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Awhile ago I kinda promised/hinted at my top drama lists. I have a top ten for jdramas, a top 5 for twdramas, and a top 3 for kdramas. I kinda wanted to make it fancy, and I might still one day, but as for now, I'm content with just posting it.

I'm doing 10 jdramas, 5 twdramas, and 3 kdramas because of my viewing habits. I've watched way more jdramas than anything else. Or at least, I've finished more jdramas than anything else (I start twdramas a lot, but don't finish them a lot), and I haven't watched many kdramas at all. So yeah. I also want to do a top asian movie list sometime too, but I'll stick with this for now.

So here is my top 10 jdramas. The other lists will come shortly (I have them written already, so there shouldn't be that much delay).


1. Hachimitsu to Clover - I cannot describe just how much I adore this drama. It's amazing, beyond amazing. For me, the dramas that seem to speak to me the most are the quiet ones, the ones that are slice of life, and show reality (or as close to reality as a drama can get). H&C is like that for me. The characters are spot on, and the whole thing made me feel a profound sense of nostalgia, mixed with longing for the characters. I want them to be real, and I want to be their friend. Toma-kun really shines in this drama. He's perfect as Takemoto, and I think his performance in this is one of the best, most understated performances I've ever seen. I never read the manga, so I don't know how it compares, but it really doesn't matter to me, as I love the drama for itself.

2. Sekai no Chuushin de, Ai wo Sakebu - I was only part of the way through this drama when I knew it would oust Summer Snow from my number 2 spot. It was that good. Sekachu is a lot like H&C in the slice of life way. It IS an illness drama, but even the way the sickness and death is dealt with is very typical and stirring. It's the story of two ordinary people falling in love, and then dealing with horrible circumstances. It's very beautiful.

3. Summer Snow - in keeping with my slice of life theme, Summer Snow is a lot like Sekachu. A sick girl wants to experience love and life despite having a weak heart. A boy that was made to grow up to fast after the death of his parents wants to experience love and life despite having to take care of his family. Natsuo and Yuki are utterly charming together, and their love is so tender and new. But be warned, this is the ONLY drama that ever made me bawl my eyes out. I cried for like, 20 minutes at the end of this one.

4. Byakuyako - And thus we alter from my favorite theme. Byakuyako is NOT slice of life. It remains the most insane, most screwed up drama I've ever seen in my life. And I could not love it more for it. I think the thing that really got me about Bya is that the two main characters are two of the most horrible horrible people you'll ever see. They do horrible things. YET they're still massively sympathetic characters. The love story is tragic, and I know for me at least, I ended up thinking about it ages after it ended. (BTW, if you want to watch Bya, watch Sekachu first. Bya has many of the same actors, and will TOTALLY MESS WITH YOUR HEAD, since the characters are so different)

5. Kou Kou Kyoushi 2003 - My reasoning for loving this drama follow the same pattern as Bya. It's one of those totally screwed up dramas, and it's amazing. It deals with some heavy themes, and doesn't seem to apologize, or explain away what is going on. I tend to dislike when dramas (or anything, really) try to sugarcoat things to make them look better. This drama tells it like it is, and doesn't really try to explain Koga's actions much. The ending on this one is weird though... Not bad, per se, just weird.

6. Gokusen 1 - I have no clue why I have such a major love affair with Gokusen. It's not my typical type. There is no real romance to speak of (other than BROMANCE), and it's action-ey, and stuff. But man, from the first episode I was hooked. Yankumi is one of the greatest heroines ever, and her relationships with her students is priceless. I also think a mjaor draw for me is the obvious UST between her and Shin. In the case of Gokusen, I'm a manga purist, which is why I haven't watched the other seasons. It's not Gokusen to me if Shin is not there. I'm still crossing my fingers that MatsuJun makes an appearance in the movie.

7. My Boss My Hero - What can I say about this drama. It's GODDAMN AMAZING. I mean, it's all fun and games, with a sexy ass Nagase Tomoya, until the ending where things go to shit, and suddenly it's a yakuza dramas, and you're sitting there wondering where the hell funny adorable Maki went, and when did he turn into sexy dangerous kickass Makio. This is a great drama in the dichotomy of it all. The importance of; friendship, family, education, loyalty, innocence, and humility are all featured, and it's just a REALLY good time.

8. LIFE - Again, TOTALLY not my type. LIFE is about school bullying, and it's very heartwrenching in it's portrayal, because from what I've heard, that sort of shit happens in Japanese schools all the time. That's upsetting... I mean, we have bullying in American schools too, but usually not nearly to that degree. Anyway, LIFE is a really good story, about how one girl stands up to the bullying, and how she handles everything. Haven't read the manga, but apparently the drama ending is totally different.

9. Hana Yori Dango - You never forget your first, right? Well, HYD was my first drama ever, and I still have lots and lots of love for it. It introduced me to the blinding perfection that is Oguri Shun, and also introduced me to MatsuJun's eclectic acting style. It's not my favorite adaptation of HYD ever, but it's still damn near perfect in achieving what it set out to do. While I fully enjoy fantasy dramas like this, they're still not my favorites, which is why HYD isn't higher on the list.

10. Atashinchi no Danshi - This is the only one where I'm going to break my rules, and put it on my favorites list despite not having seen the whole thing (Totally finished it RIGHT after writing this). Atadan came out of nowhere, and struck me dead with it's awesome. Again, stuff like this isn't my favorite, but I love Atadan beyond reason. The characters were SO GOOD, and their relationships were so spot on. I was so sad when this drama ended, because I wouldn't get to see these characters anymore. If that doesn't denote a favorite, I don't know what does.
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