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I decided to follow the rest of my peeps, and do my top 12 drama boyfriend list.

In response to [livejournal.com profile] cranberrysheep's Drama Boyfriend Playoffs, I listed my top 12 (well, technically it was 13, but who's counting) ideal drama boyfriends. And then [livejournal.com profile] ambergold and [livejournal.com profile] princess_dexter made more detailed posts, and well, I decided to as well!

And because I wanted pictures (and since a lot of my choices are from dramas I watched ages ago, when I didn't know how to screencap) I didn't have any ready to use caps, so I spent awhile going through my big ol' folder of drama discs. But this also meant I spent awhile rewatching my favorite parts of various dramas. But I'll get to that later.

Amusingly about half are from twdramas. Apparently I still love me some Taiwanese men after all ;P. Oddly, a lot of my choices are from unpopular dramas as well. And I totally have actor repeat offenders (three of them, actually!)

Anyway, list! (Note, the frst 5 aren't really in any concrete order. I love them all too much to choose between them)
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This korean drug scandal is just getting worse and worse.

Not that we didn't see this coming; All Joo Ji Hoon events canceled. Things are getting worse. I know some people are worried about JJH attempting suicide, what with the most recent suicide of Woo Seung Yeon (I personally don't know her from anywhere, but it's still monumentally sad. I think something must be wrong with the Korean entertainment industry...)

The thing that gets me the most about this is that poor JJH's career was ruined because he took drugs TWICE. God, probably 1/3rd (or more) of college aged kids in the US have taken drugs once or twice.

I agree with the dramabeans commenter’s, JJH is being used as a scapegoat here because he's the biggest name so far. Obviously this whole thing goes deeper. And more attention should be place on Yoon Seol Hee, who, in my opinion, is the one most at fault here. I also agree that he should join the army as soon as possible. It gets it out of the way, and maybe he can resurect his career when he gets back.

Also, in fairly depressing for Meredith news; Kim Jeong Hoon leaves for military service. But hey, isn't Gong Yoo's service almost up? September, right? I will be highly excited when Gong Yoo comes back.
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I'm dead tired tonight. I watched Lost (OMG LOST!! I love that show so much. It's like, the crazier it gets, the more I love it), and then finished reading the scanlations for Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru (Well, up to volume 5. The rest isn't translated yet). And then, I randomly found out that there was an OVA related to the series, so of course I downloaded it, and watched it. I really freaking adore Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru. More than I probably should. I heard about a similar story, Koi Kaze, but I don't know if I'll be able to read it. I'm not to fond of the mangaka's style.

Anyone seen this? I thought it was hilarious, and very well done. It's like a perfect mishmash of Korean BBF angst, and totally awesome gay Taiwanese movies/dramas. Plus, Bummie!! So cute!

Anyway, I'm going to sleep 'early' tonight (if you consider 1 am early... Earlier than normal, I suppose). So no dramas at all today (unless you count the bits of Hello My Teacher I caught while trying to find the Gong Yoo swim trunks picture (for my future reference, since I'm sure I'm going to want to show people that scene again; episode 13, minute 54)...
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I finally finished 35 icons, so I'm going to post them! Yays! The subject matter is really all over the place... But yeah, enjoy!


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I just finished Hello My Teacher. LOVED it. Seriously. I adored it beyond words. (No, it hasn't taken over the top spot on my drama list, but still)

It was like Gokusen, except BETTER (sacrilege, I know, but the reason it was better was simple; canon romance (yes, I know in the manga Shinkumi is canon, but whatever)).

My thoughts on the series! )

So yes. Loved it. Love Love Loved it. I wish I could find fanfic for it. Maybe I should look around. Maybe later. I'm dead tired now.

Next I'm going to finish My Girl. And maybe another kdrama after that. I really like them! Oh, and I keep thinking the kdramas are actually twdramas. I have no idea why, they have different styles/cliches/LANGUAGES, but whatever.

Drama/Anime/Manga List update 13Jan09 )

BTW, I'm meticulous about this list, therefore I update it a lot. I also have a spreadsheet that tracks the dramas I've watched, and estimates the time I've spent watching them. I'm up to 15.927 full days spent watching dramas. I like to keep track of things...
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Ooookay, so you know how I said I don't hate Jem Ma (in Hello My Teacher)? Well, I still don't. But I HATE Eun Seong. I hate her so much. She's being such a bitch to Bo Ri! And she's totally not nearly as pretty as Bo Ri, yet everyone seems to be fawning over her...

(I actually didn't find Gong Hyo Jin that pretty at first, but she's grown on me... she isn't classically pretty, but she definitely has an interesting face. Plus, I love her hair. I kinda felt that way about Gong Yoo when I initially saw him in Coffee Prince. I mean, I love him a TON now, but he does have a tiny head!)

Tae In is such a kid... but I love him so much! And the flower doorway has to be the second most romantic thing I've ever seen in my entire life. The first is also care of Gong Yoo... the amazing "I Love You" wake up song from Coffee Prince. Every time I see it I melt. I have an audio clip of it on my ipod too. Everything about that scene just wins.

I noticed it earlier, but forgot to mention; Tae In is catholic! He was wearing a rosary earlier in the series (which is still my number one religious pet peeve), and now he's in a Catholic church! Bo Ri is buddhist (obvs). But I'm confused about how her dad is a monk. As far as I know, in both Mahayana and Theravada, monks are celibate. Maybe he became a monk after she and her sister were born...

One of the things I hate most about media in general (but it happens a LOT in dramas) is that people seem to think that being exposed to cold weather will make you sick. It doesn't (it will lower your immune system, but it won't cause you to get sick) It's annoying to me, as a biologist. Science myths always kinda annoy me.
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OMG Hello My Teacher is even more Gokusen-esque than I thought! Bo Ri is totally saving Tae In from a gang! (BTW, the fake fighting in this show is HILARIOUS. I adore the punching sound effects)
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Jung Woo is AWESOME. Also kinda a adrenaline junkie, but regardless, he's awesome.

Hey, lots of white people!

I took a TON of screenshots from episode 2! Like, I NEVER take screenshots, but I couldn't resist the hotness of Lee Dong Wook and Lee Joon Ki!

I took these screenshots without thinking, and they proved to be quite funny.
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Also, started watching Hello My Teacher episode 3

Thoughts )

I just keep adding to this entry...
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I didn't liveblog my thoughts on it, BUT so far, I'm really liking Hello My Teacher. I've only seen episode 1 so far, but it's quite enjoyable!

I really like Bo Ri, she's an awesome heroine. I like how she's tough, yet girly. I like how she has a bunch of female friends, and I like that they go out and drink beer and sing karaoke as a celebration. I like how she made something of her life, despite being expelled from school. I like how she managed to break my heart when she was crying after they kicked her out of the school. I just like her. Gong Hyo Jin is lovely, and it seems like she can act pretty well.

Gong Yoo is fabulous too. He's SO GOOD at playing that playboy with the devil-may-care attitude. Tae In's kinda an ass, but an enjoyable one. I LOVED when he jumped over the bar thing at the airport, and managed to fall on his ass, and was like "... that was embarrassing". I like how he's all troubled (omg, his family really does suck), but instead of being beat down, he fights against them. And hello, the dancing in the "rain" (... sprinklers) scene... fanservice anyone?

I'm already half in love with Hyun Woo (the requisite 'other guy'), because he's so sweet, and he's actually nice towards Tae In (which can't be said about anyone else in the family). The sensible part of me is kinda creeped out that he's drawing pictures of his former student though (the non sensible, totally romantic part of me finds it's ridiculously amazing and adorable). Kim Da Hyun reminds me a TON of Hiraoka Yuta. I think it's their eyes... or maybe because Da Hyun's character in Hello My Teacher is a lot like Yuta's in First Kiss.

And actually, I do not hate Jem Ma... at least not yet. She seems pretty awesome, actually, what with the breaking the law and taking a picture with the traffic camera, and the amusing scene where she thought Tae In was getting her a dress, when in fact he totally wasn't... I don't hate her because she's that girl who one sidedly loves the guy she'll never really have.

I'm excited to see how this show progresses! I'm going to watch it simultaneously with My Girl. I also might start watching Hot Shot (because, duh, lots of hot guys!)

Drama/Anime/Manga List update 10Jan09 )

I added a couple more kdramas to see, and edited the ones I've started watching.


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