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Boys Before Flowers episode 8 liveblog )

Oh God, that episode was AWESOME. The relationship between Jan Di and Jun Pyo is just starting, and it's just so cute, because while Jun Pyo loves Jan Di desperately, it's so obvious he doesn't know how to handle it. Jan Di is no better. And poor Ji Hoo... my Rui love is coming back in spades.

Also, I totally had to stop in the middle of this episode to watch LOST, which is one of two American shows I still watch (along with How I Met Your Mother, which is like crack to me).
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Meh! I finished "Devil Beside You" and now I'm sad, because I REALLLLLY loved that drama, and I kinda don't want to watch anything else for awhile. Even though I will. Because I have to. I'm currently downloading two series anyway (Love Contract (which stars two of my favorite Taiwanese actors Ariel Lin and Mike He!!), and Meteor Garden (I couldn't resist the temptation)....)

I also brought home a shitload of work I need to get done sometime this weekend.

Mostly for my reference;
Stuff to watch, part 2

Smiling Pasta (Taiwanese)
Goong (still Korean)
Full House (Korean)
My girl (Korean?)
Prince Turns to Frog (Taiwanese)
Loving You (Korean)
Mars (Taiwanese)
My Lovely Sam Soon (Korean)
Why Why Love (Taiwanese)
Marry Me (Taiwanese)
My Secret Garden (Taiwanese)
Aishiteiru to Ittekure (Japanese)
Honey and Clover (Japanese)
Binbo Danshi (Japanese)
Zettai Kareshi (Japanese... totally squealed when I found out that Nanba-senpai (Mizushima Hiro) was in it!)
First Kiss (Japanese)
The Rose (Taiwanese)
Tokyo Juliet (Taiwanese)
A Love to Kill (Korean)
Silence (Taiwanese)
Summer x Summer (Taiwanese Squeeee! Joe Cheng!)

Yeah, most of them are Taiwanese... but since I started watching ISWAK, I've realized that I really love the Taiwanese dramas... they're the perfect mixture of drama, comedy, and overall romance. Like, Devil Beside You was totally utterly perfect. ISWAK was a little drawn out (which is good, but not exactly my taste). I probably need to branch out into things that don't involve romance... but not now.

It kinda sucks that I like the Taiwanese dramas so much, but I'm learning japanese. Mandarin doesn't exactly help me while I'm trying to learn Japanese, which by the way, is going pretty good. I can't write much yet, but damn it if I can say a few sentences already! Yay! I only know two verbs, but a fair amount of nouns!

I think I'm going to watch Summer Snow next. It's been sitting on my computer for ages (ISWAK2 and Devil Beside You got in the way). Kay! I'm going to go get me some sherbert!

BTW, icon = Sano x Nakatsu love! Squee!


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