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I'm intensely amused by Meteor Garden, solely because I've seen the Hana Yori Dango concept 8 million times before, but it was always Japanese. Seeing it Taiwanese-ified is just... odd. Not that I dislike it, of course! It's just.... very Taiwanese. Hard to explain, but I've been watching a lot of Taiwanese dramas, and it's just something intangible I can't explain. It does have the sterotypes though; set in college (instead of high school), motorbikes are present, and I'm sure, eventually, someone will get drunk.

I'm actually really enjoying Jerry Yan as Dao Ming (Domyoji). He's cute and funny! He didn't have that whole scary vibe that Jun-san did though, which in retrospect was awesome (at first I wasn't cool with Jun-san being Domyoji because in the first episode he didn't portray the cuteness as much as the scariness). But yeah, it's kinda a typical Taiwanese anti-hero thing (Mars is the only one I've seen that gets away from that type... the main male character is actually pretty damn scary in it).

I already told Lisa, but I figure I'll repost because of how awesome this scene was!

Shan Cai (Tsukushi/Female Protagonist) just punched Dao Ming (Domyoji/Male Protagonist), and Xi Men (Soujirou/Domyoji's friend) was like "are you okay?!", and Mei Zou (Akira/Domyoji's other friend) was like "..... Do you want a coke?"

Hehehehe. What can't coke solve?! And Shan Cai works at a place called "Italian Tomato", but as far as I can tell, it's totally a cake shop (Taiwanese are big on cakes, THAT I've also noticed). Why would someone name a cake shop "Italian Tomato"...? Maybe it's engrish.

Oh, and weird; there are no chinese subtitles on it! It's weird, and I feel all sorts of confused and lost now. I got used to the subtitles! I was using them to slowly learn Chinese!! Meh! Oh, and I found out the other day that the Chinese tones are a lot less complicated than I previously thought! There's only four, and in pinyin, they're REALLY easy to recognize! I have trouble with the descending tone though. There's no real good example of it being used in english.

Other random cuteness; in one scene Shan Cai is irritated at Dao Ming, but he's like, sitting on something high, and she can't reach him, so she kicks Xi Men instead (and yeah, every time I type his name I think 'X-Men'....)!

Oh, and I tried my furikake (that I've had FOREVER) for the first time today. It was yummy!
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