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I hate watching dramas that are streamed. The quality is gross, and I always forget that they're not in VLC, and try to pause them using the space bar (yes, I know this works on online videos too, but I always somehow screw it up, and bad things happen).

I'm willing to suffer for Boys Before Flowers, though.


- Kdramas apparently don't do realistic blood either (still a win for twdramas!)
- It's weird that they're playing this lighthearted musak while this kid is like, running away from an angry mob.
- I like how Lee Min Ah is totally like "okay, sure, I'll kill myself"... he's so nonchalant...
- Jan Di (Tsukushi) is awesome. Have I mentioned that already?
- How does this tiny, waify girl manage to catch and hold on to this relatively large man?!
- Why do they always say "fighting!", it's cute and all, but WHY?!

- I think they introduced Joon Pyo's (Domyoji's) mother a little early. She's supposed to be this evil, mysterious force... She was introduced before the F4, for goodness sakes!
- Um, hellloo there guy from President's office... he's REALLY good looking for an older man.
- Jan Di's little brother is A-freaking-DORABLE.
- Ah! Flashback to MG2, when the F4 helicopters came to the graduation! Hahahahahahahahahaha!!
- Hah! Jan Di is not impressed by the student's materialism.
- Mmm. Joon Pyo is hot. I approve.
- Oh God, Rui.
- The blonde, the violin, the white suit. I'm in love (again). Whether the character be Rui, Lei, or Ji Hoo... I'll always love him.

- Hahahaha F4 mania!
- Hmmm the number three sounds like, exactly the same in Japanese, Mandarin, AND Korean. Weird.
- Gawd, Joon Pyo is a prick. I always forget just how much of an ass Domyoji is...
- BTW, the japanese version has the best F4 entrance ever.
- I think Woo Bin is Akira, and Yi Jung is Soujiro... mostly because I guess Woo Bin's family is a gang? I'm not terribly sure. An Yi Jung is an artist, which is more like Soujiro.
- OMG Rui-gasm! Kim Hyun Joong totally IS acting like Shun-kun! It's weird... but I like it. And dear God is that boy fine. It's too bad he's 2 1/2 years younger than. Not that that's terribly weird. I wish I were 2 1/2 years younger than I am now. Mmmmm 22.
- Ginger has an amusing american accent when she speaks english. It's like she learned how to speak english by listening to "Valley Girl" over and over and over again (btw, that's a Zappa reference, not the Nic Cage film)

- Also, why do kdramas always show the characters brushing their teeth? Are they trying to raise awareness about oral hygiene?
- OMG jacket with GIANT fur collar! SUCH a Domyoji thing to wear! I approve (except not of the fur... Fur is bad)
- 'Nother Rui-gasm. *dies*
- I wonder if Min Ji is going to be the Sakurako character, or if she'll be Makiko... Either way she's VERY pretty. I love her hair!
- But that was kinda lesbianic... the whole "the only reason I'm at this school is for the pool and for you" thing...
- The subs said "Firenze" instead of Florence. Odd.
- Whhaa? American style? I assume he's speaking about honorifics, but I have no clue. Korean is lost on me.
- HAHAHA Akira and Soujiro are playing Guitar Hero! (I'm probably going to call the F4 by their japanese names for awhile)
- The F4 red card is cute. Not as awesome as the taiwanese version, where it said "You'll be DEAD"
- Someone drew poop on her desk!
- HAHAHA Domyoji! I love him so much! He's so scary at first, but he's a total dork!
- Jan Di is super awesome. They just egged and floured her, and she's thinking of the pancakes those eggs and flour could have made.

- Shizuka in a magazine with pancakes? I'm confused.
- Random white girl! I want to be a random white girl in asian dramas! That will be my life goal! Too bad I'm not blonde...
- Now Domyoji is totally wearing a fluffy bow thing. Weird. And yet, I still approve, because it's Domyoji.

Well that ended rather abruptly... Are they really airing it every night? Oh, no, only Monday and Tuesday. That's kinda a weird schedule. Whatever.

So yes, I highly enjoyed it (as if I WOULDN'T enjoy it).

Jan Di is awesome. I've mentioned that several times already, but it's true. I also think Koo Hye Sun is the prettiest version of Tsukushi I've seen yet (granted, I tend to think korean women are gorgeous regardless). I'm also enjoying the F4, especially Joon Pyo. He's a pretty good Domyoji. He's like, the perfect mix of Jerry and Jun. He has the stature/looks for the role (ala Jerry), and he seems to have the acting chops (ala Jun). He's a good mix of overbearing and maniacal, and totally dorky. I remember when I first watched the jdrama HYD, I was upset by the first episode, because Domyoji was portrayed as this creepy, evil guy... It was on the second episode that his inherent stupidity and dorkiness came out, that I fell in love with him all over again.

Rui (Ji Hoo) is... interesting. Like, he's not bad, and I love him to death simply because he's Rui, BUT he also hasn't really established a role separate of Shun-kun's. Zai Zai's was the first, and thus distinct. Shun-kun's was distinct from Zai Zai's. But I'm not seeing how Hyun Joong is different at all. It's only the first episode though, so I'll give it time. Plus, it's not like acting like Shun-kun is a BAD thing. I love Zai Zai with my whole heart, but I like Shun-kun's portrayal of Rui better... so to emulate that isn't bad.

You know, I can't seem to remember Meteor Garden all that well. Either that, or I'm getting it REALLY confused with HYD...a rewatch is needed.

*sigh* Exhausted. I stay up too late watching dramas. It's supposed to snow a fair amount tonight, and God I hope I don't have work tomorrow *wishes*!

And I know I said I was going to post my HYD Final review today, unfortunately I forgot my work computer at my house, so I couldn't type it up during the day. Sooo it'll be later on. Soon though.

Date: 2009-01-07 08:06 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] dangermousie.livejournal.com
Oooh, loved this write-up!

And very brave of you to sit through MG2. I couldn't manage.

Date: 2009-01-07 08:35 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] uisceros.livejournal.com
Thanks! I tend to do summaries in weird stream of conciousness mode. I never know if people can actually understand me or not...

I got through 4 full episodes (and parts of several more episodes). After the 4th episode, I got so fed up with the damn thing that I couldn't watch anymore. I STILL can't bring myself to watch it (despite Zai Zai, who I love).

Date: 2009-05-27 02:07 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] corinnajune.livejournal.com
!!! sorry for the weird random commenting, but i discovered your blog by accident, and quickly realized that you are AWESOME :D. i now have to read all your bof archives- because YAY i finally found someone who has watched meteor garden, hyd, AND bof! i can't get anyone else to join me on this, everyone i know is die-hard hyd haha. i love all versions, for various reasons. mostly the boys... the hot, hot boys ;P

Date: 2009-05-27 02:13 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] uisceros.livejournal.com
Haha! No problem! I enjoy random commenting, it makes things interesting! And thanks! I feel all special now :D

I actually liveblogged a lot of BBF, so there's a good amount of stuff to read... Really?! I love all three too, probably for the same reason... I think if pressed, I'd say Meteor Garden is my favorite, but that's probably my Taiwan bias mixed with my Zai Zai obsession ;P


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