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So I watched the first episode of Peach Girl, and it was cute, and I liked it. BUT I'm having issues with Kairi's voice. Apparently I don't really like how Suzumura Ken'ichi is doing his voice (he does Shin in Gokusen as well... I haven't seen anime Gokusen yet, but I hope he does it better than he does Kairi). I'm a very audio centric person, so voices matter a lot to me.

Which got me thinking, which seiyuu do I like?

♥ Okiayu Ryotaro as Yuu in Marmalade Boy
♥ Seki Tomokazu as Van in Escaflowne
♥ Nakata Jōji as Folken in Escaflowne (If that dude came up to me, and spoke in his Folken voice, I'd totally be like "Take me now!")
♥ Kanna Nobutoshi as Tasuki in Fushigi Yuugi (TASUKI!! I love Tasuki SO MUCH! Tamahome should be my favorite Suzaku Seishi, but he isn't. Tasuki is!)
♥ Miyashita Naoki as Domyoji in Hana Yori Dango
♥ Yamamoto Koji as Rui in Hana Yori Dango
♥ Miyano Mamoru as Zero in Vampire Knight, and Sho in Skip Beat!
♥ Konishi Katsuyuki as Ren in Skip Beat!
♥ Nagata Akira as Otani in Love Com
♥ Inoue Marina as Kyoko in Skip Beat!
♥ Sakamoto Maaya as Hitomi in Escaflowne (Maaya's my favorite female seiyuu of all time. I LOVE her a ton. Yakusoku wa Iranai from Escaflowne is one favorite songs of all time. I have it memorized in BOTH Japanese and English...)
♥ Koyasu Takehito as Aya in Weiß Kreuz, and Hotohori in Fushigi Yuugi (Aya's probably my second favorite anime character of all time, after Kei-kun from Marmalade Boy)

The whole seiyuu thing got me thinking about Weiß Kreuz, how much I loved it, and how I never actually finished it. I should download it again. Then I started watching a bit on youtube, and heard the BEST interpretation of Weiß Kreuz ever;
"It's like Charlie's Angels, except with Bishonen!"


Speaking randomly of Bishonen, anyone else remember Pocket Bishonen? Apparently the site is back up, but the old content is gone. I remember I had the original submissions for Miwa Satoshi (Marmalade Boy), and Dryden Fassa (Escaflowne). I remember being super upset that someone else had submitted Kei-kun (Marmalade Boy) first. I love Kei-kun. I also had submitted a bunch of trainer badges. In fact, I think I had a large amount of trainer badges. I remember I was on fairly good terms with the webmistress too...

I also totally just rewatched the Boku wa Imoto Ni Koi O Suru OVA again... It's really kinda disturbing how much I love that damn story

And then I rewatched a bit of the HYD anime, and I had totally forgotten about the kinda-lesbian school nurse who was friends with Tsubaki! God, that anime was great...

Random: Basmati rice is my favorite, but it's really not the best thing to use when making onigiri... Oh! That reminds me! I saw a bag of Basmati rice at the grocery store the other day, and it said "INDIAN RICE" on it, yet it was decorated with Chinese characters...
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Power and Internet/Cable/Phone is back at my house! All hail the electricity gods.

I can FINALLY finish reading volumes 10-14 of Love Com! (Only available on IRC, which my work computer does not have)

Oh, and while I have bought some present, I am continuing to buy stuff for myself... I went to Linens and Things to buy something for my dad, and managed to buy a quilt for myself too. It's really bright pink... The original price said $139.99, but since they're going out of buisness, I got it for $28. Yeah. Awesomness.

Seriously though, it's REALLY bright pink.
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The Rose is wrecking me. I'm not heartbroken yet, but I will be, oh yes, I will be. I love Kui so much, I know I'm going to be upset later in the story.

I'm actually fairly impressed with Selina. She's doing a good job, playing two totally different characters. As Qin she's so sweet, lovely, and perfect that it's impossible to hate her. As Ya Man she's annoying, deceitful, and eventually pathetic. I like seeing range in actors, and she seems to have it (at least in this show).

I'm also heavily HEAVILY impressed with Xiao Zong. His character is really varied, dynamic, and grows up throughout the show. He's portraying it so well. It's funny, because the character of Kui is soooo different than the Zhi Shu character, it's odd to think they're played by the same person. I've been a fan of Joe's since I saw him in ISWAK, but I just became a bigger fan. I want to watch Summer X Summer, or Honey and Clover now!

And I'm definitely a fan of Ella's now! I thought she was adorable in Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu, and was actually a pretty damn decent actress (doesn't always happen with singers turned actors *cough*Mariah*cough*). Her performance in The Rose further adds to my admiration of her. Like Yoon Eun Hye, she's an actress concerned little with vanity. She doesn't care if she looks bad, instead focuses on what the character should be feeling. It's refreshing, and admirable. It's hard NOT to be vain when you're performing for tons of people. Regardless, I think she's adorable, and I really like her. Plus, her voice is soooooo amazing! I have to start listening to more S.H.E. (and Fahrenheit... I'm not on the ball in that sense).

I found volumes 10 to 14 of Love Com translated into english! Yays! Now I don't have to wait to find out what happens! Though I'm still not up to when the anime ends...
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I kinda hate (and kinda love at the same time) when dudes in dramas/animes/etc are so ridiculously oblivious. Like, when a girl is explaining who she likes, and it's SO OBVIOUSLY them, they're like "I don't know what that could be!"... Examples -> Otani in Love Com. He's so stupid it's adorable. And now Jin in The Rose is being like that!

And I don't care what he says, Ah Wei is obviously half white.

Ah! Yay! Token shot of the 101! (But added awesomeness, token shot of the 101 while it was still being built!!!! How cool!)
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Yesterday I went into Cambridge to meet up with one of my friends. At one point we went to possibly the only anime/manga store currently left in the area. I used to go there a lot when I was in high school. Anyway, I found the volume of Love Com I was missing. So yay!

(I honestly have no idea why I don't go to Harvard Square more, where I work is only 5 or 10 minutes from Kendall, which is only two subway stops from Harvard Sqaure. Plus, the shopping there is fantastic!)

I also bought the first volume of High School Debut (Koukou Debut), which looks highly promising. Like Skip Beat, it's free online, so I doubt I'll buy more of it. But so far I like it! I adore the main character, Haruna. She's so adorably clueless. I know she ends up with Yoh, but right now in the story she has a crush on Fumi, which is really cute.

So I have like, a ton of manga/anime series going on right now. For anime I have Skip Beat, and Vampire Knight. For manga I have Love Com, Skip Beat, Vampire Knight, and High School Debut.

In drama related news, I'm downloading a ton of series currently to try out; The Rose, Calling Love, Tokyo Juliet, and Green Forest My Home. They're all Taiwanese. I also am going to start/finish several of the ones Lisa gave me (Gokusen and Golden Bowl are on the top of the list), Corner with Love, Bull Fighting, and Love Scar. BUT I think I'll start with The Rose.

I'm currently trying to burn some things onto disks, since I'm downloading four series right now. I just attempted to put Cat Street on one disk... and it said I didn't have enough space on the disk. I was like "wtf?!", because Cat Street is only 6 episodes. Turns out three of the six eps are well over 1GB each. Yeah.

I'm going to burn that, Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu, A Game About Love, Hotaru no Hikari, and Love Com. That should free up some space! And I should totally get rid of Hana Yori Dango. It's not like I haven't burned it to disk, I just, apparently, like keeping it on my hard drive.

Drama/Anime/Manga List update 07Dec08 )
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I meant to write a short entry, and then get back to Vampire Knight, but was foiled by iconage. And thus, I HAD to get some icons from the three animes I've recently become obsessed with (fyi-> Love Com, Skip Beat, and Vampire Knight. Pattern? They're all shoujo? I SO did not know that! )

So, short post re Vampire Knight;

Dear God do I love Zero soooooo much. As I've stated before, he is totally made of awesome. And it's so sad because he's so obviously in love with Yuuki, and poor Yuuki so doesn't know, and is totally being the girl who inadvertently flirts with a guy she's not really interested in. *sigh* I'm conflicted, because I totally adore Kaname too... He's not as awesome as Zero though.

Also found out that the subbers who are doing Skip Beat apparently won't be subbing it anymore. Which sucks. It was licensed (or something...) and is now going to be on crunchyroll. I guess other people are subbing it, but they take longer, and I'm all upset now. I really really like Skip Beat!

Also, am on volume 5 of Love Com. Only volumes 1-9 are in english, so unfortunately, unless I find a good translation, I'll be waiting for awhile to finish it.

I'll go back to dramas eventually! Right now I'm taking an anime break!
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Two things!

First, I watched the Love Com movie. It was... well, it was cute, but it wasn't really good. If it had been a drama, then I would have been more forgiving, but this is a movie... rules are a little different.

what I thought of the movie )

Second, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] sn0tcat I am reading, watching, and becoming obsessed with Vampire Knight.

I love it so much already! I mean, hello, vampires + romance = total and complete awesomeness, and Meredith's dream story! Also, am totally in love with Zero. He's like an anime vampire Draco. I love Kaname too, of course, but Zero is more my type (pale hair, pale eyes, angsty, angry, made of awesomeness, you get the drill)... if you know, he existed. but, since I love Kaname too, apparently my type is "vampires with cool hair"... also, you know, if that existed...
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There is going to be a taiwanese drama based on Skip Beat!!!!!! *dies again*!!

Not only that, but Ariel Lin (who is one of my favorite taiwanese actresses EVER) is going to play Kyoko, and Jerry Yan (JERRY YAN!!!) is going to play Ren!!

I'm sooooo happy about the casting, particularly of Ariel. I think she is absolutely PERFECT for the role. As seen in ISWAK, she can totally play the dramatic mixed with the hilarious. Jerry Yan is a BIG surprise, actually. He doesn't do dramas that often, so I'm all excited he's going to be in this one!

I wonder who is going to play Sho... The drama was only announced on the 17th, so I'm guessing they haven't fully cast it yet. Still! I was reading how someone thought that Megan Lai should play Kanae. I actually think that would work really well! Mike would be awesome (AWESOME) in the Sho role, but he and Ariel don't work together, so it's a pipe dream. OR! Zai Zai!! That would be freaking awesome!! AWESOME. But it won't happen.

So originally I guess Joe Cheng was going to be in the drama... but I guess he quit. I'm actually kinda glad. He and Ariel do a lot of things together (they're cute together, but I like to see to see some variety).

Yeah, I'm flipping out a little bit. It's just very serendipitous, really. I started reading the manga a week or so ago, and started watching the anime a few days ago.

So exciting!!

And randomly, I wonder when Boys Before Flowers (korean Hana Yori Dango) is going to air. It's supposed to start sometime in December... well, guess what... December is tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to it. I'm probably going to watch it as it airs (or rather, as it's subbed... I can't understand a whit of korean), because it's exciting!

I'm also downloading the live action movie of Love Com. Noone is seeding though, which sucks balls. It's only at like, 12.7%
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So I've mentioned by intense love for the Pullip doll Xiao Fan... I still love her. I think she's so pretty (and Chinese! Yay!).

more lovely dolls, including the one that totally looks like one of my OCs! )

In other, non doll related news, to make up for my lack of watching anything at all on Monday night, I totally watched 9 episodes of Love Com. Yeah. Nine. I adore it so much! I watched from episode 10 to episode 18, so I got the whole scope of Otani trying to figure out his feelings for Risa. I was yelling at him half the time, because it's soooo obvious that he loves her, but like an idiot, he totally didn't get it. But episode 18 totally made up for it, so whatever...

It's all weird to me though, because I KNOW they're speaking in the Kansai dialect, but it just sounds like "regular" Japanese to me... I keep trying to see if I can differentiate anything, but I totally can't... Not that I'd really be able to anyway, but still... I can tell differentiate Taiwanese Mandarin from Standard Mandarin...
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Movie Meme... I'm bored )

In other, non meme news, I totally am stalling on my dramas. I haven't finished Hotaru no Hikari yet (I have 2 episodes left). Nor have I finished Love Com (I have like, 14 episodes left, theoretically, but I already watched about 5 of them... out of order of course).

Not to mention I still have to finish;
Corner with Love
Bull Fighting
Wish to See You Again
They Kiss Again
Love Storm
Meteor Garden 2
Love at First Fight

Overextending myself? Undoubtably. But I love love LOVE dramas so much, who cares?! I think I should go into the entertainment industry. It's the only thing I really love enough to do it for my whole life. I could be a production assistant, or a casting director, or an agent or manager. That would be awesomely fun. I'm so ridiculously obsessed with all things media....

Holy fuck it suddenly got REALLY cold here.

Anyway, Am enjoying Skip Beat, but I'm only through the first volume so far. I lurve Love Com (even though I still am disturbed by short men. I can't help it. I got it from my mother, she hates short men). Hotaru no Hikari is terribly enjoyable. I adore Hotaru so much, and Takano and Makoto-kun are so adorable. I feel all bad, because I can SO see Hotaru and Takano falling in love, so then I feel bad for poor Makoto-kun! Ah, can't win!

Meh! Have to go do work now!
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I'm feeling ridiculously lazy today. I've done nothing so far, which is nice, actually.

Actually, I've been reading manga... And yesterday I did a marathon of anime. Just like with jdramas, I sometimes forget just how much I like anime. I don't like it as much as dramas, but regardless, it's still really fun to watch. I'm halfway through Love Com right now, and I've started reading the manga. I've finished two volumes so far.

I also bought the first volume of Skip Beat, and I'm reading it now.

Meh, I think I'm going to go take a nap....


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