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Boys Before Flowers, episode 2!!!!

- So um, the whole Rui asking her about pancakes thing while she's being assaulted... a little weird. But also so totally Rui.
- Aw! The towel! I love you Rui!
- 'Nother aw! Domyoji totally chases the guys off with a golf club. How utterly upper class of him. Also, why do his maid's outfits look like they're cosplaying?
- Wow, bus stops in Korea sure are nice and clean.
- Shizuka is so pretty!
- Haha! Jan Di totally mentions Nicolas Sarkozy!
- Jeez. Passive aggressive much, Rui?
- Was that... GERMAN?! "Cyber Arbeit"?
- The graffiti is totally random, and doesn't make much sense...
- If I were Jan Di, I'd take Ginger's phone, and like, whip it out the window.
- Is there something underneath the rags? I'm confused, because why would rags themselves smell. And why rags? It's confusing. And why is the pouring of the perfume funny?
- So cute! Jun Pyo is totally waiting for her!
- Hah! I loves the F3! They're all amused that Jun Pyo is getting his ass kicked by Jan Di.
- HAHAHA!!! Jun Pyo! He's like "what are you doing?!" when Jan Di gets into her fighting stance!
- Oh, that kick was impressive. I love how the F3 just sit there, watching.
- Is she wearing shorts underneath her skirt? If so, that would make sense... those skirts are some of the shortest I've ever seen.
- Jun Pyo is totally fascinated by her! So cute!
- He got his ass handed to him by a tiny waif girl!
- *snort* OMG Britney Spears?! That's almost as funny as the scene in Hana Kimi where they did the awesome cheer leading dance to Avril Lavigne.
- Oh God is Jun Pyo adorable. So cute! So utterly, amazingly, totally cute. What a dork!
- Rui's doing tarot? Odd. And AWESOME.
- The chasing/hiding scene is pure and utter ridiculous!
- She passed out pretty damn quick. No way chloroform works that fast.
- I'd be totally freaked out if I woke up being massaged by random chicks too. At least they told her she wasn't fat...
- Ooooooh nice shoes! But dear God the hair. WHY! WHY do you torture me with loads and loads of fake hair Asian dramas?! WHY!!!! At least this time you're supposed to know it's fake.
- I just spent a good minute staring at her shoes. Obsessed? Me? NEVER.
- Why would she think it was Rui? The hair is totally different.
- HAH! Jun Pyo is soooo arrogant. He doesn't even realize that Jan Di is staring at him in disgust!
- Oh the look on his face when she goes to leave! I love him so much! What a idiot!
- Is it weird that Lee Min Ho looks faintly Indian to me... I think it's his skin tone, which is GORG, by the way.
- Jun Pyo's exacerbation is wonderful. He's totally falling in love with her.
- OMG what a lovable dork! The bee! Oh the bee!
- But man, he's so bizarre! One minute he's flipping out because of a bee, the next he's coldly demanding tea.
- Koo Hye Sun reminds me of Chen Qiao En! Their faces are similar!

- I'd have kept the shoes, but that might be my unhealthy obsession with them talking.
- Considering how thorough the spa people were otherwise, they should have given her a pedicure.

- Did THE DOGS eat her shoes?! Mah! What a waste!
- Ji Hoon is a much more gentle and smiley Rui than Lei, or... well... Rui. Did that make sense?
- Tsukushi is always so obsessed with cleaning Rui's things.
- I love Soujiro and Akira tons!
- Jan Di's family is so cute!
- I was totally waiting for her to write "JH + JD 4EVA ♥ ♪ ☺"
- Jan Di is totally ogling Ji Hoon! He's pretty goo at basketball. He's no Mike He though. Hehehe, it's almost like watching a twdrama (um, twdramas have a lot of basketball)
- Why are they flipping out over a "double nosebleed"? And where the hell are the teachers at this school?

- Um... what?

- Seriously. The pants! They remind me of Zai Zai's pants in this video... except much MUCH worse.

- Jun Pyo tries to help her clean up! Seriously, he's the most confusing, best character ever.
- Rugby?!
- Oh hello there shower scene. Hot guys are ALWAYS better wet.
- Jun Pyo is so cute when he gets all to deviously planning re the class trip.
- Jun Pyo was totally waiting for Jan Di. God, that boy...
- Aw! Little boys taking pictures with Shizuka's ad! And actually commenting on her face/skin (and not other body parts)! I want to hug them!
- HAHA Akira and Soujiro are flirting with the flight attendants!
- That was awesome and so totally Domyoji! The flight attendant went to tell Jun Pyo that cell phones weren't allowed, and he looked at her for a second, rolled his eyes, and ignored her!
- How did Jun Pyo know Yuki's name? I guess he could have found out from his sources, but it's still random.
- I guess Kazuya-kun gets left out of this adaption too. Too bad, I always enjoyed his character. Especially when he had dreads in MG2.
- Jun Pyo is totally jealous of Ji Hoon.
- Jan Di is so transparent. She's like "No way will I go to your party!" to Jun Pyo, and like "OMG I'll come FOR SURE" to Ji Hoon.
- She's far too naive. If the bitches told me it was a costume party, I so wouldn't believe them.
- Jun Pyo is looking for her! Akira and Soujiro are surrounded by girls (per usual)!
- Wonder woman costume! So funny and SO embarrassing!
- Aw! Rui! (why is he wearing two jackets?)
- Shizuka is the shit. I wish she would push those bitches into the pool/ocean ala HYD!
- More pretty shoes!
- Am I the only one, or did anyone else notice that Han Chae Young has really big boobs? It's weird, because she's so thin...
- Jun Pyo! He totally dropped his plate in awe of pretty Jan Di!
- Squee! Rui's asking her to dance! Jun Pyo is NOT pleased!

LOVESIT! I can't wait for the first date. I can't wait for the intense bullying that leads to their first kiss (if they decide to do that scene. I don't think they did it in HYD, but that scene killed me in Meteor Garden (irregardless of Shan Cai's weird sitting position)). I just can't wait! It's nice/annyoing watching a drama real time. Nice because I get to pace it, and anticipate it. Annoying because I have to waaaiiittt. It doesn't air again until monday, so until then I should watch other stuff. What, exactly, I'm not sure. Right now I'm too tired for much of anything.

In other random news, I totally belong to Wang Chuan Yi (Kingone) fanclub on Facebook...

Date: 2009-01-08 05:43 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] dangermousie.livejournal.com
Love the write-up. I am going to come back when I am more awake and comment in more detail but for now: the wait is killing me too!

Oh. I so hope they will do that kissing scene. I love it so! Kdramas are a lot more likely to have kissing than jdramas so I so very hope so.

Date: 2009-01-09 04:35 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] uisceros.livejournal.com
I hope so too! Stupid jdramas and their lack of intimacy.... You know, I was actually surprised they had the whole stuck in a cabin scene in the jdrama, granted it wasn't like the manga, but still. I hope they have that scene in the kdrama. That would make my year.


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