Sep. 2nd, 2013

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So recently I've been in a fandom I never thought I would ever be in - Supernatural.

I was a huge fan of Gilmore Girls for the first few seasons, and I was VERY much on-board with Rory/Tristan. So I hated Dean. HATED HIM. And as a result, Jared Padalecki. Which made me avoid Supernatural for a long fucking time.

But then I was in Vietnam, and one thing I've learned about myself is that if I'm in a situation where I am stressed (and boy was I stressed there...), I tend to escape into media. I had netflix because I had used a proxy (way to beat the socialist media, Mer!!!), and had already finished a rewatch of Futurama and Buffy, watched House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Hemlock Grove, and the latest season of Arrested Development... And Supernatural was there, so why the fuck not? Famous last words.

I was never into slash. I have nothing against it, I just found it difficult to really get in to. I suppose I needed a girl to empathize with. THIS IS NOT THE CASE WITH THIS FANDOM. Turns out I'm a HUGE Dean/Cas shipper. Like, insanely huge. This is my first real slash pairing (as in shipping two guys that do not already have an established romantic/sexual relationship in canon), and it's beautiful.

Come on now, they're soooooo gay. I love it

Guys, I'm even thinking of starting a tumblr for this insanity! This is not normal. Tumblr annoys and confuses me.

IN OTHER NEWS, I'm trying to clean out my bedroom because I have WAY too much stuff from living abroad (I came home with four suitcases... FOUR). Plus, I have ANOTHER FOUR boxes coming here on the 11th, which is 9 days from now. I'm not sure I can fit everything.

I'm a packrat (a nice term for hoarder). I have issues getting rid of things because I assign weird personal attachments to inanimate objects. I'm also a collector. Which means I have an entire bureau of makeup I barely use, at least 35 different teas I barely drink, and all the kitchenware (we won't even go into that shit, because it's too much crazy for most people). Basically I'm a neurotic mess who fills my emptiness inside (EMO ALERT) with superfluous things. Yay me!


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