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I feel happy for having expanded my media horizons. Like, way back in the day (um... inconsistently from 1997 to 2002) I was all about the anime. This was when anime/japanese culture was suddenly, inexplicably HUGE in the US. I was actually one of the only people I knew who watched anime, so it was kinda new then. And then I stopped watching it altogether. In June, I discovered torrents (Thanks Lisa!), and downloaded all the anime I had previously watched, and remembered how much I enjoyed them. But then, in July I found dramas, and that was all I watched for a long time.

However, now I'm in a weird hybrid mix of anime, manga, and dramas. I watch/read all, which is a nice combo. I'll always love dramas more than anything else, but I like seeing the different sides to one story. I like stories that have all three components (like Gokusen, or HYD), because then I can see the story in multiple forms, which makes me terribly happy. HYD is the best, though, because it has the manga, the anime, the anime movie, the movie, the taiwanese dramas, the japanese dramas, and now the korean drama. With so many ways to watch the same essential story, it's like media heaven. I like different interpretations.

Like, with HYD I first saw the anime, so when I watched the jdrama it was an entirely new experience. Like seeing the story for the first time (the anime is vastly different from the jdrama. They're both different from the manga)...

Anyway, that was my musing for the day...


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