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Ga Eul has a cute fashion sense!

Okay, so seeing hot boys in weird swimming attire is hot. Also, Ji Hoo is a pretty good swimmer!

I'm getting all nervous over the outcome of the swim race....

Even though I know it ended like that.

I'm REALLY loving Yi Jung. He's totally awesome (he punched Rui in the stomach!!), but I feel bad for Woo Bin. Poor poor Woo Bin, he doesn't get a good part.

Ahahahah! Soo cute! Jan Di and Ji Hoo are all jinxing each other!

Yeah, definitely in love with Ji Hoo. He was all bashful when he asked Jan Di out!

Jun Pyo is such a kid!

AW!! Little Ji Hoo is too cute! The bow tie!!

Oh! The scene with the little F4 is killing me! Poor tiny little Ji Hoo!!

Squee! Woo Bin throws himself at Jun Pyo!

Jan Di's family kills me. Her brother telling her to be more sexy?! Her father telling her to lick her lips?!

Two thing; it's so totally obvs that Jan Di loves Jun Pyo, and it's freaking adorable (and not creepy at all, strangely) that Jun Pyo is all stalking her. SQUUUEEE! He ever got the coffee!!


AND OMG I LOVE JUN PYO! That's what he was doing with the pen! Gah! What a dork!!

Oh Jun Pro, trying to be all incognito.

Wows. Ji Hoo's house is NICE. But smooth, Ji Hoo, bringing a girl back to your place...

Annnnnnnnnnddddddd right about now is when I start to angst for Ji Hoo. Poor poor boy. I'll marry you Ji Hoo!

Omg, Jun Pyo jumping to see over the fence is one of the funniest things! And the tree kicking!!

I hate when that happens; them missing each other by a second. It happened all the time in My Girl.

And I'm totally and completely in love with Ji Hoo. Letting Jan Di go, even though he loves her. *sigh* That always gets me.

!!! Are they all going to beat each other up like in the jdrama scene I mentioned previously?! AWESOME!

Ji Hoo! Don't antagonize Jun Pyo! He's totally going to beat your ass! Maybe that's why he wanted to get all dressed in hockey gear first, to pad the blows.

Hehehehehehehe! So cute! I love the F4, they're so amazingly adorable. I'm glad Ji Hoo is finally starting to seem like an F4 member.

Um, what the fuck? Why are they doing the Junpei hospital thing now? It's sweet and all (she runs to the hospital wearing two different shoes! And not even like, two different sneakers, like a sneaker and a slipper!), and comes at a good time with the kinda confessing and all, but does this mean the Junpei thing is gone now? Noooooo! (Speaking of; TOMA-KUN!!! MUST USE JUNPEI TOMA-KUN ICON!)


Ji Hooooooo!!! I still love you!

I must say, Jan Di golfs a better game than I do. Seriously, I suck. I'm pretty good at mini golf though!

Oh! Oh God, what is that?! Tuna? Ew! EW! Eh, so disgusting, I can't watch! (Yeah, definitely a vegetarian)

Jeez, bitch trio. But random date guy in red is hot.

The internal monologues of Jan Di and Jun Pyo are so funny!

That popcorn thing reminds me of the scene in Devil Beside You, when Chuan Yi is trying to kiss that girl, but instead she goes for the popcorn, and he's all "DAMN POPCORN", it's so funny!!

They're so cute with each other, they're both all awkward, and sweet. It's freaking adorable.

Jun Pyo is the best. He knew she wanted to bring some "awesome" tuna back home for her family, but she dropped it, so he ordered a bunch for them!

I like this version and all, but I don't think Jan Di is as poor as she should be. She has a computer for God sakes!

I kinda get why she's avoiding Jun Pyo (I guess it's the awkwardness), but it's making me all angsty!

Her little brother is always closing the door on Jun Pyo!

AH! His pants are all short because he's SO TALL!

Poor Jun Pyo is being molested! (Unfortunate subtitle huh?)

Oh God, that episode was AWESOME. The relationship between Jan Di and Jun Pyo is just starting, and it's just so cute, because while Jun Pyo loves Jan Di desperately, it's so obvious he doesn't know how to handle it. Jan Di is no better. And poor Ji Hoo... my Rui love is coming back in spades.

Also, I totally had to stop in the middle of this episode to watch LOST, which is one of two American shows I still watch (along with How I Met Your Mother, which is like crack to me).


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