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I need to stop buying manga.

I went to the store today to buy the next Zettai Kareshi volume, and ended up getting;
Zettai Kareshi volumes 2 and 3 (What I went there for!)
Red River volume 1 (I got interested in it because the later volumes are all plastic wrapped, and say "mature content warning", which means it's going to get good...)
Wild Ones volume 1 (Yakuza love story thing! I read a preview in the ad section of Captive Hearts, and was like "sign me up!")
La Corda d'Oro volume 2 (Read the first volume awhile ago, but never got around to finishing it)
Special A volume 1 (Looked cute, and the whole school competition thing is fun!)

I also saw a manga called Haruka, which seems to me like a mix between Inuyasha and Fushigi Yuugi...
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Just finished Full House! It was super good and cute, and OMG I loved it to death.

From about episodes 11-14 I was terribly anxious over the whole thing. The misunderstandings, the miscommunications, the whole thing was stressful. But the ending was worth it.

Also, on episode 13, Hye Won redeemed herself, and I totally don't hate her anymore. I do still feel bad for Min Hyuk (the scene where he goes back to his empty apartment after Ji Eun tells him she can't marry him... I was so sad for him then, but he knew it was inevitable, really), but I'm glad at the end there was a hint of him and Hye Won getting together, because they'd make a good couple. Plus, happy ending for everyone!

My biggest issue with it was the kiss scene. Rain and Song Hye Kyo had such great chemistry through the whole series, so to see the climax of their cinematic relationship as a relatively cold kiss (Japanese drama style, ne?!) was pretty disappointing. Still, it's a minor thing. The part of the ending where they walk around, eating food, taling, and stuff (alas what Ji Eun told Young Jae she liked to do) was far more satisfying, and showed their fantastic chemistry better.

So yeah, it was a great show. I totally marathon-ed the last 5 episodes too, because I couldn't imagine going to sleep and not knowing what happened with these characters.

I rarely watch kdramas, but when I do, I seem to have this visceral reaction to them. I watched Coffee Prince NONSTOP. Seriously, while I was at work and everything. I managed to watch Full House in the space of three days (technically four, but I finished the last episode at 1am, so I'm not going to count that extra hour), which is pretty impressive for me. I tend to get distracted by other things, so I usually don't watch stuff THAT fast. I think I watched Coffee Prince like that... and definitely HYD too.

ANYWAY, what to watch next... I have no clue. I want/need to finish watching The Rose and Tokyo Juliet at some point.

Oh, and I also started reading a new manga; La Corda d'Oro (Kin'iro no Corda). I don't know why I keep starting new mangas, but then totally don't finish any of them (I'm seriously STILL reading Love Com). But I like it so far. The art is pretty, and the manga boys are definitely teh hotness. Plus, there's a fairy, and it's totally based on a dating sim, which makes it awesome because it's SO geeky.

AND yeah. It's really late, and I still have to do push ups (damn you push ups! DAMN YOU TO HEEEEEELLLLLLL). Soooo okay!

Drama/Anime/Manga List update 05Jan09 )

Didn't add much (only manga/anime), but I changed formats again

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hana Yori Dango Final has been subbed!!!!! Why do I always discover these things in the middle of the night?! (Granted, it JUST came out at 9:30pm (2130) this evening while I was marathoning Full House, so it's not like I could have helped it) Gah! I'll have to take it with me to work. Also, Boys Over Flowers starts airing today. I'm going to be watching it real time (and by real time, I mean I'm not going to wait until all subs are out, I'm going to watch each episode as soon as the sub comes out), because I'm just THAT excited by it.

Just watched the first ten minutes of the HYD movie, and I so love it already. It's FABULOUS!

So Links!
Hana Yori Dango Final (On Sars Fansubs; torrent, irc, and direct download available)
Boys Over Flowers (On the Soompi forum. I don't know if you have to be signed in to view... I think the DDL's will be on there when available)


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