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I know something is amazing if I keep thinking about it for days after I watched it.

It happened with HYD, which was my first drama. I marathoned both seasons right ater another. I slept only 3 or so hours a night so I could watch it (which, now, isn't all that unusual (I sleep only 4 hours a night regularly), but it was then). That drama stayed with me for awhile, because it was so awesome and fun.

The second time it happened with a drama was Love Contract. I watched it back in July, and I still occasionally have random insight into it. I fell in love with that drama, shitty ending and all. It was also one of the few times I cried while watching a drama (I knew it was coming, so I didn't get terribly weepy, like I did with Summer Snow, which took me by surprise. I bawled at the end of that one).

The latest was Coffee Prince. I love that show so much. I cannot describe my love for it well. I watched it in 4 days, and in those four days I would randomly think of something from the drama, and start grinning like a maniac (at work). I have the Han Kyul singing to Eun Chan song on my ipod, and everytime I heard it (which is often, it's right after the Big Bang songs on my playlist), I melt. BEST SCENE EVER.

The reason I mention this is that Eternal Summer is holding me tight. I'm slightly obsessing over it, going over scenes in my head, wondering at the beauty of the filming. I think I'm going to buy the movie (I NEVER buy movies anymore), I love it desperately, and want to own it. There's something about it.

I want to finish Goong, but I've been thinking of rewatching Meteor Garden and Mars. It's been a long time since I'm watched either.
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