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I pulled another one of my "go for a nap, but end up sleeping for 12+ hours and waking up late for work" things.

So the dilemma; I'm almost finished with Dal Ja's Spring. My Queen is more than halfway done. So while things are winding down, I decided to make a list of stuff I've been thinking of starting/re-starting in the coming days.

My current actively watching list includes: Dal Ja's Spring, My Queen, and Black & White.

Dramas I'm thinking of starting/finishing soon )

Anyone have any other recs? The only spring drama I'm REALLY looking forward to (meaning I am willing to watch as it airs) is Good Health & Fortune. The others I'll wait on.
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I'm in a drama dry spell. It may not seem like it, since I am actively watching four shows right now (BBF, Superstar Express, Love or Bread, and My Queen), but believe me, it's a dry spell.

More.... )

So yes, basically the main point is; I will finish watching The Rose sometime this week. (I meant to start yesterday, but then I did the top twenty tw-guy thing, and stayed up until 4am. Yay 3 hours of sleep...)

Two additional things; I am way more tired than I have any right to be (I HATE working on weekends, weekends are when I catch up on my sleep. I average 3 1/2 to 4 hours a sleep a night on weekdays), and my workplace is ALWAYS so damn cold. I'm seriously getting a breeze here. It's SNOWING OUTSIDE. I DON"T NEED A BREEZE.

I have 6 Ikuta Toma icons, 5 Oguri Shun icons, 6 Jiro icons, 6 GD icons, and 8 Zai Zai icons.... Plus, at least one icon for each member of F4. Interesting.
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I finally finished 35 icons, so I'm going to post them! Yays! The subject matter is really all over the place... But yeah, enjoy!


The Rest! )
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So I was chillin', watching Goong last night, and suddenly, in the middle of episode 15 (YUUUULLL! I LOVE YOU! SO intensely.), I got up, and went and laid on my bed. I don't remember why I did this (I think I was going to pet the cat, or something), but I did.

ANYWAY, no suprise to anyone that knows me, I fell asleep almost immediately. At 9:30pm. In the middle of Goong. With all the lights on, and ON TOP of the covers (It's goddamn cold in my bedroom). I wasn't even really that tired... I woke up an hour later highly disoriented, and then proceeded to turn the lights out, and go to sleep for the night.

So not only did I not finish episode 15 of Goong, but I didn't get to my Taiwanese boy post either. I'll probably do it tonight. I kinda forget who Number 19 is too... Oh, now I remember. If you thought Viter's pics were kinda sucky, wait until you see #19's... Numbers 20-17 will have scant pictures. Way of the world.

(Totally just took a 10 minute eyebrow plucking break... while at work. I'm too obsessed with my eyebrows)
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Gooooong!! Must you kill me with the double cuteness of a teddy bear museum AND Shin / Chae Gyung / Great Queen dancing about like idiots?! So cute, can't contain squeeing!

I'm not doing much of anything in the way of Goong stuff; since like, everyone has seen it already, writing reviews/reports is meaningless, and since I'm using Media Player Classic to watch it, I can't easily cap. (Though occasionally if I see a good shot, I will transfer over to VLC and cap it. So far most of my caps are of Yul, who I am irrevocably in love with, despite (or maybe, because of... Lord knows I have a thing for cunning bastards *cough* Draco *cough*) his sneakiness.

But oh noes! Yul! Why is your hair suddenly darker?! I can't obsess over the blonde anymore. Luckily, I still love you. (I love Shin too of course, but I definitely love Yul better right now. I think it's because I find Kim Jeong Hoon a little more attractive than Joo Ji Hoon (don't get me wrong, JJH is insanely attractive, but I think part of it is the blonde)).

Out of the screencaps I've taken in recent Goong episodes, half of them are of Yul. I'm totally in love with him. Seriously, the further the shows goes on, the more I love him (which I think is opposite of what's supposed to happen).

And so, I leave you tonight with a lovely picture of Yul.
How can I NOT love him?! )


Feb. 1st, 2009 04:41 pm
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I just spent an hour or so on ONE icon, and I'm not even that pleased with it. It's not horrible, but it's not great either.

If I can manage to get stuff done faster, I totally want to do an icon post. A Zai Zai icon post... (I've made three icons so far, two are Zai Zai, and one is BBF. And, actually I want to icon all the screencaps I took)

I've been trolling around various comms for three or so hours now, obsessively downloading brushes and textures for photoshop. I recently acquired Photoshop Elements 6 (next to newest! Yay!), so I've been obsessed with it recently.

I'm still watching Goong, albeit quite slowly. I'm on episode 11 now. Still fully enjoying it, though Hyo Rin is totally getting on my nerves. Also still in love with Yul.
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I love Goong's Prince William! He's actually white, blondeish, and speaks with a british accent! You KNOW that if it were Japanese, it'd be either a Japanese dude in a wig, or a Russian dude with a heavy accent.

It always surprises me that the producers can't seem to find westerners (who speak english) to act in the dramas. The worst is Americans though, they like, NEVER cast real americans. Is it really that hard to find Americans? The worst example was Japanese Hana Kimi, where Julia was obviously just a Japanese girl in a blonde wig. The BEST, on the other hand, was in the Taiwanese Hana Kimi, where Julia was (half?) white, and spoke english with an American accent.

Woah... random but good. I just randomly found Vanness' seemingly legit facebook page. I wonder if I could secretly stalk him or something.

Oh! No joke, there is a facebook group entitled "I Want to Marry an Asian Celebrity"...

"This group is for people who want to marry Wu Chun, Vanness Wu, Zai Zai, Jiro Wang, Aaron Yan, Kim Jung Hoon, Bi (Rain), Jimmy Lin, Ming Dao, Hyun Bin, Daniel Henney, Lee Junki, Kangta, S.H.E, Fahrenheit, DBSK, F4 or any other Asian Celebrities/Groups."

Sooo, basically it's the 'I want to marry a Taiwanese or Korean celebrity'... and randomly S.H.E is in there too... hmmm

Also, I just watched a random Taiwanese variety show that had like, three random white people, including one dressed like a viking. Also, Fahrenheit rapped to the background music to 50 Cent's "In Da Club"... it was highly amusing. I'm really loving Aaron more and more, he's amazingly adorable. But man, what is with my recently with the younger guys? He's not THAT much younger than me (3 years), but stiiillll. (Video's here... Fahrenheit raps around 3:15, the white people are near the end)
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Holy crap! That is TOTALLY the same horse stable thing that they use in Boys Before Flowers!! (Either that, or stables in Korea all look the same...)


Boys Before Flowers

And the Korean tourism website (my go-to source for drama filming locations, a fact that still amuses me greatly) has nothing on what this place is. I'm sure I could find out, but meh, I'm tired.

It's a beautiful place, though by the time BBF filmed, it looks like it'd seen better days (though actually I just think it's the lighting differences).

You know, when I first saw the falling off the horses thing in the previews, I though "God, no wonder he fell in love with her"... Poor Yul is treated like nothing while Shin gets everything that used to belong to him. Chae Kyung is actually paying attention to him, how could he NOT love her? (BTW, I don't know how I'll feel about in the future, but I'm really liking the political aspects of the show)
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I finally figure out how to get rid of my overlapping subtitles problem. For some reason (and this is in general) I never think to search the internet to solve stuff. Like I mentioned I had been searching for this old Halloween movie for like, 15 years (not actively, of course, but I'd think about it at least once or twice a year). And never once did I think to myself "Hey, I should search Google for this movie!"... not until like, a month ago. Despite being highly educated, I still manage to amaze myself with my stupidity sometimes.

ANYWAY, the trick; use Media Player Classic, which I've had installed on my computer for some time, because VLC doesn't play rmvb files (and a lot of Taiwanese dramas are in rmvb format). The sound didn't play for awhile, but I just needed a new codec. I have like, a ton of codecs now. *sigh* The whole business confuses me.

Also, was anyone else creeped out by Yul's weird relationship with his mother? It's kinda sweet, kinda scary-ass-Lifetime-original-movie...

And are they finally going to fall off the horses in episode 8? They've shown that scene in the previews since episode 2 or 3...

Okay, I love Chae Gyung; best line ever -> (To Shin) "But, what does flaming and throbbing have to do with not letting you go to sleep?"
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I'm watching the 5th episode of Goong, and totally crying. Whenever Yoon Eun Hye cries, I cry too. I really like her a lot, she's a great actress.

In other news, I found a good image resizer and managed to resize all my caps from Anmitsu Hime SP and Gokusen 1 SP. So my reports should be up relatively soon. Yay!

Awesome religious imagery, Yul's mom! )

Also, I'm totally in love with Yul. I blame the blonde. Also, because he's totally Rui (except, you know, not?)...

Yul just said to Shin "You said you'd teach me how to play hitting the ball from the horse".... I assume he meant polo. Subtitle flaw, or is that really the literal translation in korean?

Holy shit, the shoe! *instantly is totally in love with Shin*

Damn you Goong! Episode 7 looks so good, but it's midnight, and I'm tired! Damn you for making the previews look so good! DAMN YOU!
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Is anyone else amused that LJ is spotlighting a cpop community? Yes, I know it's because of Chinese New Year. BTW...


Yay! Unfortunately I did not get to go into my local Chinatown to celebrate. It wouldn't have been the same anyway, Massachusetts doesn't allow fireworks, and, well, it's Massachusetts and not China. I'll be in Taiwan for it one of these days, I'm sure of it!

I'll be slowly updating/catching up more this week. Last night I engaged in a blitzkreig of cleaning, so I was unable to do much online wise. I did watch one more episode of Goong though (yes, only one, craziness). I am utterly in love with Yul. Gah! What is it with me and the other guys?! I'm also probably going to start Hot Shot today. I put it on my ipod last night, so I'll watch the first episode today at some point. Maybe during lunch....
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Although I am seriously in the middle of watching three dramas, I'm thinking about watching another one. I've only watched the first episode of Bull Fighting and 1 1/2 episodes of Honey and Clover so far. I'm watchin Goong oddly... I kinda started in the middle. I'll watch it fully eventually, but whatever.

dramas... again )

I have other news, but I'm too tired to write it now...

Random bit of news that is exciting to me, but probably noone else; DoReMii is subbing Love at First Fight!! Squee!
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Awwww! I finished Prince Turns to Frog! It was sooo cute! No wonder it was so popular (2nd highest rated Twdrama EVER!!!)

Now, Bull Fighting. Hopefully the subs get finished fairly soon, else we'll have a situation like Wish to See You Again, or They Kiss Again. I'm also downloading Hachimitsu to Clover, so now I won't have an excuse to watch more twdramas. Plus, Ikuta Toma-kun!! Squee! Ever since Hana Kimi, I've adored him! I love Jiro Wang, but Toma-kun makes the best Nakatsu ever. EVERRRRR!

Randomly speaking of Hana Kimi, I should totally get on watching the taiwanese Hana Kimi. I liked the tw-version of HYD (well, I liked Meteor Garden 1... still angry at MG 2)! I wonder if I'd like Itazura na Kiss...

Started Goong. Korean sounds like a mish mash of japanese and chinese. It's messing with my head, man. Must. No. Let. It. Ruin. My. Mandarin. Learning!! It does have a nice sounds to it though. I like Mandarin better, but it isn't as pretty.

Meh! Now with the Korean messing with me, all I want to watch is stuff in Mandarin! I LOVE Mandarin! I WILL become fluent! I LOVE Taiwan! I LOVE hot Taiwanese boys! I must repeat this to myself periodically. Granted, the Korean boys are pretty hot too. But they're probably younger than me. I hate that. They're not younger than me... Damn... now I'll like them even more.

你好 - nǐ hǎo -> hello

I'm rewatching bits of Meteor Garden... I forgot just how much I like Jerry Yan! He's so cute! His teeth are REALLY nice.

And episodes 17 and 18! Way to kill me with the romance!

And I'm rambling again. Alas.


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