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Although I am seriously in the middle of watching three dramas, I'm thinking about watching another one. I've only watched the first episode of Bull Fighting and 1 1/2 episodes of Honey and Clover so far. I'm watchin Goong oddly... I kinda started in the middle. I'll watch it fully eventually, but whatever.

I'm really wanting to watch one of the older twdramas. The newer ones are prettier, but they lack the twdrama feeling I'm used to. I WOULD watch Marmalade Boy, if I can ever find a decent copy of it... Maybe I'll watch The Rose, or Lavender (but, omg angst).

*Sigh* I keep wanting to rewatch Love Contract, but never actually do.

I also have to finish MG2 at some point. I'm not as mad at it anymore. I'll just focus on Hua Ze Lei instead of Dao Ming Si... or how nice Vanness' hair is (seriously, that boy has NICE hair). I like the Japanese version better, but I like the tw F4 better! And I like Inoue Mao better than Barbie (I still like Barbie a lot though!). Mmmm Rui. *sigh* I didn't love him as much in the anime, but man, he's awesome in the dramas and the manga. As much as I adore Domyoji, I can't help a small part of me rooting for Rui.

I have other news, but I'm too tired to write it now...

Random bit of news that is exciting to me, but probably noone else; DoReMii is subbing Love at First Fight!! Squee!


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