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I want to post about dramas again :( I haven't even watched one in AGES.

Maybe when I'm in school, and procrastinating. I seem to do best at getting drama reviews done when procrastinating or hating my life. Either/or.

Anyway, I leave in, oh... 2 weeks. I'm terrified. It will be okay, I think. Maybe. I'll be back home in three months for winter break. Three months is cool. I've done that before. Not alone, but definitely in a more difficult place than London (where they actually speak the same language as I do - imagine that!!)

Two small things!!
<3 2NE1 concert!! It was fabulous, and annoying to get to, but whatever. Who doesn't love driving for nine hours alone to New Jersey and back?! I had decent seats, but while they did serve alcohol, I didn't have any because I had to be sober and awake driving back. Bom was pretty, Minji was super awesome and an amazing dancer, and holy shit CL is amazing live. I have very few feelings on Dara.

Second, I'm going to be opening another blog soon-ish, one that will encompass other portions of my life. One that people I know personally can follow to see how my life in London is going. I'll post it up here when it's done.

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The second set of Big Show goods was just posted! I AM EXCITED. There's a lot more in this set that I want, like the photo set, and the stickers (I LIKE STICKERS, OKAY?!). I probably won't get a cup, despite liking the idea of them (I will never use them because I do not actually drink coffee, and don't drink much in general). The photobook IS enticing though...

I don't know ANY Korean, so I was baffled by a few of them. Luckily [livejournal.com profile] eukyangkyang at [livejournal.com profile] yg_bigbang helped me out, and now everything is happy again!

Fan (possible uchiwa style?)


Images + Info from Big Show 2011 Website
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Okay, so earlier today I was like "Hmmmm... I wonder if they've posted the Big Show 2011 goods yet". And I just went to check them, and BOOM, they've been posted. Apparently just a bit ago too.

So! Excitement! This is the first batch. The second batch will be released on 02/18/11.

First off, A NEW LIGHTSTICK! It's FANCY. It's being sold for 13,000₩

More of the goods! )
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Nothing much has been going on... Work is DRAINING me. It's weird, I have more days free (since I work four 10-hour shifts), but it seems like a lot less time, for some reason. I never have time for anything.

That being said, there are a few things to talk about, so... Bulleted Update!

- We had a barbecue at work yesterday. It was fun, and there was SO MUCH FOOD. I baked a huge ass cake, and it was delicious. Everyone was impressed that I had baked it from scratch. Which is odd, because it's not like it's particularly hard. But whatevs.

- I tend to develop obsessions with THINGS. I'm a collector, and right now I'm collecting makeup. I've always collected the stuff, but now it's getting kinda ridiculous. Especially stila stuff. And last night I randomly found some Orly FX polishes (which aren't supposed to be released yet). Excitement!

- I might start doing a few swatches of my new stuff here. Just because. I've recently been enamoured with makeup blogs. Partially because I'm being vicarious. Partially because I wish I was one - they get SO MUCH free makeup. I want free makeup...

- I'm trying to decide whether to go to the Chuseok Festival in New York this October. Lee Hyori's going to be there, and I do love her. On the other hand, blaaaah. Driving there is a pain. I guess I could take a bus... And one of my friends lives there, so it wouldn't be too bad.

- On Big Bang; I'm planning a meta post for "Beautiful Hangover", because that video is pretty ridiculous/awesome. I like the song a lot more with the video attached. YB's international album is GOOOOOD. I like it so so so much better than the original SOLAR. Patiently awaiting their new album...

- I have ridiculous amounts of albums to buy. Six, at last count. And the Big Show 2010 DVD (while not terribly necessary since I was at the concert, it would be nice, considering all I can remember from it is Baby being hot(?!), and TOP on a wire above my head). The annoying part is, I'm actually trying to wait until a few are released (2NE1's album, and Fahrenheit's - both in September).

- No drama-watching, as of yet. I'm incomprehensibly busy. And I just haven't been feeling anything.

*sigh* Back to work...
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First off, I was late, and I didn't get the t-shirt I was promised (I emailed them, and was like "WTF T-SHIRT?!"), but I didn't miss S.H.E, and my seat was pretty good. I was further back, but I was in the dead center of the arena. The schedule was a bit weird; Gary Chaw was out first, followed by S.H.E, followed by Gary again, and finally S.H.E again.

Gary Chaw is a great singer, but not my type of music. So I was kinda fidgety for awhile, until S.H.E came out. It was funny, when the girls came up on stage, the people in the lower seating flailed all over the place. I was in the stands, and people up there were a lot less fanatic. I saw a lot of little kids and old people too. I half think they went just because it was a Chinese concert, not out of love for S.H.E.

The audience was enthusiastic, but relatively sedate. It confused me. I've only been to a few concerts in my life, but never one where the audience didn't stand up, and dance and sing. Compared to the extreme craziness of Big Bang concerts, this was so low key.

Anyway, the girls were AMAZING. They're so so so so much tinier in person, especially Hebe. Ella is just as awesome and quirky as she seems on tv (she kept talking to the audience, but it was all in Mandarin, and since I find Ella's accent hard to understand, I was lost), Hebe is adorable (at one point she sang where she wasn't supposed to and made this cute face, and during "SUPERSTAR" she started laughing uncontrollably) and Selina is gorgeous (she was also really getting into some of the songs, dancing all about, totally cute). You can tell they're such good friends, with how they interact with each other. Also they're all fabulous singers. You know how sometimes a band isn't nearly as good live? Not S.H.E. They were amazing, and there was no backtrack either.

I filmed basically the whole thing, because apparently nobody cared. I saw a bunch of other people doing it as well! I also took a few pictures. The pictures/video didn't come out great for some reason (it kinda washed them out), but they're better than nothing!

Gary Chaw! At one point, he came out into the audience, and was MOBBED. He continued to sing, but kept saying "謝謝! Thank you! 謝謝!", it was cute.

S.H.E!!! Left to right: Hebe, Selina, Ella.

This is one of the many videos I took (with my crappy camera, not my video camera, thus the quality). I kinda drifted a bit at first, but it gets better! This was the end of the concert. The first song is "中國話" ("Chinese Language" - might be my new favorite S.H.E song), followed by "SUPERSTAR" (pay attention to Selina, she's on the right), and "SHERO". They then called Gary Chaw out for the end of the concert. Effectively ending on my favorite songs of theirs! I do wish they had sung "最近還好嗎" (one of my favorite songs ever), or "怎麼辦", but whatevs!
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I'm getting ready to go to the S.H.E concert. This entails several things; doing my nails (I like doing my nails for concerts. I almost wrote "S.H.E" on them, but figured it was too cutesy. I'm not in Asia anymore), actually doing my makeup (I've gotten in the habit of only doing foundation/eyebrows recently. Now that my skin is better, I feel less like I have to pile on makeup to distract), and charging my camera battery.

Because, you KNOW I'm going to try to tape some of it. I hope I don't get caught, because I don't have the excuse of not understanding what the hell they're telling me here. It's been so long since I've been to a concert in the US (7 years, guys) that I don't remember what is acceptable.

I'm also getting ready to feel ridiculously awkward for being white. Jpop is one thing, even Kpop is getting more international play, but Cpop is still mainly the domain of the Chinese. Hell, being interested in anything Chinese related, and being non-Chinese is awkward. Believe me. And while I did build up an immunity to the staring and general awkwardness of being the odd man out while in Taiwan, I'm afraid that's long since gone. It's odd, suddenly experiencing how it feels to be a minority. Makes me all that more impressed by people who live with it daily.

Anyway, check back later. I should write at least something about it, PERHAPS WITH PICTURES!


Jun. 15th, 2010 08:52 pm
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Ordered my tickets for the S.H.E concert! It's this Saturday, I'm so excited! With all the free booze and gambling, it'll be even more fun.


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