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See, Jan Di totally loves Jun Pyo! She waits for him, and it's adorable!

I totally love how he kinda flipped out, and made her chase him. It was cute, especially when he called her a bug, because that was totally how he was acting, like he saw a bug! Jun Pyo is hilarious like that, how is he scared of bugs? The whole thing is terribly amusing (but then, anyone afraid of bugs amuses me).

TSUBAKI!!! She's so kickass!

I totally thought she was going to be Ji Hoo though, because of the white/black thing...

I loved whenever they did this;

because Jan Di is terrified, Jun Pyo is like "... shit!", and Tsubaki is all calm and cool. She's awesome.

It's hard to believe there's THAT little traffic on the street in Seoul around rush hour...

HAHAHA!! Tsubaki totally does some crazy ass gymnastics, and then BEATS JUN PYO WITH A STICK!! (Yes, I know the gymnastics were pretty standard, but to me, all gymnastics are crazy) Or is it a katana scabbard (is that what you call it when it's a katana?)

She's so pretty too. The prettiest Tsubaki I've ever seen (Mary Hsu comes close, but whenever I think of her, I picture the hair she had in Love Contract...)

Tsubaki (Jun Hee) is gorgeous! (Yes, this picture is from episode 8, but whatever)

God I love Tsubaki (have I mentioned that yet?) She's particularly awesome in this one. I love how she flings Jun Pyo off the principal's desk!

Lee Min Ho riding a horse is quite hot. But he's treating it too roughly. That's why Ji Hoo is better at horses, Jun Pyo...

Of course Ji Hoo's horse is white...

I like this show a lot, but they're really overdoing the fur. They don't need fur in like, every single episode. I know they're supposed to be rich, but not all rich people wear fur. I feel like some animal rights organization should be protesting.

Oh, there's another screenshot for my 'Korea is freaking beautiful' file.

NOOOO Goo Jun Pyo! Don't get crushed by falling rocks!

Ah! Ji Hoo named his horse Rui! Rui's a nice horse!

Jun Pyo! You hurt your horse!! All for hubris! Yes, should should be ashamed of yourself.

OMG little Rui! So sad! No freaking wonder he became "autistic"! None of the other adaptions showed it in such a way. (Fun fact, you can't develop autism... it's genetic (there are those people who are like "vaccines and bad diets cause autism!", but personally I think that's kinda bullshity))

Jun Pyoooooo! I love you! Even with pink(?!) soup on your face!

Does Ga Eul/Jan Di's boss have a thing for Yi Jung? Why is he calling him "The Andromeda Prince"... I'm confused.

Randomly, that place reminds me a TON of a place I visited in Munich one time. (Which, btw, wasn't a race track). Weird. I bought orange flavored gum there too.

Aw! Ga Eul and Yi Jung are adorable!

Ooooooohhhh Ji Hoo! You sneaky bastard! I love you so much! Way to rile Jun Pyo up!

Okay, I'm totally loving Ji Hoo now. Not that I wasn't before, but I love him more now. I love how he's totally Jan Di's best friend. It's adorable. He's becoming more like manga Rui, which is VERY nice.

Didn't this happen in the jdrama, where Rui tricked Domyoji... or something. Maybe it was the twdrama. I forget... I watched both so long ago. It didn't involve cars though. But it did lead to one of my favorite scenes in the jdrama, where the F4 just beat each other up a lot, and then collapse on each other, and laugh.

Ooookay, so Jun Pyo is allowed to get out of the swimming contest, but Ji Hoo is not allowed out of the race car contest?! What a gip!

Wtf F2?! I mean, yeah, Ji Hoo wasn't behaving real well when he "stole" Jun Pyo's love interest, but seriously, it's not like he ever really got Jan Di's permission!

EHHHH! Jun Pyo! I love you too much for words. He's super awesome when he just clasps Jan Di to him desperately.

LOVED it. Don't I always? Ji Hoo is finally catching up. I am enjoying him a LOT more. I still love Jun Pyo best though.

(future reference, the bolded text relates to the image)
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