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2010-01-08 04:48 pm

My Drama Boyfriends :D

I decided to follow the rest of my peeps, and do my top 12 drama boyfriend list.

In response to [livejournal.com profile] cranberrysheep's Drama Boyfriend Playoffs, I listed my top 12 (well, technically it was 13, but who's counting) ideal drama boyfriends. And then [livejournal.com profile] ambergold and [livejournal.com profile] princess_dexter made more detailed posts, and well, I decided to as well!

And because I wanted pictures (and since a lot of my choices are from dramas I watched ages ago, when I didn't know how to screencap) I didn't have any ready to use caps, so I spent awhile going through my big ol' folder of drama discs. But this also meant I spent awhile rewatching my favorite parts of various dramas. But I'll get to that later.

Amusingly about half are from twdramas. Apparently I still love me some Taiwanese men after all ;P. Oddly, a lot of my choices are from unpopular dramas as well. And I totally have actor repeat offenders (three of them, actually!)

Anyway, list! (Note, the frst 5 aren't really in any concrete order. I love them all too much to choose between them)
Top 12 drama boyfriends )
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2009-07-05 08:34 pm

Top Drama Lists: Top Ten Jdramas

Awhile ago I kinda promised/hinted at my top drama lists. I have a top ten for jdramas, a top 5 for twdramas, and a top 3 for kdramas. I kinda wanted to make it fancy, and I might still one day, but as for now, I'm content with just posting it.

I'm doing 10 jdramas, 5 twdramas, and 3 kdramas because of my viewing habits. I've watched way more jdramas than anything else. Or at least, I've finished more jdramas than anything else (I start twdramas a lot, but don't finish them a lot), and I haven't watched many kdramas at all. So yeah. I also want to do a top asian movie list sometime too, but I'll stick with this for now.

So here is my top 10 jdramas. The other lists will come shortly (I have them written already, so there shouldn't be that much delay).

Top 10 Jdramas )
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2009-06-03 09:58 am

Yes, I know I JUST posted...

But this piece of news was too good to pass up.

Boys Over Flowers hits Taiwan… not hard

I could have called this (though I didn't... So I guess I suck?)

Taiwan had the first drama interpretations of HYD, and it was huge. HUGE. Meteor Garden was basically the premier twdrama. Of course they had dramas before that, but it was MG that kicked off the craze. The show was huge, it spawned F4, who are also huge. It kicked off many a well known person's career. It was known throughout Asia.

Because of the national sentiment of Taiwan, the exposure caused by MG probably brought Taiwan a lot of happiness. To actually be recognized for it's pop culture and influence over the Asian market was probably an amazing thing for a place that most foreign people don't even consider a country.

I don't think it's that they dislike Boys Over Flowers, or Korea, but rather they prefer their own version. I wish I knew how HYD performed in Taiwan...

I also wish I could study the impact of twdramas on how Taiwan is viewed in Asia. That would be an interesting study topic.
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2009-03-21 10:48 pm

Random anime related stuff...

So I watched the first episode of Peach Girl, and it was cute, and I liked it. BUT I'm having issues with Kairi's voice. Apparently I don't really like how Suzumura Ken'ichi is doing his voice (he does Shin in Gokusen as well... I haven't seen anime Gokusen yet, but I hope he does it better than he does Kairi). I'm a very audio centric person, so voices matter a lot to me.

Which got me thinking, which seiyuu do I like?

♥ Okiayu Ryotaro as Yuu in Marmalade Boy
♥ Seki Tomokazu as Van in Escaflowne
♥ Nakata Jōji as Folken in Escaflowne (If that dude came up to me, and spoke in his Folken voice, I'd totally be like "Take me now!")
♥ Kanna Nobutoshi as Tasuki in Fushigi Yuugi (TASUKI!! I love Tasuki SO MUCH! Tamahome should be my favorite Suzaku Seishi, but he isn't. Tasuki is!)
♥ Miyashita Naoki as Domyoji in Hana Yori Dango
♥ Yamamoto Koji as Rui in Hana Yori Dango
♥ Miyano Mamoru as Zero in Vampire Knight, and Sho in Skip Beat!
♥ Konishi Katsuyuki as Ren in Skip Beat!
♥ Nagata Akira as Otani in Love Com
♥ Inoue Marina as Kyoko in Skip Beat!
♥ Sakamoto Maaya as Hitomi in Escaflowne (Maaya's my favorite female seiyuu of all time. I LOVE her a ton. Yakusoku wa Iranai from Escaflowne is one favorite songs of all time. I have it memorized in BOTH Japanese and English...)
♥ Koyasu Takehito as Aya in Weiß Kreuz, and Hotohori in Fushigi Yuugi (Aya's probably my second favorite anime character of all time, after Kei-kun from Marmalade Boy)

The whole seiyuu thing got me thinking about Weiß Kreuz, how much I loved it, and how I never actually finished it. I should download it again. Then I started watching a bit on youtube, and heard the BEST interpretation of Weiß Kreuz ever;
"It's like Charlie's Angels, except with Bishonen!"


Speaking randomly of Bishonen, anyone else remember Pocket Bishonen? Apparently the site is back up, but the old content is gone. I remember I had the original submissions for Miwa Satoshi (Marmalade Boy), and Dryden Fassa (Escaflowne). I remember being super upset that someone else had submitted Kei-kun (Marmalade Boy) first. I love Kei-kun. I also had submitted a bunch of trainer badges. In fact, I think I had a large amount of trainer badges. I remember I was on fairly good terms with the webmistress too...

I also totally just rewatched the Boku wa Imoto Ni Koi O Suru OVA again... It's really kinda disturbing how much I love that damn story

And then I rewatched a bit of the HYD anime, and I had totally forgotten about the kinda-lesbian school nurse who was friends with Tsubaki! God, that anime was great...

Random: Basmati rice is my favorite, but it's really not the best thing to use when making onigiri... Oh! That reminds me! I saw a bag of Basmati rice at the grocery store the other day, and it said "INDIAN RICE" on it, yet it was decorated with Chinese characters...
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2009-02-12 11:37 am

(no subject)

I know something is amazing if I keep thinking about it for days after I watched it.

Dramas that captured me )

The reason I mention this is that Eternal Summer is holding me tight. I'm slightly obsessing over it, going over scenes in my head, wondering at the beauty of the filming. I think I'm going to buy the movie (I NEVER buy movies anymore), I love it desperately, and want to own it. There's something about it.

I want to finish Goong, but I've been thinking of rewatching Meteor Garden and Mars. It's been a long time since I'm watched either.
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2009-02-11 12:32 am

Big Band Hana Yori Dango parody

You know how Big Bang did the Coffee Prince parody for The Great Concert? Well apparently they did a Hana Yori Dango parody too! Has anyone seen it? It's like, the funniest shit I've ever seen! I was literally laughing hysterically through most of it, punctuated with occasional "holy fucking shit!!"'s

One of the "holy fucking shit" moments!

DDL and Youtube )

I'm amused that they chose Dae Sung to play Tsukushi (and they totally use the Japanese names), because he's not girly in the slightest. Baby or GD would have made a better Tsukushi. TOP is Domyoji, GD is Rui, Seung Ri is Akira, and Tae Yang is Soujiro.

And yeah, TOP and Dae totally kiss twice. And it looks real. It was so goddamn hilarious!
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2009-01-29 12:04 am

Boys Before Flowers episode 8 Liveblog

Boys Before Flowers episode 8 liveblog )

Oh God, that episode was AWESOME. The relationship between Jan Di and Jun Pyo is just starting, and it's just so cute, because while Jun Pyo loves Jan Di desperately, it's so obvious he doesn't know how to handle it. Jan Di is no better. And poor Ji Hoo... my Rui love is coming back in spades.

Also, I totally had to stop in the middle of this episode to watch LOST, which is one of two American shows I still watch (along with How I Met Your Mother, which is like crack to me).
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2009-01-28 11:49 pm

Boys Before Flowers episode 7 liveblog

Liveblog of BBF episode 7 )

LOVED it. Don't I always? Ji Hoo is finally catching up. I am enjoying him a LOT more. I still love Jun Pyo best though.

(future reference, the bolded text relates to the image)
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2009-01-07 08:07 pm

(no subject)

Boys Before Flowers, episode 2!!!!

lots and lots of thoughts )

- I'd have kept the shoes, but that might be my unhealthy obsession with them talking.
- Considering how thorough the spa people were otherwise, they should have given her a pedicure.
more... )
- Um... what?

- Seriously. The pants! They remind me of Zai Zai's pants in this video... except much MUCH worse.

even more )

LOVESIT! I can't wait for the first date. I can't wait for the intense bullying that leads to their first kiss (if they decide to do that scene. I don't think they did it in HYD, but that scene killed me in Meteor Garden (irregardless of Shan Cai's weird sitting position)). I just can't wait! It's nice/annyoing watching a drama real time. Nice because I get to pace it, and anticipate it. Annoying because I have to waaaiiittt. It doesn't air again until monday, so until then I should watch other stuff. What, exactly, I'm not sure. Right now I'm too tired for much of anything.

In other random news, I totally belong to Wang Chuan Yi (Kingone) fanclub on Facebook...
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2009-01-07 12:55 pm

(no subject)

I mentioned how much I liked Boys Before Flowers... well I just read a recap of episode 2 (care of dramabeans), and it looks so awesome! The descriptions make me love Jun Pyo (Domyoji) sooo much. He's so stupid it's adorable!

Koizora )

I do plan on writing my thoughts on HYD Final tonight, but see, the notes I take are fairly interesting. I had the same issue when I did the Love Contract summaries. Trying to decipher them is always fun.

Some examples (verbatim);
"Akira = awesome, guns, & things blowing up!"
"in nevada, big ass trucker"
"hotel guy is hot"
"Hotel owner K is takano?"
" 'Bang!' "
"OMG D in hotel room...."
"Rui is adorable & tall"
"auctioneer sucks!"

Drama/Anime/Manga List update 07Jan09 )
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2009-01-07 01:55 am

Boys Before Flowers, episode 1 (squee!)

I hate watching dramas that are streamed. The quality is gross, and I always forget that they're not in VLC, and try to pause them using the space bar (yes, I know this works on online videos too, but I always somehow screw it up, and bad things happen).

I'm willing to suffer for Boys Before Flowers, though.


episode 1 )
- Why do they always say "fighting!", it's cute and all, but WHY?!
more... )
- Mmm. Joon Pyo is hot. I approve.
- Oh God, Rui.
- The blonde, the violin, the white suit. I'm in love (again). Whether the character be Rui, Lei, or Ji Hoo... I'll always love him.
...and more )
- OMG Rui-gasm! Kim Hyun Joong totally IS acting like Shun-kun! It's weird... but I like it. And dear God is that boy fine. It's too bad he's 2 1/2 years younger than. Not that that's terribly weird. I wish I were 2 1/2 years younger than I am now. Mmmmm 22.
- Ginger has an amusing american accent when she speaks english. It's like she learned how to speak english by listening to "Valley Girl" over and over and over again (btw, that's a Zappa reference, not the Nic Cage film)
...and even more )
- HAHAHA Domyoji! I love him so much! He's so scary at first, but he's a total dork!
- Jan Di is super awesome. They just egged and floured her, and she's thinking of the pancakes those eggs and flour could have made.
...and yet some more )

Well that ended rather abruptly... Are they really airing it every night? Oh, no, only Monday and Tuesday. That's kinda a weird schedule. Whatever.

So yes, I highly enjoyed it (as if I WOULDN'T enjoy it).
summary of my thoughts )

You know, I can't seem to remember Meteor Garden all that well. Either that, or I'm getting it REALLY confused with HYD...a rewatch is needed.

*sigh* Exhausted. I stay up too late watching dramas. It's supposed to snow a fair amount tonight, and God I hope I don't have work tomorrow *wishes*!

And I know I said I was going to post my HYD Final review today, unfortunately I forgot my work computer at my house, so I couldn't type it up during the day. Sooo it'll be later on. Soon though.
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2009-01-05 10:21 pm

The ending of HYD rocked my socks

I'm probably going to write my review of the HYD movie tomorrow (during work! Yay for slacking off!), and do the screencaps tomorrow night. I'm a little too tired for the full undertaking tonight.

That being said, three things;

1. I adore Rui with all my heart. He's one of the best characters ever, and is one of the only ones who can compete with Kei-kun for my heart (you know, if they existed). Seriously, ALL the Rui scenes made me inordinately happy. It also reminded me just how freaking much I love Oguri Shun. He was my first drama crush. I still blame the blonde..
2. That being said, Domyoji and Tsukushi are perfect together. More then perfect, they're destined. I always had difficulties with the manga and the dramas, because I love Rui so much, and naturally want him to be happy (in the anime this was never an issue. In fact, I didn't much like Rui in the anime... he ended up with Shizuka anyway). But despite all this, I can't deny that Domyoji and Tsukushi belong together.
3. It ended very nicely. It was not true to the manga ending at all, but whatever. I kinda don't care at this point. I like how they portrayed Soujiro and Yuuki at the ending. It was terribly cute. I felt bad for Rui though. Oh, that damn character breaks my heart. But I had to share this, because I thought it was an adorable ending, the last scene.

The last scene, the wedding picture, which transforms into a manga version. It's obviously drawn by Kamio Yoko too, which makes it all the more special. I nearly started crying when I saw it. It was perfect. The most amazing, perfect ending to an amazing story.

I can't satisfactorily convey just how happy this movie made me. I've had limited experience with japanese movies, and was previously disappointed (I'm looking at you, Lovely Complex), so to have this one exceed my expectations was fabulous. I'm significantly tougher on movies than I am on dramas (I think this is because I've studied film theory. If I were ever to get another bachelors degree, it would be in film studies), so yeah, just happiness all around!

Oh, speaking of, wiki just told me this; "Also, in one of the first volumes of Cat Street, Yoko Kamio admitted that she planned to start a sequel to Hana Yori Dango in the near future." I hope it's true. As much as I'd like to think that I'd be satisfied with things ending as they are, I want more, damn it. *greedy*

I bought the 100 userpic thing today. I currently have 55. 8 of those are of Ikuta Toma (more than of anyone else)... I'm not exactly sure why... I mean, I love him and everything, but I love Zai Zai more, and I only have 4 of him. Whatever.
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2009-01-05 01:31 pm

Hana Yori Dango Final!!

I'm about half finished with Hana Yori Dango Final. I've been watching it on my tiny little ipod screen...

I'm going to write up a formal post/review later, once I'm done, but I had to share this awesome tidbit.

I was watching it, and there's a hotel owner character in it, and I was like "Wow! Hotel guy is hot!", and then I got a better look at him, and I was like "....is that Takano?!" (Takano = Fujiki Naohito's character in Hotaru no Hikari... I didn't know the actor name, but I totally know his character!). Turns out I was right. It totally IS him! I LOVE it when I recognize actors!

Other things from the first half;

- There's a flaming foot. Seriously. A foot is on fire.
- In Nevada, Domyoji and this big ass trucker dude get in an argument (and Domyoji cutely says "What the fuck are you doing"!! It's so not threatening in a japanese accent), that culminates in them hugging, and the trucker getting an autograph. Oh Japan, you kill me with your cuteness!
- Rui is made of awesome. I will never not love him.
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2009-01-05 01:14 am

Finished Full House! And hey, Hana Yori Dango Final w/ subs is out!

Just finished Full House! It was super good and cute, and OMG I loved it to death.

From about episodes 11-14 I was terribly anxious over the whole thing. The misunderstandings, the miscommunications, the whole thing was stressful. But the ending was worth it.

Also, on episode 13, Hye Won redeemed herself, and I totally don't hate her anymore. I do still feel bad for Min Hyuk (the scene where he goes back to his empty apartment after Ji Eun tells him she can't marry him... I was so sad for him then, but he knew it was inevitable, really), but I'm glad at the end there was a hint of him and Hye Won getting together, because they'd make a good couple. Plus, happy ending for everyone!

My biggest issue with it was the kiss scene. Rain and Song Hye Kyo had such great chemistry through the whole series, so to see the climax of their cinematic relationship as a relatively cold kiss (Japanese drama style, ne?!) was pretty disappointing. Still, it's a minor thing. The part of the ending where they walk around, eating food, taling, and stuff (alas what Ji Eun told Young Jae she liked to do) was far more satisfying, and showed their fantastic chemistry better.

So yeah, it was a great show. I totally marathon-ed the last 5 episodes too, because I couldn't imagine going to sleep and not knowing what happened with these characters.

I rarely watch kdramas, but when I do, I seem to have this visceral reaction to them. I watched Coffee Prince NONSTOP. Seriously, while I was at work and everything. I managed to watch Full House in the space of three days (technically four, but I finished the last episode at 1am, so I'm not going to count that extra hour), which is pretty impressive for me. I tend to get distracted by other things, so I usually don't watch stuff THAT fast. I think I watched Coffee Prince like that... and definitely HYD too.

ANYWAY, what to watch next... I have no clue. I want/need to finish watching The Rose and Tokyo Juliet at some point.

Oh, and I also started reading a new manga; La Corda d'Oro (Kin'iro no Corda). I don't know why I keep starting new mangas, but then totally don't finish any of them (I'm seriously STILL reading Love Com). But I like it so far. The art is pretty, and the manga boys are definitely teh hotness. Plus, there's a fairy, and it's totally based on a dating sim, which makes it awesome because it's SO geeky.

AND yeah. It's really late, and I still have to do push ups (damn you push ups! DAMN YOU TO HEEEEEELLLLLLL). Soooo okay!

Drama/Anime/Manga List update 05Jan09 )

Didn't add much (only manga/anime), but I changed formats again

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hana Yori Dango Final has been subbed!!!!! Why do I always discover these things in the middle of the night?! (Granted, it JUST came out at 9:30pm (2130) this evening while I was marathoning Full House, so it's not like I could have helped it) Gah! I'll have to take it with me to work. Also, Boys Over Flowers starts airing today. I'm going to be watching it real time (and by real time, I mean I'm not going to wait until all subs are out, I'm going to watch each episode as soon as the sub comes out), because I'm just THAT excited by it.

Just watched the first ten minutes of the HYD movie, and I so love it already. It's FABULOUS!

So Links!
Hana Yori Dango Final (On Sars Fansubs; torrent, irc, and direct download available)
Boys Over Flowers (On the Soompi forum. I don't know if you have to be signed in to view... I think the DDL's will be on there when available)
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2008-12-23 08:46 am

(no subject)

I feel happy for having expanded my media horizons. Like, way back in the day (um... inconsistently from 1997 to 2002) I was all about the anime. This was when anime/japanese culture was suddenly, inexplicably HUGE in the US. I was actually one of the only people I knew who watched anime, so it was kinda new then. And then I stopped watching it altogether. In June, I discovered torrents (Thanks Lisa!), and downloaded all the anime I had previously watched, and remembered how much I enjoyed them. But then, in July I found dramas, and that was all I watched for a long time.

However, now I'm in a weird hybrid mix of anime, manga, and dramas. I watch/read all, which is a nice combo. I'll always love dramas more than anything else, but I like seeing the different sides to one story. I like stories that have all three components (like Gokusen, or HYD), because then I can see the story in multiple forms, which makes me terribly happy. HYD is the best, though, because it has the manga, the anime, the anime movie, the movie, the taiwanese dramas, the japanese dramas, and now the korean drama. With so many ways to watch the same essential story, it's like media heaven. I like different interpretations.

Like, with HYD I first saw the anime, so when I watched the jdrama it was an entirely new experience. Like seeing the story for the first time (the anime is vastly different from the jdrama. They're both different from the manga)...

Anyway, that was my musing for the day...
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2008-12-20 10:53 pm

(no subject)

Fushigi Yuugi always confused the hell out of me. I mean, the ending is so bizarre, it's a wild mishmash of reincarnation, and it's just confusing.

It's also monumentally sad. I rewatched some parts of the anime, and holy crap is it sad (I rewatched the part that contained Tomite and Hikitsu, which was incidentally right after Nuriko's death... I also watched the part where Tatara died). And it's kinda fucked up that the happiest ending is present in Miaka's story. Like, Takiko gets devoured by Genbu, and Suzuno gets thrown back to her world and has to live without Tatara... it's all terribly depressing. I've been reading Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden, and I have trouble getting through it because I KNOW it's just going to be wicked sad. Wicked wicked wicked sad. It's even worse because Uruki is like, the best character ever. Seriously, I love him soooo much. Stupid Fushigi Yuugi and it's sad storylines. Stupid.

Eh! The whole thing is making me upset now. I need to watch something funny. Unfortunately I do not seem to have anything funny to watch. The Rose and Tokyo Juliet are kinda angsty right now, so they're out... And I would watch Gokusen, but I want something romantical (with a canon romance I like)... Hmm... maybe I'll watch HYD again. For the trillionth time.

Oh! Speaking of HYD... The DVD for Hana Yori Dango Final came out (in Japan) yesterday. SARS fansubs is going to sub it, so now all I have to do is wait. I'm not good at waiting, but I figure I've been waiting nearly 6 months for it so far, I figure a few more weeks isn't going to kill me. I guess I COULD find it elsewhere... but I might not. I hear the other subs are bad. Regardless, it's not like I don't know what happens. (I'm a compulsive spoiler reader, remember)

(Hehehehe! I thought I had found an english sub of the movie, but then encountered this description; "Tsukushi Makino is a trainee dancer in a New York Performance group, struggling to become the star of the show with the help of Rui Hanazawa and Tsukasa Doumyouji".... dreadful "Flashdance"-esque anime movie anyone?!)
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2008-09-11 11:33 pm

(no subject)

Although I am seriously in the middle of watching three dramas, I'm thinking about watching another one. I've only watched the first episode of Bull Fighting and 1 1/2 episodes of Honey and Clover so far. I'm watchin Goong oddly... I kinda started in the middle. I'll watch it fully eventually, but whatever.

dramas... again )

I have other news, but I'm too tired to write it now...

Random bit of news that is exciting to me, but probably noone else; DoReMii is subbing Love at First Fight!! Squee!
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2008-08-20 09:24 pm

(no subject)

I'm intensely amused by Meteor Garden, solely because I've seen the Hana Yori Dango concept 8 million times before, but it was always Japanese. Seeing it Taiwanese-ified is just... odd. Not that I dislike it, of course! It's just.... very Taiwanese. Hard to explain, but I've been watching a lot of Taiwanese dramas, and it's just something intangible I can't explain. It does have the sterotypes though; set in college (instead of high school), motorbikes are present, and I'm sure, eventually, someone will get drunk.

I'm actually really enjoying Jerry Yan as Dao Ming (Domyoji). He's cute and funny! He didn't have that whole scary vibe that Jun-san did though, which in retrospect was awesome (at first I wasn't cool with Jun-san being Domyoji because in the first episode he didn't portray the cuteness as much as the scariness). But yeah, it's kinda a typical Taiwanese anti-hero thing (Mars is the only one I've seen that gets away from that type... the main male character is actually pretty damn scary in it).

I already told Lisa, but I figure I'll repost because of how awesome this scene was!

Shan Cai (Tsukushi/Female Protagonist) just punched Dao Ming (Domyoji/Male Protagonist), and Xi Men (Soujirou/Domyoji's friend) was like "are you okay?!", and Mei Zou (Akira/Domyoji's other friend) was like "..... Do you want a coke?"

Hehehehe. What can't coke solve?! And Shan Cai works at a place called "Italian Tomato", but as far as I can tell, it's totally a cake shop (Taiwanese are big on cakes, THAT I've also noticed). Why would someone name a cake shop "Italian Tomato"...? Maybe it's engrish.

Oh, and weird; there are no chinese subtitles on it! It's weird, and I feel all sorts of confused and lost now. I got used to the subtitles! I was using them to slowly learn Chinese!! Meh! Oh, and I found out the other day that the Chinese tones are a lot less complicated than I previously thought! There's only four, and in pinyin, they're REALLY easy to recognize! I have trouble with the descending tone though. There's no real good example of it being used in english.

Other random cuteness; in one scene Shan Cai is irritated at Dao Ming, but he's like, sitting on something high, and she can't reach him, so she kicks Xi Men instead (and yeah, every time I type his name I think 'X-Men'....)!

Oh, and I tried my furikake (that I've had FOREVER) for the first time today. It was yummy!
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2008-07-14 09:13 am

(no subject)

I hate love triangles in media. Inevitable I always fall in love with the odd character out. Not necessarily the pairing, but always the character. Case in point; in Marmalade Boy, I absolutely ADORE Kei-kun... more so than most of the other characters. In the manga and drama for Hana Yori Dango I LOVE Rui (though not the anime... the anime is super different). And recently, I'm loving Nakatsu from Hana Kimi, and Ah Jin from It Started With a Kiss. And then I start loving the actor who plays them (um, hello, Oguri Shun?!), and it's all just a horrible downward spiral. Damn me and my tendancy for non canon ships!

Yeah, I spent the whole weekend watching dramas. Well, not the whole weekend, I did go out on Sunday... it was so damn hot, and iccky, that I just slept, and did stuff on the computer. I hate the summer... all I want to do it stay inside.

Hehehe. There's totally a chinese version of Hana Kimi. Hehehe.