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The Rose is like a screwy Marmalade Boy. It's sooooo good! I love it to death. And I'm totally and irrevocably falling in love with Xiao Zong again. He's so insanely awesome in this drama. His character is so different from Zhi Shu in ISWAK, I can really see just how good of an actor he is!

In The Rose, Kui is totally my favorite character. He's so childish, and funny, and heartbreaking... You know how I fell in love with Lee Wei in Bull Fighting (aka, the guy who DOESN'T get the girl, but should because he's totally awesome, and MUCH better than the other guy)... yeah, that's going to happen to me in this drama too.... except far more angsty.

I have to say, right now, The Rose is probably one of my favorite dramas ever (And I'm only up to episode 7). Sometimes it doesn't make sense, and it's relatively convoluted, but it's perfect for me.

BTW, Ah Wei totally eats flowers (roses in particular). Seriously, he just takes a handful of petals and downs them. I've eaten flowers before (mostly in food art, though there was an incident with my eating roses... long (boring) story), but it's not like they're tasty and I want to eat them again... unless they're candied, I really see no point. (Granted, I like flower FLAVORED things... *sigh* this is getting off topic)

Tired now! Am going to go to bed, and read some Love Com prior to sleeping. Also, I'm totally wanting to watch ISWAK again... I watched a bit last night. In the last episode they parody a couple things Joe's been in; Ah Sun's MV for Ye Zi, and one of the scenes from The Rose (a scene I have yet to see!). Back before I was into the twdrama/twmusic scene, I was all confused. However, I did know The Rose. Incidentally The Rose was the third twdrama I'd ever heard about. Thanks ISWAK!

I just found out I don't have a tag for ISWAK... how is that possible?! It's my first, most beloved drama! Maybe I was writing about it before I started my tags. Crap. Now I'm going to have to go back to July to find posts to tag. I'm anal about being organized.
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I hate love triangles in media. Inevitable I always fall in love with the odd character out. Not necessarily the pairing, but always the character. Case in point; in Marmalade Boy, I absolutely ADORE Kei-kun... more so than most of the other characters. In the manga and drama for Hana Yori Dango I LOVE Rui (though not the anime... the anime is super different). And recently, I'm loving Nakatsu from Hana Kimi, and Ah Jin from It Started With a Kiss. And then I start loving the actor who plays them (um, hello, Oguri Shun?!), and it's all just a horrible downward spiral. Damn me and my tendancy for non canon ships!

Yeah, I spent the whole weekend watching dramas. Well, not the whole weekend, I did go out on Sunday... it was so damn hot, and iccky, that I just slept, and did stuff on the computer. I hate the summer... all I want to do it stay inside.

Hehehe. There's totally a chinese version of Hana Kimi. Hehehe.


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