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I'm about half finished with Hana Yori Dango Final. I've been watching it on my tiny little ipod screen...

I'm going to write up a formal post/review later, once I'm done, but I had to share this awesome tidbit.

I was watching it, and there's a hotel owner character in it, and I was like "Wow! Hotel guy is hot!", and then I got a better look at him, and I was like "....is that Takano?!" (Takano = Fujiki Naohito's character in Hotaru no Hikari... I didn't know the actor name, but I totally know his character!). Turns out I was right. It totally IS him! I LOVE it when I recognize actors!

Other things from the first half;

- There's a flaming foot. Seriously. A foot is on fire.
- In Nevada, Domyoji and this big ass trucker dude get in an argument (and Domyoji cutely says "What the fuck are you doing"!! It's so not threatening in a japanese accent), that culminates in them hugging, and the trucker getting an autograph. Oh Japan, you kill me with your cuteness!
- Rui is made of awesome. I will never not love him.
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episodes 8 and 9 )

So I liked the ending far FAR better than I thought I would!!
spoilery for Hotaru no Hikari final episodes )

I really really enjoyed this series. It was a a nice, lighthearted show, and it made me happy. So yay! It reminded me a good deal of First Kiss, with the girl falling in love for the first time... except Mio was bitchier, and Hotaru didn't have some sort of disease. First Kiss was a really good show too! I should rewatch some of it...

Drama/Anime/Manga List update 30Nov08 )

I really REALLY want to watch Marmalade Boy (twdrama, not the anime, which I've already seen), but the quality of the video is so horrible (I'm talking HORRIBLE, not fit to watch, the sound is screechy, and the picture is tiny and grainy)... I either have to find another version, or deal with it... it's sad for me because I ADORE the anime/manga so SO much. It was the third anime I ever watched, and the second manga I ever read... so it's special. Plus, the drama has Ken in it! He plays Yuu!

ANNNNDD I just totally accidentally downloaded volume one of the Marmalade Boy manga... I'm pretty sure I already have it somewhere too. I have a large stack of manga in my attic... mostly Sailor Moon, but I have Marmalade Boy, and I'm pretty sure I have some Ah My Goddess! too... Kinda random huh?
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Movie Meme... I'm bored )

In other, non meme news, I totally am stalling on my dramas. I haven't finished Hotaru no Hikari yet (I have 2 episodes left). Nor have I finished Love Com (I have like, 14 episodes left, theoretically, but I already watched about 5 of them... out of order of course).

Not to mention I still have to finish;
Corner with Love
Bull Fighting
Wish to See You Again
They Kiss Again
Love Storm
Meteor Garden 2
Love at First Fight

Overextending myself? Undoubtably. But I love love LOVE dramas so much, who cares?! I think I should go into the entertainment industry. It's the only thing I really love enough to do it for my whole life. I could be a production assistant, or a casting director, or an agent or manager. That would be awesomely fun. I'm so ridiculously obsessed with all things media....

Holy fuck it suddenly got REALLY cold here.

Anyway, Am enjoying Skip Beat, but I'm only through the first volume so far. I lurve Love Com (even though I still am disturbed by short men. I can't help it. I got it from my mother, she hates short men). Hotaru no Hikari is terribly enjoyable. I adore Hotaru so much, and Takano and Makoto-kun are so adorable. I feel all bad, because I can SO see Hotaru and Takano falling in love, so then I feel bad for poor Makoto-kun! Ah, can't win!

Meh! Have to go do work now!
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OMG I'm so dying. I'm exhausted, bored, and anxious about my freaking final exam that is due TODAY. Stupid class and it's tests.

Not that I don't have work to do. I have plenty. I just totally don't want to do it because I'm so damn tired.

In other news, Mandarin learning is coming along. I'm doing the Pimsleur stuff. I can ask people if they speak english or mandarin (I know the mainland word for mandarin... but I'm sure taiwanese would understand), tell people I'm an american, and stuff like that. Yay!

I'm still watching Hotaru no Hikari. I haven't had much time lately to really see a ton of it, but oh wells. Weekend.

I also updated this thing awhile ago, but forgot to post.

Drama/Anime/Manga List update 21Nov08 )

I added like, 10 new twdramas. As if I need more to watch. At this point, it's kinda like a reference for me, a list of things I'd eventually like to watch.

Oh! Hilariousness!!
Lu Yi is making the EXACT SAME face in both these pictures. It's weird. Maybe they took the stock photo of him to make the drama poster?

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Hotaru no Hikari is so cute!

I love how Hotaru totally worries about getting pregnant when a dude kisses her! So cute!!
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It occurred to me last night that maybe I should start downloading some stuff to watch on vacation, instead of rewatching Coffee Prince over and over and over again. So I'm currently downloading Hotaru no Hikari.

For my vacation, I plan on finishing, starting, or continuing; Hotaru no Hikari, Hana Kimi (taiwanese), Corner with Love, Love Storm, Bullfighting, Meteor Garden 2, Love Scar, and Goong. I'm ambitious.

Today, while taking a shower, I almost lost my nose stud down the drain! That would have sucked. Not that I don't have extra, it's just this one is my favorite!

I'm still bummed by the lack of subs for singaporean dramas. Apparently fansubbing is illegal there, so yeah. There's such a proliferation of good media out there... it makes me angry that I can't understand all languages (yes, I am literally angry that I don't know every language). I need a babel fish...

I haven't really studied Mandarin the past week. I've been too exhausted. Since my obsession with coffee prince, I've been listening to a lot of Korean recently. I'm still hella confused by it. It sounds like a more confusing japanese to me. The thing is, it's PRETTY. It's such a lovely sounding language (to me at least!). It's weirdly soothing, like Italian, or French. I love Mandarin, but it's not very pretty. German isn't terribly pretty either (neither is English, for that matter). But whatever, they're awesome languages!

*sigh* Am tired.


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