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I'm probably going to write my review of the HYD movie tomorrow (during work! Yay for slacking off!), and do the screencaps tomorrow night. I'm a little too tired for the full undertaking tonight.

That being said, three things;

1. I adore Rui with all my heart. He's one of the best characters ever, and is one of the only ones who can compete with Kei-kun for my heart (you know, if they existed). Seriously, ALL the Rui scenes made me inordinately happy. It also reminded me just how freaking much I love Oguri Shun. He was my first drama crush. I still blame the blonde..
2. That being said, Domyoji and Tsukushi are perfect together. More then perfect, they're destined. I always had difficulties with the manga and the dramas, because I love Rui so much, and naturally want him to be happy (in the anime this was never an issue. In fact, I didn't much like Rui in the anime... he ended up with Shizuka anyway). But despite all this, I can't deny that Domyoji and Tsukushi belong together.
3. It ended very nicely. It was not true to the manga ending at all, but whatever. I kinda don't care at this point. I like how they portrayed Soujiro and Yuuki at the ending. It was terribly cute. I felt bad for Rui though. Oh, that damn character breaks my heart. But I had to share this, because I thought it was an adorable ending, the last scene.

The last scene, the wedding picture, which transforms into a manga version. It's obviously drawn by Kamio Yoko too, which makes it all the more special. I nearly started crying when I saw it. It was perfect. The most amazing, perfect ending to an amazing story.

I can't satisfactorily convey just how happy this movie made me. I've had limited experience with japanese movies, and was previously disappointed (I'm looking at you, Lovely Complex), so to have this one exceed my expectations was fabulous. I'm significantly tougher on movies than I am on dramas (I think this is because I've studied film theory. If I were ever to get another bachelors degree, it would be in film studies), so yeah, just happiness all around!

Oh, speaking of, wiki just told me this; "Also, in one of the first volumes of Cat Street, Yoko Kamio admitted that she planned to start a sequel to Hana Yori Dango in the near future." I hope it's true. As much as I'd like to think that I'd be satisfied with things ending as they are, I want more, damn it. *greedy*

I bought the 100 userpic thing today. I currently have 55. 8 of those are of Ikuta Toma (more than of anyone else)... I'm not exactly sure why... I mean, I love him and everything, but I love Zai Zai more, and I only have 4 of him. Whatever.
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Date: 2009-01-09 04:38 pm (UTC)
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Totally watch it! It's really really good!


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