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I hate love triangles in media. Inevitable I always fall in love with the odd character out. Not necessarily the pairing, but always the character. Case in point; in Marmalade Boy, I absolutely ADORE Kei-kun... more so than most of the other characters. In the manga and drama for Hana Yori Dango I LOVE Rui (though not the anime... the anime is super different). And recently, I'm loving Nakatsu from Hana Kimi, and Ah Jin from It Started With a Kiss. And then I start loving the actor who plays them (um, hello, Oguri Shun?!), and it's all just a horrible downward spiral. Damn me and my tendancy for non canon ships!

Yeah, I spent the whole weekend watching dramas. Well, not the whole weekend, I did go out on Sunday... it was so damn hot, and iccky, that I just slept, and did stuff on the computer. I hate the summer... all I want to do it stay inside.

Hehehe. There's totally a chinese version of Hana Kimi. Hehehe.

Date: 2008-07-14 10:39 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] airplanemusic.livejournal.com
I think I tried watching Chinese Hana Kimi (cause Bunny really liked it), but the girl looked weird to me and I couldn't get into it. I think she looked more like a boy than the Japanese girl though (Horikita Maki).

I end up liking the "other" one a lot too! Not always (I LOOOOOVE Doumyouji), but a lot of times in shoujo manga I'll really like the other guy. And then occasionally I THINK I'm liking the other guy, but the girl ends up with him, and I feel weird!

Date: 2008-07-14 11:07 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] uisceros.livejournal.com
I thought the same thing about the girl! She did appear too boyish. Odd, because I looked her up on wiki, and THERE she didn't look like a boy... I kinda don't want to watch two versions of the same show... I have a feeling one or the other will be ruined for me.

I loved Domyoji sooo much more than Rui in the anime, but both the drama and manga go more in depth with his character, and I got all caught up in it. Doesn't help that I totally adore Oguri Shun... and then there's the blonde factor, which is a LARGE part of my attaction. Seriously. I ended up liking Nakatsu so much more than Sano, even though Shun was playing Sano. I think it was the blonde.

Damn love triangles! I want to smite them!


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