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I finally watched the first episodes of Pasta today, and I already know I'll love it. It's exactly the type of thing I love: adult slice of life drama without any outside angst.

Yes, it reminds me of Triple. A lot. But in my case, that's amazing. I love Triple so much. It's probably the only drama I know that I will get insanely protective over. I know everyone is entitled to their opinion, but if you're badmouthing Triple, I'm not going to want anything to do with you (at least in drama-world).

I was reading dramabeans recaps (since the subs aren't out for episodes 2-4 yet), and I saw that she had compared Pasta to Triple, talking about how it's laid-back. But then said how it was more eventful than Triple, which is what made it better. But I half wonder if things don't get more action-ey, if it will be relegated to the trash pile because it doesn't have explosions, or massive angst.

The thing I don't get about a lot of people is that they start watching a drama that is CLEARLY one genre, and complain about it being just that. Triple was called boring, slow, not enough action. I don't get it! From the beginning you know it's a slice of life drama. Slice of life dramas are, in their very nature, slow. To complain about it being that seems stupid to me. It's like complaining about a cracky jdrama being too cracky. I know what I like, and I know what I don't like. I don't like historical dramas. Why would I watch one, and then complain about it being too historical? Makes no sense.

I think, in general, I'm pretty accepting of other's opinions. I know what I like is not what most people like, and that's okay with me. One man's trash is another's treasure, you know? But silly stuff like this... sometimes it just pisses me off. It's constant negativity, which I hate.
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I decided to follow the rest of my peeps, and do my top 12 drama boyfriend list.

In response to [livejournal.com profile] cranberrysheep's Drama Boyfriend Playoffs, I listed my top 12 (well, technically it was 13, but who's counting) ideal drama boyfriends. And then [livejournal.com profile] ambergold and [livejournal.com profile] princess_dexter made more detailed posts, and well, I decided to as well!

And because I wanted pictures (and since a lot of my choices are from dramas I watched ages ago, when I didn't know how to screencap) I didn't have any ready to use caps, so I spent awhile going through my big ol' folder of drama discs. But this also meant I spent awhile rewatching my favorite parts of various dramas. But I'll get to that later.

Amusingly about half are from twdramas. Apparently I still love me some Taiwanese men after all ;P. Oddly, a lot of my choices are from unpopular dramas as well. And I totally have actor repeat offenders (three of them, actually!)

Anyway, list! (Note, the frst 5 aren't really in any concrete order. I love them all too much to choose between them)
Top 12 drama boyfriends )
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FINALLY LJ is back for me. Just random, and out of the blue, I can now access it. It's about time, I was going crazy.

Anyway, several things;

1. I'm sick. It sucks. I get sick once, maybe twice a year (I'm not counting my chronic headaches, because that's not immune system), and it's always at the most inconvenient of times. I really hope it's gone before I fly to Taiwan, because while it's just a slight cold, I don't want them thinking I have the flu, and then quarantining me.

2. I finished Triple. I do believe my thoughts echo [livejournal.com profile] darkeyedwolf and [livejournal.com profile] miss_magrat's, I didn't hate it, but still, I ended up feeling cheated by the whole thing. Not speaking to each other for two years? Random. Oh well, in my head they're together, and happy because obviously they're in love, and I'll be damned that in another 2 months tops, they're together and happy (if, you know, this were readl). It's funny, you know, just when I think I can't possibly love this show anymore, it becomes more and more delightful. I'm really, REALLY sad to see it end.

3. I finally got around to watching Lust, Caution (can you believe they were selling it for only $5?!), and holy shit was it amazing. INCREDIBLY DEPRESSING, but amazing. I was particularly impressed with Lee Hom, I thought he was amazing. Throughout the ENTIRE thing I kept urging his character to make a move on Jia Zhi, because he was obviously in love with her. Either way, the film was beautiful (what Ang Lee film isn't beautiful?), and REALLY interesting. I'm not really interested in ancient Asian history that much, but modern Asian history fascinates me. This movie spoke about the Japanese occupation of China during WWII, and it was just very well done.

4. Yesterday at the gym I saw a car that looked exactly like Hwal's car in Triple!! I got all excited, but alas, no Shin Hwal, no Lee Haru. Not even a Hae Yoon or Hyun Tae.

5. Finally saw Harry Potter 6. I liked it plenty (I half wished I had watched it to study the film theory, because I KNOW there was a shitload of good film metaphor in there), but it seemed very stilted to me. I know there's only so much they can do with the time limit, but still. The cuts were jumpy, and the plotline shaky (they seemed not to explain enough). Even the characters were strange, like Hermione didn't seem herself at all, and the whole Ron/Hermione relationship was portrayed fairly oddly. MAYBE it's because I was so invested in the books, but while I did like the movie, I can't say I found it amazing. My favorite remains Prisoner of Azkaban, which was an AMAZING adaptation of the book (I wrote my honors thesis for a film class on the use of light and dark in PoA, as well as the use of color in GoF).

6. I leave in nine days.
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I read what happened off Soompi, but the DDL still isn't uploaded yet, so I haven't watched it myself.

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I remember [livejournal.com profile] dangermousie was talking about this before, dramas you become defensive over. Triple has become one of those dramas for me.

I was reading the episode 11 synopsis on dramabeans, and proceeded to get irritated at everyone that was like "It's boring", and "I'm glad I stopped watching", blah blah blah.

Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I think that's great. But I just cannot see eye to eye with people on this. I think Triple is fantastic. So it doesn't have super!action, or huge gestures, or angst that would destroy a village. Real like isn't usually like that anyway. I guess it's my propensity of slice of life dramas talking, but still, boring?

The last episode airs today, and I'm so sad to see it go. I'm anxious and nervous to see how it ends.

My guess on how it'll end )
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I just skimmed through Triple 15, and um, it didn't make much sense to me. The previews for 16 made even less sense.

This isn't a spoiler, rather a guess;

Guys, I don't think it's going to end up the way we want it to end up. Unless it pulls a Hotaru no Hikari on us, and throws the OTP in at the last minute. I think, more than anything, it's a story about growing up. And growing up means learning the pain of lost love. *sigh* Oh well, even if it DOES end that way, I'll still love it, because it's an amazing show.
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I'm caught up with Triple, finally. I love that show SO MUCH. Occasionally I say aloud to myself/the show "Why are you do awesome Triple? WHY?!", because it IS awesome. I love everyone and everything about it.

I've always like Hyun Tae, even when he was stalking, I still liked him, and thought him charming. But he really ended up bothering me in episodes 9 and 10. But then episode 11 came around, and BAM, love him again. I was never of the mind that Su In wasn't showing interest. Even early on she seemed charmed by him, as he is SO different from Hwal, and maybe that was what she needed all along.

As for Hwal, still in love with him. He's so dorky, and emotionally crippled (in the best way), and awesome. He's a lot like me, actually, which I think is why I like him so much. Not in the "wow, I'd love to jump him" sort of way, but rather in the "wow, he's such an amazing guy" way.

And Haru is still totally and completely adorable. A lot of people seem to get bothered by her, calling her immature, but she's never bothered me. She's honest about her feelings, and is FAR MORE of an adult than Hwal in that regard. She also realizes when she's wrong, and apologizes for it. She's not my favorite character (Hwal, FTW), but she's close.

Su In I feel bad for. A lot of poeple hate her, and while I never hated her, I didn't really like her either. She's in a difficult position, really. I find her sweet, and charming, and kind to Haru. Yes, she can be sulky, but wouldn't you be sulky if placed in her position. Her mother is dying, her husband is distant, and she's at a crossroads in her life. I like her a lot when she's paired with Hyun Tae, and I can't wait to watch episodes 13 and 14 with subs.

As for Hae Yoon and Sang Hee, I adore them. They're the lesser pair in my world, but they're still there. I think they're beyond cute, and while I was sorta ambivalent towards Sang Hee before, I kinda love her now for sticking to her guns. Who says a woman has marry and give up her job?! Sang Hee said she didn't want to get married, and damned if she didn't stick by what she wanted. Hae Yoon is awesome, and I love him. But he bothers me sometimes in that he almost seems TOO pragmatic, I also didn't like how he was trying to force Sang Hee into marrying him and giving up her bar. Otherwise, they're gold.

Poong Ho rounds it out, and OMG I LOVE HIM. He's almost too good to be true, you know? He dotes on Haru, and tells her he's willing to wait for her, and comforts her, and just !!! But he IS too good to be true. His perfection is a bit too much for me sometimes. Otherwise though, he's awesome, and I love his character. The scene at the skating rink with the glowsticks made my heart melt. If this ended up Haru/Poong Ho I'd be okay. It's not IDEAL, but it's still good!

What I don't get is why people call Triple boring. I mean, there's no great villian, but instead there is tons of human relationships and emotions. I find it utterly exciting in that it's real.

Anyway, caps.

Shin Hwal you're a D.O.R.K!

I need a Triple icon BADLY. REMEDIED!

Triple 14

Jul. 23rd, 2009 02:41 pm
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Spoilers for episode 14, but not REALLY spoilers since I have no real clue what's happening )

So yeah. That's it. I might post a few caps later, but there was nothing hugely epic in the episode to cap anyway (it was epic in conversation, but you can't cap conversation).


The rest of the caps )
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SO Dramabeans posted her summary of Triple episode 9. I knew what happened, because I skimmed the episodes, but still, it was nice to have confirmation!

So I've watched episode 12, and the thing is, I cannot see how Haru will change her mind about loving Hwal in 4 episodes. And Hwal is obviously feeling THINGS for Haru (episode 10 has a great scene where Hwal watches Haru surreptitiously washing the house (?!) by tilting his computer screen so he can see her reflection. It's ADORABLE, and confirmed my OTP by leaps and bounds.

I'm deal with massive Triple withdrawal now. Like, I can't even watch anything else because it will not even compare to Triple's awesomeness. *sigh* NEED. MORE. SUBS.

ALSO, WTF facebook quizzes?! )
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I'm TOTALLY going through Triple withdrawal. Tonight I'm going to g0o home and watch episodes 9 and 10 fully. RAW. Because I NEED it.

BUT episode 11 aired today!! Now if only there were subs...

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I don't think I've flailed over Triple enough. I finished episode 8, and now I'm in a BIT of Triple withdrawal. Okay, more than a bit. But wow, is this show PHENOMENAL! Everything about it makes me squee with glee. I don't watch a lot of kdramas, most don't appeal to me. BUT when I do end up finding one I want to watch, I usually have this intense visceral reaction to them. Best seen in Coffee Prince, My Girl, Hello My Teacher, and Dal Ja's Spring.

And a great big ol' shout-out of thanks to [livejournal.com profile] darkeyedwolf who convinced me to watch. Because this damn show is just so perfect.

I'm so falling for Skater boy, who happens to be the cutest thing EVAR. I still ship Haru and Hwal, but I also think I'd be heartbroken if she dumped Poong Ho.

Several more caps of PURE AWESOME, with some spoilers )

Episode 9 and 10 are out, but without subs. So I downloaded them. And though I can't tell what the hell they're saying...

Okay, so by skimming episodes 9 and 10, THERE IS NO WAY THAT HARU AND HWAL AREN'T OTP. That simple.
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This is random, but whatever.

I was watching episode 7 of Triple during my lunch break (♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥), and when Hwal was in the car with Haru, and he turned on the radio for like 3 seconds, I was like "....I recognize that song..." because I am a kpop ninja (not really).

It was Son Dam Bi's latest single On Saturday Night.

Yay! I am awesome!

(I like Son Dam Bi. I don't like the weird reigning sexy popstar war she's SUPPOSEDLY trying to start with Hyori (who I like more), but I do like her. Plus, she's older than me, which makes me like her more.)

Only one more episode of triple before I have to wait. WHAT WILL I DO?!
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I think it's damn near impossible for me to put into words my intense love for Triple.

It's so perfect and sweet it hurts. It's SO like Coffee Prince. I mean, totally different story and everything, but it's the same sort of charming beautiful story. It makes me feel the same way Coffee Prince did, which is amazing.

I just finished episode 6, so I have two more episodes to go before the next one airs Wednesday. I WILL BE CAUGHT UP BY THEN, DAMN IT!

The thing is, as much as I ship Haru and Hwal, I AM beginning to really like speed skater boy (Ji Poong Ho). He's sweet, and adorable, and makes me laugh. And he and Haru would be so terribly cute together. BUT HWAAAALLLL! There is NO WAY he and Su In belong together. Mostly because that would involve breaking Hyun Tae's heart, and that would hurt not only him, but me as well. Hyun Tae is such a good guy.

Random caps!

Haru and Poong Ho ARE adorable together, you have to admit...

But look at the way Haru stares at Hwal.

Ah, this drama will be the death of me.
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They've got to be kidding me. The whole thing screams OTP.

[livejournal.com profile] darkeyedwolf you were SO right, that is definitely a YELLOW footprint!
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If I thought I loved Triple before, I KNOW now, thanks to episode 3!

Haru walks in on Hae Yoon while he's on the toilet, and asks him if he's constipated.

Hae Yoon's face is really just PRICELESS. (I missed you, Lee Seon Gyun! You need to be on my tv more often!)

AND THEN Haru walks in on poor Hyun Tae while he's watching porn.

I love stuff like that!

I also have a mad desire to watch Coffee Prince.
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I just finished episode 2 of Triple, and wow... just wow. I LOVE IT.

And within two episodes I'm pissed at the screenwriters for not having Haru and Hwal be OTP. How is that not possible?! They shove all sorts of shippiness at us from the first episode, and they expect us to just accept that they will end up with other characters? NO WAY.

I can deal with it. I dealt with The Rose, I dealt with Harry Potter (otherwise known as the one that broke my delicate little shipper heart), I can do it. But I WILL NOT be happy about it.

I desperately hope they're pulling a fast one on us, because I don't see how it's humanly possible for Haru and Hwal not to be OTP. I JUST DON'T SEE IT.

Otherwise, I finished Kurosagi episode 8, and it's almost at an end, and I'm so sad because no more beautifully angsty Yamapi in ridiculous costumes, no more lovely self righteous Maki, no more of their interaction, and no more soul crushing UST. And I've decided to skip the movie altogether. It just doesn't seem worth it.

I'm kinda sad Yukari is such a bitch though, but only because I love her name (awhile ago I was trying to figure out where I knew the name from (Escaflowne), and I was repeating lines of dialogue from the anime (in Japanese, no less) until I figured it out...)

There's just too much UST going on in my drama-life right now...

In happier news, I got myself a Taki icon. YAY!
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Crap, I hate it when this happens. I know I just posted, but I DID NOT KNOW the new season of jdramas was starting so soon!

Yamapi's new drama starts airing today/tomorrow, and Nagase's airs on the 18th! Otomen starts a little later (01Aug09).

I'm not sure how I'm going to handle watching five live aiiring dramas (Buzzer Beat, Karei naru Spy, Otomen, Triple, AND Easy Fortune Happy Life), plus I will inevitably fall into the crack that is Koishite Akuma. Plus Meteor Shower starts airing this August, and possibly Down with Love and Calling Big Star will be airing soon... maybe. Not to mention the new MingEn drama which might air sometime, and I will not miss FOR THE WORLD.

I kinda hate Japan for how many goddamn dramas they put out in a year. I CANNOT keep up.
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OMG yay.

I just finished the first episodes of both Triple and One Pound Gospel, and they are both made of win, and I love them. I seriously need a new twdrama to keep my occupied... maybe I'll watch Queen's or something... *goes off to download Queen's*

Anyway, Triple is awesome and awesome plus more awesome piled on top. I know I love it already. It DOES kinda remind me of Coffee Prince, but only in how the characters interact. It's distinctive otherwise, and just really good. I can't wait for the fakecest to get started!

And One Pound Gospel... oh Kame, he's so adorable. Almost every single thing he does is just too cute for words. I love him loving on a nun, because if THAT isn't forbidden love, than I don't know what is! AND I've already recognized a TON of actors, which makes me happy, because I have a thing for actors. I spent a LONG time trying to figure out where I knew Namioka Kazuki from. Turns out I know him from many places, but primarily TattaKoi.

Random, but please tell me why there are no Gokusen movie spoilers around yet?! I've been searching like mad for the past two days, and NOTHING. I NEEEEED to know if MatsuJun makes an appearance. Why, spoilers?! WHY?!

Anyway, it's late, and I have to sleep so I can wake up nice and early to go to the stupid gym. And then clean. FUN TIMES.

Also, why are a bunch of people I knew in high school and college having babies?! THAT is freaky to me.


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