afraid I might not get to a lot of them though. Stupid gym has caused me some serious, unnatural pain.

But anyway, SO CUTE!

Hyun Joongie! He's too cute! How did I not know they had twitters?! Maybe because since establishing my twitter page, I've not looked at it since. I apparently can only blog so much ;D But Sookyeong posted a list of K-celebrity twitters, and I'm enjoying looking at them all.

Like, Lee Jun Ki writes in english. What a super adorable dork!

I hope these accounts are real, because TOO CUTE.
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Awhile ago I kinda promised/hinted at my top drama lists. I have a top ten for jdramas, a top 5 for twdramas, and a top 3 for kdramas. I kinda wanted to make it fancy, and I might still one day, but as for now, I'm content with just posting it.

I'm doing 10 jdramas, 5 twdramas, and 3 kdramas because of my viewing habits. I've watched way more jdramas than anything else. Or at least, I've finished more jdramas than anything else (I start twdramas a lot, but don't finish them a lot), and I haven't watched many kdramas at all. So yeah. I also want to do a top asian movie list sometime too, but I'll stick with this for now.

So here is my top 10 jdramas. The other lists will come shortly (I have them written already, so there shouldn't be that much delay).

Top 10 Jdramas )


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